A Classic Classy Slut - Elspeth

This was a very recent experience of mine spawned from my life’s experience of always keeping an eye out for those mature women, found in the most mundane circumstances, who are willing to try some of the sexual experiences missed in earlier years. Elspeth was the perfect example of my theory that if you scratch a woman deep enough you’ll find a wanton slut hiding there.

Chapter One

She came across the crowded room making a bee-line for me as I stood alone at a somewhat boring financial presentation and cocktail party.
“Hello, I’m Elspeth and you look as bored as I am” she declared holding out her hand to shake mine.
“Lew” I replied “ thank God we didn’t have to wear those awful sticky name tags. “I usually leave these places wearing the damn things and wonder why people in the street look at me like some imbecile needing a lift home!” We both agreed with a chuckle.
“My husband expects me to attend with him because he’s a director of the promoting company. I don’t mind as he’s a good and generous man. That’s him with the mop of white hair in that group over there” she pointed out “ but he’s almost twenty years older than me. He’s in good condition for a bloke in his eighties in most aspects “ she added with a smile and raised eyebrows.

I immediately knew I had a potential “friend” with interests beyond a simple conversation and clicked my mind into seduction mode. She was certainly attractive for a woman obviously in her sixties - 65 in fact, she soon admitted. Her skin had been well looked after and was blemish free on her face but like most mature women the skin around the neck gives their age away. She had a strong slim face and was quite classically pretty topped by one of the thickest heads of hair I recall especially on an older woman. It was naturally silver grey and pulled into a roll at the back of her neck and fastened with a large gold clip. She was about 20 cms shorter than I am, making her still tall at about 175 cms. Dressed in a light grey suit with three quarter length jacket over a white button to the neck blouse and showing a lacy bra underneath indicated she was not heavily endowed in the breast department but not under equipped either. The skirt was tight over a slim body with full hips remaining figure hugging to the knees and flaring to finish about mid calf. The shoes were matching mid height heels - stylish and expensive. Sexy but not slutty I rated it as.

I complimented her on her outfit telling her it was “stylish, sexy and most appropriate for a mature woman”. I further commented on her fabulous head of hair that fascinated me. She said she was flattered and explained the hair was a hereditary trait going back through generations of her f****y and that it was both a blessing and a curse. “a curse “ I queried.
She explained “ it means I and the f****y females are quite hirsute and we have had to go to extraordinary lengths to control our body hair but I, my s****rs, and daughters have found a treatment which keeps it at bay and our bodies are now fuzz free” she smiled. “Why am I telling you this” she queried, blushing a little.
“Because I’m interested and you are obviously proud of your natural attributes” I answered.
“Tell me about yourself and why you are here” she asked immediately changing the subject skilfully.
I explained I’d come with a mate in the finance business and since I was a part time trader in entities and here in Sydney on business, he had invited me along thinking I’d be interested. I was just considering departing courteously and walking back to my hotel when Elspeth had engaged me and I thanked her for that. I explained I’d been in Sydney a few days and visited regularly for business in both my professional interests. I have a number of friends here who I always attempt to catch up with and this time was no different.
“Why are you not with your friends tonight” she queried again raising that eyebrow. I explained that they were mostly friends who followed a particular interest in their lives that wasn’t generally practiced by mainstream society. I decided that revealing my “swinging” interest was not going to cause me any concern - she would either disappear in a hurry or show interest in learning more. The latter occurred.
“How fascinating” she demurred “ I am intrigued. I’ve been aware of such activities but in the social circles I mix in, I’ve never been approached to participate in such activity. Besides my husband would be aghast” Then she revealed “ even though we are the best of friends and spend lots of time together, our intimate life has disappeared and we now live somewhat independent lives to the extent we have separate bedrooms at different ends of the house. There is no nastiness or arguments - quite the opposite but after the day is over and we’ve dined together we go off in different directions. I also have a different social set to him so often go out alone but I have compensated” she gave me such an alluring smile that the bl**d immediately flowed to my crotch and I could feel stirring. This woman was seducing me -not the other way around.

I was about to ask her about the ‘compensations’ but she took my arm and led me to the window which overlooked the harbour and immediately below was a carpark.
She explained “ I too, am about to leave so I’ll drop you back at your hotel and you can tell me some more about your friends while we drive. Now look over to that corner of the building where the carpark finishes. I have my car parked in my spot behind that corner - it’s a grey Mercedes and will be the only one there. Meet me there in five minutes but we can’t be seen leaving together - my husband you know!” she turned and walked away but I was almost sure she deliberately let her hand graze across my crotch - maybe just the fantasy of a silly old man I thought.
I watched her disappear into the crowd and walk to her husband’s side while I moved off in a different direction towards a side exit where my mate was standing. I bid him thanks for the evening and took the exit and a lift to the ground floor. I reasoned that I should not be seen crossing the lighted carpark as Elspeth would probably go that way so I found the alley beside the building and soon approached the grey Mercedes from the shadows. I stood a little distance away in semi-darkness as this area wasn’t lit and soon heard the clip of heels crossing the paved carpark. Then Elspeth appeared. She flicked the auto opener for her car and the lights came on as I approached the passenger side door. Elspeth did not approach the drivers side but came around to me at the passenger side and as she did so she smiled that wicked smile which had caused my bl**d to flow so quickly. As she did so she reached behind her head and unclipped her hair roll. The hair tumbled in a mass around her shoulders and suddenly she became an almost aggressive temptress. She came straight up to me, took my head in her hands and proceeded to give me a most passionate tongue lashing kiss to which I responded willingly. When we broke it we were both gasping for breath.
“I knew I’d picked a winner when I spotted you in the room “she gasped. I”’m not quite the innocent I first indicated but I’m on a learning curve after years of pretty mundane sex. I’m sure we’ll get to know each other much better over time but I have a very personal request of you which I know you’ll consider seriously and quickly”
“Phew! Els, you’re coming on heavy but I’m all ears - I do love a challenge” I responded.
“ I’ve only been into this free for all sex thing for the past couple of years and I still have limited experience but I’ve made some friends who just service my needs. I’m very careful with my choices because I don’t want lovers or “hangers on” who want to wimp around me all the time. Just ‘sex and go’ is my motto now. Anyway a few months ago I experienced a young man who convinced me to try anal penetration. I was always intrigued but it never happened with my husband so I agreed. Since I like a bit of rough trade, this young man thought he’d introduce me to sodomy in the roughest way. But he was very rough and even though we used a lubricant he f***efully entered my rectum and the pain was excruciating. He pounded away at me and gradually though the pain really didn’t subside I began to feel some deep inner pleasure and the pain became part of that pleasure. After he had ejaculated he pulled out and I sent him away immediately. Fortunately I was at home and I was able to look after myself. I was bleeding lightly but that soon stopped and I spent days massaging creams into myself as the pain subsided. I wasn’t game to go to a doctor. However it soon repaired the physical damage and I began to wonder if it was not another source of pleasure - very distinct type of pleasure if handled far more gently. After several weeks I began to masturbate my anus with implements and I have been obsessing over trying it again with a far more understanding and gentle man - I’ve selected you as that man and I need it urgently and I’ve worked myself up to a sexual frenzy this evening fantasising over it” she purred as she rubbed a hand across my now rising cock.
I was almost knocked for an answer. I don’t think there was anything I’d not experienced but I’d never met a woman so forthright in her demand for a particular sex act especially one I’d only met an hour ago. I showed reluctance by saying “let me consider it on our way to the hotel because I hardly know you and I am very particular about who I fuck and where - there are considerations of health safety for starters”
“Lew - I’m very well known around this town so don’t think for a moment that I’d pull some stunt of passing on an infection to someone who would, I have no doubt, have no hesitation in revealing my identity if I caused you a problem. Also you are very experienced in these matters and you would not have long term sexual friends if you were likewise carrying an infection. I can assure you I take very good care of myself in that regard AND I want it now - here in the carpark. I’d be too easily recognised back at the hotel you are staying at. I also get very aroused by the danger of being caught ‘inflagrante delecto’ as the Italians say. Please sodomise me now” she pleaded and proceeded to unzip my fly and take my now ready cock out. Reaching right into my pants she cradled my balls in her left hand as she stroked that part of my exposed prick with her right.

