Never Too Old

She sat at the same table every morning for breakfast. It was the only place I ever ate when visiting this small rural city. I was a semi-regular in that I visited every few months each year for about a month and I had an apartment across the road.

Mrs Stein was her name the waitresses told me and she lived upstairs in the luxury apartment block in which this café /bar / restaurant was situated. For the past two years since first noticing her she had apparently been grieving the loss of her husband and had always dressed rather dowdily and never over friendly though I always got a ‘good morning’ from her when I passed.

Now I was back after an extended absence of six months. Mrs Stein was there as usual but today she was different. She was wearing make-up and she was in lycra gym shorts, sneakers and a very loose t-shirt. Her silver grey hair was longer and pulled back in a ponytail which took years off her face. Mrs Stein was no doubt an older, very much older woman comfortably in her seventies and in reality she looked it. She had looked after her face obviously but her neck and hands gave her age away. When I had seen her standing I noticed she was reasonably tall - maybe 180 cms (about 5’10”). She had the broad arse of a woman her age and carried the spare tyre around her waist - not fat but definitely not trim. Her breasts were pendulous and she always wore loose tops to accommodate them obviously.

This morning I made my usual greeting and she smiled the most disarming smile I’d ever seen as she immediately started chatting back. I stopped at her table and introduced myself - something I’d not done previously and she responded with a “Lorraine Stein but call me Lorrie please”. She invited me to join her for coffee and I found her conversation so stimulating that I shared breakfast at her invitation as we enjoyed many common interests. She had at last put her grieving aside and was back on life’s track, looking after herself and starting to enjoy living again. Hence the gym gear as she’d taken to walking and a couple of morning with the “oldies in the gym” she explained. I bid my farewells after breakfast and suggested I see her again tomorrow to share breakfast. She agreed immediately then as I arose from my chair she grabbed my hand and asked what I had planned this evening. “Nothing at all” I replied “ I’m usually dog tired after work so I just eat here then go to my virtuous couch early”
She laughed at my suggestion of virtuosity and said “why don’t you come up for a drink after work - what time are you off?” I told her I’d be free by five so she gave me her apartment number and told me to buzz when I was ready.
Since this is a very recent event in my life I can assure the readers I had absolutely no mischievous sexual thoughts at all. She was simply good company and only about ten years my senior so we had lots in common and my time in this city was frequently lonely.

I arrived at five armed with a nice champagne and a great bottle of red - my weakness (apart from mature women). She greeted me at her top floor apartment looking very relaxed wearing a mid thigh length dress which was more like a long shirt. Buttoned down the front with a bold print and just a hint of décolletage. Her silver hair was piled high on her head and she stood in two inch high open toe shoes which accentuated her painted nails and improved the muscle tone in her legs. I noticed these and thought they were pretty shapely for a woman her age especially as the body probably deteriorated a bit above that. It was easy to disregard the few veins showing. She obviously protected herself from the ravages of the sun as her skin was milky white. We went onto her deck overlooking the river and opened the champagne, drinking to friends old and new. Most appropriate I thought. We sat and watched the sunset and I learned of her life with her beloved husband Ezra. Her c***dren had all flown the nest long ago and lived in other parts of Australia with her grandc***dren. They visited often.

She had many interests in the local arts scene and a number of close friends but was also desperately lonely without her man. “I still loved cuddling him every night even at our age” she confessed “ and I miss that so much now. That’s why I laughed at your suggestion of your virtuous couch this morning. I know it only too well but I guess that’s been the story of your life with your profession” she queried.

With darkness setting in and two bottles of champagne under the belt we adjourned inside and she asked if I’d like to stay for dinner. I was in no state to do anything for myself so I suggested we order in - a suggestion she jumped at. Maybe it was the wine, but I’d had a chance to observe her for the past few hours and I decided she was quite a handsome woman and no doubt beautiful in her day. The wrinkles seemed to fade with the light and I knew I could probably get quite aroused if the circumstances presented. This was the first inkling I’d had of any sexual thoughts towards her. She certainly had a very bubbly open personality and that in itself was very sexy to me along with that fantastic smile. We ordered in then dropped ourselves into a couple of very comfortable armchairs opposite each other. I couldn’t be sure in the dim light but I was sure I glimpsed a bare crotch as she sat down. Thus I was alerted and kept a close eye on any movement. Sure enough as she wiggled around in the chair reaching for more wine, her legs spread enough to confirm my suspicions and she failed to close them.

