Burnt Toast

“Oh shit” she exclaimed as her toast came out of the conveyor type toaster in the Members Airline lounge, “fucking burnt”. I picked it up and said “here, I’ll turn it down and do you two new pieces while I do my own”

I was standing next to this tall mature woman dressed in a black business suit. The skirt came to just above her knees and with black stockings and impossible stilettos she looked like sex personified to me. I’d not really seen her face but when she turned to thank me I could see she was a woman in her fifties and quite hard looking but lovely skin. The long black hair only made her look harsher and the piercing eyes and largish nose contributed to make her appear ‘interesting’ to me. Her smile broke me down - a larger mouth and perfect teeth flashed lascivious thoughts into my mind. Yes, not beautiful but sex written all over her. She thanked me and showed me where she was sitting.

I took her toast on a plate and chatted briefly. “Where to?” I asked casually.
“ Canberra as usual” she responded.
“Me too - probably the same flight. Enjoy breakfast. May see you on the plane” I offered.
“Yes maybe - thanks again” then she returned to her magazine. ‘Nice’, my wicked mind thought. Then I got buried in my paper and waited until my flight was called.
Sure enough we were on the same flight but several rows apart and we barely acknowledged each other on board. On arriving at our destination we found ourselves waiting in line for a cab several customers apart and I was ahead of her. When the cabbie asked my destination I gave him the hotel name. As the line was long I turned to the queue and asked if anyone else was going to that hotel as they could share my cab. As luck or fate would have it, the lady in black stepped forward. She sat in the back and I in the front so conversation was difficult but she did explain she’d been coming here once a year for the past six years and always stayed at this hotel. She already had a reservation and I explained that I was taking a chance on getting a room but as I was a regular I was confident.

I was attended to at the reservation desk first only to be told my room wouldn’t be ready until midday so I planned on sitting in the foyer for a couple of hours until my meeting started. As I was settling into a comfy the lady in black walked by and came over to thank me for the cab ride and asked what I was doing. I explained my circumstances. She said “one good turn deserves another. I have a huge suite all to myself so come up and use that while you wait for your room. You can clean up after the flight and order breakfast”. I was quite overwhelmed at her generosity even though she didn’t come across as being over friendly. It was almost as if she felt obliged. I didn’t refuse as I found her to be very sexy and probably very interesting.

Together we went to her room - a huge suite with separate bedroom, a capacious lounge with a number of settees and an office type alcove with a large desk. I settled into one of the couches noting there was a toilet in the lounge area. The only shower was in the ensuite attached to the bedroom. I took off my jacket, tie and shoes getting comfortable while starting to go over my meeting material. Meanwhile lady in black disappeared into her bedroom stating she was showering to freshen up. Apparently she also had a meeting in a couple of hours so we could leave together.

Twenty minutes later she appeared in a hotel bathrobe and her hair up in a towel. I had chance to take a more critical observation. Nice body no doubt under that towelling robe, good muscular legs but with the make up washed off her looks had softened a bit. Still not pretty but not unpleasant and ‘interesting’. Not one I would like to cross as she could kill with a stare I was sure. She surprised me by suggesting I take a shower. “I’ve finished in there for the time being and there’s plenty of fresh towels. Use a robe when you are finished” she offered. I didn’t have to be invited a second time and I was just beginning to get an idea this woman might be VERY interesting.

I undressed to my underwear in her bedroom and stepped into the bathroom noting the towels and robes hanging there. I took a long refreshing hot shower and stepped out drying myself while I faced the misted up mirror. I had just discarded to towel and about to reach for the robe when a hand came around my waist and slid straight down to take a firm hold of my cock. Following the initial shock I said nothing as her lips came to nibble at my left ear “ we’ve time for a little fun if you’re interested “ she cooed. Standing there with her hand around my now rapidly rising erection and the other one pinching my nipple as she nibbles my ear, what else could I do. “I really don’t have a choice do I?” I queried.
“No you don’t my friend unless you really don’t want to fuck me and by what I can feel I think you do. If you refuse I may have to withdraw my offer of hospitality” she explained.
“You have me at a disadvantage as you’re still dressed (I could feel the robe against my back) and I’ve not seen what you have on offer” I quipped. She stepped back releasing my prick and allowing me to turn. As I did the robe fell from her shoulders revealing the most gorgeous figure my feeble mature mind could imagine. Her wet hair was still stuck to her face and neck and rested on the upper side of her tits. Her tits had held up pretty well for a woman who was probably at least 50. Despite showing some droop they were full and luscious with large aureolae and motherhood nipples now hard against my bare skin. She dropped to her knees and engulfed my cock without once touching it with her hands that were grasping roughly at my buttocks. This was a woman in need and I left her to do her best or worst. Rising from my now rock hard cock she stood and looking longingly at my mouth she moved forward and commenced to give me a most passionate and urgent tongue kiss. She f***ed her tongue right into my throat and lashed the inside of my mouth and I hear her have a quick orgasm as she ground her pussy against my leg as she straddled it.

