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Birthday surprise

For my 37 birthday, we planned to go away for one of our weekends of sexual fantasy. And, unbeknownst to me, my husband Tim decided to do something really special for it! I guess he felt that any woman who had been through all the ups and downs of our married years - one who had loved him faithfully and unquestionably - deserved a unique treat for this birthday. Here's what happened!

We checked into our hotel around four in the afternoon and, after freshening up for a few moments in our room and changing into a casual brown sundress, decided to go to the bar's happy hour. I love Vodka Gimlets! After two or three I seem to get extremely loose and uninhibited. Several times in the bar, Tim had his hand up my skirt and his finger in my hot cunt. He and I both love the rush of excitement we experience when we have sex in public! The "possibility of getting caught"! So, when I opened my legs and guided his hand up under my dress, it was the only invitation he needed! Once his hand began to explore along my inner thigh, I could feel the naked flesh along the top of my thighs and my wet crotch becoming feverish to his touch. He inched his way under the elastic of my white tiny thong panties, which he quickly pulled tightly to one side. This allowed him better access to my now "steaming" cunt lips! Tim was finger fucking me, to both of our delight, when the barmaid came up to take another drink order. Had she heard my moans or seen his hand hidden between my legs? We hoped so! Maybe it would make her hot - enough to want to come up to the room and watch us fuck, or even join us for a three way! That's an intriguing fantasy to us both! I find the thought of making love to Tim while he has another woman at the same time very exciting! The possibilities of this kind of "three way" are endless. He's told me he'd like for me to watch him fuck another woman, at least in his fantasies. It would be a turn on for me, at least I know that when those thoughts come into my head it is! The thought of all this happening is what is so exciting to us, whether it actually does or not!

When we finished our last "Happy Hour" drink, neither Tim nor I were feeling any pain and were primed for an erotic night in our room! After the elevator door closed and we were alone, I first pulled down my dress top to brazenly show my hubby my tits, then I turned and embraced my lover with a long, open kiss. My tongue darted wildly in his mouth, as his did in mine! I pulled my skirt up, then pressed my eager pussy into the swelling hunk of meat in his groin. When we arrived at our floor, we strolled to our room with arms around each other's waist, as much in love as any two lovers who have ever lived!

Once inside, he took me to a couch that sat a few feet from the end of our bed. I pulled at my husband to fall beside me, wanting sex to begin, but he resisted. What I didn't know was that my surprise birthday present would arrive momentarily and Tim didn't want to start something that would have to be interrupted. Breathing hard and giving him an almost lecherous sort of glance, I decided to give him an invitation he couldn't resist! I pulled up my filmy skirt and began vigorously rubbing my crotch. I knew how watching me play with myself turned him on! At first I just slowly massaged my pussy through my sheer nylon panties. Soon though, I pulled them off and briskly slid my fingers up and down my glistening pink slit, lunging upward with my hips, all the while questioning Tim with my eyes as to his actions of postponement.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door! Involuntarily I sat up, straightening my mussed skirt and asked my husband (almost in a panic) who it could be! With a dumb look on his face, he turned and left me.

The door opened to two handsome, casually dressed men - one about 30, the other about 35 years old. They smiled as if they knew Tim, although I had certainly never seen them before. The younger man, whose name was Judd, entered the room with his friend Darrin right behind him. The first man carried a portable cassette player.

"Is this the lady of the hour?” Darrin asked, motioning toward my somewhat startled looking face.

"Baby... I have a special "birthday surprise" for you...” my husband said. By now I'm sure I had a puzzled look about me. "You're gonna have your very own Chippendale’s review - right here!" At first I was astonished, then interested!

"What do you mean....!" I could feel an impish smile break across my lips. "You devil!" I went to Tim and squeezed his hand.

"Back to the couch, babe", my husband directed. "Its not every day you can have a "private" show" like this!"

I questioned him, probably only half-heartily, "Are you sure....? You don't mind?"

"No baby, not tonight... tonight's your birthday! Believe me, if I didn't love you so much and think you'd like this, I wouldn't have arranged it! Besides, I enjoy watching YOU enjoy! That's part of the fun of giving someone you love a gift."

As the music started, I could feel a sheepish grin again crept across my face. I pulled Tim to me and whispered, "Where did you get these guys? They're really very good looking!"

He kissed me, and then reassured me on what was about to happen. " You have their services "exclusively" for the evening - your special birthday present!" My husband then got up from the couch and went to pour us a glass of wine.

The music was upbeat and intense as the two men started to dance suggestively. By now, I sat in wonder, enjoying what was happening but obviously not believing it was happening! Pretty soon, Tim could probably tell that my attention was totally on the men's body movements. Oddly, that didn't seem to upset him, cause considering the situation (which HE had arranged), what else could he expect! He later told me that he relished seeing me enjoying myself and said I deserved having a treat like this at least once in my life!