What’s an old boy to do I considered. We’d certainly become friendly enough I thought for me to make some comment. After all she could only throw me out so I boldly looked her in the eye and asked “ we’re going commando tonight I see”. She looked puzzled by the statement.
“I don’t understand” she replied. So directing my gaze between her legs I said it was a modern term for dispensing with underwear. Her reaction amazed me. Instead of being insulted or embarrassed she began to explain without closing her legs.
“Years ago when Ezra and I moved to this tropical city, he became very uncomfortable with jock itch or “tropical crutch rot” as some wits put it. Despite trying various remedies our best medical advice was to shave all pubic hair and dispense with underwear as much as possible. It worked a treat and we both attended a friendly Jewish beautician who regularly removed the offending fuzz using whatever was the latest technology. As you can see, I’m still her client and it was most successful at improving our sexual relations. She sighed and went all wistful on me and I’m sure I saw a tear in her eye.
“You aren’t offended are you” she asked.
“Lorrie” I said, “you’d be surprised how many people of both sexes follow your example including myself and for exactly the same reasons - nothing to do with fashion”
She was delighted at my admission saying “ Lew, we really do have so much in common and I am enjoying your company so much”.

Just then the ‘takeaway’ arrived and I got up to accept and pay for it. Lorrie busied herself setting the end of a large table with just two settings. We both arrived in the kitchen together - Lorrie to divide up the meal and put it on plates and I to pour a nice red now. As I turned to put the glasses on the bench top Lorrie turned to get something from the fridge and with my arms outstretched we collided face to face. It was a gentle bump and I stayed in my position as I reached around her to put the glasses down. In her pumps she was almost as tall as I and being so close she took my face in her hands and gave me a very deep tongue probing kiss which took my breath away. Not only the surprise but the intensity of the kiss especially from such a mature lady. I took her face in my hands and returned the favour as I felt my erection starting. Lorrie made no attempt to move and ground her hips against my crutch as I had no doubt she could feel the effect she was having on me.
“Oh Lew” she whispered, “I’ve not felt like this in years nor have I felt ‘that’ either” as she reached between us and stroked my cock through my loose light weight trousers. I too had gone commando tonight as I wasn’t expecting to be ‘entertaining’ so it was only too easy for Lorrie to pull the draw string at the waist and let my trousers fall around my ankles. I lifted the hem of her dress easily to her waist as she pulled away from the bench to release it and there my erection nestled nicely against her lower stomach. She said nothing but stood on her tip toes and I bent my knees as she took my cock and bent it down between her legs so that it rubbed along her cunt lips.
“Lew let me enjoy this moment” she asked. “I just want to know what I can do to a man. I’ll need oil for you to enter me and right now I want to enjoy my dinner but afterwards will you make love to me please?”
“Lorrie, I couldn’t think of anything more desirable at the moment and I will do my best to pleasure you later. In the meantime lets discard that dress of yours and I’ll leave my trousers right where they are while we enjoy dinner”

I started a slow movement back and forth sawing my cock along her pussy lips but she wasn’t wet and stopped me saying “Don’t make me sore before we start”. We kissed again then separated. I picked up our wine and the meals and we both sat opposite each other, naked from the waist down. I still had my shirt on and Lorrie had a large lacy bra supporting her stupendous breasts.

Naturally the conversation turned to sex and Lorrie was amazed she had such an effect on me so quickly “for such a senior gentleman”. I laughed and admitted that she had begun to arouse me when I saw her bare crutch but I was a firm believer in the use of enhancement chemicals.
“Oh the wonderful Viagra” she responded. “Ezra used it to great effect till his last year when his health deteriorated”
I corrected her and explained that “I use Cialis which lasts much longer and has proven to be very effective for me. I take one a week as that’s about how long the effect lasts. You never know when opportunity knocks as it has tonight”

“Well I’m so happy I met such a well prepared senior gentleman - how old are you and how often does ‘opportunity knock” she queried.