I admit to being totally under her spell. I leant forward and kissed her again, holding her head firmly in my hands and pounding her open mouth with my tongue. I released her and she simply let me go and reached down to grab the hem of her skirt. In one quick movement with a wiggle of her hips she had the skirt bunched around her waist and I could see in the dim light that she was totally prepared for me - completely knickerless. She had certainly planned a seduction tonight. She then stepped to the front passenger seat and knelt on it while leaning over into the drivers seat. Her legs were slightly spread and I could see the full spread of what was on offer and it looked ravishingly inviting. Her stockings were elastic topped held high on her thighs and I reached forward to caress her bum and slide a hand over her fanny. She was right about her body being hair free. Her fanny was as smooth as a baby’s and I couldn’t help but push a finger between her closed fanny lips feeling an overwhelming wetness. I remarked “ Els you are soaked”

“Lew I told you I was ready and I lubricate very easily. Use some of my lubrication on my anus, there is also a tube of gel in the glove box which you will need - please hurry”

I found the gel and with two fingers in her cunt I scooped as much natural lubricant from her as I could and ran it into her arse hole. Then I squirted a big dollop of gel right on her rosebud and proceeded to massage it in and around her arse - first with one finger then, at El’s instruction, two fingers. She opened easily and had obviously practised with her toys to make penetration easy. I had dropped my pants to my ankles so without further ado, I leaned forward and placed the head of my cock against her anus and pushed slowly - very slowly. The head popped past the sphincter comfortably and I asked El to let me know if there was any pain.
“Its gorgeous - you are filling me so nicely and gently - I am loving the feeling of pulsing in your penis. Please push deeper because I do want some pain” she pleaded.
I went as deep as I could with my balls resting against her sticky smooth cuntlips and she was satisfied. She explained it was a little bit painful and she was deriving intense pleasure. “Enough to make me orgasm” she explained and then with hardly any movement on my part she let out a muffled wimper and cried “oh! I need more of those - you have made me orgasm Lew”
I was fascinated by her complete refusal to use any crude words to describe herself or feelings - she was indeed a lady or better still a classy slut.

I couldn’t help but laugh at the situation and wondered what anyone would have thought had they come across us - a beautiful older lady stretched across the front seats of her luxury car, arse in the air, and a bloke in a suit with his trousers around his ankles and standing with his cock in this woman’s arse and his head looking out across the roof of the car. I couldn’t believe it myself considering that an hour ago this woman was a complete stranger. I bent into the car and described the scene to El who, fortunately saw the humour in it . I felt under her and ran my fingers into her cunt lips feeling for her clit which was not difficult to locate being swollen and quite hard.

“Am I expected to cum Els” I queried.

“Only if you want to and can. I know you are a mature gent so may not be up to it right now but I certainly want at least a second orgasm please” she explained in pleading tones. Who was I to deny a lady in need so relaxing into the moment I found it easy to set up a nice rhythm we were both comfortable with. Els did ask for deep thrusts every now and then to “give me some pain” she volunteered. Her second orgasm crept up on her quickly when all of a sudden she grunted “oh mother of God this is so beautiful - I’m there again - thank you Lew”

I had no thought or inclination to cum and was just enjoying this spontaneous act of eroticism with a complete stranger. I told her I was pulling out and Els readily agreed explaining that she was getting a little sore. On extracting my dick I voluntarily leaned forward and planted a tongue right in her anal passage and tickled the rosebud lips with it. Els just sighed and thanked me profusely.
“Lets get you back to your hotel now mister” she said smiling at me as she stepped back out of the car and smoothed her dress down over her thighs.
“Better pull your pants up Lew” she laughed “ can’t have the hotel staff seeing you get out of my car like that”. I was a bit stuck for words. What had I just done I wondered but knew it was bl**dy good fun and very pleasurable. I climbed into the passenger seat with Els already in the driver’s seat with engine running. I leaned over and asked her for a real kiss again and she responded in kind with a tongue wrestle par excellence.

“Would you like to do that again“ she queried and we left the carpark, “I assume you’ll be back in Sydney again and soon, I hope”. She reached into her hand bag at the lights and handed me a card. “Keep that close to your chest. I don’t give many of them away but you’ve proved to be a good sport and I sense, very trustworthy, if you play with your friends like I think you do. Now tell me what you get up to - just no names please as I might know some of them and I don’t want to be embarrassed next time I speak with them”

I went into great detail about my sexual activities with my friends even after we arrived at the hotel and we parked in the hotel reception visitors bay. There was nothing intimate, just lots of laughter for any outside observers. After I finished and she had quite a few questions particularly about cleanliness and women and multiple partners. I had a distinct impression she fantasised about lots of cocks. I was not surprised when she asked “ Lew, would you introduce me to some of these people next time you are down here - there’s so much I want to experience and I’m sure you and your friends can satisfy all my needs”
I assured her I’d love to and that it wouldn’t be too long before I returned, “in fact I may make a special visit” I suggested.
“just text me first lover” she quickly responded. I did ask why she used such prim and proper language in the heat of sexual activity and she said that “gutter language turns me on with some rough partners so I save it up for those special moments. Now go off to bed my friend and no goodbye kisses you understand”. I reached across and stroked her covered thigh and said “goodbye for now but there’s so much of you I’m looking forward to exploring”

Chapter Two

I was tempted back sooner than originally planned by the promise of Elspeth so I contacted my usual bunch of ‘friendly fuckers’ including Ian and Nan, Alan and Barb, and the very elderly Di and Tim who I doubted would respond but Di was very quick to ring and explain they’d both be along but Tim had finally decided he probably wasn’t up to sex anymore. “I’m 74 now Lew and still open to a good rogering if there’s one going “ my old darling suggested.

