The Cat - Revealed

In almost 50 years of wonerful sexual activity I have always sought the favours and friendship of mature women. Ever since I was seduced and well instructed in the art of sexuality at the age of 15 by a woman 30 years my senior, I have appreciated and fully enjoyed the talents of those older girls. so many keep their sexuality hidden until aroused by some event or individual.

I have enjoyed dozens of encounters with the mature woman who can distinguish between love and sex and use it as the wonderful recreational tool that it is. I have known an 84 year old gang banger and had sex with a 70 year old, been friends with many who have trusted me with their intimate secrets but no woman has ever surpassed the talents and sheer sexuality of The Cat - a trusted friend and confidante, a lover and consumate slut. Here follows her true stories...

Cat is a truly different woman –mid fifties now but I’ve known her for ten years and we’ve shared the most exciting and erotic experiences two people could legally enjoy. She is a libertine in the purest sense – she is also a devoted mother of four grown boys, a grandmother and probably seen by most as a very normal suburban housewife.
The detail of some of those experiences is fodder for several other stories but this is her truthful tale of a very taboo subject which is probably i*****l but very right and loving of a mother.
Cat married in her early twenties to a great bloke who gave her those four sons and a good strong marriage for nearly 20 years. She had not had a lot of sexual experience pre nuptials. A passionate affair in her teens with another girl at boarding school was her awakening to the pleasures to be had with another human in intimate contact. A virgin until she was 19 and her first oral sex with a guy was a very public affair under table at a restaurant – it never fazed her and while not repeated for years, it left an indelible mark as to the excitement to be had from exhibitionism and oral sex.
A very physical but unemotional relationship followed with a fellow worker who she conducted research with for 6 months in a forestry setting. They fucked in the open air often several times a day but she had still never been fucked in a bed. Nudity became the norm and exhibitionism as they spent all their time together in a very remote tropical location.
She married not long thereafter and started her f****y quite soon after that. A very happy situation and coming from a strong and loving f****y of her own she grew very comfortable in her environment. She held quite a responsible managerial position commensurate with her tertiary qualifications and enjoyed close friendships with a few colleagues but she wasn’t a social butterfly – just good fun to be around. Nothing in her married life would give the slightest indication of the fascinating woman she was to become.
Her husband grew distant as the boys grew and eventually revealed her was fucking the next door neighbour. Her world crashed but she kept her head enough to throw him out.
It was during her reconsideration of what may have gone wrong that she wondered if a practice she had just fallen into had helped turn her husband away. She had adored being a mother and breast feeding her boys to the extent that she just continued suckling them all as the next one came along. As the youngest grew she willing let and even encouraged her boys to suck her breasts even the eldest who was ten years the senior of the youngest. The youngest was six when the divorce occurred so she still had a sixteen year old enjoying his mother’s tits and getting milk too.
She wondered whether this had driven her husband away even though he had enjoyed the practice himself until a few years previously. As it happened, this practice had nothing to do with the husband’s wandering. She did think long and hard about it though and realised that her pleasure in the practice had passed from natural mothering to a definite sexual arousal on her part and on occasions she realised that at least the oldest had also been getting aroused for the past couple of years. She would watch and subtly feel his erection rising under his pyjamas as she lifted her shirt to give him her boobs – he would suck one and fondle the other and if she didn’t quietly cum then she would finish herself off with her finger in her own bed later. So she stopped. The boys didn’t seem to miss it and thus she realised that the impetus to do so for all these years had been hers alone.
Time without the intimacy of the suckling soon began to gnaw at her. She found herself looking at guys and wondering the most lewd thoughts and because she had had a very good and open sex life with hubby she felt no guilt at feeling horny. She had started a practice of seeing her friends more frequently for company and then as she shared a shift with a good mate Lyn they spent a couple of mornings a week at one of the local beaches. In this rural city most of the beaches were deserted during the week and it was on one of these occasions she mentioned to Lyn how sexually frustrated she felt. Lyn was not surprised and began to ask her questions about her sex life with her husband and before. Cat revealed all starting with her school girl affair and her exhibitionist streak which she believed she had. She didn’t mention the boys and their tit sucking though to Lyn. A week or so later Lyn very casually suggested one beach morning that perhaps they could sunbake topless – after all the entire beach was deserted.
Cat was very amenable as taking off her clothes in someone else’s presence had never been a problem for her. They dropped their tops and lay back on their towels together. Lyn started to ask her about her boobs which were pretty shapely- she even wondered if she had a ‘boob job’ which Cat hadn’t but she told her how sensitive her nipples were especially since she‘d not had sex in so long. This was the cue Lyn needed and reaching across she asked her if she liked what she was doing as she stroked her left nipple. Cat was just struck with the eroticism of it – she didn’t care that it was her best friend doing it – just the touch of another person sent waves of erotic passion through her. She just asked Lyn not to stop. Lyn went further now and began sucking her left breast while her hand caressed her right.
It seemed like forever but probably only minutes before Cat went into a noisy very physical orgasm. Screaming her pleasure and mouthing the crudest thoughts passing through her. As the orgasm subsided Lyn rolled on top of Cat and with breast on breast she gave her the most passionate tongue kiss to which Cat responded vigorously. She was taken right back to her schooldays when she and her mate would make out in the empty dorm. They kissed like this for some time until both uttered simultaneously that they were cumming and they stopped and laughed as the waves of ecstasy washed through them. Cat thanked Lyn for her awakening and asked if she did this with other girls. Lyn replied let me take your knickers off and I’ll tell you all about it”.
