Trapped and Trained Sissy Ch. 16

Trapped and Trained Ch. 16
I slowly opened my eyes, feeling how heavy my eyelids were and how cloudy my vision seemed. I was drowsy, as if I was fighting a bad hangover and still a bit d***k from the night before. I didn't know where I was - it certainly wasn't the room I had fallen asl**p in, my last memory being drinking some fluid that was supposed to offset the chemical imbalance in my system that was causing a need for me to ingest cum. I shuttered as the vivid details from the night before came rushing back through my mind, closing my eyes tightly and shaking my head to try and f***e them from my memory, feeling my hair gently dance on my shoulders as I did so... a constant reminder of my 'new life'.

I opened my eyes again a moment later, the cloudiness starting to clear up, and realized that I was actually sitting on my couch in my apartment. I looked around, staying seated, trying to see if anyone were in the apartment with me. I stayed as quiet as possible, not wanting to notify anyone that I was awake if there were someone there with me. A few minutes passed and I didn't hear a peep from anywhere, which was enough evidence for me that I was alone. Well... as alone as possible as I peered up into the corner of the living room and noticed the red light of one of the many video cameras present throughout my revamped living space.

I began to take in my surroundings, wondering how I had gotten here and what was going on. My only conclusion was that they had d**gged me at some point during the night and brought me back home, but I couldn't figure out why. And why was I dressed this way? Someone had taken it upon themselves to dress me up as if I were heading out to the club for the night, but looking at the clock it wasn't even 8 a.m. yet. I was wearing a strapless minidress, where the midsection was red and felt like a satin material. The front was ruched to give it that bunchy look that was so in style right now. The cups of the dress as well as the bottom few inches were black and felt more like spandex, sticking to my breasts and my thighs. There was a sweetheart neckline that pushed my breasts together and showed off a considerable amount of cleavage while the bottom of the dress ran down to my mid thigh. I leaned forward and looked down at my feet, seeing that they were encased in 5" black high heels with an ankle strap and open toe. At the back of the heels there was red lacing, as if it were the back lacing of a sexy corset, tied in a neat bow at the top of each. Someone had taken some time in getting me into this outfit, but I still didn't understand why if they were just going to leave me sitting alone in my apartment while wearing it. Not that I was complaining.

I decided to get up and go change out of this outfit and into something more comfortable... if I could find it. At the very least I could get these fucking heels off and feel the carpet between my toes for a bit. I missed the small things like that more and more it seemed. I stood and steadied myself easily on the heels, feeling my breasts bounce against the elastic spandex material as I walked back to the bedroom only to find that the door was locked. In fact, all of the doors were locked, leaving me no choice but to either keep wearing this outfit or walk around naked, giving the viewers behind the video cameras a free show - though it wasn't like I had anything they hadn't already seen many times I was sure.

I walked back to the couch and noticed that there were some suitcases packed and sitting next to the front door. Two rolling suitcases, both pink, sitting upright as if they were ready to be loaded up into a car for some kind of vacation. I walked over to them and looked at the luggage tags, gulping as I read "Candi" on both next to the names with my full address listed below them. Apparently these were supposed to be 'my' suitcases, but I certainly wasn't the one that had packed them and I was sure I hadn't made any vacation plans recently, given my limitations. I exhaled a deep sigh and walked over to the couch, deciding that I would slip off the high heels and try to fall back asl**p as I was still exhausted from the past few nights. As soon as I began to reach down towards my heel, I felt a warning zap come coursing through the ring still locked around my cock, hiding behind the fake pussy that was still parading me around as a woman. I stiffened up straight, surprised at the shock as I had convinced myself that I was alone and that no one was paying any attention to me. The intercom clicked on and I heard a man's voice fill the apartment.

"Your ride will be here shortly. Do not touch your outfit."

That's all he said, leaving me with a blur of questions racing through my head. What ride was he talking about? Was I going to Miss Vicki's store? But why the suitcases? Why were the rooms locked? Where was I going? Who was I going with?

After a few minutes of questions that were impossible to answer coursing through me and my heart beginning to pound through my chest, there was a honk out in the parking lot followed by the electronic lock on the front door releasing, signaling that I was supposed to head outside. I stood and walked outside before receiving another shock through my cock ring, apparently a reminder that I was to bring the suitcases. I peaked back into the apartment and grabbed them, rolling each behind me as the front door shut and locked as it latched. I looked around for a moment, hoping to see a police officer, a familiar face, anything that would give hope for an escape. I saw a man leaving his apartment a few buildings down, rushing to his car as he was likely late getting to work. He glanced my way and paused for a moment when he saw me, my heart skipping a beat and then sinking as he gave a courteous smile before hopping into his car, driving off and checking me out once again as he slowly drove past. Pervert.

In the parking lot was a sleek black stretch limo with the back door as well as the trunk open, obviously waiting for me to load in my suitcases and hop inside. I went to the back of the car and tossed in my suitcases before climbing inside, shutting the door behind me. I was surprised to see that I was alone in the backseat, but did see that there was a small tape recorder next to me with a small "Play Me" note with a lipstick kiss taped to it. I could only assume it was Miss Vicki's doing, which was confirmed as I pressed play and heard her voice fill the seat as I felt the car begin to move, taking me to my unknown destination.

"Candi! Exciting news - so sorry I couldn't be there to give it to you in person, but I have much to do on such short notice. I'm sure you're a bit confused, so allow me to clear up the cobwebs for you. Now, I had to deviate from my training plans for you a bit due to some unforeseen circumstances arising. There is a couple that was at the party last night who just HAD to have you for their upcoming vacation to Las Vegas. That's right, Sin City - what a fitting place for a slut like yourself, right?! Well, I tried to explain to them that you weren't ready for that kind of a trip just yet, but they just kept adding zero's to the back end of their check until I agreed - so here you are."

I nearly passed out as I took in this new information. Being out in public walking to and from cars was bad enough and the subway rides I'd had to make nearly resulted in me being ****d. Now I was expected to fly out to a place famous for hookers and sin? With some couple who I didn't know the first thing about? How long would we be there? What would we do while there? How was I supposed to find them? I was certainly not dressed for a long flight and a day of traveling, why did they dress me like this when they knew that I'd be walking through an airport, dealing with security and all that? I was livid but the car was pulling onto the interstate, revving up to 70mph - plus the door was locked, so even if I did want to risk jumping out of a moving car, I couldn't. I was along for the ride until we got to the airport, at least. Miss Vicki continued on the recording.

"I know you probably don't feel prepared for a vacation getaway just yet, but don't fret - your job is simple, really. You won't make one important choice while you're on this trip - Mr and Mrs Smith, as they will be known to you, will choose all of your outfits and activities for the day. You are not to question any of their demands and are to comply with anything they desire as they are long time friends of mine and this is the first time they have ever shown an interest in one of my sluts. They will have the controller for your clitty ring in order to keep you in line and your special collars have been neatly packed away with some of your favorite outfits in case you disobey to the point where they are necessary. Or if they just want to have some fun with you! You should be nearing the airport soon - don't worry about finding the Smiths, they know who you are and will find you shortly after you arrive as they are already at the airport waiting to check in with you. Have a great time - I wish I could tell you what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas... but I just don't think that will be the case for this trip! Ta ta for now!"