I had decided to go quite extravagant and took a city hotel penthouse suite which seemed to be never ending bedrooms and lounges and glass on three sides. Hope everyone had their exhibitionist hats on!

I had SMSd Elspeth a week before with my plans and she approved. She would advise her husband that she was to be away visiting friends in another city and would thus spend the weekend with me in the suite. ‘ I am absolutely yours to do as you please with -I trust you will treat and teach me as you see fit - Your Slut Elspeth” she txted back.

She met me at the airport then waited in the hotel parking station until I rang her with the room number and within minutes she was through my door and aching to be passionately kissed. We stripped each other like a couple of teenagers as we pashed and to this day I have no idea what she was wearing because I just ripped it off as she did my casual gear. Suddenly we were standing naked in front of each other and we broke our cuddle to stare then laugh as we realised that we’d not seen each other in the nude. We reached out and started to stroke parts of each other until I suggested that I had promised to explore every bit of her when we were last together so I just took her hand and led her to the nearest bed. I lay her on her back and started with her face - I stroked and felt every inch of her soft skin, planting kisses and even licking her ears and lips. I moved slowly down her body, stretching the neck skin into her shoulders, lifting her arms and pushing my nose and tongue into her armpits - new to her and she became most aroused. Then eventually I reached her breasts. They had been enhanced about 15 years ago when she was trying to coax interest from her husband. “the money wasn’t wasted “ she admitted “but it took a long time for them to be appreciated by a man but the last two years of casual sex has paid dividends”

I found them near perfect with just the tiniest bit of sag and soft to the touch unlike some of the hard plastic bags I’ve experienced. The original large aureole with the full nipples of a feeding mother who had suckled three c***dren albeit almost 40 years ago. I just loved them and spent so long teasing and licking and arousing the nipples until she announced a ‘mini orgasm’. The stomach wasn’t flat when standing but hardly protruded as she was a very slim woman and now, laying on her back, it was a joy to trace my hand across the flatness of her stomach to the bared mons venus - the pubic mound which was quite prominent on her. I spread her legs to get better access to her cunt for my fingers and tongue. I couldn’t get enough of her musky odour emanating from deep in her cunt and dug deep between her labia burying two then three fingers, licking and nibbling her hardened clitoris and applying pressure internally to her g-spot. I raised her left leg with a knee on her chest and this exposed her whole perineum and arsehole with which I was most familiar. “a little different to last time I was here” I remarked.

“Its not been filled by man nor plastic since then my friend as I found the perfect fit for it then - I hope you’ve brought that penis with you” she responded. “A hard cock for you Els - any chance you can get down and dirty with your language this weekend Els” I asked.

“I’ll try very hard for you Lew” she muttered as I rolled her over and started to work her back. I started at her feet, sucking her toes, nibbling her legs and I moved ever so slowly up past her knees until I once again had my nose buried in her arsehole and my tongue working on the puckered skin around the anal entrance. I slipped my tongue from anus to cuntlips then moved higher, caressing, nibbling and stroking every bit of skin until I reached the nape of her neck. I then stretched out along the full length of her back covering her with my body and with my hard cock nestled between the cheeks of her arse.
“OH Lew where do we start - please lead me” she begged.
“Well there lots of holes and crevices to put my cock in and spill my spunk and I’ve been in only one before so we wont start there “ I instructed. “Where haven’t you had cock in a while” I asked.

She was silent for a minute then announced that she had enjoyed the young plumber in her vagina last week. “You mean he fucked your cunt - please we are talking from the gutter this weekend” I explained.
“Sorry Lew, yes he fucked my pussy several times really hard and I came even tough he made me sore and he filled my cunt with hot creamy cum - how’s that” she smiled.

“Ok so what about your mouth” I queried.
“I’ve not sucked a cock for a long time so I’m willing to do yours if you’d like” she whimpered. This was not the woman who had so brazenly demanded that I fuck her arse just a few weeks ago - now she was almost timid. I asked her why and she explained she loved to be dominated and totally abused without being physically marked.

“ok “ I said, “but cut the simpering pathos you fucking slutty bitch and I’ll treat you as rough as you like. Now open your mouth and let me fuck it. No biting and I’ll shoot a load of cum down your throat” I demanded. She wondered whether she would like that and I just told her I was going to blow cum down her throat whether she liked it or not and I was going to make sure she swallowed. “ Is that what you want, slut” I questioned. She just nodded in the affirmative so I knelt by her head and pushed my cock into her mouth.

There was no technique. It was just a face fuck with me holding her head tightly. Every now and then she would gag and I’d withdraw enough for her to catch her breath but I refused to pull right out.
“You are loving this, aren’t you bitch” I would ask and she would respond by nodding and gripping my arse cheeks tighter to make sure I didn’t go anywhere. My balls were swinging against the side of her cheek so when I could feel ejaculation building, I told her “ milk my balls babe - I’m going to fill your mouth and you’ll swallow every drop”. She looked alarmed but nodded and when the first spurt hit, her gag reflex kicked in and it went straight down By the fourth and last spurt, I pulled out and went straight down and kissed her deeply, swapping the thick salty cream with saliva and she orgasmed. She was overcome and we separated enough for her to gasp as she was regaining her breath “that was amazing thank you. I’ve never come without something in my fanny and I loved your gentle abuse - I’ll be your slave all weekend”
I lay back on the bed next to her and she lifted herself on one elbow and stroked my deflated cock with her other hand “when can I have this hard again darling” she purred, “ I just have such a need for cock and I’ve been behaving all week - no toys or other men. What have you planned for me “? she pleaded.
“Well I ‘m not as young and responsive as I used to be so I may take and hour or so to recover and I wont be coming all night but I’ve arranged for a young colleague to stop by shortly after work and we’ll take it from there. Tomorrow afternoon my swinging friends are visiting and they’ll be here all night - you will be breakfast on Sunday morning and by then there is nothing you wont have experienced.” I explained.

