College Ski Trip. (TRUE STORY)

well this all started when i went on a college skiing trip, and the best thing about the trip was that the sexy P.E teacher was coming with us...

every lad in my year wanted to fuck the living daylights out of her, and she knew it! she would flirt with everyone. the trip started well a good first day skiing but then i broke my leg and arm i was fucked! haha anyway the hospital got me patched up and i was on the road to recorvery, but me stuck in the hotel for the rest of the week ment that a teacher had to stay with me. i think you know where this is going ; )....

well the first day stuck in was spent with this annoynumous P.E teacher, she came into my hotel room whilst everyone else was packing their stuff ready for a days skiing. she was wearing a low cut top and everytime she bent over to inspect my leg cast i could clearly see her fantastic rack! as a 18 year lad i was getting some steady semi's : ) after about 3 hours of watching shit films and talking about what films we both like she bent down again to look if my foot was swolen and this time her top button came undone, she noticed that it had come undone but nothing about it.. i was going crazy, things were running through my mind quicker than the speed of light.. and then it hit me, i had the biggest and hardest erected cock, the whole 8 inches. and this time i could do nothing to hide it.

she soon noticed my throbing cock through my tacksuit bottoms, and asked was it her who got me going. i was completely lost for words. she soon moved up from my lower leg and gripped my waistband of the pants that i was wearing, slowly pulling down with my cock erupting out. she was shocked! she was asking me how my girlfriend was taking my cock and she is only 5ft 2 and slim haha. i just replied with she screams alot. and with that she asked me to make her scream. she removed the laced blouse she was wearing and her white bra, her amazing rack fell out into my face they felt like the most amazing boobs ever, nothing else compared to them to this day! after removing her jeans and thong she slipped my throbing cock into her dripping pussy! it was orgasmic! i couldn't believe that i was fucking my teacher!! she was boucing up and down on my cock screaming with joy! after about 15mins of her on top of me, she lay down beside me and i fucked her from behind..i had never done this position before and after about 5 mins of doing it i nearly blew my load.. i did manage to keep my cum inside of me.

Now this part is the best part. my hotel room door opens! their stood is another teacher who is on the trip with us. she stood in utter disbelief feasting her eyes on me fucking the daylights out of my teacher. she closed the door behind her and started to strip off. no words were exchanged between us, she knew the score!...

the first teacher starting sucking my cock and the second teacher was licking my balls and arsehole... she was filthy! but it was the best feeling i had ever felt. after about 15mins of this act i blew my load all over both their faces! the orgasm lasted for about 20secs... it was unbelievable!

after everyone was cleaned up we ordered a pizza from the restuarant and lay in my bed watching shit on the tv again having a good old laugh. and everyday following this one me and the two teachers fucked like rabbits! the first teacher said to me that she was going to make it the best holiday of my life...and guess what... she did!!!

this is a completely true story.. the absolute best week of my life and i would do anything to re-live it! all i can say is i miss college!!!!
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1 month ago
A real your mind!
2 years ago
3 years ago
very hot & good
3 years ago
THat brings back memories of me wanting to fuck my RE teacher!!
3 years ago
My gym teacher is soooo hot I'd wreck her!
3 years ago
3 years ago
Great story need more
3 years ago
Tells us more