The recorder went silent and I felt goosebumps starting to form on my arms and legs. I was nervous beyond belief... about being at the airport, going through security, riding on the plane... and then, my God, being stuck in Las Vegas with these obviously perverted strangers! To calm my nerves I convinced myself that I would wait for the limo to drive off as he dropped me off and then just hop in a taxi and tell the driver to drive me as far away from this place as possible. This could be the best thing that's happened to me since this whole ordeal started months ago.

The limo eased to a stop at the passenger drop-off area. I watched the driver come around to the back and place "my" suitcases on the curb before popping the lock on the door and letting me step out. He didn't even look at me, but I did hear a chuckle as he closed the door and hurried around back to his seat and driving off, leaving me there all alone. I gave a tug on the bottom of my dress, hoping that there would somehow be more material to be found and that it would stretch down further than my mid-thigh, but obviously had no such luck as a gust of wind blew through the area, causing more goosebumps while the wind made its way up the bottom of my dress and surrounded my body. I glanced around, looking for someone that might look familiar from last night, hoping to find the Smiths before they found me so that I could possibly avoid them. Strangers were everywhere I looked... men stealing glances at my generous cleavage while their wives were busy looking another way, wives staring holes through my body as they saw me, cursing me with their eyes for tempting their husbands. I wanted to scream at them that this wasn't my choice, but the words of the woman from the night before echoed through my mind, telling me that the police could do nothing for me. I glanced around again, this time hoping to see that woman, imagining her swooping through the crowd and ushering me off to a waiting car, driving me away from this life... but again, nothing but strangers.

Down at the end of the passenger drop-off area I saw the line of taxis that I'd hoped for. I grabbed the handles on my suitcases and began making my way towards them, angry at myself for claiming the hot pink suitcases as my own as I picked my way through the crowd. The taxis were getting closer, some of the drivers that were outside of their cars talking with one another noticing me walking their way and making themselves available, all hoping that the scantily dressed blond bombshell would pick his smelly cab to ride in. I did my best to give a flirtatious smile, remembering that I had no money with me, so that I would just have to get by on trying to take advantage of these men's hornyness and their competitive drive with one another to get the hot chick into his car. Just as I opened my mouth to ask for a ride, a man collided with me, causing me to drop my suitcases. Flustered, I hurried to try and pick them up as he apologized for the collision.

"Oh, I'm so sorry - I was talking to my wife and didn't even notice you there, Candi."

I began to forgive him and dismiss his apology before it sank in... he called me Candi. My face went pale as I looked up at him from my suitcases. He was a middle aged man, perhaps in his early to mid forties. He was handsome and was wearing a black power suit with a blue tie tied in a large knot, another sign of an authoritative figure. His hair was black with traces of gray, matching the goatee he was sporting. He reached out and grabbed my bare arm as I felt the strength in his grip while he pulled me to my feet. He was strong, much stronger than myself but not in a bodybuilder type of way... just obviously an athletic man that took good care of himself. He picked up my suitcases and nodded towards a woman behind us as she walked forward. She was also middle aged and had obviously had some work done to keep a youthful look. Her skin was perfectly tanned and smooth as it contrasted with her pink tanktop, white skirt and black heels. Her impossibly perky tits were hiding behind a black bra visible just under the tanktop as she approached. She pulled down her oversized sunglasses and looked me up and down, smiling at the view. She had dark black hair with no traces of gray anywhere and walked with a confidence that I had rarely seen... most recently though, I had seen it in the way Miss Vicki walked and I shuttered at the familiarity. The man opened up one of the pockets on the front of one suitcase and pulled out a small remote, flipping it to the woman. She smiled as she pressed one of the buttons and then laughed as she watched me flinch at the electricity it caused to course through my clit ring... I mean my cock ring. I have a cock, not a clit!

I was angry at myself for having the controller to the ring so close to me, but not even thinking of looking through the suitcase for it. I could have removed their control over me and been free, but I was too concerned with getting to a cab and freeing myself that way. I needed to be more focused - surely there would be other opportunities to get free while we were in Vegas, I just had to be smart. My thoughts were interrupted by another jolt, this one stronger than the last, intended to get my attention and enter the airport. I began to open my mouth to protest but decided against it. Mrs Smith told me to head to the security checkpoint, making me walk in front of them so that they could obviously watch my tight ass from behind.

Once we got to the security line, I watched Mr Smith check our bags and then nod to one of the guards. He walked over to him and spoke for a few minutes, laughing and signaling towards Mrs Smith and I before passing an envelope to the man. He motioned for us to come to his line and I saw him flip off the metal detector and scanner as I walked through since my cock ring did not trip the sensors. Mr and Mrs Smith gave a parting wave to the security guard and then again told me what gate to walk to, following behind as I heard them talking and giggling, no doubt speaking about me.

We arrived to the gate and were a bit early. The Smiths took seats on the waiting bench, placing their carry on luggage next to them with a small area in between them, which Mrs Smith patted and motioned for me to sit. I slid in between them, feeling Mr Smith place his hand on my thigh and begin to rub it while Mrs Smith smiled and played with my hair. She began to talk quietly to Mr Smith over me, without truly acknowledging that I was there and could hear them.

"You see Mitch - I told you she would be worth every penny! Feel those tight thighs? Can't you just imagine them wrapped around you, sliding up and down your shaft? I bet she's been thinking about it since the moment she first laid eyes on you outside. I know you've been thinking about it ever since we watched her performance at the party last night!"

He gave a low laugh and squeezed my thigh roughly, causing me to jump from a combination of pain and it tickling. He continued their conversation through me.

"Yea, Viv, you were right. I can't believe she's ours for the whole trip... she should be a lot of fun with everything we have planned. And I can't wait to see you two playing together - that's gonna be so fucking hot!"

Mrs Smith... or Vivian, I gathered, took that cue from Mr Smith and pulled my hair towards her, putting her other hand on my cheek and pulling my face to hers. Suddenly I felt her tongue thrust inside of my mouth as if it were in some kind of fight with my tongue, swirling circles around it as she f***efully pulled my face into her. I heard a soft moan escape her lips as she broke off the kiss and looked into my eyes - my nervous and terrified eyes. It was such a sensual kiss, one that normally would have had me rock hard and wanting more, but in this case all I wanted was to be free of these strangers. I wanted to slap Mitch's hand off of my leg and punch Vivian right in those red luscious lips, but I knew I had to show restraint. I decided that I would wait for my time, wait until the perfect moment and then, before they knew it, "Candi" would be gone with the wind. The first time they turned their back on me, the first time they left me alone in a room with a way out, the first time they had a lapse, I would be history to them, to Miss Vicki, to my old Master, to that bitch Britney, to everyone. They would only be able to talk about me in the sense of their memories, no new ones would be made at my expense. I just had to play along until that moment, as hard as it was to stomach.

