Sexy ride

My husband and I have been happily married for several years now but like a lot of couples, our sex life began to get a little stagnate during our tenth year together. After some discussion and research we decided to try an alternative lifestyle. We agreed that perhaps swapping sexual partners might help to spice up and enhance our sex lives. We picked up a magazine containing several local ads from people interested in the same thing. We answered a few and quickly received some nice replies. We selected a nice couple and started a correspondence and photo exchange.

We then decided to carry our fantasy a step further by arranging to meet the couple we had been corresponding with. We wrote and asked them if they would like to meet and they agreed. We had exchanged photos and sexual desires so we pretty much knew each other already. We arranged to meet at a local restaurant to get better acquainted and to have a few drinks.

Rob and Julie were there when we arrived and recognized us from our photos. Rob was a nice looking man about 6’3" tall, 200 lbs., dark complexion with black hair. Julie was about 5’3" tall, light brown hair, green eyes and well proportioned. We had not requested nude photos of them in our correspondence, as we wanted to leave a little to the imagination! We sat down and ordered a round of drinks and began to get better acquainted. Rob and Julie were both pleasant and easy to talk to. We became very friendly and after a while the subject of our meeting popped up – sex! What did we have in mind? Rob asked. Jim (my husband) came up with a wild idea, which he had read about in some magazine. "Why don’t Rob and Darla take off in your car and drive for a while and Julie and I will take our car and do the same. We will agree on a time limit, say 6 hours, and do whatever we want then meet back here."

"Sounds like a good idea" we all agreed. As the excitement was building, we decided it was time to leave.

It was summer and pretty warm that evening so I was dressed in a short skirt, sort of a vest which zipped up the front, black bra with matching thong panties and heels. I had already gotten a nice dark tan from lying in the sun. We walked to our respective cars and Rob opened the door for me to get in. Jim did the same for Julie and off we went.

Rob suggested that we drive the interstate for a while then find a backroad to perhaps find a place to park and "talk"! We talked some more and partly from the effects of the drinks and partly because Rob was so easy to talk to, I began to feel more at ease. I could tell Rob was still a little unsure so I decided to get it started. "What do you want me to do?" I asked. After some thought, he said "well, you could flash me a little." "Oh, you want to see my pussy" I answered with a giggle. Rob grinned. "Just promise not to wreck us," I said and he assured me he would not let that happen.

After making sure my door was locked, I sat with my back against it and put both feet on the seat pulling my knees up to my chin and slightly spreading them to give Rob a peek of my pussy. I watched him sneak peeks as we drove and slowly I would spread my legs further and further giving him more and more of a view. After a while Rob suggested that I take off my panties so I jerked them off and resumed my position. Then I threw my left leg over the back of the front seat and the other foot on the floor board opening up for him to get a good look at my moist little slit.

Then I unzipped my vest so he could get a good look at my boobs. "Pull one out for me" he said. I reached in and pulled one of my tits out and felt my nipples harden with excitement. He was glancing at me more and more as we drove and I was hoping he wasn’t getting too distracted from his driving! After a while of talking and flashing, he reached out and began rubbing my leg at my knee. He rubbed his way down my thighs till he reached my wet pussy. He gently stroked my crack for a few minutes before inserting a finger and began to slowly finger my hot cunt. It felt so good and I slid my ass toward Rob a little and lay my head back against the door and closed my eyes to enjoy the sensation. Rob had one hand on the wheel and the other was busy working on my hole.

"I don’t know if I can wait much longer" Rob whispered, as the feel of my dripping wet pussy must have really gotten him excited. "Should we get a room or find a parking place?" Rob asked. I immediately had a thought, "it has been a long time since I’ve been fucked in the back seat of a car," I said. Rob then said that he would pull over at the next rest area as we were still cruising the interstate.

In the meantime, I knew I had to feel his big cock in my hands and mouth. I slid myself over to sit by him and slowly began rubbing his leg while my other hand was around his neck. I rubbed my way up his leg slowly, teasing him by getting almost to his bulge them rubbing back down. He would tense up and pull his ass off the seat each time I got close to his cock. When I decided I had teased him enough, I grabbed his cock through his pants and he let out a moan. "OH yea" he kept saying as I stroked his cock feeling his length through his pants. After a few minutes I slowly unzipped his pants and undoing his belt and button, reached in and grabbing his swollen dick, pulled it out to get a look at it. Rob had a nice big cock, about 9 inches long I guessed and fairly big around.

I ran my fingertips around the head before grasping it firmly and began to pump on it feeling get even harder in my hand. After a few pumps I could see little drops of moisture leaking out the hole and rubbed his pre-cum all over the big purple head of his cock. I had to taste it, so getting on my knees on the seat, bent down underneath his arms which were on the steering wheel and after licking around on the bloated head, slowly pulled into my waiting mouth sucking gently at first. I love to suck a man’s hard dick and feel the velvety softness of the head against the back of my throat. Rob’s big cockhead filled my mouth as I sucked and used my tongue to tease the head. He raised his ass up so I could pull his pants down enough to get my other hand on his balls. I gently massaged and kneaded his big ball sack while starting to suck his cock harder and faster. He was moaning with pleasure as I greedily sucked his hard dick and squeezed his balls. He reached underneath me and began to rub my by now, dripping we cunt. Then I felt his finger slide up my hole and I instinctively began pumping my ass backward on his hand as he finger fucked my hot slippery hole. I hoped that we would be stopping soon so he could concentrate on our hot sex!

