Fucking at Work

About 7 years ago, I was working for a manufacturer in Downtown where I was one the managers. I had this beautiful young women working there (let’s call her Julie). Julie was 18 going on 19, around 5’2” and 100 lbs. She had shoulder length brown hair and beautiful hazel eyes.  I was 22 at the time.  I always sensed a little nervousness from her, but just thought maybe it was because I was her boss.  She was always very friendly when I saw her and always gave me this big smile. One day I was eating lunch in the break room and here comes Julie. She comes in and sits at the table I was at. I knew she was dating some douche bag since her early high school career. She continued to make herself comfortable and un packed her lunch. She took a bite out of her salad asked me how my day was. I responded and asked about hers. Julie starts talking about her boyfriend and how big of an asshole he was. I continued eating not really caring about the problem she was talking about. Not trying to be a jerk, from time to time I nodded and gave a generic response (everyone has problems, why do I want to hear yours). After lunch she thanked me for listening and we parted ways. Later that week I was walking through on of the back warehouses gathering information from one of the corner boxes when I came across Julie. She was doing inventory and asked me if I had an extra flashlight since hers just went out. This warehouse was lit with skylights and it was difficult to read some of the labels facing the wall. I walked over there and handed her my flashlight. We were standing between these rows of pallets stacked about 3 high.  She thanked me then stepped into me slightly and moved in for a kiss. I rejected the kiss and stepped back and told her this wasn’t appropriate. As I was walking away, I was angry with myself, being a young man and having such a pretty girl make an advance at me and just walk away. Without thinking I turned around and made my way back towards Julie. She was still there embarrassed about what happened. I walked right up to her, wrapped my arms around her and kissed her so passionately. Her eyes got big and pulled my hips into hers. My cock was getting hard working its way down my leg about 4 inches above my knee. Her eyes got bigger. She couldn’t believe how big my cock was. Julie pulled down my pants and began kissing my swollen head. I placed my hand on the back of her head and gently pushed my manhood into her mouth. She looked up at me in surprise. She started really getting into it, licking my balls; jerking me while I was in her mouth (she couldn’t deep throat me). I grabbed her between her legs and started rubbing her vagina through her pants. She was getting really wet. She looked at me and told me to fuck her. I turned her around, pulled her pants to her ankles, and bent her over one of the pallets. She was begging for it, not ever seeing anything as big as me. I started playing and rubbing with her clit with my right hand as I was rubbing my thick dick head around her pussy lips. She was moaning softly, getting wetter and wetter until she squirted. She turned to me and told me that has never happened to her. I replied by saying well you’re in for a treat, I then shoved about a quarter of my dick inside her tight wet hole. She moaned louder with her sugar walls gripping my cock. She was shaking from her first true orgasm.  At every thrust I moved deeper inside her. I reached around with my right hand and started playing with her stimulated clit again. She couldn’t take much more considering she was used to dealing with unsatisfactory sex. I continued to move deeper inside her, she pulled forward. Since I was playing with her with my right hand I pulled her back into me. She yelped a little not being able to contain my swollen dick inside her. As she got wetter and wetter I became faster, making larger thrust each time. I grabbed her from her hips and tilted her sexy little ass up a little and lifted her feet off the ground.   She moaned and was panting yelling my name. At this point I didn’t care if someone caught us. She squirts again, her juices cascading around my cock and down her leg. By this time my cock entering her body sounded like a boot in mud.  I picked up the speed, by this time she didn’t have a problem taking all my cock, wanting every inch. Her breathing was erratic not know how to control herself.  She couldn’t even say a word. Out of nowhere her whole body gets limp, I nudged her, calling her name….nothing she blacks out and I freaked out thinking I killed her. I nudged her again and frantically saying name….nothing. I slapped her in the face and she wakes up telling me not to stop (she apparently remembered before her world got dark that she was getting fucked better than she ever had). I couldn’t believe I made this chick pass out. I kept the pace up; she squirted again more intense than previous. Her orgasm flowing from her down both our legs. I felt my orgasm coming and continued to make my last few violent thrust as I was holding her hips so firmly. She squirts again soaking both of our sex organs in her warm juices.  I pulled out and exploded all over the small of her back, her legs buckled and she fell to the ground with the biggest smile on her face thanking me for the fantastic fuck. She was never fucked like that and was immediately addDICKed. We helped clean each other up and got dressed. We both went on with our day. We did do this again outside of work many times for the next year or so until she moved from the state. Maybe another story another day….
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