Some of the other passengers in the gate waiting area had noticed the kiss and were stealing glances our way, likely trying to figure out what in the world was going on with this well to do, middle aged couple and their suggestively dressed companion. Yet the Smiths were in their own world, continuing to talk about how excited they were to "have me" all to themselves and talking about how much fun they had planned. Finally the boarding light flickered on and we made our way to board the plane with the first class passengers. I was handed a ticket with a seat of 6B on it as we stepped through the door. The seats were in groups of 3 as I took my seat, which was in the last row of first class up against the back curtain of the section, again being strategically placed in between Mr and Mrs Smith. Mrs Smith was sitting in the window seat as Mr Smith placed their carry on luggage into the bin above our row before taking his seat. His hand again went to my thigh as he got comfortable, yet this time he allowed it to run up dangerously high, sliding underneath the black spandex at the bottom of my dress before coming to a rest and flashing me a knowing smile that he could do whatever he pleased, especially since the row next to us was empty.

After tickling the top of my thighs for a few minutes, Mitch took his hand back out and flagged down the stewardess, ordering drinks for the three of us. I didn't hear what he had ordered, but I did see the stewardess laugh an embarrassed giggle before heading to the bar area and preparing the drinks. While that was happening, Vivian told me to stand up as she pulled something out of her purse.

It was awkward standing up in the back of the plane and I knew that we would begin our taxi to the runway soon, so I wasn't sure why she was having me stand so soon to takeoff. I felt her hands at the bottom of my dress and instinctively pushed them away only to feel Mitch strongly grip the back of my thigh, an obvious warning not to disobey Vivian's advances again. I stared straight ahead with my face going pale as I again felt Vivian's hands at my dress, stretching the spandex out and sliding it up over my hips. Here I was on a plane with a minidress on, a couple playing with my ass behind me, heading to Las Vegas to do God knows what... and not a single person on the plane was aware or able save me. I thought about screaming something about a bomb on the plane, but my train of thought was interrupted by Vivian once she had my dress up over my hips.
"Oh Mitch - look at her tattoo! Isn't that so hot?! Gawd - she really is a slut... maybe she'll want to get another tat while we're on the strip to remember our trip! Ooooo, and look at these panties... crotchless!"

I felt her fingers between my legs, spreading the apparent crotchless opening of the panties I was dressed in while passed out. It was foolish of me not to check my entire wardrobe out while I was in the limo, but I spent the entire trip in a state of shock to the point where it had slipped my mind... the same way it had slipped my mind to check my luggage for that cock ring remote. I leaned back a bit and looked down to see what panties I had been dressed in to see a red lacy thong. The front was basically absent, in its place just some thin ribbon lacing between the lace strands plunging down from my thighs. Even from this view I could see the artificially swollen lips of my fake pussy straining against the ribboning, my face immediately turning just as red as the dress that was bunched up on my hips.

While I was busy examining the panties I had on, Vivian had handed a tube of lube to Mitch, which he had eagerly spread on his thick fingers and was now spreading the cold greasy fluid on the opening to my "pussy", which I was still trying to refer to as my asshole. Eventually I felt his fingers beginning to apply increasing amounts of pressure to the opening until they finally slid inside of me, causing a gasp to escape from me and more giggles from Vivian. After playing with my insides for a minute, I felt Mitch's fingers exit my pussy, quickly replaced by some type of plug that Vivian must have fished out of her purse. More pressure against my opening as the plug must have been over an inch wide at the widest point. Finally I felt my hole wrap around the thin part past the plug and hold it in place as Vivian gave me a playful smack on my ass cheeks. I saw the stewardess coming down the aisle and tried to sit back down, only for Mitch to again grip my thigh as Vivian made a few final adjustments to the plug. Just before the stewardess came into view of my exposed backside, Vivian pulled my dress back down and spoke up.

"Oh Candi, take a seat already! I'm sorry - she's just really excited about this vacation and couldn't wait to get that drink. What was the name of it again?"

The stewardess gave a sheepish grin before whispering that the name of the drink was a "blowjob", causing a hearty laugh from Mitch. Vivian made me take the drink and "thank the stewardess for my blowjob" loud enough for the group in the row in front of us to hear me and turn slightly. Through the opening in the seats I could see them whispering to one another and nodding back towards us as I shamefully took the drink and thanked her "for my blowjob".

I went to drink my shot which reeked of Bailey's before Vivian stopped me.

"No, no, Candi, that's not how your drink a blowjob. Here, put it down on your tray table, now put your hands behind your back. You're going to bend over and take the glass in your mouth, then tilt your head back and gulp it all down. I'm sure you'll be good at it given your expertise!"

This was so embarrassing as the stewardess lingered around to watch my show. I put my hands behind my back and leaned over, trying to get my lips around the shot glass. It took a couple tries and I saw that some of my red lipstick was coming off on the glass, but I finally had a good enough grip on the glass to where I could pick it up. I flung my head backwards and felt the alcohol fill my mouth before swallowing it all down. Mitch, Vivian and the stewardess all clapped some mocking applause before Mitch told her to keep them coming, causing the stewardess to head off back to the bar, smiling and shaking her head at the show she had just witnessed. This was going to be a long flight. And we hadn't even taken off yet as the plane finally started taxing to the runway.

I thought that the vibrations were coming from the plane beginning to move, but as they continued after we came to a halt at the edge of the runway, I knew I was mistaken. It was the plug in my pussy that was vibrating as I looked at Vivian and saw a devious smile on her face with another small remote in her hands. I watched her press another button and felt the plug beginning to expand - wonderful, I thought - as if things weren't bad enough already, they now had an inflatable, vibrating plug nested inside of me. It was a three hour flight with no connections, meaning that I was trapped here with these horrible people for at least the next few hours. The plane jolted forwards and Vivian had a moment of mercy on me as the vibrating and inflating came to a stop while we were thrust into the air on our way to Las Vegas. I wasn't sure if I should be looking forward to getting off of the plane or dreading it given that their options for humiliating me would increase exponentially once we were on the ground... but my options for escaping would increase at the same rate, or at least that's the hope I was clinging desperately to.

Once we leveled off in the air, the stewardess was back with another blowjob for me, again pausing to watch me go through the process of drinking it without my hands. She must have been putting more liquor in them then the recipe called for because they tasted really strong, plus I hadn't had anything to eat for hours so I was already starting to feel a bit lightheaded.

Mitch pulled out a magazine while Vivian pulled out a book, apparently settling in for the long trip. I rested my head against the back of my seat and attempted to drift off to sl**p, but I would periodically be awoken either by Mitch's wandering hands or Vivian triggering the plug inside of me to action while they exchanged glances with each other over me. They were obviously enjoying themselves, meaning two of the three people in this row were enjoying this trip so far. As for me, I was just in another form of my new hell.