We stood together and decided to explore the penthouse which had three huge bedrooms equipped with king-size double beds, lounges s**ttered throughout the entertaining area which was glass on three sides with views of the harbour and city. “We could draw the curtains“ I hinted but Els immediately gripped my arm and said “NO” quite emphatically, “I hope there are people in the other buildings out there who can watch us, look now there are lots of people in those offices just finishing for the day who can easily see us and I intend to stay naked all weekend “ she quipped. “look there’s someone waving now” as she enthusiastically waved back. So I had an exhibitionist on my hands as well - this girl was going to be such fun I thought.

I stood behind her at the window and started caressing her whole body for the pleasure of the office voyeurs a hundred or so metres away and below our level. I cupped her tits and slid my hand to her pussy spreading the lips which she eagerly assisted. Then she turned and kissing me deeply crouched on her knees and took my soft cock in her mouth. We had quite an audience by now and Els succeeded in getting some stiffness back to my poor old member - enough for her to stand and lean over the back of a nearby chair and demand “there’s enough to push in my cunt so lets give them a show “ So we did.
“There’s no chance I’ll cum “I announced
Els was unfazed responding with “I know but I will keep fucking” and true to her word she built to a noisy orgasm within minutes. “Oh I needed that” she explained, “I’ve not been able to shout out through an orgasm for so long. There is always someone around who may hear - you got enough to give me another one lover”
“Yep, I’m not very hard but it is a nice steady rhythm and I can go all day like this “ as I slowly pounded her very juicy pussy. I looked down to see the inner lips stuck to my cock and withdrawing with each stroke. A wonderful arousing site watching and feeling this old fanny give and receive so much pleasure.
Our reverie was broken by my phone ringing.
My young friend Justin was downstairs. I gave him directions to our suite and alerted Elspeth that a nice surprise was on its way. “how should I greet him” she queried.
“Sit in that lounge chair with a leg d****d over each arm. You’re just here to be fucked so you’ll show him immediately what’s on offer” I suggested.
“nasty but nice” she answered and settled into a most lewd position with legs spread wide and her totally bald cunt on display - lips parted and as Justin came through the door Elspeth already had a finger frigging her clit. He just looked at her as I introduced them “Justin this is Elspeth and she’s here to be fucked any way you or I wish. She likes to be treated like a slut and enjoys some rough fare”
“He’s absolutely right Justin - I’m all yours for the taking - can you stay hard all night”? she responded.
Justin was already dispensing with his business suit as he told her he was good for about 5 shots in 12 hours so she could expect cum in every orifice at least. He walked naked to her and knelt between her legs explaining that he did ‘love pussy juice” and proceeded to nibble her clit while pushing a finger up her arse and a thumb in her cunt. The old six pack hold I thought, does it every time and within minutes Elspeth was into third orgasm since arriving in the suite.

I was thankful for Justin’s arrival as I knew I could take it easy and enjoy the voyeur’s part. Justin had been to a few of our friend’s gatherings and had excelled in that he loved older women and had no hesitation in exhibiting his sexual prowess. He was 22 and could maintain a long erection and cum almost on demand. He was a great social asset as well and we all loved him at a party especially the ladies who used him mercilessly sometimes. He did have a life outside of these occasions that were, in fact, quite rare. We only got together 3 or 4 times a year otherwise he lived the very normal life of a successful young man in the city. I knew he would probably stay the weekend so I showed him to one of the bedrooms after he had made Elspeth come and engaged her in a very long tongue lashing kiss.

“where’s my room” queried Els as she followed us into Justin’s room.
I turned and said “ You, slut will sl**p where you’re told and with whoever wants you because you’ll need to be ready to service anyone who asks. Tonight you’ll probably sl**p here if Justin has his way, got it”!!
She went very quiet and with a wicked grin just whispered “yes sir” and saluted. She was going to make a most successful sexual slave for the weekend.
“Ok “ called Justin “its time for a nice long slow fuck after a heavy day at work - any offers” he called looking at the naked Els “ kneel on the edge of the bed” he demanded and she complied without saying a word but offering up her delicious broad arse to his inspection and use. Justin stepped up and started rubbing his hands across her arse cheeks and pulling them apart to inspect her tight little rosebud anus - tickling it with his finger and just pushing his finger in up to the first knuckle.
“Nice” he uttered,” but I need a wet willing pussy at the moment. Els spread her legs a little wider and Justin parted the shiny wet labia with a finger, pushing it fully into Els cunt then turning it so he could stroke her g-spot. Already Els was grunting and panting her way to another orgasm so without saying a word, Justin stepped close behind Els and slipped his cock balls deep into Els cunt. Justin’s cock was no monster - just a nice normal size for a young man who was proud of what he had and how he used it. Els gasped her appreciation at his entry and just begged “Oh fuck me beautiful boy”. And that he did.

I watched Els go through her next orgasm, a loud but quick one then left to go lay down. It was still early and I’d planned nothing more tonight but to go out for a bite to eat later. About 7 the phone rang and it was Di who, with husband Tim, had been invited along for tomorrow’s soiree. She explained she was in town dining with a couple of girlfriends and would love to drop up to see me.
“Are you planning on playing without Tim” I asked.
“He’s rarely up to it nowadays and besides he’s very aware I’ll call you. Why don’t you meet me and my friends and we’ll dine together” she asked.
“Is that safe” I questioned.
“They are long time friends a bit younger than me and wouldn’t think for one moment I was till enjoying sex especially with a strange man. You’ll just be an old mate of Tim and mine in town for the night”

We made arrangements and I went to dress for dinner dropping into Justin’s bedroom in time to see him pulling out of Elspeth and copious amounts of cum dripping from her cunt.
“Happy” I asked Elspeth as Justin proceeded to lick the cum from her cunt and share it with Els.
“delirious” she laughed “ and that’s just the start - big night ahead I hope”
I told them I was going out to dinner and Els for one moment suggested she might come too but I had to remind her “ you’re here for the weekend bitch and you are to stay totally naked”
“Yes Sir” I got back.
I told them they could order room service if they were hungry and as I left I said “oh and I may have a friend with me”

I met Di as arranged at a restaurant where she was enjoying dinner with three girlfriends and seeing her there beautifully dressed and engaging in light hearted conversation, it was hard to believe I knew another side to this lady. A lady she is, handsome and confident even in her later years and strikes a mature sensuality that very few ladies her age have. I had to behave myself Di advised as none of these girls would even contemplate the antics Di got up to with her husband. Tim was not present and Di just said I would see him tomorrow. The girls with her were all mature ladies but a bit younger than Di. All quite attractive as they obviously had the money to keep themselves in peak condition and not one who I wouldn’t try to bed if opportunity arose but tonight they were off limits. The girls were very complimentary about Di’s friend and made light hearted suggestive comments about our relationship (if only they knew the truth!) but Di assured them I was just a good friend of hers and Tim’s from many years ago.

After dinner we bid our goodbyes and Di slipped her arm into mine and said “walk me back to paradise big boy” - so I did.

