Stocking on the beach

So off we trotted over the beach in the South of Gran Canaria in search of other couples looking to have some fun in the sun.
They proved to be hard to find!!
We walked for a good 45 minutes past the gay section over towards the lighthouse, found beach hut No4 and back over the dunes to the bushes, only one couple to be seen and they had three guys sitting looking at their naked bodies in the sun wanking away to themselves, not what we had hoped for so started to head back to the RUI hotel along the path.
About 15 min into the walk back Ian took me off the track over a couple of small dunes and up to a small mound, it was surrounded by bushes and trees rising up behind us and gave us a good view all around. Ian suggested we take some time out and enjoy the sun as he stripped off, and laid out the towels on the sand.
It seemed a good idea; I could do with a drink and a rest after all the walking in the late afternoon sun. I put my clothes in the bag, sorted out my stockings to the top just in case, (I had promised Ian that if he got me horny I would wear a pair for him, for fun and so others would notice me something Ian really wanted to happen)
I opened the bottle of Vodka and lemonade that we had brought from the hotel and we both had a good drink before Ian trotted off for a look around.
A few minutes later he came back and told me that in the bushes behind us there was a hidden den and did I fancy going in there? Collecting the towels he led the way through the bushed to the open area where we set the towels down again and settled down. It was clear the area was well used as the condom packets testified, a few more slugs of the vodka drink and we settled down in the sun.
Within a few minutes I heard some cracking of sticks and asked Ian what it was,
“Just a guy coming for a closer look, nothing to worry about”
As I squinted through closed eyes a guy in tee-shirt and shorts was moving towards us through the small entrance, he stopped about 10 feet from us and sat on the fallen tree trunk that we stepped over on the way in. He had a perfect view of us both Ian on his side and me on my back, we kept still.
5 Minutes in we had not moved, so he stepped over the trunk, and removed his trunks and started to wank, I squeezed Ian’s hand, “Yes I know” he said whispered, “you fancy fucking me, letting him watch?”
He leaned over kissed me and rubbed my breasts, “Ok, part your legs a little and I will do the same you never know it might be me he after, we may be in the gay section” Ian chuckled, lay on his back and pulled his knees up laying there with his feet on the ground, I opened my legs a little, then a little more, and a bit more till I felt my pussy lips part, I knew now he was looking at a really wet pair of lips, I looked at Ian and he had a hard on, I heard a few clicks and realised we were now in digital format, he moved away and left by the entrance, we waited a few minutes then both sat up and chucked, Ian leant forward and kissed me, see that was not so bad was it?
I had never been so close to someone I did not know and show off my sexy bits, let alone get wet by it.
We lay back down and Ian started to play with my wet pussy, first one finger then two, mmm it was nice, very nice.
We both looked round but saw nothing, saw no-one.
Ian started on my pussy again, now kneeling by my side, faster and faster he played trying to get me to squirt playing on my G-spot, I sat up and kissed him, taking his hand away from my pussy, reached into the bag and took out the black holdup stockings.
“Stand up, and stand here with your hands on your head you BAD Boy” I told him pointing in front of me. I lay back and pulled the black Cuban heel stockings up slowly over my toes, feet and up my leg. His cock rose higher and higher, and with both feet I grasped it and rubbed up and down with a gently flick to the balls now and then. He was enjoying this, his cock started to dribble, I rubbed faster and harder, his legs started to shake.
“Oh Fuck, OH yes “, using one foot to hold his cock in the right position and the sole of my other foot I rubbed his cock head with my toes, his pre cum lubricating the nylon, in seconds he shot his hot cum over my body and feet, his warm cum f***ed into my stocking by the f***e of his ejaculation, it ran between my toes and felt sexy. I held my messy foot up to him, “Well Clean it up” He took my toes into his mouth and sucked, his tongue trying to get between my toes, he licked it clean, I sat up and took his cock in my mouth forcing him to bend, he was soon hard again. I lay back awaiting his fun.
He fell to his knees between my parted legs and inserted two fingers up me and started to play with my G-spot, in out faster and faster, I was well on the way,
“There a guy up in the bushes, the one who was watching us before I can just see him” Ian said still going in and out of my pussy.
“He must have been watching you give me the foot job and suck me off, and me sucking your cummy foot, and now playing in your pussy”
“I can’t be bothered with him now” I replied arching my back as a small orgasm moved through me.
“Great then I’m gona let him watch me fuck you deep and slowly, he’s coming closer so he can watch” and with that he slipped his hard cock in me and started to thrust slowly.
About a minute in a bare foot landed by my head as the guy fell down the slop and landed behind Ian.
Ian carried on as if nothing had happened and as I looked at the guy him he dropped his shorts and stood nude wanking.
Shock took over and I started to cry a little, “What’s the matter?” Ian said “I can’t do this” I replied.
He looked me in the eyes and stopped for a moment, “but we are doing this, we are making love you and I, and a few seconds ago you said you could not be bothered with him, it’s not like he hasn’t been watching us so let’s enjoy ourselves now” He kissed me so caringly I closed my eyes and kissed him back biting his lip a little, he started again to pump me, and I put my legs around him and pulled him harder towards me, his hand moved to my nipples and pinched them, then harder and harder till I moaned and all thoughts of the guy left me.
Click....Click..... More images captured.
Ian withdrew and lifted my stocking legs onto his shoulders; I heard the familiar click of a camera and knew we would soon be an internet picture.
Lifting me up Ian slid into my wet pussy and fucked me hard, I saw the guy go behind Ian and kneel down, Click, Click.
I felt a hand on my foot then slide down my leg to my calf then back up, the guy looked at me waiting for a reaction, I had no idea what to do but look back at him, so he did it again, and again, tickling the sole of my foot each time.
Ian looked at him, then me, “That’s so fucking sexy, did you like it, like your leg being stroked, God I’m gona full you with cum” I nodded, he moaned and I felt him pump his load deep into me.
He leant forward and kissed me deep on the lips “That was fantastic, you’re really sexy, and I loved him rubbing your legs. He will get some great shots of your creamy pussy”
Smiling like a naughty school boy
“well he will if you 69 me now, Let me lick you off, I dare you to do it, if you’re brave enough, see if I can get you to cum, while I get a face full of my own, he may even touch your ass”
His teeth shone as he got off me and lay down smiling; I straddled his head and wiped his stick cock cleaner with my hands before going down on him, lifting my pussy and spreading my legs.
I felt Ian’s tongue flick my lips and I knew I was dribbling him out of me, his fingers pulling me apart so he could work on my clit, and he soon found it. As he worked on me harder and harder I had to stop sucking his cock and my head fell to its side. I was now aware of a hand rubbing my ass and moving over to my pussy, as I looked down my side, two bare feet stood either side of Ian’s head.
The hand was now joined by another and moved up my back , across to my side, across to my chest and onto my breasts, this was accompanied with a weight on my back as the guy lay on me playing with my nipples. A finger now started to work on my clit and I was twitching in delight as I felt the guys cock being flicked against me by Ian, he guided it to my open lips and in it slipped, as Ian played with my feet, I was soon moaning and came in a deep shudder, closely followed by the guy.
I collapsed on Ian unable to move, in the knowledge that he was getting the full rewards of my two loads in my pussy.

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2 years ago
Wonderful I would have liked to be there too
2 years ago
Great story, been there done that!!
2 years ago
Excellent read and very sexy. Hope you follow up with some more.