An hour into the flight, Vivian said that she needed to go to the ladies room. I stood to let her slide past me only to have her push me back down into my seat. She raised up her skirt, letting me see that she was wearing a sheer pink thong, and lifted one of her legs over me, now straddling me as she sat down with her breasts smashed into my face. She lingered there for a few moments, holding my face into her tits while she gyrated her hips into me before standing. She pulled my head into her crotch and again let it linger for a few moments as I took in the smell of her obviously wet pussy as well as the strong scent of her perfume still in my nose from her tank top. Finally she pulled my head back and gave me a slap on my face as she moved past me, instead straddling Mitch this time and stroking his cock through his suit pants a few times before making her way out to the aisle. Mitch laughed and gave her a playful smack on her ass as she exited our row and on her way to the restroom.

Just as she headed off to the bathroom, the stewardess was back with yet another blowjob for me, to Mitch's amusement. After I had downed it and handed the empty shot to the stewardess, Mitch took my hand and slid it up his leg and into his crotch. I tried to pull back but he was took strong and gave me a stern "don't fuck with me" look, causing me to relent and stop my objections. He manhandled my hand and was rubbing it up and down on his cock while his eyes closed. I hadn't noticed, but after a minute he had removed his hand and now it appeared that I was now voluntarily stroking his cock while he laid back and enjoyed it. It was at that moment that Vivian returned, taking in the sight for a moment before slapping my hand away and telling me that there would be plenty of time for that later. She again climbed over Mitch and myself with the awkward suggestive pauses before settling back into her seat. I was angry at myself for letting Mitch trick me into that position, letting Vivian think that I was voluntarily playing with him when in fact I had been trying to fight him off prior to that. In the grand scheme of things I knew it didn't matter and that she probably knew, but it still angered me to go through that humiliation.

The flight was halfway over when Vivian told me that I should go to the restroom. I politely told her that I didn't have to go, even though I really was starting to feel the urge to pee after all of the blowjobs I had drank down to this point. I just didn't want to have to try climbing over Mitch or walking down the long aisle to the back of the plane dressed as I was and knew that I could hold it until we landed. But Vivian persisted.

"It's not a question, sweetie. Everything I say, you do, remember? Now you head on back to the bathroom and take that pesky plug out of your pussy. Be sure to clean it off while you're in there. I don't want to wear your tight little pussy out so soon in our trip. So you can either head to the bathroom and take it out or I can have you bend over in the aisle while I ask our nice little stewardess to come over and pull it out for you - it's up to you."

With those options I obviously stood up and tried stepping over Mitch to get to the aisle. I placed my back to him and tried to steady myself on my heel, but my balance was off with the long stride and I began to fall. I grabbed on to the seat in front of me to steady myself, but Mitch took the opportunity to pull me down on top of him while Vivian laughed in the window seat at the view. I squealed as the plug was pushed a bit deeper inside of me from the impact and then I squirmed to try and get to my feet, but not before feeling Mitch's semi erect cock pressing against my ass cheek. His hands wandered up to my breasts, groping them through the black spandex for a moment before letting me go and pushing me to my feet. The people in the row in front of us had turned around to see what the commotion was. I saw that they were all men likely in their early 20's. Glancing back as I walked I saw that they were all still standing over their seats, watching me walk back towards the bathroom and nudging one another. More perverts. I was quickly wondering if there were any normal people left in this world.

Thankfully the bathroom was unoccupied as I didn't want to have to stand out in the middle of the aisle after all of the stares I received on my way back. I was growing used to making eye contact with men and women alike and watching their eyes slowly travel down my body, pausing at my breasts and my ass as they blatantly undressed me with their eyes. I realized how guilty I had been of the same exact behavior prior to all of this and vowed that I would change if I ever got free of this imprisonment.

Shutting the bathroom door behind me, I finally saw myself in the mirror. I opened up my mouth and saw that there was a small red penis inserted in my tongue piercing and saw the smeared red lipstick across my lips from the repeated attempts at drinking those blowjob drinks. I wet a tissue and cleaned myself up before hiking up my dress, placing one of my heeled feet on the toilet and taking hold of the base of the plug in my pussy. It took a strong tug to get the widest part past my opening, the plug eliciting an audible pop as it was extracted. I took it to the sink and rinsed it off while realizing that I had nothing to put it in to get it back to my seat! I couldn't very well just walk down the aisle with a butt plug in my hands. After I finished peeing and cleaning up, I decided to wrap it up in toilet paper and try to get back to my seat unnoticed.

As I exited the bathroom, the aisle was clear so I hurried my way down towards first class with what just looked like a wad of tissue paper in my hands. Just before I made it through the first class curtain, our stewardess made her way through them, blocking my path. She immediately saw the bunch of tissue paper in my hands.

"Oh, Miss - here, let me take that trash for you and throw it away."

Before I could protest, she had grabbed the wrapped up plug from my hands. It came unraveled once she had pulled it away and she immediately saw what it was. We both blushed as she handed it back to me and allowed me to pass by, suppressing a laugh as I disappeared back into first class.

"I'll be sure to bring you another blowjob as soon as I get back to your section" she said, loud enough for the few rows around us to hear her. I put my head down and shamefully made my way back through the curtain and to my seat, slumping down in my chair and shoving the partially unwrapped plug into Vivian's purse. The attendant was just behind me, freshly made blowjob in hand, again watching me drink it down.

After an agonizing three hours, the plane started its descent into the Las Vegas airport. My head was spinning from all of the drinks I'd had to consume throughout the flight. I slowly made my way off of the plane, passing by the smiling flight attendant who thanked me for such an entertaining flight and telling me that she hoped to see me again on my return flight. Vivian locked arms with me once we were in the terminal and led me to the baggage claim area. Mitch walked beside me as well, periodically placing his hand on the small of my back to help direct me... other times his hand would travel further south and cup my ass cheeks. My mood at this point could really only be classified as "coast mode"... I was just trying to get to wherever we were going so that I could start to figure out a way to get free. With how d***k I was at the moment, I was still with it enough to know that now was not a smart time to try getting loose. I'd probably stumble and be caught before I even made it out of the terminal - and then they'd certainly take precautions to keep me in check for the rest of the trip.

After we had our bags, we made our way out to the passenger pick-up area. We walked over to a white stretch limo where a driver was standing with a sign for the "Smith" party. While Mitch went to help the driver load up our luggage in the trunk, Vivian pulled me aside and whispered in my ear.

"The real games start now, Candi. That flight was a piece of cake compared to what the rest of this vacation will be for you, sweetie. Now, for the first game, your goal is to get those pretty little lips of yours wrapped around my Mitch's cock by the time we pull into the hotel parking lot. The reward for this will be the simple fact that you get to suck Mitch's cock, which based on that tramp stamp of yours I saw will be reward enough. The punishment, however, will be severe if you fail to get his dick in your mouth by the time we're in that parking lot. He's tired from the trip and will probably not be too interested, so you'll most likely have to do some seducing to get him in the right mood. The drive should take around 45 minutes, but the traffic may not be too bad at this time of day, so I suggest you work quickly!"