Returning her passion, I held her head until she broke free of my grip and gasped “ enough of this. I’ve not been fucked in months and I need your cock now mister”. With that she led me to the bed and knelt on the edge giving me access to her obviously soaked cunt. Before entering her I ran my fingers along her slit that opened involuntarily exposing her wet inner labia bordered by those full pouting outer labia. They just spelt out FUCK ME. “For gods sake stick your cock up me you bastard and stop fucking teasing me” she screamed. I obliged and standing behind her I was able to drive my full length balls deep in her cunt - she was so wet and eager I felt I may disappear up there completely. I don’t pride myself on having some huge cock - in fact a lot of the stories I read here indicates that a lot of blokes have no idea of how long (or short) an inch is! - but the arousal was such that I was bottoming out past the cervix when in to the max. My balls crushed against the sticky cuntlips. She balanced on one arm and used her other hand to reach back and stroke her clit and my balls. I was going slow. In fact I stopped with my full length buried in her but that only brought another agitated response. “Fuck me you bastard long hard and fast and don’t fucking cum till I let you”
Yes ma’am I thought - easier said than done when things are as hot as they are here. Fortunately I’d had a nice fuck at home last night so I was able to stay hard and hold off blowing my wad any time soon. However I knew when she wanted me to cum she would have all the tricks to ensure it happened. She had her first major orgasm about two minutes into the fuck. I couldn’t believe the language emanating from this woman’s mouth and wondered if this was normal everyday use for this girl. I was both abused and encouraged as she worked her way through two more orgasms and the fluid flowing from her was pouring down her legs and soaking the sheets. “Now give me all the spunk you’ve got you hot fucking prick” she called and then proceeded to massage my balls and tighten her cunt muscles to ensure she got me there quickly. It worked wonders ….. I pumped shot after shot deep in her fanny. She contracted her cunt muscles around me as tightly as possible yelling “fill me with cum” again and again.

When I stopped she just dropped forward onto the bed face down leaving me standing with a semi hard cock waving around in mid air. I climbed onto the bed and made myself comfortable with my legs thrown over hers as she still lay across the bottom end of the bed. Nothing was said for maybe five minutes then she rolled over, gave me one of those disarming smiles and came up and snuggled up beside me. “Thank you” she said quietly, “I so much needed that as I’ve not been fucked in months”.
“The pleasure was all mine ma’am but tell me, what’s your story?” I queried. “I don’t even know your name”. She rolled over hard against me and slowly started to stroke my cock again “Do you think you can get that up again before we have to go to work” she asked “and by the way my name is Desley - just boring old Desley”
“Well sweetheart, you are far from boring but you’ve just been bored well and truly. I’m Lew by the way and yes, with your talent you’ll have me hard when you need it. Now tell me your story” I insisted.

She started. She was an engineer - one of the first female engineers to make it successfully into the corporate field. She apologised for not being some glamourous bimbo but I assured her I found her sexually very exciting and a fascinating person as well. I confided that I was first aroused when we spoke at the toaster that morning and she admitted I had piqued her interest as well but she discounted that until we got to the hotel when she decided downstairs that she would fuck me before work that day if she could. “it worked didn’t it” she joked.

