accidentally licked girlfriends s****r

So I had been dating this pretty blonde girl for a while. She was 5'1" and maybe 100 pounds. She was very petite but very pretty. She had a younger s****r that was about her size but was even prettier. She was a gymnast so her body was really tight. We would go see her perform and I'd always fantasize about her tight, firm body in that tight uniform. It was Christmas time her entire f****y was staying at her house for a few nights. I was there with them. We had to sl**p all the guys in one room and girls in the other. My girlfriend loved having sex where people could see us or where we might get caught. One night stayed awake until 2:30am and snuck into her room. There were three girls in the room, my girlfriend, her s****r, and her cousin. I crawled up to the foot of the bed, lifted the covers, and slid my hands and head between my girlfriends feet, or atleast I thought it was my girlfriend. What I didn't know was that my girlfriend had let her s****r sl**p in the bed and my girlfriend was on the floor. I started rubbing her legs and slid my hands on up her thigh. She jumped alittle when I woke her up but she seemed to know it was me and didn't say anything. I pulled her panties to the side, slid on up under the sheets, and started licking her pussy. My girlfriend was always shaved so when I felt the hair against my face I was alittle shocked, but we hadn't slept together for a week so I figured that she let it grow out for once. I kept licking her clit and she was getting very wet. I tried to put a finger in her pussy but she stopped me so I didn't try again. After a few minutes I could feel her starting to cum. Her legs straightened out and her stomach started rolling and I knew she was cumming. I licked up the last of her juices and she started pushing me away so I went back to my room. The next morning I sat down on the couch, smiled realy big and asked my girlfriend how her night went. With a straight face she quickly said "fine" like it was any other night. Her s****r who was across the room smiled really big and said she had an excellent night, something she would always remember. I couldn't believe it, I had given my girlfriend's hot s****r oral sex, she had came in my mouth, and I licked all those juices. We never mentioned it to anyone but I keep having fantasies about being able to see that tight pussy again.
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2 years ago
some guys have all the luck!
3 years ago
Hot !
4 years ago
good but short
4 years ago
Excellent story! Lucky you and lucky sister!
4 years ago
good story.accidentally but lucky;)
4 years ago
Lucky man!
4 years ago
Naughty Boy! Good story..