The trunk closed and the driver opened our door as we all filed inside. Mitch sat in the back with me on the bench seat to the left and Vivian sitting across from me. She allowed her legs to be spread open, giving me a full view of her sheer panties yet again while she shot me a mischievous smile. I took a deep breath and crawled towards Mitch. I placed my hands on his thighs, slowly moving them both towards his crotch. He smiled, but pushed my hands away just before they reached my reluctant goal.

"Whoa, slow down there baby - plenty of time for that. Let's get to the hotel and relax for a bit."

Shit. I slumped back to my seat and tried to show him a pouty face. I wasn't sure what was worse... the fact that I had to portray disappointment that he shot me down or the thoughts that must have been coursing through his mind about what else we would have plenty of time for. I looked to Vivian, who tapped her wrist in that "running out of time" motion.

I was running through my options when I remembered that Mitch was looking forward to watching Vivian and I play together. I went back to my knees, but instead of crawling towards Mitch, I instead went to Vivian. She seemed a bit surprised at first, but spread her legs further apart to let me in between them. I ran my hands up her stomach and took her firm C-cup breasts in my hands through her tanktop, feeling the lace of her bra underneath through my fingertips. I placed my nose against her clit through her panties and heard her give a soft moan while she placed her hands on top of mine, making me roughly begin to massage her tits while I breathed against her panty covered pussy. She slid down on her seat, letting her crotch rest off of the seat to give me access to it. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Mitch adjusting to get a better view of the show.

I pulled down on Vivian's tanktop, letting her breasts free from it and the bra. I took her nipples in my fingers and heard her squeal a bit as I rolled them in tight circles. I felt them become erect, now turning into small pencil erasers in my hands as she pulled her panties to the side, exposing her bare pussy to me now. Her lips were swollen and glistening as I licked and bit the outside of her labia. Mitch was now beginning to stroke his cock through his pants as I picked my head up from between Vivian's legs for a moment and seductively licked my lips. I knew he was ready and went to move towards him only to have Vivian grab my hair and push me back down between her legs.

"Huh uh bitch - you can't get me all hot and heavy and then run off to him. You get back in there and finish what you fucking started!"

My complaints were muffled quickly as soon I was surrounded by her toned thighs and musky wet pussy. Mitch's cock was now out of his pants and he was slowly stroking it, telling Vivian how hot this all was and to send me over to him once she was finished with me. We had been driving for nearly 30 minutes and I knew I had to get Vivian off quickly if I was going to have time to tend to Mitch before we made it to our hotel parking lot.

I wasted no time and thrust my entire tongue as far into Vivian as I could, feeling her tighten her grip on my hair and lift herself up off of the leather seat in ecstasy. As she lowered back down I let my tongue out, again thrusting all the way inside as she made it down, swirling my tongue inside of her this time and feeling her hands leave my hair and move to her breasts, over my hands. She was grinding her pussy against my face, smearing her juices all over me and no doubt smearing my makeup in the process. I pushed my head as far into her as I could, reaching the deepest regions of her vaginal canal and licking furiously as she was nearing an orgasm. I could hear the moans of her as well as Mitch who was obviously enjoying the performance - he no doubt had a wonderful view of my backside given how I was bent over plus Vivian was massaging her breasts as I pinched and tugged on her nipples, my head disappearing between her sexy legs. If I were a guy watching this, I was sure it would send me over the edge.

Vivian's cum came gushing out of her pussy as she again moved her hands to my head, holding me in place as she came. She held me there until she felt she was sufficiently cleaned up, coming down from her ecstasy and letting out a long, satisfied sigh. As soon as she let go of my hair I pulled myself away and moved towards Mitch, who was now feverishly jacking himself off, his face flushed, obviously close to an orgasm of his own.

I crawled two steps towards him before I felt Vivian behind me. She pulled my hands behind my back, putting my face on the floor of the limo. She grabbed a pair of handcuffs from a drawer compartment under her seat and clicked them into place, locking my hands behind me. I was panicking, knowing that she was delaying my completion of her little game purposely, but knew that saying anything would likely just prolong what was happening. She pulled the back of my hair, lifting me up to see Mitch, his engorged cock now just inches away from me as I stuck out my tongue, my red penis piercing slightly visible to me. I was so close to touching him, but Vivian expertly kept me just far enough away that it was impossible to make happen. She moved her hands from my hair down to my chest, pulling the spandex top of my dress down over my breasts, exposing them to Mitch now as she picked me upright to my knees.
Mitch's eyes moved to my breasts as he continued to stroke himself at a furious pace. Vivian's hands massaging them from behind felt odd to me - almost pleasurable, almost painful at the same time as she aggressively pinched my nipples causing me to yelp. Mitch moved forward on his seat, his cock once again just out of my reach as I tried to lunge forward and let my lips envelope his cock, only to be f***efully help back by Vivian. Precum was oozing out of Mitch's dick, sliding down until his hand covered the tip, spreading the precum all over the shaft. The added lubrication was all Mitch needed as he stopped stroking his full shaft and focused only on the tip, groaning loudly. Vivian was licking and sucking on my ear.

"Open your mouth Candi - you're going to take his entire load in there. My Mitch cums like no man you've ever seen before... he has huge balls that hold a reservoir of semen. It will fill that hot mouth of yours to the brim, but don't you dare swallow a drop until I tell you to or you'll regret it."

A game within a game, apparently. This Vivian was a methodical bitch I gathered. She pinched my now erect nipples and held them tightly, causing my mouth to open. Before I could let out a howl, I felt the first spurt of cum hit my tongue. What followed was both amazing and appalling. Stream after long stream of cum exited Mitch's cock as he continued to massage it. Just when I thought there couldn't possibly be more, another string would shoot out of his dick and expertly collect in my mouth. Only a few drops missed their spot and ran down my chin, collected up by Vivian's hands and spread over my still bare breasts. My mouth was full, my cheeks puffed out like some kind of chipmunk. I wanted nothing more to spit the entire load out or swallow it, anything to get it all out of my mouth as I felt it covering the walls of my cheeks and the roof of my mouth, finding every possible crevice.

The limo came to a stop in the valet department of the Bellagio. I had failed to get my lips on Mitch's cock, but I couldn't even think of that given my current predicament with my mouth full of Mitch's seed. Vivian pulled my dress back up over my tits just as the driver opened the door, smiling as he saw Mitch zipping his fly back up and me handcuffed on my knees. He held the door open as the three of us filed out, a couple hotel workers coming out and loading our bags onto a luggage cart. As soon as I was outside, Vivian released my wrists from the handcuffs but made no mention of the cum in my mouth, meaning I was going to have to continue holding it. Once inside, she and I lingered in the lobby while Mitch went to the front desk, talking to the hotel manager and periodically pointing over towards us while the manager nodded continuously in confirmation of whatever Mitch was saying.