She travelled to Canberra on company business once a year for the last six years and is usually there two or three nights. On these occasions she has made it her business to pick up a different man each night from the bar downstairs and try to fuck him stupid before tossing him out. It is her only indiscretion in what is now a boring marriage to a high-powered husband who pays her scant attention. Hence the lack of sex for months. Married for nearly 30 years, she is 52 with two k**s at university who she is very fond of but who are very demanding. Her early married life before c***dren was fantastic and she and her husband indulged in all the debauchery they could manage but it was always together, often with friends. k**s of the sixties, they enjoyed swinging but that was limited to straight swapping partners and always only with one or two other couples. She had tried most sexual practices and enjoyed them - she had been happily bi-sexual with the other women they swung with and had been down the BDSM road a few times. All the other little fetishes had been tried including anal, DPs. golden showers, fisting. She ran through a list. That all stopped when she fell pregnant and after the first c***d they moved interstate ands settled into total conservative domesticity and concentrated on careers and f****y. Sex slowly diminished to where it is now - three times a year if she’s lucky. So that’s why she decided when she was assigned to travel to try some extramarital fun. “Why not at home” I asked.

“My husband has a very powerful public position and apart from not wanting to embarrass him I also want to enjoy the advantages of being married to a wealthy powerful man” she willingly admitted.
Even though we did not exchange f****y names I soon recognised who she was and her husband from mutual social events. I didn’t reveal but knew why her husband wasn’t that interested in her. My sporting club mates knew her husband’s peccadillos.

She was true to her word and had me hard after our conversation. “Time for something more” she queried, this time more pleading than demanding.
“Anything you want Desley. You really are very sexy and sensual and I am fascinated by your story. Tell me, am I to be discarded and replaced by someone new tonight” I questioned.
“Well I have a favour to ask actually” she started. “ This is the first time that I picked up someone before I started work and you are a very sexy man as well as considerate and most importantly honest” (I’d confided my whole story to her which interested her greatly and she thought we could be good mates outside this room) “ unlike some of the dead heads I’ve picked up. Most had a nice cock and could fuck but holding a conversation was like drawing bl**d so one night was enough. Therefore when I decided to fuck you this morning and you turned out so successfully, I thought I may try a different tack while in town”
“I’m all ears” I responded eagerly.
“No you’re not - you have a lot of nice cock there which I want to enjoy again. However I want to try something I never tried before even when swinging all those years ago and since I have found a man - you- who I think I can trust I want you to help me achieve this. We will probably never see each other again so I’m comfortable trying this and knowing it will remain a secret.”
“You have my word that I will be entirely discreet - go ahead” I advised.
“I want to try a gang-bang. Its been a fantasy of mine for many years and I understand it is a secret desire of many women. I now have the opportunity to give it a try because I need a male friend to arrange the players. It’s difficult to go down to a bar and walk up to a stranger and ask if he wants to join in a gang-bang. Most blokes are quite alarmed at the idea. What do you think?”

‘Well it so happens I have participated in a few so arranging one is not difficult” I admitted.
“Thought you might’ she laughed.
“ I’ll tell you what. I suggest that we make it a smallish affair tonight to make sure you are comfortable and besides I’ll have to approach a few likely participants in the bar and there may not be a lot of starters. As you say many blokes run a mile if they have to share or perform in front of others but I think I can get at least three or four and I’ll be a keen player”
“Yes” she responded “and what about the next night if I like it. I did have a fantasy of taking on as many as I could until exhausted - no holes barred”.
“Today I will get onto one of my contact sites and see what guys are available here in this city. They’ll be young and very capable and I can cast an eye over them tomorrow before I make them any promises. I’ll get as many as I can and put some on standby in case you are very enthusiastic”
“Oh I’m sure I will be. Now why don’t you fuck me again before we have to get ready for work. Tell you what - on your way out cancel your room and move in here with me for the stay. I’d love your company after we indulge my fantasies - and maybe some of yours. Now Lew where would you like to stick that lovely cock of yours -think about it while I harden you right up” and with that she bent down and took my cock into her mouth and started to lavish her attention on it.
“ your arsehole would be wonderful if you are orgasmic there but I’d love to face you as well. I don’t want to cum again as I want to stay awake at this afternoon’s meeting and have some cream for you tonight” I explained.