When we entered the suite, Els and Justin were just finishing a light snack they had sent up. Sitting naked in lounge chairs they had poured a drink and I introduced Els to Di (Justin had met her and fucked her at a previous gathering so they were “old’ friends). Di was a little taken aback but warmed quickly and leant down to give Els a full kiss saying “ I hope we can have fun together” which Els wasn’t sure what she meant. I whispered to Els that I would explain later. Certainly neither of the ladies were fazed by Els nudity and very dishevelled state. Her hair was stuck with cum and there were cum stains on her face and chest and her cunt lips hung wide open as she sat back in the chair. She proudly announced that she had been well fucked for the past three hours and needed a rest.

I said to Di that we would get comfortable and led Di into my bedroom but not before she stopped by Justin and taking his half hard cock in her hand, she kissed him passionately and stroked his cock, saying “I’ll look forward to some of that this weekend”
As soon as we got to the bedroom Di turned to me and said “Do you know who Els is”?
I responded honestly saying that I’d only met her a few weeks previously and had one interesting session with her in her car and we hit it off and thus arranged this weekend.
“ Well she happens to be married to one of our most distinguished high flying corporate icons and she’s always in the social pages. I can’t believe that she’s a slut willing to fuck anyone but I’m not going to argue - I’ll give her a good time and keep her secret. I’m sure she’ll appreciate that I know who she is since our husbands move in the same circles. (The secret was out next day when Tim arrived and before being introduced to her just greeted Els as she was an old friend and immediately asked after her husband and queried whether he knew she was here or not. She assured him he did not and Tim assured her that her secret was safe with he and Di)

We both stripped and Di put on one of the suite’s bath coats and we went out to join Els and her man. I asked Justin to give me a blow by blow description of what he and Els had got up to since we left. He assured me he had excelled himself and shot his five loads already into mouth, arse and cunt as well as over her twice and now had nothing left ‘til tomorrow’.
“No wonder you look so fucked sweetheart and the weekend has just begun. Better rest up for a really big day tomorrow because our friends arrive mid afternoon. Hey Justin, isn’t that arsehole just delicious - that’s where I first fucked her’” I explained.
Di went over to where Els was stretched out along a couch trying to defy sl**p and just lifted Els head as Di slid onto the seat and cradled it in her lap.
“Ever had sex with a woman Elspeth”? Di asked.
“No” was Els short reply.
“ Well you will this weekend and I hope I can initiate you” she said as she leaned forward and pushed her tongue into Els mouth where they continued to suck lips for about 10 minutes.
Di announced “ you better get some sl**p honey. Justin, take her back to bed and let her sl**p mate. I’m going off to bed with Lew and hope he gives me one of his super long slow screws - what say you darling man’? I couldn’t refuse a lady and nor I did.

This elderly elegant lady was a warm funny sex partner and we settled into the spoon position with my cock just sliding into her and being on our sides her fanny remained reasonably tight. I didn’t start moving, I just lay there and let Di do a little bit of work with her cunt muscles but we had both agreed that neither of us would probably cum. And so it was. We chatted and laughed a lot with Di explaining that this was the first time the she had fucked someone else without Tim being nearby. “ He’s happy with that” she explained” he knew I was coming to see you and would have sex and he’ll be along tomorrow to enjoy the show. Cant’ get it hard very often now despite the best pills going but who knows one of the girls here may be able to do something I haven’t been able to do for some time”
We drifted off to sl**p like this because I woke several hours later for my old man’s pee and found I was still buried in Di.

It was a big sl**p in for all and I thought that Justin would be giving Els a good rut but he appeared from his room saying she was still sound asl**p. We sat around in our state of undress enjoying a cup of coffee and chatting. Justin was heading home to freshen up and change so I asked him to try to bring one of his mates to help look after Els. “we are going to give her a gang fuck tonight and us old blokes will need assistance”. Justin agreed. He had a small group of trusted mates who actually did this for hen’s parties and swinger groups. They were all young professional guys who worked in the city and had got together via a site and they advertised on other sites. They didn’t charge - just did it for the enjoyment of sex. They didn’t do strips - they were just there to fuck and sexually satisfy any ladies so desiring their company. We had found them via Nan and Ian’s daughter who was a swinger with her husband and she met Justin at a party and he had become a favourite of our girls ever since.

When Elspeth finally appeared later in the morning she looked like shit. Her hair was still matted with spunk and it was dried all over her face and tits. She was very perky though and reckoned she’d had a great sl**p and wondered where her ‘morning fuck’ had gone. We got her going with a good strong then Di suggested she would take her to the shower and Di would clean her up and have some girl fun at the same time. The two girls wandered off to one of the bathrooms to do just that.
When they appeared an hour or so later they both looked gorgeous with hair done and a little makeup that Di had in her handbag. Di announced “I’ve just taught Els how to satisfy a woman and she was a willing and skilled participant. She has a wicked tongue on her and I’ve got a big smile on my face”
Els just smiled and remarked “ Something new that I never dreamed would be so good. I plan to try it again soon and I know where Di lives.
What have you planned for me for the rest of the day”?

I told Els that during the afternoon some couples would be arriving and Di’s husband Tim along with Justin and a mate of his. I explained that I planned a gang fuck for her and a few variations on what she can do with multiple cocks at her disposal. She reminded me that she had promised to do anything I asked of her and was willing to try it all but trusted explicitly that I would also be gentle. Di promised that she had become fond of her during their liaison this morning and knowing who she was would take great care to ensure she was a safe. She did also add that she knew everybody who would be coming including the young men and could vouch for their discretion and safety in all respects.
We ordered up some lunch and Di caused a panic in the young waiter when she answered the door totally naked except for her high heels. She invited the young man in but he excused himself and bolted. Di laughed as she was sure “an old broad like me scared the pants off him”.
Tim arrived first and greeted the naked Els with the comment mentioned earlier. Els was taken aback at first but Tim assured her secret was safe with him and that he hoped he saw more of her if she planned to visit Di. “You may even be able to get this old man’s pecker working again if you are willing to try” he laughed.
The girls were a bit disappointed that neither had any sexy lingerie with them - Di had only the clothes she arrived in and Els now only had a spare change of casual gear she had carried in a small bag as we had virtually destroyed the clothes she wore on arrival by tearing them in our urgency to disrobe. They both had a set of high heels and I encouraged then to put them on when walking around as they accentuate a woman’s sensuality especially the full arses of the mature girl.

