My young mecnanic

It was like any other morning,I got up got the breakfast ready and see about my little daughter.But that morning I was very horny and said to myself I must get fucked this morning.Then I remember the young mechanic who have a crush on me since he was about 9yrs old.Lol.....I could remember one day he watch me and said to me lets go up in the cane field I just lol at him and what wrong with this little boy ,he want to do big man thing. Never thought about him again for some years.Then one day I notice tht he open a Mechanic Shop across the road from me, so I went and chat awhile just for fun.Only to hear tht he still want to fuck me bad and any time he get a chance he will do it.

Some when I am lonely I would call him and chat with him which he like very much,because he would be able to tell me all sort of rude things.Well let get back to the reason I am writing this story okay. As I said before it was a day like all the rest ,just tht I was very very horny and need a nice cock to fuck me well.Then I remember tht the young mechanic was across the road working.So I pull my curtain to make sure he was there,as I looked I saw him working on a car.I close my curtains and went to the shower I wanted to clean for my first young cock.I soaped up well and wash my pussy good fingering it at the same time thinking about the young man.

As I finish taking my shower and dry my skin,I took my phone and called him,asking him if he wanted to see it now meaning my pussy.He was always begging to touch and to see it,he would please just a little touch or let me see it so I feel good.And he love how I look for my age.He was shocked tht I called him and even more shocked tht I called to see my pussy.When he reach at my front door I had a towel wrap around me so I open it and showed him it.He was so excited tht he acted like a little c***d he didn't know wht to do first.All he said let go to the bedroom where I drop the towel and he push me on the bed opening my legs wide and spreading mt pussy lips wide apart too.

He started to play with my pussy as if he just got an new toy and didn't wanted to put down.He rub,he touch,and then he finger fuck my pussy.After he did all of wht I saw next gave me a shock,this young man had a cock as thick as a soda cam when it is all erected and hard.I was in love with tht huge cock and all I want was to feel it in me ,I wanted it to stretch my pussy hole wide and fuck me good.So I spread my legs wide and told him to go ahead and fuck me ,I want to feel it plzs fuck me.As he enter I could feel my hole stretching to accommodate his huge giant of a cock.I was feeling a little pain as push it in me slowly not stopping I grab hold of him ,I hold him so tight until I wasn't feeling any more pain.Now it was only pleasure I was feeling with him pounding my pussy,pumping his cock deep deep into my hole and grinding on me slowly at times then fast he kept on doing tht for a while.

Then he pull out his huge cock from my hole it felt like I had just given birth to a small c***d.He then turn me around and and push it back in me from the back now fucking me in the doggy style ramming every inch of his cock in me.We fucked for more than an hour.I was feeling good loving wht was happening to me and my pussy.Getting a young huge cock for the first time and enjoying every minute of it too.I felt my body got tense and I knew I was about to cum,which I did.He said to me it look like you just cum, and he let a sound and grab me hard at the same time pushing his cock so deep in me as if he wanted to bury it,he was cumming and doing it with so much f***e too.I felt his cock get smaller but not to small it was still the size of some men own when they are all hard.He then pull and we clean up our self.He left and never mention it to me,never asking any question if it was good or if I enjoyed it.Because there was no reason to ask we both enjoyed tht morning,I know I enjoy the sex and his huge cock most of all.Every day I still look out my window,but we never did it again,we only look at each other these day.By the way I forgot to mention tht the young mechanic with the huge thick cock tht fell for and opened up my legs so wide just so he could push his huge cock into it and spread my pussy lips and the pound on it,pump it well,fucked me doggy style and grind on it and also me was my husband nephew.Well yes he had something my husband didn't have and I needed it in me tht all,we still talk to each other but never fucked again.I will say that the right time hasn't again tht all.

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