She laughed. “Lew I’ll ride you cowboy with your cock in my arse. I’m quite orgasmic doing anal but you can make sure by working my clit as I ride you and you can rest by just laying back there on those big fluffy cushions and let me do the work”
“You’ve got twenty minutes sweetheart. How many big O’s can you achieve” I asked.
“Don’t count, just watch and enjoy”. She jumped off the bed “just getting some KY” she called. She came back to the bed and stood next it, turning her back to me and bending over as she handed the tube to me. “ Make me very slippery please Lew” she begged. Using first one finger I slid the greased finger in and out of her anus then applied more to two fingers and repeated the exercise. She had the most delightful looking puckered rosebud and I told her so adding that I would love to lick it someday especially after it had been fucked. She just told me my kinkiness made her shiver with anticipation. She then crawled over me and simply impaled my cock in her arsehole.

She did all the work and I just lay back and watched that magnificent bald cunt work its magic on my cock. I remarked on her beautifully shaved fanny and she said she gets it waxed just before her Canberra trip each year. What’s hubby have to say” I queried.
“He’d never notice - we sl**p in different bedrooms and on the occasions he fucks me its usually full on - he can be very ardent and aggressive so if the fanny is bald or not would not faze him or cause him to question it”
Using both my thumbs I reached forward and parted her lips above my cock and exposed her now very erect clit. Everything about this girl was interesting including her clit - it was like a swollen lump the size of the end of my thumb. I was used to more protruding tiny prick -like appendages with a hood. Desley’s had a hood but being so swollen it had virtually disappeared. Nevertheless massaging it lightly had the same effect. She almost swooned with ecstasy as I teased her while she pushed back and forth on my prick. I was so pleasantly surprised at my ability to remain hard for so long but she did happen to be a very sensual woman who knew exactly what she was doing, where she was going and how to get there. First one then a second orgasm told her to ease off and eventually, looking at the time, she climbed off and leant forward to kiss me deeply. She thanked me for being here and more importantly for being such a good sport and helping her fulfil her fantasy. I promised her the best I could do.

Afternoon came all too quickly but I had managed to contact about 15 different prospective players on a contact website who lived locally and I thought maybe possible participants in Desley’s nefarious activities the following night. In the meantime I had arrived back at the hotel and having done as Desley asked and cancelled my room, I had to wait until she returned. I took this opportunity to seek out some possibilities for tonight. There were enough guys around the bar to start a conversation and I checked out a couple together but came to the conclusion they would probably wimp out on us and besides they weren’t guaranteed as clean. I didn’t want any possible users of prostitutes or general loose shaggers. My best bet, as history has proven to me, are married guys just away from home for a short period and adventurous. The third guy I knew a little of as he had been at previous conferences I attended. Happily married, I knew that, and a little experienced in alternative lifestyles I also knew. I posed the question to him “should I attend a gangbang that I had been invited to”. After he ran through all the pros and cons and told me what to check, I confided in him and told him what I was organising. He put his hand up right away and in fact had a mate he could guarantee would participate. He understood the necessity for cleanliness and discretion. Desley would use condoms if necessary and I had gone and bought packets of them but she much preferred bare back. She was something of a bukkake queen having first tasted spunk at her first sexual experience at 16. She enjoyed the variety of tastes but more the power it gave her over men. She claimed any man who was assured that you would swallow his sperm was in her total control. She was probably absolutely correct.

So we had three. The fourth didn’t happen until Desley arrived. She sat in a booth with me, and Greg (my new acquaintance and player). She said hang on and excused herself and went to the Ladies. On return she carelessly sat in a lounge chair facing the bar with legs spread. I didn’t need to be told what she was up to and got up to go to the bar to see for myself. There for all to see quite clearly was her wonderfully shaved pussy with lips parted and she waved and smiled as I nodded my approval. She reeled them in. They came to that spot at the bar where the viewing was perfect and all I had to do was go and chat the ‘perves’ up. Took me 10 minutes to find a guy who fitted our needs and was willing to play along. I nodded to Desley and she closed her legs and left for our room. I left Greg with our new recruit and told him to ring his mate (a local married guy) then headed up to the room. Desley, naked and ringing wet, greeted me at the door with a huge passionate kiss and wanted me there and then on the floor but I had to resist her ardour for the moment. I wanted to know if she was ready to go ahead - silly question and did she want dinner. I quietened her down and ordered beer and champagne for the room. I then rang down to Greg and asked him to go get some take-away and send the new recruit Mario to our room.

