Was just thinking about a camping trip when I shared her with a friend that went with us. First thing after setting up the camp, I sent them for water which was 20 mins away while I watched the k**s.

She was wearing a cire spandex sports top and capri workout set. They fucked in the woods going and coming back. When they got back she had a smile on her face and a huge wet spot in the crotch. He took the k**s for a walk and we went into tent.

She told me they had stopped at a fallen log on the path where he pushed her back into it and shoved his tounge in her mouth whilw freeing her tits from her top. He then reached down and rubbed her pussy through her pants while sucking her tits. She said he was so f***eful as the bark dug into her back. He pulled out his cock and pushed her to her knees and she sucked his cock. During this he pulled her top off over her head leaving her naked from the waist up. When he got enough of her magificent mouth, he pulled her to her feet and pulled off her spandex pants leaving her naked save her sneakers.

He lifted her legs up around his neck as she held onto the log and ate her pussy. She said that she was surprised that I had not heard her as she was moaning so loud and was only minutes away on the trail. She finally told him to fuck her and she bent over the log and slid his cock into her. She said he was like an a****l, fucking her with all he had for about 15 minutes. She was screaming with exstacy and saw people ahead in the woods on the upper trail. Soon he grunted and filled her hot pussy with his seed. She said she came hard as she felt the warmth of his seed reach the top of her insides. When he pulled out his cum flowed down her legs, since they had nothing to wipe up with she just put her pants back. After they were dressed the continued thier task to get the water.

When the reached the upper path they had to walk past the hikers they saw before. She said she felt from thier smiles that they had either heard or seen what had just transipred. She said she felt him oozing out of her into her spandex and when she looked down there was a hue wet spot that was extremely noticeable. After getting the water and heading back they recreated what they did on the way up ending with him filling her once more. After telling me this she spread her legs to show me how wet the crotch was.

I immediately stripped her and saw her gooey and sore red shaved pussy. She reached for my cock and sucked it like she never had before. I had to stop her or I would have cum right there. I dove in and ate her like a man possesed smelling thier combined sex and had her cumming in seconds. She screamed for me to fuck her which lasted about 5 minutes before adding my cum to her already full pussy.

I can tell you it was a fun weekend of putting the k**s to bed and then joining him in his tent or taking turns going on walks with her.

100% (6/0)
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