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Just to add something little....
We are a couple in mid 30s, still new to the idea of allowing my lady to play with men..infact i dont have a problem with her doing it..shes just worried about my reaction or if i get jealous and something happens. So were here to test ourselves, maybe gain some confidence, reassure each other.
Be nice guys for her, and for me, dirty comments are welcome...the nastier the better...shes looking at me now as i write this :P haha.

So we have been on here for a few days now and to be honest i'm proud of the response my wife has gotten from all of you. A little amazed and maybe a little heart flutter of the jellies.
What can i say for her, She,.. is excitable like a school girl..can't hold that demeaning smile away from me.. so its progressing..:P

An observation on this site:, comments are like gold...those that do comment will get to see videos of us later that will be password protected..and to those good friends who give us advice, they know who they are. They will get the password sent to them.
Another: We've just been advised about content stealing and the wife is edgy about that a little. Come on you hamsters, you don't need to steal our content and put it up as your own..just use it in private :P.

We would like to thank the following xhamsters for their profiles, advice, and sharing their lives on here...for us to see, chat and learn.


To those that put the wife's photos in their favorites. This made her and i excited. It felt like my wife was being shared...it was a surprise for us both, but a nice one, our first...that we've seen. two more...

1st Gord3210
2nd 8888888888888888
3rd ddd77

We are thinking of skyping with couples..and the occasional man. If anyone is interested pm details..

We have noticed alot of men adding us as friends, which we don't mind but going through them each day is tiring. We would like to add only those that made an effort soo.
we copied this status idea from a friend..Hope they don't mind :)

We accept a friendship either by a tribute from a man Or by sending us a message atleast.
But no message and no tribute, then no friendship.....then no skype with my wife or her girflriend Weena.
This is because we cant go through 100's of adds everyday. Especially those with no profile photos..We immediately delete them..
The cock profile photos aren't to bad..but you need content on your profile... or to private message us. We will not make all the effort as its tiring..

Anyway, the wife's friend, Weena.. has just had her first skype session with a random man from xhamster. He might be reading this now :)
This man, messaged us and it went from there. I can tell you, Weena..has a boyfriend and this was our secret between the three of us.
During her first 30 seconds skyping with this man..she became shy and closed it...the second time lasted 2 minutes..and we agreed with the man the third time..he will have to be done before 5 minutes. Maybe next time she will stay on skype longer..
She didn't want to do it..so she said..but she did.
Maybe it was us pushing her to do it...But afterwards we could see the excitement in her eyes.. she was dancing like a school girl around the house after the skype..
Even now she says to us, "it was nothing..why i want to do that with stranger"..but her body language said something else...
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14 hours ago
Thank you for ur invitation :)
22 hours ago
Thanks for the invite! Love the profile and that is one hot little wife!
1 day ago
Where's yous from
2 days ago
Nice content. LOL
9 days ago
Fantastic profile and great gallery!
14 days ago
Thanks for your comment, I hope you like how they look my high heels with my evening dress without underwear and a very pleasant surprise
23 days ago
Thanks for accepting me as a friend - please will you think about the offer I made in my PM to you? If you like cum tributes, I promise you, you will not be disappointed! xxx
23 days ago
Thanxxx to accept my friendship request, she's a marvelous slut with perfect asshole...
26 days ago
Hi your video and galleries are great! I wish i could see more from you and you from me...
27 days ago
Happy new year 2015! I wish you many pleasures and love!
27 days ago
Hot couple! Sexy pics
1 month ago
Tributes will get video :)
1 month ago
Your wife ass is incredible, i would love to eat it:D
2 months ago
Very attractive wife!
2 months ago
I would like you to see my new stories, I have added many.
2 months ago
hi,read pm please
2 months ago
So has she cucked you yet? I am dying to know...
2 months ago
Amazing profile,great pics nice and classy but sexy as fuck
3 months ago
Thanks for the add humphrey, you have a nice collection. Would love to fuck the wife and breed the wife. She looks yummy.
3 months ago
i love your pics
3 months ago
thanks for adding me!!
3 months ago
Thanks for the invite beautiful pics :)
4 months ago
Nice & hot profile!!! Congratulations
4 months ago
She is scorchio HOT!! ;0p
4 months ago
Fantastic butt
4 months ago
love your photos she looks amazing
4 months ago
Hi guys, how are you? your wife is amazing!!
4 months ago
You have your opinion,, but isnt comepletely nude boring?..like you?. Good you not add us :)
4 months ago
hey, thanks for favouriting my story!! love your content x
4 months ago
NO, thank you... no nude content.. its better you add more nude pics as you write too much
4 months ago
hi,read my pm pls:)
4 months ago
hi id luv you to be my friend and fuck my bumhole
4 months ago
Love that Asian pussy, lets see more of her in action.

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