Mario arrived as Desley emerged - hair dried and wrapped in a hotel robe and wearing those impossible stilettos. Fuck she looked good and Mario was keen to get started. He was another bureaucrat from interstate in town for a couple of nights. He was married with a couple of young k**s. He was probably about forty and had played around with his wife prior to c***dren but nothing for the last six years. He was keen to give the scene another try and happy to tell the wife. He’d been in a couple of gangbangs including one with his wife just after they were married so he didn’t need coaching. Shortly after Greg arrived with takeaway and his mate Pete in tow. Both relatively young men in their mid thirties - I knew Greg from working with him briefly a few years previously and could trust him and expected his mate would be the same. All were married guys who weren’t in the business of taking anything nasty home to their wives and were discreet enough to protect Desley’s identity - it was in their interest to do so.

Desley wanted to “get ready’ so we let her go do her thing as we had a beer and ate. Soon the lady re-emerged. Hair hanging to her boobs and wearing an impossibly tight teddy that almost managed to contain her tits - certainly her nipples were visible over the top but it supported her tits. From her chest it just clung to her waist then cut away to just allow a thin piece of material pass through her crotch. This was wide enough to just contain her pouting pussy lips but it had press-studs in the crotch. She topped it off with black stockings and those fantastic stilettos. Instant hard-ons for all of us and we weren’t even undressed. I realised I’d not seen her in underwear since meeting.

“Ok boys” she announced “its cock I want - anywhere and as much as you can give me. Please cum as often as you can and I’ll do my best to help you get there. Hope you like what you see and now it’s your turn. Lets see what’s on offer”
We all realised we were still dressed and hurried to disrobe. No one seemed hesitant so that was a good sign and within a minutes our clothes were strewn over chairs and we stood there with smiles on our faces and half hard cocks.
“Just a little rule or two please guys” I called. “If you fuck Desley in the arse please wash yourselves straight afterwards before sticking your prick anywhere else - just maintain cleanliness. And No means No. Desley is open to all suggestions and willing to try most but if she says no she means it. The rest of us will throw you out if you can’t behave. Ok so let’s fuck this gorgeous slut”
“Thanks Lew - that’s very comforting” Desley purred.
Desley suggested she’d sit on the back of the couch with her feet on the seat and she did so spreading her legs wide.
“I want to show you what you’re getting lovers” as she undid the press studs holding her crotch piece together. The boys could only ogle as she parted her labia with her fingers and started rubbing her clit and sliding her fingers along her cunt lips. I went around and stood behind her to support her so she could lean back against me. As she did this she ran a finger right to her tight little puckered anus and proceeded to push a finger in there. Her nails were so long I was concerned she may injure herself but she seemed to know what she was doing.
“I love showing off for an audience” she explained as she started to breathe a little heavier. Standing behind her with her back against me allowed me to easily reach around and start to work her nipples exposed over the top of her teddy. This really started her moaning so when Mario stepped forward and pushed her hand away from her cunt and began licking her pussy, I knew an orgasm wasn’t far away. We worked her over until “Oh Jesus fucking Christ - I’m gonna cum fucking buckets. Watch me squirt boys “ she yelled. Mario pulled away in the nick of time and we saw her fluid pouring down her pussy lips and dripping onto the couch. “ now for fuck sake put your cocks in me “ she demanded. I immediately suggested we carry her to the bed so with each of us carrying an arm or leg we unceremoniously dumped her face down on her bed.
Desley now took control. “Mario - on your back on the bed now” she ordered and Mario did as he was told, sporting a lovely hard-on. She straddled him and without any delay sunk onto his cock and bent forward. “ This may not have been what you were expecting boys but I haven’t had a double penetration for over 20 years but I demand one now. Any cock please but hurry” she told us.
“Greg, you got the meal so you deserve first bite” I suggested. “Desley wants it bare back because it’s spunk she wants as much as anything so go your hardest mate. Pete go up to her head - the slut will suck you dry. I’ve already had her today so I’ll wait my turn” I advised all.

