After birthday party

Last August, Melissa and I had a small get together for our birthdays. About ten people. When the party wound down, Melissa went upstairs to shower. My friend Hasan helped me do some cleanup. We were just sitting down with a few beers when Melissa came downstairs. She was surprised to see we still had a guest. She was wearing a really, REALLY tiny pair of sweat shorts. Her fine Latina ass was coming out of the bottom and they bunched up so nicely at her pussy. She also had a white tank top on with no bra.

Melissa said she would run up and change her clothes, but I told her not to bother. I told her Hasan had been a big help with the clean up and seeing her popping out of her clothes might make him feel appreciated. Melissa gave me a mischievous grin and grabbed a beer. She came over and sat on my lap. The three of us chatted for a few minutes. The entire time, Melissa was moving and adjusting herself on my lap, knowing full well I was getting hard. As she did this, her little shorts went further up her ass and tighter on her pussy. When she turned a little, I could tell she wasn't wearing panties by the way her pussy was being split by the center seam of the shorts.

At some point, the song "Pony" started to play on the Ipod we still had going. She jumped up and turned the volume up. She said it was one of her favorites. When she came back, she pulled her shorts tighter and turned toward me. I knew Hasan was getting the full effect of her ass in those shorts! She pulled the shorts so that they went into her pussy and her lips were coming out of the sides. She asked me if I had underwear on. I let her know I just had my trunks.

She flipped her hair and bent at the waist, slowly running her hands down my chest and across my already stiff dick. As much I wanted to fuck her right then, I nodded toward Hasan. She turned and asked if he was enjoying his reward for helping clean up. Hasan nodded and said, "Hell yes!"

We could see he was hard as a rock. Melissa walked right over to him and grabbed his hard on, adjusting it so that it running down his leg. She straddled his lap and started grinding herself on his cock and pressing her tits into him. It was fucking hot seeing his hard cock splitting her ass cheeks, even if they were still clothed.

Its strange how the music sticks in my mind. The song changed to "Rolex Sweep", which is much faster. Melissa turned and I could see by the look on her face she was horny beyond reason. She grabbed Hasan's shorts at the waistband and pulled them down. His hard cock sprang out and he had a look on his face like he couldn't believe what was happening.

Melissa looked at him and told him she was in charge. "Let me do the work. I guarantee you will not regret it!"

I knew why she was doing this. The entire time we have been together, I am the only man to fuck her. We have played with several couples and females, but she does not want to fuck another man. Its her choice, so I have no problem with it at all. There have been a few close calls though....

Melissa backed up and pushed his cock against his stomach with her ass. She leaned forward with her hands on the coffee table. She was grinding her ass along his cock and adjusting to the music. I saw her reach under with one hand and start playing with this balls.

When Melissa looked down, I took the opportunity to grab her tank top and pull it off. Her sweet tits were bouncing with her lap dance.

Song change... "Drop it like its hot"

Melissa stood and as she did, some precum dribbled out of Hasan's cock. She turned toward him and looked at me over her shoulder. She slid her shorts down her legs and threw them to me. The crotch was soaking wet. She turned back to Hasan and stroked his dick, spreading the precum all over. I thought for sure this was the first time I would see her fucked by another man.

Melissa moved Hasan to the very edge of the couch, then leaned him back. She turned her back to him and swung her leg over. She put his cock back against his stomach again, then started sliding her perfect ass and pussy along his shaft. Hasan was telling her how fucking good it felt and she was really getting into it.

She wasn't worried about the music anymore. She sat up and reached between her legs for his dick. She moved it between her legs. I could see it was slick with her pussy juice. She planted it lengthwise along her slit and used her hand to hold it in place. This is it! She is going to fuck him for sure! She started sliding her hot slit over his cock again.

Melissa let out a moan and came. She briefly lost her rhythm and for a brief second, the head of Hasan's cock slipped into her snatch. It was amazing how fast his reaction was. I saw his hips buck and he got about another inch in her before she took his cock out. He immediately said he was going to cum and Melissa got on her knees between his legs and and jacked him off onto her tits.

Hasan busted a huge nut all over her tits. Melissa put his cock between her tits and used them to milk the rest of his nut from his balls. Hasan leaned back and said that was the hardest he has ever cum. Melissa sat back and grabbed his softening cock. She kissed the tip and said thanks for helping clean up.

Melissa took another quick shower and we spent the next hour or so fucking and sucking with Hasan watching. He didn't get anything else that night, but the look on his face said he was cool with it!

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1 year ago
of course he was cool with it..he got a great show and had a nut busted.
1 year ago
short but very hot