Cat dutifully raised her hips and uncaringly let Lyn slide her bikini bottoms off. She then knelt at Cats side and proceeded to put her head between Cat’s thighs. This was heaven to Cat as her cunt was dripping wet and her clit throbbing with anticipation. She wasn’t sure what she wanted or how to get it but she knew now. Lyn parted her pubic hair and then her cunt lips as Cat spread her legs wide and inviting – saying nothing but letting sighs of satisfaction escape her lips. What Lyn was doing with her clit and two fingers in her cunt at the same time was unbelievable. It was never like this at school even though it had been arousing and fun.
As Lyn slowly worked Cat into another lather Cat now took some initiative and reaching out she found she could easily reach Lyn’s cunt as she knelt by her side. Cat felt around Lyn’s thigh as Lyn spread her legs. Then pushing Lyn’s g’string crutch to one side she easily slid two fingers into Lyn’s cunt. The two of them let time pass slowly as they worked on each other slowly bringing yet another orgasm to both of them. They both collapsed laughing and breathing heavy back on their towels – legs akimbo – Cat totally naked and Lyn might as well have been.
Lyn proceeded to relate some very intimate secrets to Cat. Had cat ever heard of swingers? Yes of course she had. Lyn admitted she and Tom indulged in the practice occasionally with good friends and on these occasions Lyn enjoyed sex with other girls and as she said the boys loved to watch. They only indulged with trusted friends, sometimes couples, sometimes Tom (Lyn’s husband) brought home a mate for a threesome and either Lyn or Tom may find the occasional other girl but that was not easy. However some new contact sites were appearing on the internet and these were proving to be productive.
‘So what do you think’ asked Lyn ‘and would you like to join us one weekend’? Cat was a little overwhelmed but her sexual senses had been aroused and she had no moral objection whatsoever – she never had and all through her married life the thought of infidelity or interesting sexual practice had never crossed her mind because she’d never been awakened to the possibilities as she was now. She really looked at it as another of life’s experiences as she marched on. She willingly agreed and they stood, kissed passionately then strolled to Lyn’s car naked with towels over their shoulder. They didn’t bother to dress – just wrapped their towels around them and drove home to Cat’s place which was on acreage. When they got home they were free from neighbour’s views so walked naked again from the car into the house.
Once inside they sorted their day – boys weren’t due home for school for another 5 hours and Lyn had a late shift. She decided to stay and wear something of Cats to work. Lyn didn’t have a f****y to consider. Lyn boldly announced she intended to fuck Cat every way and all day but first she demanded Cat return the oral favour. As Lyn sat in a lounge chair with a leg spread over each arm, she made demands of Cat in the wildest way. Cat loved being bullied and humiliated to some extent and it seemed to arouse her even more - an experience she had never had. As Cat knelt between Lyn legs and started to lick the length of Lyn’s pussy she remarked on how beautiful she looked with all her pubic hair removed. Lyn explained that in the swinging scene most girls and many of the blokes were clean shaven. It improved the sensitivity and as most were avid voyeurs they enjoyed the sight. Guy’s cocks looked bigger and they all loved watching a cock moving in and out of a cunt close up and in all its fine detail. Orgasms came that much quicker. Cat was taking all this in and becoming more and more enthused about joining Lyn and Tom. She suggested that she’d even shave herself soon but Lyn said that as soon as Cat got her off again she would shave every last hair off her body (except her head).
The day was spent in a totally erotic sexual daze. Cat got shaved. She had all sorts of vegetables shoved in her cunt then her arsehole – that was new. She’d never been fucked there but after Lyn rimmed her then tongued her arse hole Cat was ready for anything. Cat didn’t have any toys so Lyn had to improvise and the KY jelly was used for the first time in years. Cat’s camera came out and she was photographed in every pose but she especially loved the cucumber in her cunt and carrot in her arse shot.
She had started to enjoy the eroticism attached to bondage and humiliation. At one stage Lyn had tied her hands behind her back then forcing her to the edge of the pool she tingled with anticipation at what new experience might be coming. Cat was told to sit on a day lounge by the pool and she watched as Lyn stood next to her. She then threw a leg across her to the other arm rest. Holding her cunt lips apart Lyn said ‘prepare to be treated as all good sluts should be ‘and Cat immediately saw and felt the warm stream of urine as it poured over her tits and then her face. She was totally unprepared for the surge of erotic feelings in her at the sheer humiliation of being pissed on by her dear friend. She felt no discomfort or displeasure, just an extreme closeness at allowing her friend to enjoy herself. After being thoroughly wet by piss Lyn untied her and they both jumped into the pool to cool off and engage in some of the most fantastic tongue kissing she’d ever experienced.
She got her own back later as they lay in the sun chatting. As Cat arose to go inside to urinate she suddenly realised she should return the earlier favour of Lyn’s. Standing astride her friend who was lying on her stomach she let go with a strong stream –‘one good slut deserves another’ Cat said as Lyn rolled over to enjoy it on her tits and tummy then reached up to let the piss run down her arms and onto her face. Laughing she licked at it and caressed her lovers legs and cunt as the last drops were eliminated.
She was exhausted by days end but ready to start a new chapter in her life. Thus began the sexual life of the most amazing woman and sexual partner I’ve ever known – a true and trusted friend and confidante and the stories of the taboo and other events which I am about to relate. All other stories about this woman will also begin at this point in her life. …..

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