“I love being called a slut in these circumstances” Desley revealed. The boys did as advised. Greg wasn’t slow but we did put some KY on his cock first then he drove in hard, really hard. Desley was moving easily on Mario’s cock and with Greg in her arse, he really set the pace.
“How I adore the feeling of fullness with two cocks - can you feel each other” she asked. Greg admitted to being quite aroused by the feeling through her membrane of his cock running along Mario’s. Mario couldn’t feel much except “Really fucking tight lady”. Desley told us how Greg’s cock was forcing Mario to push hard against her G-spot and that began taking her places very quickly. “But hold your cum please boys - I want a big O first before you go filling me up”. Poor Pete was hardly getting his fair share with all this talking going on but Desley was doing her best to suck just the head and that was enough to keep him hard and interested. Greg set a steady pace but it wasn’t until Pete reached under her and started to pinch her nipples hard that her build up commenced. “Boys don’t stop fucking me but I am going to cum hard again very soon. I love your cocks in me so keep at it” and then she screamed her delight. She was noisy and no doubt the neighbouring rooms would be aware of what was going on but who cared.

Both the boys in her came almost together and between their grunts of approval and satisfaction, Desley managed to explain that she felt she was “being washed away in a torrent” as hot spunk poured into her cunt and arse. Pete by now was really ready to shoot his wad but wanted to put it into a “tight hole” as he asked the boys to pull out and give him some room. Poor Desley needed a rest so she suggested to Pete he slip his cock into her arse and she’d just lay face down if he was happy with that. “Very happy” he responded as he rushed to slide his cock up her arse hole that was now gaping open and easily entered. However by laying on the bed face down this tightened her hole sufficiently to give Pete a nice tight rut.

The rest of us stood back and watched Pete do his best as we all opened a beer and enjoyed some more takeaway. Desley pleaded “ Don’t drink and eat everything - this is thirsty work boys and I’ll be hungry too when Pete’s finished. Mind you I’m just going to have a little orgasm here” and with that she buried her head in a pillow and groaned her way through another enjoyable cum session. This had the effect of tightening her anus around Pete even more which brought him to the top and he pulsed copious quantities of his white cream into her rectum. With a huge expulsion of breath and a smile to win the world, he slid his semi erect cock from her bum and with a brief “fantastic”, disappeared into the bathroom to clean up.

“Pour me a glass of champers please lovers” Desley asked as she jumped off the bed explaining that “a girl needs a drink after all that exhausting fun”.
“We hope there’s a bit more sweetheart” I enquired.
“ Boys, I’ve got lots more in me yet but just lets get some sustenance into me and take a few deep breaths then we can fuck merrily until I drain you all - that a deal” she asked.
“Deal” we cried in unison, then I told her I’d let our friends have her till they were done and I’d be greedy and enjoy her after they’d all gone home. “I quite enjoy sloppy seconds and I’ve got all night to do so”. Desley just strolled over to me, gave me a huge passionate kiss and said “ I’ll look forward to that Lew”

Drinks over and everyone suitably replenished, Desley knelt on a couch with her shoulders supported on the back and called “Go your hardest boys. Either hole or come round here and I’ll suck you dry”. The boys lined up - all three as they wanted a piece of cunt or arse. I don’t recall who went first or next or how many times they came but after about an hour, Desley was still on her knees and the boys were suffering the droops. “I think I’m all done” Mario announced. Her went over to dress and then came back and kissing Desley full on the lips, thanked her profusely and suggested he may return tomorrow night. The rest of the boys ldressed and left with only Greg unable to return tomorrow night.

Desley collapsed into bed - probably a bit more exhausted than she would admit and I snuggled up behind her, spooning her until my hard-on insisted on slipping into her fanny. She was easily entered with her inner labia hanging right outside her outer lips and I just moved easily in her as we started to chat comfortably about the night’s proceedings. Did she “really want another bigger session the next night”, I asked her.
“I’ve got to fulfil my fantasies at least once Lew” she responded “and so I’m willing and eager to try as much sex as I can physically handle. I may find I’ve not got the stamina I imagine - I’m even a bit bushed after you guys tonight but bring them on please. Its almost an obsession and opportunities like this don’t come my way very often. Have you found some more guys”? She queried. I told her I had responded to a number (about ten) and would meet them at a café in town during a couple of hours in the morning. I’d try to sort out the ones to invite, get their mobile numbers and txt them just before the event with the location. That way we could control things and if she needed more I would have contacts at short notice. I’d also meet them downstairs in the lobby and e****t them to the room so we didn’t have any incidents of uninvited guests arriving.