I had no cause to lie so I admitted I was 65 “and took a healthy interest in pursuing mature ladies whenever I had the time to spare. I had never envisioned that I would be interesting to a lovely lady of your age though so I didn’t pick you up this morning if that’s what you are concerned about. This just happened beautifully and I’m very willing to do my best to enjoy all you have to share with me. We may be total failures together but we’ll have a few laughs a lot of cuddles and fun together. I admitted to having a very beautiful wife at home and a great playmate at the other end of the country (see my stories re The Cat) and just delighted in the charms and sexuality of the mature woman”

Lorrie was intrigued so I had to go into great detail about my sex life and she seemed to be very aroused by it all. “ I had a wonderful sexual relationship with Ezra and we never were left wondering about any aspect of a sexual relationship that two could share. We tried everything and repeated lots over and over again.” She explained “ but we never brought any one else into the mix - something I regret occasionally but that’s not likely now. However Lew I have lots of favourite tricks which I’d love to share with you if you are interested in indulging an old lady’s fantasies. Please can you stay the night”
“Yes to all of that” I responded. “Lets just relax now and bask in our discovery of each other. Now lets clear the table and sit awhile outside in the moonlight with our glass of red and plan some decadence”

We did as planned and both of us removed our remaining clothing and walked hand in hand outside into the cool tropical air. We squeezed onto a sun chair and I had to start feeling her massive boobs. I asked if they were comfortable and she explained “ I’ve lived with them all my life. I know I should have had them reduced - Ezra was keen for that but strangely I am still as proud of them as I was when I was young. I don’t feel any discomfort now when I go braless and the nicest thing is they have never lost their sensitivity. I can orgasm just by playing with them as I do quite often.” Her admission emboldened me to reach across and start to squeeze the nipple nearest me and hold the weight in my hand. It was quite arousing and she was absolutely correct. My touch brought an immediate stiffening of the nipples which grew to the size of the last joint of my thumb. So easy to squeeze and roll between my fingers and Lorrie just lay her head back and implored me not to stop. As she stroked my now deflated prick back to life she told me “I’m going to have a little orgasm soon thank you darling” and she leaned into me and gave me one of those fabulous kisses of hers again. Yes I did get hard just from that.

The tell-tale quickened breathing started and she gripped my cock harder now as she moaned a quiet little whimper “Oh God yes that’s it - don’t stop “ she implored and then grunted with satisfaction and leaned over for another kiss saying thank you on my tongue.
“Does that go to your pussy” I asked.
“Feel me” she instructed as she took my hand and led it to her rather prodigious cunt. It was partly open now and yes it was much wetter than before which I commented on. “I’ll still need oil for the internal workings” she explained as I stroked her hardened little nub of a clit.
“Darling “ she called. “I need to be fucked now so come with me” and she grabbed my cock and led me by it to her bedroom.

She gave me no choice as she pulled me on top of her on her bed. “No tricky positions darling - just on top and push your cock up my old cunt now”. I did as I was instructed and her natural lube helped me enter but I was aware as soon as I started fucking in earnest she would need help. The baby oil was right by her bedside and she reached for it liberally pouring it onto my cock and her cunt as I picked up the pace. I told her I would make sure she had a nice orgasm but asked her not to expect any juice from me as I preferred to cum somewhere special for the lady at her leisure since I usually only had one good shot in me per day at my age. I’m not going to pretend she was tight but she was comfortable and she made up for any deficiencies with her absolute enthusiasm in having her cunt filled. She moved and thrust and urged me verbally with the crudest language. I hovered over her with my weight on my arms and she held her legs tightly around me. She took one of her huge breasts and held the nipple up for me to suck. That was arousing as she asked me to “chew my fucking tit till I cum lover” - her nipple was like a metal thimble and chew it, I did. She started cumming almost immediately in short gasping bursts but seemed to be building up to something larger. I was enjoying myself and her old lube glands were working well along with the baby oil. I had no intention of cumming though.

