gf's not so innocent s****r

I was dating a girl once who had a younger s****r teenage s****r that was extremely beautiful. She was the kind of girl that you could stare at for hours and just appreciate her beauty. She was a cheerleader and had a great body, long dark hair, and creamy white skin. I spent alot of time at their house and I was close to my girlfriend's f****y. Her s****r would regularly sit on my lap, lay across me on the couch, or just let me hold her in a non-sexual way. She acted all innocent like she was just treating me like a b*****r but I regularly got hard when she was touching me, especially when she was laying or sitting on my crouch. I would purposely push my hard cock against her just to make sure that she felt it and she occasionally grin like she liked it. After awhile she would even adjust herself to get her pussy on my dick. One day I went to her house when my girlfriend wasn't home. Her s****r was in the shower. I knocked on the door and told her I was there so that she wouldn't be scared when she got out. I sat on the couch and soon she came walking into the living room with just a towel on. I got an instant erection because she was so hot. Her long dark, wet hair was still dripping, her towel was tucked in showing just the top of her boobs, and the towel only covered about an inch below her butt. She came over and sat in my lap like she always did. I could tell that she didn't have panties on and I could feel her damp ass pressing up against me. I asked her if she was wearing anything under her towel and she smiled and said "I think you know." I couldn't help myself anymore. I reached around and grabbed her boobs and started kissing her neck, her wet hair smelled so good, it was like a magnet. I ripped towel off and started rubbing on her clit. She laid her head back on my shoulder and started moaning. She started grinding her wet ass against my dick then she started taking my pants off. She worked fast and within seconds she was sliding down on my cock. I kept rubbing her clit and she started passionately riding my cock. She was moaning in pleasure and I couldn't hardly make a noise. I wanted to scream but I was overwhelmed by her awesome beauty and passion. I just laid my head back and let her ride. She rolled her face over to me and said that she was going to cum. The thought of her erupting in orgasm because of me made me cum fast. She came at the same time and we both let out a huge moan and I came in her and I felt her pussy throbbing on my cock. I wanted to keep going but her s****r was coming home soon and she quickly ran off and got dressed. I broke up her s****r shortly after that because she could never compete with that and there is no way I could keep that a secret.
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3 years ago
Love it dude, reminds me of the twins, offt
3 years ago
That little slut knew exactly what she was doing. You should have kept on tapping that pussy.