“Lew” she mewed with a most appealing voice, “ are you going to be able to cum in the cavernous cunt of mine at the moment?” I had been moving comfortably in her as we spoke.
“Probably not but I’m enjoying myself” I replied.
“Ok mate, use my bum if you like but that’s probably as big as the Grand Canyon too. I’m just drifting off to sl**p here so if you can wait until morning “ and she just drifted off. I was more than happy to just drop off myself so leaving my cock buried in her sloppy fanny I too soon dozed off. I had no choice when I awoke. Desley was stroking my morning glory and insisting that she wanted “cream with her coffee”. She got it as I was quite ready to explode after almost 24 hours with out release of a load of cum. She was methodical and insistent as she stroked and nibbled my cock, cajoling it into erupting forth into her opened mouth. No mess when I came as she just clamped her lips around the head and sucked me dry, swallowing with gulps as I shot pulse after pulse into her willing oral orifice. She was such an accomplished fellatrix that she made me feel on top of the world after I ejaculated. No post-cum let down as she smiled and expressed her joy at having my cum and cock in her mouth. What a woman!.
We showered together and breakfasted in the dining room before heading our separate ways for the day promising to meet back in her room early to prepare for the nights activities.

I wasn’t sure what to expect that evening. I had chosen six youngish men between about 25 and 45 who I had determined were what we wee looking for. Not an easy task over a cup of coffee with other expectant participants also there. A number knew each other but I collected a mobile number off each one and contacted six with the hotel details only and told the others I’d call if I needed them. Two were planning on bringing their wives who were more that willing to act as ‘fluffer’ girls. Desley was happy with this but said they weren’t to fuck or suck any guys until she was completely exhausted. I met them all in the foyer and since they had all done as promised and not brought along a pack of friends we proceeded up to the room where Pete and Mario from last night were already waiting with Desley.

Desley looked devastating. This time with those impossibly high stillettos, real black stockings supported by a minute suspender belt and nothing else but a sheer black floor length gown which was clasped only at the waist. She greeted everyone and explained her situation quite clinically and asked everyone to strip to their underwear. Most were prepared and had worn something exotic or erotic as underwear except one of the wives who only had a short skirt and top on without underwear so she stood naked amongst us. We made introductions all round and all were offered a drink of their choice. Meanwhile Desley went around to everyone new - all 8 - and introduced herself by feeling up the males while giving them each one of her sensational kisses. She did the same with the two girls but lingered longer over the kisses - she obviously had a special predilection for them.
She stepped up on the couch and dropped her gown and with legs apart she used the fingers of her left hand to separate the lips of her cunt, she calls “who wants to be first, we’ll start out here and I’ll be doing doggie. A couple of rules - any hole is permitted but use a lube on my arse. I’m assured of your cleanliness so bareback please as I love your cream. Please fuck me until you cum the pull out quickly to let the next guy in. Wash your cocks and fingers after they’ve been in my arse before putting them anywhere else and if I say no to anything, I mean it. There’s enough other blokes here to toss you out. Lets go friends and what’s say one of you girls wets me nicely first - I love a tongue”.

The first girl very eagerly stepped up to the couch and while Desley was still standing, the girl sat between her thighs and bending her head back just commenced licking the full length of Desley’s cunt right to her brown eye and back. Desley soon called a halt saying she didn’t want to cum yet and needed cock. She climbed off the couch and knelt on it with her head over the back - much like she finished last night and invited “number one please”. Most of the guys were sporting at least half boners but one healthily built young man was already hard as nails and just walked forward and plugged her quite roughly. He drove deeply into her cunt and Desley grunted then moaned an “oh yes” as she started her marathon. She kept her legs together and used her cut muscles to great effect as first one then a second and a third bloke dropped his load into her. She had a couple of noisy orgasms as they fucked her and she encouraged them.

