My father figure

This is a true experience I had when I was in my youth. Growing up was kind of tough for me, I lost my father to cancer when I was just 7 years of age. I had no b*****rs or uncles for a father figure so my ma did her best she could raising me with my s****rs help. Mom worked full time and she had odd hours since her carreer was in retail and my s*s was 9 years my senior, so that left me unwatched and fending for myself most of the time. They called it being a latch-key k** back then I guess. For the most part I turned out well rounded and educated. Sure I got in some trouble, but never landed myself in a boys town or juvinile court. But I did lack that male companionship and discipline that I sorely needed. That leads me to how I met and became friends with a middle aged man at the apartment complex that we had moved to.

When I was 15 mom and I were f***ed to move to a large apartment in a suburb next to the one where I had grown up. I hated it, having to change schools in the 9th grade was not a good thing for me, but ma explained that she couldn't find a place where we had lived for so long- so off we went to a different town. I did the best I could, but it was hard. The schools were different in the new town as they were easy going and not as strict as the schools I had left behind. I took advantage of that right away and my new friends and I often scipped classes and whole school days. I was in the partying crowd now and I knew it all!! Sports and girls weren't a big strength of mine. I didn't even know how most field games were played without a male influence in my life, and I took no interest in sports.

I met Tom and we hit it off well, he lived just across the hall from our apartment. He wasn't the brightest bulb burning at times like myself and he was much older than I was, me being 15 and he was 34 or so. But he was a nice guy and I enjoyed being around him and often helped him with a paper route on the weekends that was done with his car, kinda nice compared to the routes I had that were house to house- lugging heavy papers in a paper bag. I would end up spending a lot of time at his place just hanging out watching tv and talking about whatever. Sometimes we didn't talk much as it was almost like I lived there at times and he was busy doing odd project with audio and video that he did as a job of sorts.

That was the way things were for a year. But then things would change big time for us after I turned 16. Tom told me he believed in therepeutic massage and that he thought he would like to show me and teach me how to do it. I wasn't real keen to the idea, like massages were a touchy feely thing and I wasn't going to be talked into it! At least not with him I thought. He kept up the talk about though and told me about the oils that were used and the benefits of them, even letting me try some in my habd and smell them. I thought witch hazel was a little feminine and said no way was I going to have that stuff applied all over my body. Nope. No way. He told me that would be OK, never pressuring me to do anything I didn't want to do.

But that changed one day when I worked at a temp job in a factory with another freind of mine. We lied about our ages so we could get the temp jobs since we were supposed to be 18 to work the jobs. I was quite sore I remember from working at a laborioys job and Tom had his chance to pounce. He told me to follow him to his bedroom and I did not sure as to why but not thinking anything wrong at the moment. He then told me to take off all my clothes!!
Whooly shit, what did he say? I said he was high and he insisted saying it was time for a good massage. I was somewhat timid and usually took orders as I was told. The next thing I new I was nut naked with a teenagers full hard on already going before my pants hit the floor!! He then told me to lie down on his bed. This was really stranfe I tought but did as he said. He went to a closet and got a few bottles of massage oils and came over to me. He asked if I was ok with this and said I was, but not too sure. He told me to relax and if I didn't like what he did to tell him so. He rubbed some oils on me starting with my back and neck, that was ok so far... and then he did my legs having me spread them a little I couldn't help but notice how he bould brush by balls as he slid his hands along my thighs, but it was ok with me. Then he rubbed the voodoo oils in my ass cheeks and was bold enought to play in mt crack Kind of weird I thought but I was turned on at the sensation of him playing with my pucker hole. Not bad I thought as he asked if I was ok. I was.
He then had me roll onto my back and proceed with my chest and stomack followed by my legs and thighs. As he did this he motion for me to spread em wide, OK with me again. I had my eyes closes per his indtructions and he managed to start doing some extra work on my genitals, grabing my woody at times briefly but often. This went on for a bit and then it was done. He told me to dress and I did, kinda dissapointed that he didn't take advantage of me like I thought he would. But he did say if I would agree there would be more to come, and it wasn't long- just the next day I think, and I was in his bed naked for him so he could run his hands all over my boyish body again. I was so hard that my dick felt like it would shatter if hit wrong. Tom of course noticed my condition and this time he asked in a low voice if I wanter to be masturbated- to which I most joyously said hell ya. He then took aff his clothes saying it would make me more confortable with the situation and layed by me with his arm over my mid section and wanked me good. It felt wonderful and I came soon enough on my stomach. Tom massaged the spunk into my skin leisurely taking his time and brought some of the spunk to his mouth for a taste, wow. I never had seen anything like it in my ypung life and was pretty frickin turned on by the massages now.