After what felt like an eternity, Mitch came over to us and led us to the main elevator. We stepped inside, alone as the doors closed and I saw Mitch press the "PH" button, sending us up to the Penthouse suite. These Smiths were obviously some high rollers. Vivian was staring at me, periodically wiping the small drops of semen away from the corners of my mouth as it would inevitably leak out, sucking her fingers dry as she did so. I looked to her pleadingly but received no relief as she just nodded her head from side to side, warning me not to swallow any of the cum until she was ready. I started to wonder if she would ever be ready and if I was just supposed to lose this game no matter how long I kept it in my mouth. I debated just spitting it out and dealing with the consequences, but the elevator doors opened at that moment, Vivian pushing me forward out to the door to our suite.

Mitch slid the electronic key through the locking mechanism, pushing the door open as the green light flashed approvingly to let us inside. The suite was massive with a panoramic view of the strip out the main window. There was a huge balcony area, a jacuzzi, a bathroom with a shower that looked able to hold 8-10 people, massive king sized beds in three different rooms. It was the biggest hotel room I had ever seen as I was led to one of the guest rooms where my pink suitcases were waiting, the bellhop obviously placing them there before we made it up.

Vivian sat me down on what I presumed to be my bed, again rummaging through her purse.

"Tilt your head back and open wide Candi" she said, pulling something small out in her closed hand. I did as I was told, feeling the huge load of semen rush to the back of my closed throat. She displayed a small green pill and threw it into the middle of the pool of cum, smiling as she did so.

"Vicki said that you have a tendency to try and run off to whore around on your own time, so this is just a little precaution to prevent you from doing so. That green pill is time released - every 12 hours you need to take one of these little pink pills I have and will lock up here in the room. If you don't take the pink pill at least every 12 hours, your body will essentially begin to systematically shut down.. loss of vision, hearing, speech, increasing pain in your head until finally everything just stops altogether. Yes, quite a serious repercussion, but we will always be nearby to give you your anecdotal dose, so as long as you stick with Mitch and I, you'll be just fine. At the end of the vacation we'll give you the eliminating anecdote, sending you right back to normal. Now, SLOWLY, I want you to swallow everything down and then open wide so that I can make sure you took the pill down."

That bitch Miss Vicki - if she hadn't given them that warning then my escape would be much easier. It was now much, much more complicated. These people and their fucking pills. My head still tilted back I began to let small bunches of cum slide down my throat, feeling the pill make its way down during one of them. Once finished I opened my mouth for Vivian to examine, having to lift my tongue and pull out my cheeks to let her see every possible hiding place for the pill. Satisfied, she smiled and went to one of my suitcases, popping it open and looking through it. She tossed me what looked like a bra and a thong.

"It was a long flight and Mitch wants to take a nap. I don't want to be couped up in this room though, so you and I are going to head poolside and get a little tan. I saw those tanlines you had on your tits and figured this little bikini would be fun. Now lets get you out of that dress and into it."

A bikini? This was hardly a bikini. It was a mesh material, the cups and crotch red with black trims and strings all around. The cups were split in two, held together by a small black bow that could easily come untied. The crotch was the same way, the meshy material straining to be held together to conceal what was underneath. I looked at her with disbelief.

"Miss Vivian, surely I can't wear this out to a public pool - I mean, look at it! I'll be reported for public nudity."

She gave me an impatient and irritated look.

"Nonsense, Candi. For one, we're heading to the VIP pool where topless women is practically encouraged. For another, all of your goodies are covered up unless any of those bows come untied. And well, if they do, more fun for me and whoever has a good view of you. Now quit wasting my time and get dressed. I'm heading to change and when I get back you had better be ready to head to the pool. And keep those heels on, they perk that tight little ass of yours up beautifully and I want to show my bitch off properly in our first outing."

She left the room, finally leaving me to myself. I stared defiantly at the bikini on the bed, telling myself that I couldn't possibly wear it. I felt the mixture of cum and alcohol swishing around in my otherwise empty stomach, looking around the room for something to eat to attempt to absorb the concoction but coming up empty. My escape was going to have to wait until I was feeling better and also when I knew where they were hiding these anecdotal pills that I was going to need in order for my escape to be able to last longer than 12 hours without coming to an unfortunate sounding end. I gulped, tasting remnants of semen that felt permanently encrusted in the crevices and folds of my mouth, even between my teeth. I slid my dress down and off, grabbing my ridiculous excuse for a thong as I went on down and over my heels. I wanted to take the heels off and feel the plush white carpeting under my toes, but knew my time was limited.

It took me a lot of adjusting, but I finally managed to arrange the tiny bikini on my breasts and crotch to where my nipples and pussy weren't visible through the tiny slits still made by the bows holding the material together. The strings of the bikini sat atop my already defined tanlines, giving me a bit of a map for where everything was supposed to go as the strings of the thong rode high up on my hips before diving down and disappearing between my tanned ass cheeks. I went to the mirror on the back of my door and looked at myself. My makeup was a mess so I decided to take the makeup bag out of my open suitcase and fix it as I waited for Vivian, reapplying the lipstick and eyeliner that had been smeared by Vivian's legs and pussy. Just as I was finishing up, Vivian popped open the door.

Her bikini was much more modest and simple than mine. It was all black with a full back, large string bows holding everything in place on both sides of her bottom. The back of her bottom was scrunch styled, lifting her ass cheeks up beautifully and fitting the contour of her backside. Her breasts filled out the top, bouncing gently as she walked into the room. In her hand she held a single black and pink sarong - I emptily hoped that it was for me but knew otherwise... firstly because it didn't match my bikini at all, and secondly because I was understanding how much of an evil bitch Vivian was even this early in the "vacation".

Confirming my thoughts, Vivian wrapped the cover up around her hips and tied it in place, ensuring that all of the attention would now be directed to me. She looked me up and down and had me turn around so that she could see the back, then gave me a smack on my ass, giggling as I felt my cheeks jiggling... my ass was still tight, but I could feel it filling out as I continued taking my daily regiment of pills from Miss Vicki. Satisfied with my slutty appearance, Vivian led us out of the room, saying bye to Mitch in the process who groggily returned the goodbye as he was obviously about to fall asl**p.

We entered the elevator and I saw Vivian press the "P" button above the "PH" that we were currently on. Surprised, I felt the elevator go up rather than down - I was confused as I thought that we were already on the top floor. The doors opened and Vivian took my hand in hers and pulled me forward.