He must have been thinking the same thing because I felt the car slow down and come to a stop. I was so engrossed in sucking Rob’s cock that I hadn’t paid any attention to where we had stopped. Looking around I saw that we were at a rest area off the interstate, but were the only ones around. It had gotten dark while we had been driving and Rob had parked as far away from the lights of the rest area as possible.

Pulling me up, he kissed me deep and passionately for a few minutes, his hands running all over my ass. I still had his hard dick in my hands and pumped and squeezed it while he kissed me. He slid over to the center of the seat and pulled me up and over him. I straddled his big cock and slowly lowered myself onto it, guiding the big bulbous head to my hot pussy hole. Getting the head in, I eased myself down the shaft until my ass rested on his legs. My cunt was so wet I had no trouble getting the entire length of his cock up my pussy. Grabbing the back of the seat with my hands, I began to ride his cock, bouncing my ass up and down on his lap.

I was aware that I was moaning and telling him how good his hard cock felt sliding in and out of my hot little cunt. His hands were squeezing the cheeks of my ass as I began to bounce my ass up and down harder and faster. Knowing I was getting close to losing it, "not yet" he exclaimed as he pushed me off his cock, which was wet and slimy with my pussy juice. "Lets get in the back" he urged.

We crawled across the seat and once in the back Rob began kissing me hard and passionately again before pushing me back onto the seat and he got between my legs and started to lick and tongue my cunt. I felt his tongue slide up my crack and it felt wonderful! I was so hot and horny my insides were hurting! I wanted my hole to be filled and though his tongue felt good against my pussy and clit, I couldn’t wait to feel his cock filling my pussy again. I threw one foot over the back of the front seat and the other over the back and was spread open as much as I could be for Rob to eat my cunt. After a while he stopped and positioning me just right got between my legs and slid his big cock up my hole. "Oh God yes!" I moaned as he slowly pumped my soaked cunt. "You like my cock?" Rob whispered as he began to fuck me a little harder. "Oh yes, give it to me!" I said half moaning and half screaming! I could feel his ass tense up and his thrusts got harder and faster and I knew he was getting ready to cum. His groans became louder and all of a sudden, he stopped and said loudly, "not yet!"

He slowly eased his slimy hard dick out of my dripping hole and pulled and tugged until I was on my stomach. It was somewhat awkward but I was half on the seat and half off and Rob got behind me with my ass stuck up in the air and rammed his cock back into my slit again. He was sort of bent over with his head hitting the roof but didn’t seem to mind as he was pumping me hard and fast now. I felt his balls bounce against my crack as he slammed his rock hard cock into me. He reached underneath me and grabbed one of my swaying tits and squeezed while fucking me hard. He began to moan loudly again and I too became aware that I was moaning, groaning and fairly screaming all kinds of lewd remarks as the feel of his huge cock stretching my cunt got too much for me and I felt my orgasm build and could only hope Rob’s pile-driving cock could hold out a few more seconds!

"Do you want me to pull out?" Rob asked with a groan.

"God no!" I snarled, "shoot your load up my hot pussy! Fill my cunt!" I almost screamed as I felt my orgasm hit like a clap of thunder! I tensed and it felt like every nerve ending in my body was exposed as I came hard and long. I kept cumming, my pussy contracting around Rob’s driving dick each time he rammed it in and I squirted my hot juice soaking it and the back seat as well! My body shook and shuddered as I experienced several orgasms, each one as intense as the one before. I thought I would pass out from the pleasure and then it was Rob’s turn.

His groans became louder with each thrust and he grabbed my waist and held tightly as he rammed his dick up my juicy hole a few more times. Then with one final shove, buried his cock up to his balls in my pussy and held on tight as I felt his cock expand in my stretched pussy and with groans of pure pleasure spewed his hot, thick load of sperm up my waiting cunt! His dick throbbed and pulsated as he shot stream after stream of juice soaking the walls of my pussy good. He stayed like that for a few minutes as if to soak his dick in our juices.

He slowly eased his softening dick out of my hole and I heard a "Plop" when the head finally popped out and felt his cum draining out of my thoroughly fucked hole and splattering on the seat! He grabbed some tissues which Julie had in the car and wiped my wet and somewhat sore pussy off the best he could. I straightened up and we caught our breath for just a few minutes. I fixed my bra and pulled my panties back on before getting out to use the restroom and get ready to go back to meet Julie and Jim. I could barely walk I was so weak kneed! I tried cleaning up a little more in the restroom before going back out to the car. I got in and slid over next to Rob and gave him a kiss on the cheek and told him I had a wonderful time! "That is an understatement!" he said with a giggle.

On the way back to meet my husband and Julie I couldn’t help but wonder how they had made out and I knew he would surely want to hear about my experience. But, that is another story.
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Now that was hot
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Anxious to hear the rest