I kinda avoided him for a few days following that day- kinds sortinf out what took place with this older man. I didn't know if I was gay or what I was and had some quilts going, but soon enough I said to myself if it feels good, it can't be a bad thing and rerurned to my usuall routine of going to his aprtment. But now I asked for massges and he was more than willing to satisfy my urges I felt and soon after things progressed to full on male on male hot and heavy sex. I would give him a blow joc and we would swith of, massaging each others bodies and then we did 69 and some ass play. It was new to me, but I caught on quickly of course. Tom showed me that swaollowing wasn'e a bas thing ny sharing my cum with me when we tongued each other. And I drank him down like he did me so many times over the coming weeks Then one night he suggested that we use the sauna at the complex for renters to use, but nobody ever did make use of. I went along with the idea, even though I was a little worried what might happen with us being out of the security of his bedroom and the chance that someone might walk in to see us sexing man to man. But he assured me that the door to the sauna would be locked and users would have to check out a key with the manager of the place, and they wouldn't give anyone a key if we were already using it he said. So relaxed and went with him to the sauna on one night. I noticed that he carried some bottles and thought nothing of it, just thinking it was the usual stuff he rubbed into me when we were in bed together. But I was treated to a special ring hole massage and lubbicrating when we were settled in and things were getting pretty hot, both in the sauna and him was giving me good head, going up and down my 6 inch shaft with a steady pace that was bringing me close to spurting soon while he was fingering my ass like never before, it felt good and he flicked at my prostate a few times and that was it, I shot my load of semen into his throat and he sucked hard, bringing me to exctacy. He was doing me good for a reason. He was going to take my virgin ass that night. He would make me his from now on and he was making sure I loved evry minute of it. He sat up on the wooden bench after drinking me in and his 8 inch muscle stood straight up. He had me turn around and put more lube in my crack and then poked some more in my boy pussy and then he lubed himself good and motion for me to get up on his lap. I did as he told me and then he lowered me onto his long cock. At first my tight pucker didn't take his man meat and I struggled to feel him in me. To take me as his. I wanted him bad and was not happy at first, and a little worried since he wasn't able to penetrate my waiting and ready ass!!
He then told me to relax and bear down like I was on the pot, a little confused about that one, but again I did as my new fuck daddy told his subordinate boy and he went in, and it was good, relief washed over me as i took his 8 inches in me.2 I was so worked up it didn't hurt but I was in control of his entry into my lubed ass and went slowly, sinking onto his cock slow and steady, pulling him almost out of me and then further down, down until I was touching his pubic hair on my ass cheeks and his balls sunk in my loving crack. What lust, we fucked for that first time and it was absolutely the best thing I ever felt in my life!! We screwed that night like rabbits, in the sauna and then in his bed. I rode him good and he was moaning and complimenting my qiuck and willing study of his experienced education he was giving me. I soaked up the encouragement and he fucked me good and hard. Then he took me off and had me lay on a towel we layed on the floor, with him getting behind me and poking my ass from behind as he gently nibbled my back and neck until he came in me deep with his 8 inch rod shooting his juice in my deep ass, I was in heaven. We had sex often after that. I graduated from high school after a few years and I worked a job with a rotating schedule. The 2nd shift was the best for our romps as it was late when I got home and he waited for me every night. We explored new bounderies and used vibrators and other enhancements for fun, I never bored of sex with my father figure, he even inserted sounds in me for something new and I liked his gentle indertion when he inserted them.

After six years of my time with him he got a job in Nevada and that was it for us. I met a very pretty young ladt soon after and life went on, I sometimes wander what came of my old neighbor and look back at the experience with no regrets. More of a ending will be added later, the end.
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Good Story
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good story even tho im not gay but am curious
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good story, thanks