The boys and Al and Barb arrived almost simultaneously. Since everyone knew each other (even the new lad Aaron had fucked Di and Barb before) introductions were just of Elspeth. We could see the surprise on Barb’s face when she saw Elspeth who immediately confessed that she was indeed the lady from the social pages and hoped everyone would respect her privacy and her need for extra sexual experiences. We all again assured her of our discretion and she hoped that she could join our little social circle for more fun occasionally. “It may be all I need if I have trusted friends I can call on. After this morning I don’t mind which sex satisfies me” she winked.
All eyes went to Di who confessed that she had introduced Els to girl fun and that Els had a fantastic strong tongue. “Oh goodie” yelled Barb as she removed her clothing “would you like to do me right now. I’m up for a nice lady lick to start the day”.
Everyone looked at Els who said nothing but willingly knelt in front of Barb who had settled into a big single lounge chair with her pussy pushed forward and a leg over each arm. While we were watching and chatting amongst ourselves, Nan and Ian arrived. Nan has always been a bit of a favourite of mine (see Nancy Afloat) and, since returning from her Round the World cruise, has become sexier, I think, since that first day she invited me to fuck her on the foredeck of her yacht almost ten years ago. Now in her early sixties, she had maintained her figure and her absolute love of life and sex as I had known her back in 2002. Always the first to put her hand up for a gang bang or DP and a run with the ladies too, she hugged and kissed me with a genuine fondness at seeing me again. I knew with Nan I would never lack for sexual satisfaction and today promised the same. Her beloved Ian was never far from her side and a more laconic easy going bloke you’d never find. He’d become one of my closest confidantes in recent years and there was little we didn’t know of each other. His willingness and enthusiasm in sharing his wife was legendary among our small group of friends. Mind you he got his fair share of ladies too.

They were both naked before I got to introduce the lady on her knees sending Barb into bliss. When I tapped Els on the shoulder to introduce her, she lifted her head and Nan bent to kiss her fully on the lips and when she came up for air, exclaimed “ pussy juice, I love it” so Ian bent for his share.
“Yes”, Di explained, “she is the lady you think she is - stays in this room ,ok’!
I took the opportunity to remind everyone, since it was my party, that we continued with our healthy practice of washing cocks, hands and anything else that had been up an anus before we put them anywhere else. It had always been a safe practice of ours for some years and as a result no one had come up with any nasty infections. We always reminded each other if someone looked like forgetting. I further announced that the primary purpose of our gathering was to first of all, show Elspeth some interesting sexual variations as she was quite new to all this and that we would give her a ‘gangie’ first.

Aaron had already started as he was rubbing her pussy as she licked Barb so Els had raised her buttocks as she got on her knees offering her wide open cunt to whoever wanted it. Obviously Aaron was going first and I don’t think that Els had any idea who it was as she was so into eating out Barb. Barb was heading for a really big orgasm, she told us, and this only encouraged Elspeth to pull Barb’ s pussy lips wider apart and push four fingers into her while she nibbled on her swollen clit. Two of her four fingers had found Barb’s g-spot as she screamed not to stop but “push fucking harder bitch”. So as Els brought Barb to a shuddering noisy orgasm, young Aaron had very quietly and easily buried himself balls deep in her fanny.
“This is going to be quite quick” announced Aaron, “she ‘s got a pretty tight cunt for an old slut so she ‘s getting me there easily”. Els had, meanwhile pulled away from Barbs pussy. Barb was coming down from her high and brought her legs together and feet on the floor so Els juts rested her head in Barb’s lap while she was slow fucked by Aaron. Pretty soon he called “ who’s next. I’m about to blow my wad”. And blow he did. Els let out a very satisfying sigh announcing she had just ‘got there again’.
I noted Di had been warming up Alan with a gentle licking and stroking so she called “ Al is ready “ and guided him by the cock over to Els upturned bum. He knelt behind Els and the beautiful old Di guided his cock into Els cunt but not before she’s had a quick lick of the cum running from it. “Don’t get much of that nowadays do I darling” she said looking over to her Tim.

“I understand she likes a bit of rough trade” Al asked of everyone.
“ yes “ I answered “but be careful as we don’t want to damage the goods”. Al started to pound hard and fast and as he did so, he inserted his thumb into her arsehole. Els called to me “ Lew honey, would you get that lube out of my bag, this bloke has a fat thumb - nice one though” and we all laughed.
Al finished with El producing another grunting orgasm but not too noisy and another nice load of cream ran out from around his cock.
As he pulled out, Els asked “can I have the next one on my back please” and with that she rolled over onto the carpet and pulled her knees back to her tits - pretty supple for an oldie I thought.
Justin stepped forward with his prodigious cock at the ready and which had just been extracted from Barb’s mouth. Meanwhile Nan was getting me ready with a gentle tongue lashing while her husband was being coaxed into stiffness by Di who adored Ian and showed that with her gentle affection for his senior prick.

I found it quite humorous to see all these senior citizens (except Justin and Aaron) preparing for some serious sexual activity, all completely nude and in various states of arousal ready to gang bang another senior citizen and our ladies preparing us for it. bl**dy fantastic actually as it amazes me what highly erotic environments can do for the jaded older man. In a normal vanilla sexual situation at my age I’d probably be good for one good shot a night with lots of preparation and only for about three nights in a row then I need a rest for a few days. Now I was lining up willingly and had been hard for the last hour and no sign of softening. I had the chance to look around and observe the figures and bodies of my companions. We all had a few dangly bits, loose skin soft muscles but mostly we were in pretty good shape for our ages and certainly not a turn off for sexual arousal. Our cocks hung low and balls even lower and the girls all had protruding full inner labia which readily hung outside after a fuck taking some time to shrink back in place but they were lovely and the girls proud of what they could do with their fannies to arouse and satisfy us blokes especially the very young ones. We all indulged in sex for the sheer pleasure of it, made all the more fun by sharing with friends. We always reckoned it was a win /win situation. No one was f***ed to have sex and sometimes a couple of us may pass but we were still all together sharing the others pleasure.

