Straight Married man Gives Up his Ass to a Younger

Honestly,It never came to my mind That I would become a Fag,Slut to a younger Black Mean Verbal dominant hungry thug with the hardest dick I ever seen.
It all happened in a park close to my house.I decided to take a walk that night and I cut right through this cruisy park.I see this Black k** standing in a dark area and decided to see what was going on.As soon as I got close to him he smiled,I smiled thong you know with out thinking Im on my Knees right in front of that huge hard cock just looking at it.Next thing he is stroking my face very sweet and tenderly while he holds his hard monster with his left hand puts it on my lips and I began to kiss, worship that thing with my face,mouth ears head and finally I opened my mouth and began to suck out of now where.I took off my cloths to expose my smooth white chunky fag developed body and I rubbed mhy self against that hard cock until he grabbed my side love hand Tight with a grip that painfully hurt so good,Turn me around pushed me down to bend over,Verbally in obscene language called my a Fat white Faggot,He tried to push it in brutally but my hole was so tight and with no experience it will not let it in.Boy was he frustrated.He took it took a large handful of saliva,put it all in my ass hole,took his dick and tried to destroy my anus.In the mean time Im offering him strong opposition with a gridlock with my strong thight virgin asshole.That was it,He just could take it no more and screamed so hard while he was coming like a wild b**st.
69% (12/5)
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3 years ago
you should be a "fat white faggot" more often, you're made for BBC
3 years ago
Wow wonder what happened afterward usually some guys get violent so what did happen
3 years ago
Now that's my kind of story. He will now be cruising the park all the time looking for Black studs to use him.