Thinking about writing a Horror type of story.

I know its not exactly erotica, more or less im thinking about a survival horror with no limit to the general amount of fear, v******e and sexual issues. Though its a survival horror that doesn't mean it wont be erotica, just not entirely. When I see horror stories or movies i notice that there is nothing to fear about the horror aspect within them. What bothers me the most is how goodie goodie the main protagonist always seems to be.

Plot: A man wakes up in a large Hospital. Usually the main character has no idea who he is or how he got there, the fact of the story is the man knows exactly who he is and things that he has done. He is aware that he has a criminal history however he does not know the limit of what his crimes were, as if specific parts have been blacked out through psychological trauma. At first the Hospital seems perfectly fine. though he wakes up in it he finds no lacerations or marks that make it necessary to awake in a hospital, though he questions psychological evaluation he soon learns there is no wing for those kind of patients. So why is he there? During his attempt to escape unnoticed from the hospital strange images start appearing in his head of creatures and murder. Soon those creatures start to appear before him and murder patients within the hospital. once these creatures start to appear, fear and paranoia start to plaque the fellow patients and workers of the hospital with not only the monsters on the loose now the main character has to fear for his life from staff and patients now becoming deranged and slaughtering each other out of fear. Though I have not explained many variations of erotica in the summary this will mostly pertain to those who are more into the fascination of ****, violent sex and somewhat n*********a.

I would like to make note that the sexual happening within this story are not something that specifically turn me on, I do not support ****, Violent sex, nor n*********a in any way shape or form, however these elements can and will play a pivotal incite into the characters and villains within the story and though I find none of it erotic I feel compelled to share my image of a demented world in which the characters actually be seen as demented, horror figures in which can torture the human mind.And I am sure someone else may enjoy both the horror aspect aswell as the erotic aspect within the story.
80% (3/1)
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3 years ago
good idea for a story i will read it
3 years ago
Give it a shot. What can it hurt?