So I invited Ian to go next and he so easily entered Els cunt as he sat on his haunches and pushed his reasonably long prick into her soaking sloppy cunt. Els was working hard to tighten up on him and she did achieve that which Ian acknowledged. He pumped away vigourously and we all watched the cum being pushed out along with her own juices. Nan and Barb were reaching down and scooping it up for us all to taste off their fingers as it seemed such a natural act of sharing. Ian was struggling a bit so he asked his Nan to shove a couple of fingers in his arse to get him off. A full anus can be such a turn on for a bloke if its as deep as his prostrate. In this case it did the trick. Els was breathing heavily and Ian just calmly announced that he was there and more cum started running from Els cunt. Di went down on her immediately and started sharing kisses with us all. Nan arrived back from washing her hand in time to share some of Di’s cum laden kisses with the rest of us.
“How are you travelling” I queried of Elspeth.
“I’ve lost count of my orgasms but I’m ready for more. Fill me up please gents. Sorry if I’m a bit loose but I’m trying my best to work those cunt muscles for you. “

I volunteered to go next because Justin had already fucked her last night but I came up with a plan.
“I want you to cowboy me Els” I suggested. I had to explain to her that meant I lay on the floor on my back and she straddled me while facing me . One of the girls helped guide my prick up into Els cunt but entering was no problem. Could have driven a bus in there she was so open by now.
“Tell you what Els, you’re pretty loose so I have a plan and a new experience for you. Justin and I are going to DP your fanny - any objections” I asked. Els was just a bit wide eyed but again eager to try something new. Justin had no problem so he knelt behind her and pushed her forward onto my chest. Her tits were hanging low on my chest and I decided to play with them for the first time tonight. Justin drove his cock up alongside mine and asked Els to make all the moves. She sure did that so enthusiastically that we had to slow her down or we would keep falling out. She told me she loved her tits being massaged and asked me to bite them hard which only served to drive her wild. With two cocks in her cunt she was tight for us both now so all three of us were building to nice orgasms. We tried hard to wait for Els and succeeded almost with Justin and I both letting go our loads just before Els had a mind numbing orgasmic explosion. All she could say afterwards was “I’m totally fucked” and she sure was. “No more cock for the moment please boys but a gentle tongue from one of you girls will bring me down really nicely. Di was first to volunteer. She was really displaying her penchant for the ladies tonight but as she explained later, at her age some of those big hard cocks were painful so she was very satisfied with a ladies tongue and she liked to give as good as she got.

The other girls, Barb and Nan, were both ready to be fucked having patiently prepared the men for a run with Els. Aaron was already hard again so Nan led him over to another of the couches and kneeling along it with her head over the arm, Aaron ‘doggied’ her in front of us all. We knew they’d be awhile there with that young man’s stamina and Nan’s capacity for cock. A few years ago she partied all weekend from a Friday night to Sunday night and had a cock in her continuously for that time even when she dozed off on occasions. Her oldest daughter Lyn and her husband Tony who are avid swingers had prepared the special treat for Mum’s 60th birthday. I was privileged to have been present. However for now Nan was content to just enjoy the moment with a healthy young man who she knew would give her intense pleasure. The rest of us sat around chatting with Barb between Justin and myself stroking our cocks back to hardness. Justin was responding as a young man should but I was taking my time. Of course we’d not forgotten old Tim sitting watching proceedings and joining the conversation. He had nothing but admiration for his beautiful old wife ravenously eating out Elspeth. She was making a real feast of it and had hold of each of Els inner lips and pulled them so far out that they actually stuck along her cheeks each side of her mouth which was deeply pushed into Els cunt and Di’s tongue was working right inside Els cunt. Elspeth wasn’t actually coming down so much as having short gasping and continuous orgasms to the point where she eventually had to ask Di to “stop or I’ll pass out” she gasped.
Di crawled over to her husband and taking his flaccid old cock in her hand she asked if he was enjoying the night. He nodded “very arousing my love and maybe later that Elspeth might see if she can work me up an erection - she’s very sexy isn’t she? I hope we see more of her because you obviously would like to”
Di responded with an “I’d love that and plan to but right now I’ve not had an orgasm tonight so is there a nice hard cock for me to use’?
“Come and sit on my lap Di, Barb has warmed me enough to slip something into you. I wont be shooting you a load but you can use my cock to get off” I called. Di and I had always got on very well especially sexually because our ages meant we knew each others needs and capabilities so well that we fitted together perfectly. Di just backed onto my hard on standing proud from my crotch and holding her pussy lips apart lowered herself onto me with consummate ease. She was facing away from me and we both watched the party unfolding in front of us. It also gave me a chance to play with and knead her luscious old hanging tits. They were still pretty full having been ‘re-shaped about 20 years ago but the nipples pointed down. She had huge aureolae and the thumb size nipples of a mature woman who had fed babies and enjoyed and active sex life afterwards. She responded to my playing with them with gusto by moving quite actively on my cock . I had to slow her down or “I’ll slip out sweetheart”. She laughed an apology saying “I’ll let you now when I’m coming and that wont be long thank you”

Elspeth was pretty knackered and started talking bedtime but not before she crawled over to Tim and kneeling on the floor in front of him started paying homage to his lovely old long cock. She did have a talent for touch and suck because after 15 minutes of Els coaxing Tim announced “hey look what Els has done for me” and proudly displayed his hard on standing proud. “First time in ages eh Di? Els please let me soak it in that well fucked fanny of yours” he pleaded. Els happily stood up and, facing him, lowered herself onto his old cock which disappeared so easily up her sloppy wide open cunt.

I saw an opportunity for another ‘Els experience’ and seeing Al sitting alone sporting a nice fat boner I suggested “Al, why don’t you push that up Els arse. El, lean forward against Tim’s chest and let Al fuck your arse” I shouted. She started to protest but thought better of it and obliged by pushing her arse back and opening her tight little rose bud “ just get some lube please and I can’t promise an orgasm as I’m pretty well buggered” she instructed.
“well you are sure about to be” laughed Al as his wife Barb applied lube to Els tight little anus. Barb then opened it with a couple of fingers and grabbing her husband’s prick, she guided it into this new friends anus for a first time. “What a wonderful devoted wife helping her husband fuck a strange woman’s arse” some one laughed.

So the scene was set for quite a finale to the night I thought. Nan was being nicely fucked still be Aaron, Tim and Al were chock -a -block up Elspeth, I was deep in Di and bringing her slowly to the boil and Justin had just grabbed Barb after her assistance to her husband and laid her back on the carpet and was already balls deep in her cunt for a good old fashioned rut which left Ian like the proverbial shag on a rock. Not for long because the ever alert Di took pity and invited him over to put his slowly softening cock in her mouth while I fucked her. While observing all this I noticed that we had not closed the curtains on the huge glass panels and our activities were on show to anyone who wanted to look from neighbouring buildings.
When I mentioned this, Els looked up and said I hope they’ve not got binoculars and can identify me - she was fearful of revelation but by the same time loved the excitement of exhibitionism. “They’d need the Hubble telescope to identify you right now Els and they wouldn’t be looking at your face sweetheart - not with two cocks up you” we all laughed. “ it IS nice “ she purred.