As shirts came off, then pants, I was outwardly becoming excited, yet almost blushing. I found myself shifting around nervously on the couch, u*********sly tugging at my skirt but never turning my attention from the exotic dancers. I began to sip long drinks of wine, which only added to the potency of the earlier vodka gimlets!

Soon, the two muscular men were down to the briefest of G-strings. They continued bumping and grinding with the beat of the music, their eyes trained on ME! Even though I couldn't help but be into what was going on, I still was in a state of "disbelief". I would occasionally look my husband's way and flash him a naughty smile. Then I would turn, sip more wine and watch the ruggedly handsome men dance suggestively.

Suddenly, the blond dancer, who was slightly over six foot tall, wiggled out of his thong bikini and tossed it to me. He took his dick in his hand and began stroking it, causing it to grow long and hard almost immediately! Then, as he continued dancing, his rigid cock sprang about wildly - like an Olympic diving board! By now, I'm sure I wasn't smiling, as carnal excitement had probably brought a rather serious look about me. I then noticed that my right hand was rubbing my pussy (through the filmy material of my dress) as my left hand gently massaged a breast! Oddly, I didn't even try to hide my autoerotic display or the sexual hunger that was sweeping across me. I could feel my gaze locked to the dancer's enormous cock. He continued to dance and play with it, knowing it was having a spellbinding effect on me!

The other dancer pulled his tight G-string down his legs, exposing another huge pecker! That caused me to gasp, almost losing my breath in amazement! Tim and I had watched countless adult films together but never had I actually seen cocks (in the "real flesh") of the size of these! The second dancer began rubbing his dick, playing with it, coaxing it to grow stiff and hard, which it did almost at once!

The first dancer moved as close as possible to the couch. Then, to my surprise, he bent down and gave me the most passionately savage kiss I could have ever imagined! I responded totally, swirling my wide-open lips over his while he pulled me up to a standing position.

Suddenly, I pulled away from him, realizing Tim was standing there and terrified he would fly into a rage. I looked to him for some sort of signal as to how he was reacting. It seemed that he must have rationalized the whole night's activities long before even calling for the men who now danced nude and so sinfully close to me. My husband simply smiled at me and lipped the words, "Go ahead... enjoy yourself….its your night!"

I needed no further gesture of permission. Immediately I attacked the blond dancer's lips with a long, erotic "French kiss". His hands began roughly moving across my dress, pulling up my skirt to my waist, savagely feeling the all the curves and hot spots of my body. Soon his fingers explored my naked ass, which was barely covered by my tiny panties. Then, teasingly, he worked his other hand around to my pussy. I ran my hands all over his naked body. My pussy tingled as I cupped my hand on his ass, then quickly moved it, almost magnetically, to his rigid cock! The second dancer, whose huge dick bounced tautly as he moved, came to our embrace and also began kissing me! My other hand ravenously grasped his thick, long penis. Without loosening grip on either of their immense organs, I found myself sinking to the couch where I reclined against its cushions, pulling them with me!

In unison, Judd and Darrin began to remove my clothes. Since I had purposely not worn a bra and had already taken my thong panties off under my dress earlier, anticipating getting lost in lust with my husband, it was as if I was now the star of an adult film - THE STAR! It was unbelievably exciting! Darrin pulled down the top of my dress and sucked passionately on my nipples while Judd raised my skirt to above my waist, then moved his lips slowly down my tummy, across my thighs, to my wet, shiny, black pubic hair. Dark, moist curls weren't hidden at all by my lack of any panties!

I soon was delirious - beside myself with sexual abandonment! Tim and I had talked about this scene many times... both of us becoming very "turned on" at the thought of me (or him) participating in three-way sex, but knowing it should never really happen.

But now it was happening! And there seem to be no jealousy coming from my husband of 14 years! I have a feeling that particular emotion was being tempered with a great deal of raw sexual excitement! Maybe this was because the men were only sex objects to me and not lovers! Tim had brought in strangers - professionals - to give me what I had so often fantasized about! This was emotionally much safer for us both than group sex or wife swapping with friends or even casual acquaintances. We could enjoy what was happening and then, treat it as if it were only a fantasy - not something that might interfere with our marriage. We knew that sex with a familiar person would be extremely dangerous! Neither of us could rationalize the jealously and insecurities which that would generate! But this was totally different - pure raw sex, just for the sake of raw sex, nothing more!

By now my dress was off and on the floor and Judd and Darrin were all over my body! There was a collage of throbbing, naked flesh undulating on the couch - and I was at the center of it all! The three of us were totally engrossed in nothing but erotic pleasures! Watching this scene was more than my Tim's libido could handle! He quickly pulled off his pants and began stroking his hard cock. I know he had to be experiencing a fervent sexual rush that was being brought on by what he was seeing! Judd dropped to his knees by the couch, and then spread my legs wide! He delicately began lapping at my pussy with his tongue! Darrin kissed all over my boobs for a minute, and then joined Judd at my crotch! Two men were eating me and I was ecstatic! I couldn't keep from moaning uncontrollably, as I was in what was a complete state of abandonment! I began to erotically pull and squeeze the nipples of my breasts while my hips thrust up and down as both men barbarically ate my pussy!