There was a deep blue inground pool surrounded by white canopies with pool chairs underneath them. Littered around the area were gorgeous women in skimpy bikinis and well groomed men in tight, short spandex swim trunks. Vivian led me through the area hand in hand, past a group of three women who could easily have been supermodels... or playboy models, given how they were dressed in their pink, blue and red bikinis. They looked at Vivian and smiled a respectful looking smile, then eyed me up and down. One rolled her eyes and I was sure they were talking about me after we had passed, feeling their eyes still examining me as we walked past them. A man with chiseled abs and black spandex shorts walked by, catching me looking at the outline of his cock pushed to the side in his shorts and smiling - plus I swear he winked at me as Vivian gave him a playful wave. We walked by a few more similar groups before coming to an empty canopy. Vivian laid down on one chair and had me lay down on the other, looking out at the pool. A few women and men were in the pool and I was shocked to see that two of the women were topless, their breasts swaying and being splashed with water as they walked and swam, glistening against the sunshine pouring down on the roof. Vivian leaned over to me.

"So Candi - tell me, of all of the men here, which would be your choice to take you into that island in the middle of the pool and give you a proper pounding?"

My mouth dropped halfway open and I looked to Vivian, expecting her to start laughing and tell me she was joking. Seeing her face maintain a serious expression, I rolled my eyes and started looking around at all of the various men surrounding the pool. I didn't understand how I was supposed to choose something that wasn't attractive to me at all, so I just randomly picked a man laying down on a chair across the pool. Vivian nodded approvingly.

"Interesting... I figured you would have protested or just selected no one at all. Very interesting, Candi."

Fuck... I wanted to tell her that I didn't say "nobody" because I figured I would be punished, but the damage had already been done. Plus she was obviously just playing another game with me, the caniving bitch. I watched her reach in her pool bag and toss me a small tube. Looking at it I saw that it was glittering suntan lotion. I popped open the top only to hear Vivian stop me.

"No, no, Candi. You don't put that on yourself - you take that over to your dreamy man over there and you get him to put it on you. And, since it glitters, I'll know if he missed a spot. Everywhere that's showing better be glittering by the time you get back here."

This just kept getting more ridiculous. Now I was being asked... ordered, rather... by a stranger to go have another stranger spread lotion all over my bikini clad body. I gave a frustrated groan and rose to my feet, slowly making my way around the edge of the pool and over to where the man way laying. He was young, probably around my age. He wasn't as tan as some of the other men at the pool but still had a nice color. He had a swimmer's type of build - no bulging muscles, but definitely toned and in shape with not a hair visible on his body, not even on his legs leading up to the bottom of his blue swim trunks. He was reading a book on his iPad, not paying any attention to me or any of the people around him. How was I supposed to get his attention?

I took a seat in the pool chair next to him, hoping that he would glance over at the person sitting down but he remained undisturbed. I popped open the top of the lotion bottle and began rubbing it on my arm, sighing loudly, but still nothing. He was obviously in his own world. I stood up again, now just a few feet from him and turned my back to him, putting one of my legs up on the chair. I began rubbing the lotion up and down my leg, peering back at him out of the corner of my eye. Finally I saw him shoot a glance my way, checking out the thong covered ass staring back at him at eye level. His gaze lingered for a moment and I thought I had him, but back to his iPad he went without a word. Fuck.

I put some more lotion in my hands and began attempting to lotion up my back, grunting and groaning in frustration as I couldn't reach the entire area. At long last he asked if I needed help, which I graciously accepted. I looked across the pool and saw Vivian mock clapping her approval.

I laid down on my stomach while the man spread the lotion out across my back. He paused for a moment as he noticed my tattoo, but he didn't say a word as he continued to rub the lotion into my back. Once it was all covered, he stood to go back to his chair. Shit! It figures that I'd finally find a guy with manners when I needed a pervert.

"Umm, I'm sorry to impose Sir, but if you wouldn't mind that felt absolutely wonderful! Would you mind helping me out with the rest?"

I shot him a flirtatious smile as I asked. He looked a bit flustered, but stood back up from his chair as I laid my head back down. He put another dab of lotion in his hands and started down at my feet, rubbing my legs all the way up to just under my ass. He continued to rub, never putting his hands on my ass, obviously not wanting to cross any lines that I actually needed to have him cross. I decided to help him along and reached back while his hands were at the tips of my thighs and placed them on my ass.

"There too, if you don't mind." I said to the man. He left his hands on my ass for a moment, obviously taking in the moment where he was most likely living out a fantasy of having a blond knockout beg for him to rub her ass. If only he knew there was a cock underneath this bikini rather than a genuine pussy like he was no doubt envisioning. I felt his hands leave my ass for a moment before returning with more lotion. He rubbed my ass for what must have been five minutes, must longer than he had spent on my back or legs and on a much smaller area. He was obviously enjoying himself, grabbing handfuls of my butt in his hands as he rubbed it all in.

After letting this go on for a while, I flipped over and squeezed some lotion on my legs and stomach, looking at him expectantly. He eagerly went at it yet again, rubbing the lotion all the way up my legs and letting his hands rub against the crotch of my bikini periodically, becoming more and more adventurous as he went. I looked across at Vivian who was watching intently, he hand between her legs, disappearing under her sarong as she enjoyed the view of this ruggedly handsome man rubbing and fondling me. He moved on to my stomach, this time letting his hands slide under my breasts as he spread the cream all around, leaving a glittered trail behind his hands each time. His eyes were fixated on the bows of my bikini bra as if he were hoping that he would will them to come untied. He took some more lotion and began spreading it just above my breasts and around my chest, letting his hands wander to my cleavage, looking at me with hope in his eyes that I would pull my bra off and let him rub them as well. I looked at Vivian and saw her mimic the motion of untying the cups of my breasts. I mouthed the word "NO" to her only to see her pull out the small black remote of my cock ring from her pool bag.

Begrudgingly, I moved this stranger's hands away from me and slowly untied both of the bows of my bra cups simultaneously. I saw the bulge in his shorts growing bigger as he saw my pierced nipples become exposed as I pulled the mesh material to the sides of my breasts, cupping them in my hands.

"Here too, please"

He fumbled the tube of lotion as he hurriedly went to get more in his hands as if he wanted to take me up on my offer before I changed my mind. I wanted nothing more than to change my mind and storm off, but I sat there like a statue as I felt his timid hands begin to spread the lotion around my breasts, massaging them in a clockwise motion. He asked me if it felt good as I closed my eyes and faked a pleasurable moan, the validation causing him to be more aggressive with his rubbing as he focused more on my nipples and aureoles, as if they were at risk to be sunburnt. It took everything I had not to slap his hands away. I opened my eyes and saw Vivian motioning for me to come back to the canopy... finally. I asked the man if he could tie me back up - he looked a bit defeated, but gave me a smile and did as he was asked. As I was getting ready to stand up, he handed me his business card and wrote down his room number on the back, telling me that his name was Mark and that he hoped we'd meet again... calling me Candi as I walked off, obviously taken from my tattoo. I smiled a courteous smile and thanked him for the wonderful massage before heading back to Vivian, seeing that he was still staring at me across the pool as I sat down.

