Seduction is key to great pleasure.
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I'm:Niels Hubbe,
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I seek female beauty. That's why I'm here, and for no other reason. To my mind, female beauty is a fundamental must in life, both to women and men. I love mature beautiful women. Nice lingerie, half cup bra, long stockings, and high heels just make things even better, but it's not a prerequest. Rather, seduction is the most important issue! I simply adore watching erotic women teasing, riding, masturbing, posing, stripping! Spicy eroticism and seduction are keywords and the big artistic challenge. But most of all, a very strong personal and feminine integrity, i.e. a strong and independent woman! YES! I can see the beauty in all women, because it is always there! (And I DO respect all women, needless to say, I hope!)

And to potential lovely lesbian women and friends: I adore female beauty as much as you do. Believe me, I DO respect your sexual orientation, which is different from mine, but none the less as good and justified as mine. I just believe in female beauty and seduction which, perhaps, is needed everywhere, no matter sexual orientation, being woman or man. In fact, lesbian women are, in my mind, the best to really sense and discover the depth of female beauty. So let's be friends!

Some beautiful women? -just to strees my point on seduction: go to Julia Only's site http://juliaonly72.tumblr.com/ where all the masterpieces can be found, including all of Julia's wonderful women. Or go to my galleries, where I've selected around 200 of my favorite pics among Julia's collection.

Thanks to all friends for sharing vids and pics!
No pain, humiliation or violence, please!
Mutual respect and a civilised conversation at this site, please!

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3 months ago
Thanks, kind of you.
3 months ago
You have a very nice profile and I do like what you write about women.
10 months ago
Same to you, my friend
11 months ago
Thanks for the recommendation... yes, she sports a very fine looking set of titters! Very sexy!
11 months ago
Thank you for your compliment
Stay safe
11 months ago
Thank you, Niels:)
11 months ago
Thanks Smiley. You are just so sweet
11 months ago
Love to :-)
11 months ago
Thank you. Hope you got many cards

Thanks for dropping by again

Keep safe
11 months ago
11 months ago
Thank you for that.
Have a great day and Stay safe
11 months ago
Thank you my friend. Same to you. You are so nice!
12 months ago
You too take care, Maggy. And not those bad words about yourself in your comments. You are a nice, lovely, and strong person, I'm sure, Maggy. This is the impression one gets from reading your wall.
12 months ago
Lovely thing to say
You take care
12 months ago
You are a kind person, Maggy. That's what I can read from your comments.
12 months ago
My way of dealing with not only the loss of my Dad, the loss of my hero and my friend
Dad was really the only one to ever understand me.
My Brother and Mum, just think i'm weird
1 year ago
Also a nice weekend to you, Smiley
1 year ago
...So you do, Maggy.
1 year ago
Thank you again for your kind words
You keep safe
1 year ago
Than you for your kind words
Stay safe and God Bless
1 year ago
.. but no thank you, Thatcher...
1 year ago
You don't bore me with dedicated and interesting women. That's in fact what I enjoy at your site! Hey - I commented the masterpieces on your site ;-) I don't want to go into Thatcher here - too limited space ;-)
1 year ago
Sorry to bore you with them then
You sounded like you were interested.
We need another Maggy Thatcher. She didn't piss about and I wouldn't either.
1 year ago
Ok, I'm not into those details. Anyway, I can feel that she's an amazing woman what is really what we need! I really mean this! ...and yes, it's a man's world, but still...there is hope. I live in a country where the leading political parties behind the government are all lead by women - and that's good! (no matter recent problems ;-) I've always voted for women !
1 year ago
She had some bad luck today though
A problem with her rifle. Firing pin, I believe.. Very sorry for her, though as they say, it does take the pressure off her for the Olympics. She's an amazing woman, beautiful too!
It's still a mans world, sorry to say!
1 year ago
You do indeed live in beautiful surroundings!

..and the two pics of Gabriela Soukalova - masterpieces I photography! Strong and independent women - what the world need so much!
1 year ago
The pictures on my page are from the surrounding area where i live
I admire strong, independent women and Sports women in particular. I am looking forward to the Winter Games, as i enjoy Skiing myself
Thanks for dropping by
1 year ago
Indeed ;-)
You too...All the best
1 year ago
I have my moments
Keep safe
1 year ago
Good luck with your quest

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