While this was happening the ‘fluffer’ girls were doing their stuff by stroking and sucking the guys to hardness but wouldn’t let them shoot. A couple of guys then went at her arse while she sucked another over the back of the couch. Her cunt and bum hole were pouring spunk down her legs and she called a halt saying she wanted to move to the bed and clean up. Both girls took it upon themselves to clean her with their tongues. Pussy and anus got their treatment and Desley purred as they did so, suggesting that it was “nice that you two know your place”.
As soon as they were finished it was back to fucking. Within half an hour all the guys except myself had dumped a load of sperm into her and she was preparing for seconds. The ‘fluffer’ girls had their work cut out for them getting the blokes hard again and receiving lots of encouragement from Desley to “keep’em cumming’. I guess I should have been keeping a tally or something but I was quite pre-occupied watching this amazing woman fulfil her fantasy. Her own orgasms were getting further apart and she needed longer breaks between cocks as the night wore on. Everyone seemed to be having a great time with drinks flowing easily but not excessively and lots of friendly teasing and chat. One guy called Ivan was quite the comedian so he entertained us all with a constant stream of jokes as Desley was fucked in every position. She too was enjoying the jokes despite having a cunt arse or mouth full and on occasions all three or at least two holes filled at the same time.

I didn’t look at the time but at some stage well into the night Desley called it quits. “thanks guys “ she called “but I’m sore and pretty well exhausted”. A ‘fluffer’ girl jumped on the bed with her and cuddled her while the other licked her clean. “Before I drop off to sl**p did anyone keep count” she asked . All the guys knew how many times they’d got off in her and I added it all up to 28 loads of cum from 8 guys. She was well pleased when I told her and she smiled, rolled over and went to sl**p.

The ‘fluffer’ girls asked if anyone had any left for them and a couple of guys agreed and myself. I’d not shot my bolt yet and someone suggested that since I organised such a great party I could have first choice. I chose the most mature one - a girl in her mid forties and married to one of the guys there. I enjoy standing and I invited her to bend over the dining table and while the others cheered me on and clapped in slow rhythm, I slid my cock into this lovely ready cunt and slow fucked her to a nice orgasm before exploding myself. By then it was a bit of a free-for-all and those guys with a bit left in them lined up to fuck the “fluffers”. Just three guys I recall managed.

It wasn’t really that late but everyone went home with smiles on their faces and thanked me for the night. I cleaned up the night’s detritus and climbed into bed next to a completely fucked Desley and dropped off myself. We both woke late and Desley was still totally rutted. She asked about the night again and I told her and slowly her memory of events returned. She was so overwhelmed at the numbers she had achieved and how it all turned out. She thanked me for the ‘fluffers’ which were “a nice little touch”. Since I had to fly later that morning I gave Desley breakfast in bed and she apologised that “I can’t fuck you in my cunt or arse Lew, I’m just too sore. Would you massage some moisturiser cream into both my fanny and arse please” she pleaded. I understood her dilemma and soothed her fears that I might ravish her. I gently rubbed in the cream which was hardly a sexual act. More one of medicinal purpose.

She asked me to ring down and extend her hotel stay another night as she had no intention of getting out of bed today then she called and changed her flight home until the following day. I showered and as I was getting dressed’ I heard her ask” bring your beautiful cock over her you darling man. I can’t fuck it but I will give it one last blow”. My cock responded willingly and I stood by the bed as she lavished her attention on my prick and balls. She was so very good at this - so good she had me where she wanted me within minutes.
“Here’s breakfast” I announced and she looked up, smiled and opening her mouth for me to watch, she lay my cock along her outstretched tongue and allowed my spunk to flow along it until it trickled down her throat. What a sensational and erotic way to complete one of the most memorable sexual events of my life.

I bid her good bye and promised not to contact her when back home even though I knew who she was. She would deny knowing me and it might jeopardise the possibility of repeating this event next year if we found ourselves in town again together. However I never did so. She remains an exciting and cherished memory especially when I see her photo in the social pages in our city’s newspapers. You know who you are Desley - thank you.

This all happened about ten years ago - another episode in my adventurous life seeking experiences with mature women. I always claim if you look too hard you won’t find them but if you are alert to every possibility some great adventures can be had.

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What an amazing story. You have a gift!
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