The evening drew to a close as orgasms and cum shots succeeded and Els was first to announce after extracting herself from those two cocks that she was off to bed to sl**p but she would like to be greedy and invite both the young boys to join her. Both agreed they would after a they’d had a night cap with the rest of us.
I invited Barb to bed with me as I’d not had much chance to speak with her and I always loved her stories of her latest adventure with the boys she took home from the Seaman’s Club in her home city to the north. I wasn’t to be disappointed as she related to me her experience with ‘the biggest cock I’ve ever encountered’. She marvelled at her ability to fit it all in her pussy and the guy wasn’t even Afro American but came from Eastern Europe. She showed me photos on her Ipad next day that Al had taken of it in her - unbelievably a monster.
Di took Ian with her to a bed that was so huge they happily shared it with old Tim and Nan shared a fold out couch with Al who was happily fucking her spoon fashion when we all traipsed off with our bedmates. As it was we did all sl**p because we aren’t the spring chickens that we used to be and only the boys with Els were probably disappointed that she was asl**p. They still had a bit left in them.

Of course the morning is always different and as the sun poured through the suite’s huge glass windows the unmistakeable sounds of ‘morning glories’ being exercised were heard. I had a nice enough boner to slip it up Barb from behind as she told me still more stories about recent cocks and when I finished and strolled out side to make coffee for all Al and Nan were watching the sunrise with Al firmly up Nan’s bum - it turned out. We heard Di calling Tim’s name during her morning orgasm but knew it was Ian doing the work and all three appeared shortly thereafter. As coffee was prepared we dared to look in on Els who was giving a classic call of a woman in high ecstasy. My mature new friend was learning fast as there she was on her side with a cock in bum hole and cunt and the boys legs intertwined with hers. She was getting DP’d again in less than twelve hours since she’d had her first. Must have enjoyed it we all reasoned.
“Coffee’s up” I called.
“Be right out when these boys have taken me to heaven” she retorted cheerily. And so she was about 15 minutes later, with us all having listened to her screaming orgasm. That lady could really put her heart into fucking and she was obviously going to be a fun addition to our future get togethers. Di was certainly going to make sure she saw lots more of her and soon.

Knowing that some had to get away I asked if all were happy and did anyone want anything special before they left. Els said she was very satisfied and she was my main concern. However Barb asked for a “roadie before the long drive home” so Aaron being the ever ready stud that he was offered to fuck her from behind over the kitchen bench so we “could all watch”. At the same time Nan said she like to wash a load of cream down with morning coffee and Al who’d just fucked her arse earlier said “I didn’t cum in her bum but am ready now” so he just walked to her chair and stuck his cock in her mouth. So we all sat around with Aaron fucking Barb over the bench in full view and Al getting a superb blowjob from Nan. We knew when Barb was cumming as she always let us know with her grunting and swearing “ fuck me hard darling boy, harder, harder! “she urged, then “Oh yes fill me up, pour it in my guts, that is so hot. Oh Al! I hope I’ve some of this still in me when I get home ‘cos I want you to fuck my sloppy cunt again then”.

Of course Al wasn’t too sure what he have for Barb when he got home as Nan was just draining his ball bag and showing us all her sticky mouthful before swallowing and taking a swig of coffee, “just delicious” she announced.

All started to dress except Els and I who had today and tonight here to waste time. Els suggested either of the boys were welcome to drop by again this afternoon or tonight as she’d probably be ready for them again by then “if Lew doesn’t exhaust me” she chuckled.
Di and Els exchanged contact details and parted with a huge long tongue wrestling pash and promised they catch up later this week. The other couples bade us good bye promising to see us all again soon for more fun.

After they had all departed, Els and I stretched out on a couch in the sun with her head in my lap and I just caressed her boobs which she found “pleasantly relaxing and slowly arousing”. Elspeth thanked me for organising this “initiation into a fantasy world she had only ever dreamed of”.
“I did so enjoy the DP’s - is that what you call them? - and the multi partner continual fuck fest but it was pretty exhausting so I’d like to be more prepared for the next one and not too often please. One on one is very nice and still my favourite. Will you be up for some fun this afternoon Lew”? she enquired.
We chatted intimately and she explained to me, who wasn’t up on the Sydney social scene, exactly where she stood in that circle of acquaintances and why she had to be so careful. She wasn’t particularly concerned for herself, “friends will stay friends no matter who I fuck “ but it could have serious consequences for her husband’s business and she was very fond of him and would do nothing to jeopardise his position. “He’d probably take my indiscretions all in his stride, possibly even enjoying a voyeur role but couldn’t let it effect the business. So we’ll continue to keep it a secret” she asked seeking support. I assured her again everyone here last night were absolutely trustworthy even the young boys because both were making their way in their respective businesses and wouldn’t risk that by being indiscreet. We had all shared the secrets of a few ‘big names’ at our parties in the past.

We both drifted off to sl**p and as much as I’d have loved to have taken her out to lunch, she couldn’t risk being seen when she was supposed to be away interstate. So we lunched on room service then stretched out on the big carpet in front of the huge windows and slowly fucked missionary style for an hour or so. We talked and I learned so much of this beautiful mature lady who I marvelled at having just a few short weeks ago had invited me, a complete stranger, to fuck her arse in a public place. Now she had willingly transformed into the slut she always knew she was and thanked me for this transformation. She realised she may not have a lot of years of sexual enjoyment left in her but “I hope I’m still going and looking as good as Di when I get to her age - ten years time isn’t it’? she queried. “She is just amazing and I cant wait to have some real girl / girl sex with her again”.
After I spurted a nice load in her and she sighed her way to about her third small orgasm during this fuck, we both drifted off to sl**p again only to be woken by the phone which announced the arrival of Justin on the pretence of having left something behind. “ yes I know mate,” I laughed, “ its called a hot fuck and she’s in the bathroom preparing for your cock again - go your hardest lad” I encouraged. I actually switched on the television while Els and Justin performed on the floor in front of me. Els was calling the shots and after she’d sucked him hard, it was “in my cunt from behind please lover boy” and then as she felt him building to a big spurt, she called “ pull out and settle down Justin then stick it up my arsehole for a finale. That’s where I want your cum” - and so he did with Elspeth enjoying another of her momentous exhausting orgasms. Justin just pulled out went and cleaned himself and thanked Els for another great fuck, hoped he’d see her again and walked out - just like that, and Els didn’t mind a bit. “ I like being treated like a bit of sexual meat” she laughed.
“Well you’ve become more than that to me and I hope we stay good mates from now on” I explained. Els agreed, adding
“so long as you fuck me when I need you to and share me with those nice friends of yours”.

We slept like babes in each others arms that night - no sex but next morning we fucked like rabbits using my morning glory. She wanted to keep my cum inside her until she got home and could masturbate with my cum in her. She made a plug of tissue and walked around with that in her until she dressed, I checked out and she took the elevator straight to the carpark and drove out with no one the wiser.
That was a fabulous weekend, experienced not so long ago as a result of a chance encounter with one of those ladies who had the courage to go with her instincts and urges. We are looking forward to lots more fun.

Don’t behave - it’s not worth it.

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