Then Judd stood up, leaving Darrin at the Y of my legs. I HAD to reach for his big hard dick, this time fiercely and hungrily pulling it to my lips! I knew the sensation of watching me give head to another man was probably unbelievably arousing to my husband! I bobbed my head back and forth while sucking, then licking, then stroking his cock! I can't describe the sensation of having Darrin still eating ME so vigorously as I orally devoured Judd!

The sight of all this was now more than Tim could stand! He came to me and began sucking my boobs, knowing one man was still at my snatch and the other one had his dick in my mouth. Loud groans of ecstasy started coming from my throat. As Tim sucked my tits, I greedily clutched at his cock with a free hand and began stroking it, desperately wanting to jack him off!

Judd was pushing his dick in and out faster now, as if my lips were my pussy! Darrin stood up, knelt in front of me, and then inserted his mammoth cock into my sweltering cunt! I was being fucked in both places and I was about to explode with boiling, unchecked rapture! I could sense Tim's mouth working passionately over the hard nipples on my breasts when I heard Judd groan in the early stages of orgasm! But I WOULD NOT stop sucking his cock, even when he started to scream! Darrin still pumped savagely into my pussy as loads of Judd's hot white cum spilled from my lips. I pumped my husband's cock now in such a frenzied manner that it was most likely painful! Judd pulled his still spasmodic dick from my mouth as I screamed and screamed with unabashed orgasmic ecstasy! His cock continued to pump the never ending cum, squirting it all across my face and hair! Suddenly, Darrin yelled! He pulled his dick from my pulsing cunt and began to drench my pubic hair, tits, and face with buckets of cream that jetted from his huge cock! It was HEAVENLY! He then raced to get his wonderful tool into my mouth, briskly pushing his friend aside. Eagerly, I latched on to this "new", massive organ, pulling it into my waiting, wide open mouth while it still spewed it's fiery hot liquid spasmodically! I was both drenched in cum and hysterical! I never remember being in such a state of incoherence! I began to take Judd's stiff penis again orally, then Darrin's! I greedily sucked both cocks, one after the other (and at times attempting to take both in my mouth at once!) while Tim took Darrin's place and began fucking me! My husband's cock slid back and forth almost too easily in my slippery cunt, probably a result of having already being fucked! Meanwhile, I continued giving both Judd AND Darrin the most masterful blowjob I had ever given!

Darrin's hands soon guided me to the floor, with Tim under me and Judd still in my mouth. Tim lay prone on the floor while I straddled him. I desperately wanted him to continue fucking me and I reinserted his cock when it accidentally slipped out of my pussy. Tim began shoving up from under me as deeply and as f***efully into my juicy pussy as he could. Judd stood directly over my giving husband as my lips wrapped around and continued sucking ferociously on his huge cock. Suddenly, I felt myself pushed forward slightly, then realized Darrin was about to start fucking me in the ass! Holy crap, how I moaned with pleasure when I felt him push his giant member into my back door! At first it seemed difficult for Tim to continue fucking me, as Darrin's cock was stuffed in tightly and pushed f***efully against the wall of my drenched pussy, leaving my husband's dick little room to maneuver! But we soon got our rhythm coordinated! As Darrin thrust in, Tim would lunge out, then vice versa. What an experience! I was finally experiencing my fantasy of being fucked in all three of my holes at once! This act seemed to put me into such a sweltering, lascivious state of mind that I felt I was on the verge of passing out from the exhilaration it was causing me! Suddenly Tim yelled and I knew he was about to cum! His yelling only added kindling to the climatic fires, which raged so out of control inside me! My husband began pumping what must have been quarts of cum into my pussy as I heard Darrin start to shriek as well! While my husband was shooting his sex juice into my love organ, Darrin was filling the puckered opening to my ass with his! Then Judd moaned! I greedily began swallowing the hot cream his cock was feeding me! All three of their man-organs were cumming in unison - like a sexual chain reaction! I was now beyond orgasm! I don't think my senses couldn't have been more out of control if I'd have taken some mind-altering d**g! I was experiencing THE ultimate sexual stimulation - MULTIPLIED A HUNDREDFOLD!

After the four of us collapsed into a stupor, we rested for a few minutes, and then we started again! During the course of the evening I had a minimum of at least 10 or 12 orgasms, had all three of their cum on my body, in my mouth, in my pussy and up my ass! Tim shot his load a total of four times, Darrin also had four orgasms while Judd had five! Never, in either Tim's or my wildest imagination or fantasies, could we have forecast the events of that night!

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