It must have been ten minutes into the session when she pulled me down on her, put a hand on my bum and held me in place, pushed her tongue into my mouth then withdrew and let out the loudest groan. Breathing hard she stopped all movement and laughed, saying the neighbours will be on the phone soon. Sure enough the mobile by her bed beeped and she read the txt R U OK OR EZ BAK FRM DED. She replied EZ REPLACED. She explained that the neighbours were good friends for many years and always kept an eye out for her. They often remarked they could hear her ‘getting off with Ezra’ and obviously hadn’t heard in for quite some time.

I was keen to explore this fine old body and slid down the bed to find her pussy gaping open with the inner lips extended outside the outer labia. Her gash was quite long extending right to her anus. I love a beautiful cunt and this was no exception. Without saying anything I used my tongue and whole mouth - sucking the lips into my mouth and enjoying the taste and odour. Her erect little clit was prominent having burst out of its hood and made her jump when I put my tongue on it. “gently, but don’t stop darling” was her request. I spent a long time dallying at her fanny and even enjoyed tonguing her puckered little arsehole and she didn’t object. I popped fingers in and out of both holes and kept up an admiring commentary. She told me that her arse was Ezra’s ‘special’ place and I’d not get there until she knew me better - which I took as a sign of her intention to keep up our friendship. “Ezra loved to fuck my arse” she admitted, “and had been for years, long before it became fashionable. It was always a handy stop during pregnancy, or periods and just when he wanted a ‘hot tight fit’. I learned to enjoy it. Very painful at first but after a few attempts I wore it in and I became quite orgasmic there. Sometimes now I masturbate in there in memory of my Ezra”

I climbed back up next to her and we fell asl**p in the spoon position. Several times during the night I got hard and rubbed my cock between her copious arse cheeks but there was no penetration. I woke with the sun and got out of bed gazing at this lovely mature woman laying naked in the bed and it was easy to forget the age and the extra few kilos - she just looked very sexy. I made a cup of tea for us and brought it to her. As she woke she smiled and put a hand up to take hold of my half erect morning glory. Saying nothing she stroked until I got hard then sitting upright and swinging her legs out of the bed she bent forward and took me fully into her mouth. She looked up once and withdrew saying, “you’ve not cum yet, its your turn and I’ll wash it down with the tea” which is exactly what she did. She was a skilled cocksucker. She sucked but she lavished attention on my whole cock rubbing it between her lips and licking its length. She could control my ejaculate and when she was ready she simply started massaging my balls with the head in her mouth and I shot a lovely dose straight down her throat. There was no question of spitting or distaste. She swallowed and told me “I love the taste” and followed that with a sip of her tea.

We decided that breakfast was in order so we dressed and headed downstairs where we chatted about last night and read our newspapers until I had to return to my unit and prepare for work. Lorrie asked if I would return tonight and I promised to do so if she promised a home cooked meal and more of her special attention.

That night was almost a repeat of the previous night except that we were both prepared for sexual activity. I arrived with my bottle of red and a tube of special scented flavoured lube and Lorrie met me at the door completely naked except for a pair of stilletos. She undressed me just inside the door then leading me to the lounge, she knelt before me to “get you hard ‘ cos I want to be fucked now!” As she sucked, I opened the lube and when ready asked her to apply it to my cock. This done she sat me down then straddled my erection which entered her lovely old fanny so easily and willingly. Instructing me to lay back against the couch she moved easily back and forth explaining how the head of my cock was “bouncing between cervix and g-spot. Don’t touch my boobs” she requested, “ I want this to be a totally ‘cunt cum’ “. I obliged and asked her how come she used such crude language when we were having sex but not in normal conversation. Another little game from Ezra’s days she explained. They found it added to the arousal of the moment - certainly did for me as I was as long as I could remember in ages. I could feel my cock tickling her cervix but it also helped that she was sitting on me.

