Based on true events

I recently had a patient in my care who made me cross the line.

She was young, thin, tan, pretty blue eyes, peroxide blonde, and had the sexiest pussy I've seen in quite some time. Nice big fat lips, real meat flaps. She also seemed a bit dirty and looked like had been rode hard and put up wet a few times.

I was assigned to bathe her. So I did.

I started by drawing the curtain so we had some privacy. I made up a bucket of very warm water, and dropped in the soap.

After uncovering her, I stared in amazement and the tiny perky body in front of me. Despite all the lines and monitoring equipment, I could not help but become aroused. She was unconcious and restrained which only heightned my excitement. I couldn't resist teasing the nipple that was slowly becoming erect in the cool room air. She clearly enjoyed it as she slightly arched her back to my touch. At this point, I could feel precum oozing out of my dick.

Returning to my duties, I placed a washcloth in the basin, got it nice and soapy. I slowy and gently washed her face first. I lingered around her lips and traced their outline with my finger.

Next, I washed her little titties as her nipples became fully erect to my touch. I could no longer stop myself and slowly sucked each nipple, gently at first and then more aggressively as they engorged even more. I think I even heard a moan! Her nipples were now like two beacons of desire, fully hard, with the aerola wrinkled up trying to make them harder.

I had to calm myself breifely before moving to the slightly pungent area between her legs. She clearly kept her pussy shaved, but not in about a week as there was a light dusting of blonde hair that revealed her head wasn't bleached!

I placed a warm wash cloth over her before turning her to focus on her asshole for a minute. Her ass was small, but cute, centered by a perfectly pink opening. A quick wipe with some soapy water and I just had to insert a finger. I could feel her anus clamp down reflexively.

After turning her back over, I frog legged her legs to get a better view of that beautiful pussy again. I was obligated to wash her legs and feet first and was rewarded by beautiful feet and toes. My initial thought was to lotion up her feet and slowly, but quickly, fuck them until I came all over them but I resisted.

By now, I saw a bit of wetness between those giant lips and could see some swelling of her clitoris. I quickly grabbed the remaining washcloth and focused on the object of my desire.

A wipe along the outer lips made her move her hips and her clit poke out from underneath it's hood. By now, my cock was twitching inside my scrubs and I was on ther verge of cumming in them.
I slowly spread her open and gently wiped the inner lips and her urethera which winked at me seductively.

There was no holding back at this point. I slowly inserted my finger into her and was rewarded with a glistening didgit on removal. I had to taste her and it was sweet and creamy. I then turned my attention to her clit which was fully hard by now and slowly stroked it up and down. Another drop of juice flowed out of both of us. Increasing the frequency of my stroke to her clit, and the pressure, caused gentle contractions to start around her asshole. This only excited me more.

I continued to stroke her clit and inserted a finger into her. This caused an immediate clamping down around my finger which only heightened my exceitement.

Now I was f***ed to taste her so I removed my hands and leaned over to apply my tongue. A long lick from her asshole to her clit sent her to a silent orgasm and a flood of juices over my face. I attacked her clit with rapid flicks and increased pressure to elicit the responses I was getting and could tell she came again; this time she bucked her hips a few times and I could see out of the corner of my eye her hands grasping at the bed sheets.

By now, I was only a few strokes away from cumming. After quickly taking my pants off and climbing into the bed with her, I slowly slid my cock in between those sweet wet lips. It was like entering heaven. She was so wet from my attendence, and delightfully tight, that only a few quick thrusts had me cumming like a 15yo virigin. I bet I dropped a quart inside her.

After a few seconds to compose myself I climbed down and dressed. As I was pulling up my pants I glanced over to see her looking at me through half open eyes. She smiled at me and gave me a weak wink before drifting off back to sl**p.

Of course, I had to clean her up again before leaaving with a smile of my own.
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3 years ago
I should add, since it's come up a few times, this is fiction/fantasy.
3 years ago
wondrful story I cant wait to read more
3 years ago
Great story!
3 years ago
Great first story. Keep them coming.
3 years ago
good story wish it was me
3 years ago
nice story.
3 years ago
excellent but naughty
3 years ago
Love it
3 years ago
Nice story but it needs alittle more lead in..
3 years ago
pritty good story though we didnt find out how see was able to be taken advantage of what was wrong with her 4/10
3 years ago
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago