MY first cock

I had been straight for many years. Good soldier banging my Mrs for England and three k**s. I found myself looking more at cock in vids then the pussy on display. I would wank away freezing frames where cock was shooting away. I noticed that I shot more whilst looking at cock.
Went on to by my first gay vid. Jesus I was pumping away 3-6 times a day at that. I simply wore it out tape would not play (thank god for dvd)
Anyway when the offer came it was totally out of the blue. I stood in a club toilet next to a guy. We all have a look. This guy was HUNG. Fucking great cock 8"+ just hanging them in his hand whilst he pissed.
Our eyes met simple as that. He commented that is was a beauty I nodded then he nodded at mine I was solid.
He turned and went into a cubicle. I checked the coast was clear and followed shutting the door. He sat on the seat trousers round his ankles tossing this fucking great thing it just kept growing. He was cut and it looked great as it stood there by now over 9" and dribbling. So I took it in my right hand and started to ease it back and forth. I could feel my pre cum pouring out. It was soon commented on how much I produced.
The he simply slipped my cock into his mouth while I wanked him. I could say we lasted ages but we did not I shot my load into his mouth in around 3mins. He followed me with his cock gushing its load out. I bent forward and sucked the last drops as it went flacid very quickly.
I was proud at that point he had 3" more than me but there mine stood still hard.
We dressed and slipped back to our partners.
Before you ask yes a month or so later he fucked me with it god that was nice.
91% (11/1)
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11 days ago
Rare praise from such a cum master!
11 days ago
Noshed on some pretty fucking hot cocks in toilets,especially straight blokes who just wanna dump their hot loads in a hurry coz the missus is trying on a fucking frock or a pair of shoes and the hubby's got fucked off with hanging around the shops,lol.Or som randy straight-ish kid who's permanently boned up and is just happy to get a mouth round his slimy bell-end.I use the term 'kid' only coz I'm in me 50s,so anyone under the age of 20's a kid to me,lol.But so long as me belly gets a steaming thick loada spunk,s'all that matters.Fucking HOT short tale.
2 years ago
Nice .. i wish i meet you in the toilet
3 years ago