She took some time to cum but did so with the expected volume of her pleasurable screech. I smiled when, looking over her shoulder, I saw the lady next door pop her head around the balcony, watch for a minute or so then disappear. I told Lorrie after it happened and she was both excited and unconcerned. “I wonder if she did that when Ez and I were at it. I certainly never knew but it excites me a little to know I’m being watched. Must be the exhibitionist coming out in me that hasn’t been released in many years. Ezra and I used to go to some of the nude beaches in Sydney when we were young and enjoyed discreet sex in the water and behind rocks but we always knew we could be seen as we could see others in the same situation” she admitted.

As soon as she had orgasmed she rested a while till my cock popped out of her. She climbed off me and went straight to the kitchen to complete dinner preparation. After dinner we enjoyed some wine on the patio then to bed for some nice straight forward slow fucking. I was amazed at her stamina as I kept her aroused with fingers, a plastic toy and my tongue for probably a couple of hours before she insisted “fuck me now lover and please cum in me”. I obliged after 10 minutes or so and rested on top of her until I was about to deflate out of her cunt. She then instructed me to “ go down on me and lick the juice from my cunt then come and kiss me”. There was no end of surprises from this old lady and I did as I was told. Admittedly a most enjoyable experience and I told her so - to which she replied that it was “usual for Ez to clean me up like that - I loved it”

We fucked again in the morning - this time over the kitchen bench while making tea together and I continued this routine for the next week. I spent every night with her and enjoyed sex in all its variety with only the limits of our age keeping us in check. The night before I was to leave town she assured me that since she was confident we had become good friends and I’d be back she had a treat for me - an Ezra special. I knew what was coming. We were sitting in the lounge after dinner - naked as usual when she got up and returned with a tube of lube. “Now darling” she explained, “ I’m going to kneel on this couch with my head across the back and you are to fuck my arsehole until you spurt your cream in me. Please lick me there first then loosen me with a couple of well lubed fingers - prepare me properly as its about three years since I’ve had this. I love it if done properly”
I did as instructed. Her rosebud was so clean and even slightly perfumed so she had obviously been planning this. I enjoyed the foreplay immensely using my tongue to probe her anus and enjoyed fingering her cunt as I did so. I then applied lube to first one finger then two and I opened her gently. She was really tight but she made no sound until she felt my cockhead at the entrance. With a load groan she implored me to “fuck my arse hard and fast darling”.

I love a good anal fuck under such ideal circumstances and this helped arouse me to my best. I drove in very slowly with short withdrawals then faster re-entry and applying lube all the time. Lorrie was encouraging me with instructions to push and fuck and ram and every other word she could think of. Eventually I was balls deep in her arse making short in/out movements and she exclaimed that she thought I was as deep as she ever been fucked there. It was a great rut - every time I thought I was getting close to cumming I slowed or stopped and thus I was able to keep fucking this delightful arsehole for at least 20 minutes but I didn’t put a clock on it. When Lorrie felt me spasming my juice into her she had her own orgasm - noisy and active. “That was as good an arse fuck as I’ve ever had” she said thanking me profusely. I collapsed across her back and rested until my cock started to deflate then I pulled out bringing with me a good dribble of spunk which ran down beside her cunt lips and down her leg. What a wonderful sight.

We hurried off to bed and chatted as we drifted off to sl**p. She made me promise to return and I assured her that next time I would stay with her instead of using my companies unit. I also encouraged her to try to find another lover but she thought she could manage to wait for me for a few months but that when I came back she may like to be shared with another man. I assured her I could oblige.

This was all very recent - just a few weeks ago. I remain in touch and look so forward to returning to enjoy some more mature adventures with this remarkable ‘old lady’

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1 year ago
in depth story and well done. Widow next door proved to me, she is never to old. Enjoyed her for years.
1 year ago
Definitely worth my five xxxxx!
1 year ago
1 year ago
Good story and very hot! Gonna check out your others.
1 year ago
Really awesome
1 year ago
A really well written and sexy story - thank you for posting.