"You're such a fucking tease, Candi. I love it." Vivian said, as if I had volunteered myself to go over there and be groped for half a fucking hour by some man I'd never met, having him squeeze and fondle my tits while obviously imagining himself sliding his cock in between them.
"Remind me," she continued, "in the limo, did you accomplish wrapping those sexy lips around my man's throbbing cock?"

I was sure she remembered and was just fucking with me, but seeing little other choices but to play her game, I informed her that no, I had not succeeded in getting my lips on Mitch's dick in the limo.

"Ohhhh, that's right - you took quite a load though, huh?! I told you he shoots like nothing you'd ever seen before. Just wait until it's leaking out of your pussy, you'll feel like someone stuck a fire hose up there as it continues to pour out of there. But anyways - so you didn't get your lips on him, meaning that you have to be punished. I mean, if I didn't punish you, how could I expect you to take future games seriously, right? So... let's see...".

She began to scan the pool for a few minutes, he mind going into overdrive as she wracked her brain to come up with a suitable punishment. Finally her vision locked in on a group in the middle of the pool. There were three men and two women - one of the women was topless with perky B-cup breasts while the other was wearing a white wicked weasel bikini, just like the ones I tanned in back at my apartment. They were so skimpy and revealing she may as well have been topless. The men they were with were your typical preppy jocks with their long, baggy swimming trunks, tanned shirtless bodies and intentionally messed up hairstyles. They were most likely on a vacation from college, being in their early 20's or so and making the most of their time here in Vegas... most likely on their parents' dime, also. They all had some type of mixed drink in their hands, the women dancing on one another and teasing the men mercilessly as they would periodically grind up against them, their cocks undoubtedly stiff as a board underneath the deep blue water. Vivian seemed intrigued by them, staring at them for a couple minutes before snapping back to the moment, turning her attention back towards me.

"Okay, Candi - this may be more of a reward for you rather than a punishment, but given our surroundings and environment, I can't exactly bend you over that table in the middle of the pool and spank you, now can I... tempting as it may be seeing that ass of yours swaying back and forth as you walked over to be a little cocktease to Mark. You've really learned how to walk like a whore. Anyways - you see that young group having the time of their lives there in the middle of the pool? I think it'd be splendid if you made their trip here to sin city a bit more memorable - give them something to talk about when they get back to school with their friends. So, this game is simple... there are 2 women and 3 men, meaning your mouth will have to come in contact with 2 pussies and 3 cocks before you come back to this canopy. The water is clear enough that, if I move my chair to the edge of the pool, I'll be able to get a front row seat."

She really expected me to be able to just wade into the pool and convince 5 people to let me go down on them? It'd be one thing if this was some kind of a sex party like the other night, but this was just at a pool on top of a casino. What if they just said no and sent me back to Vivian as a failure? I shivered as I stopped myself short of thinking what a 2nd degree of her punishment could be as I stood to my feet and tried to gain my composure to come up with a plan of how to make this happen.

I went to the stairway of the pool and waded in, the water coming up just past my navel as my silver chain jewelry floated up hanging from my belly button. The water was extremely comfortable - not too hot, not too cold, heated up perfectly by the sun and the obvious temperature control they had from the hotel. I decided that my ticket in to the group would be to win the women over first - if they didn't approve of me then there was no way I'd be able to get into their panties. The men would be easy enough - I figured that once they saw me playing with the girls they'd be easily manipulated and seduced.. their swim trunks would practically pull themselves off.

But how to win over the women - the girls I'd come in contact with so far seemed intimidated by me and almost angry at me without me even saying a word to them. I was going to need to lay it on thick to make sure they knew I wasn't there for long term competition, just a bit of fun and then be on my way. I decided to focus on the brunette girl in the white wicked weasel bikini first, figuring that if I got in with one then she could help me out with the topless blond next to her. I wandered over close to them and then put on my biggest fake smile before initiating contact.

"Oh my GOD! I LOVE that swimsuit! Is that a wicked weasel? I've heard about those but never seen one in person - and you wear it SO SO well! I'm sorry to be so upfront and to interrupt your group but I just had to come in for a better look - I mean, wow, you are just SO sexy in that, right?!"

The brunette turned to me, at first a bit confused by obviously flattered by the continuous compliments, especially coming from what she would normally view as competition for attention. The men were nodding approvingly with every word I said, more fuel in my favor and the topless blond seemed a bit taken aback, but also loved her friend getting such positive attention. The brunette thanked me and introduced herself as Jasmine, complimenting me back on my bikini and placing her hand on my arm as she talked to me.

"Aww, that's so sweet of you, thank you so much! And you - well, I mean, just look at you - these guys here have been eying you ever since you walked in with your friend over there. Yea, Mandy and I have seen you guys stealing looks over there, you aren't that slick!"

I couldn't believe it but I actually found myself blushing. She and I continued to chat, mostly consisting of me complimenting her and her modestly thanking me. As we talked, I started to see that all five of them were considerably wasted, being out here in the sun for a few hours, drinking who knows how many mixed drinks. They obviously had few inhibitions given that Mandy was topless and Jasmine was practically on full display. I continued to make contact with Jasmine and some of the boys as much as possible, touching the boys chests or having Jasmine show me her tattoos and tell me about her piercings. At that time Mandy chimed in that she had her clit pierced, obviously becoming a bit desperate for attention and trying to nudge her way into the conversation Jasmine and I were having. This was working beautifully.

Mandy was becoming so desperate for attention that she was beginning to rub up against me, pushing her tits up against mine and hinting repeatedly that she'd love to see the bows on my bra come undone and perhaps even the one on my bottoms covering my crotch. I gave a nervous laugh and told her that it could happen if she played her cards right, sending the boys into a frenzy and causing them to continue to reference how hot it would be to see the 3 of us playing together, complete with howls and high fives as the drinks kept coming.

Mandy was pressing her breasts up against my back this time, feeling her hands wandering around my hips as Jasmine backed into my crotch, her perfectly round ass fitting deliciously into my midsection. Mandy was losing control and was wasted as her hands traveled up my torso and found their way on my breasts. She was licking and sucking on my ears as I let my hands begin to massage and caress Jasmine's ass. If this were six months ago I'd be waiting to wake up from this wet dream disappointed - yet here I was and all I could think about was accomplishing a goal rather than thinking about two drop dead gorgeous women bumping and grinding against me. Mandy's hands moved over my bra and I felt the bows release their tension, the material separating and putting my breasts in full view for the three men eagerly watching us, their jaws stuck halfway open while the three women in front of them fulfilled their wildest fantasy.

I started walking forward, causing Jasmine to move forward towards the center island of the pool and Mandy to keep up with us. I whispered in Jasmine's ear for her to sit on the edge and, as she lifted herself out of the pool I hooked my fingers into the strings of her thong, letting her upward momentum pull the bottoms down over her ankles and off. I playfully tossed them to one of the men, causing more cheers and more high fives. Jasmine laughed and turned to face me, now sitting on the edge of the island with her legs spread, inviting me in between them. Mandy continued to follow me as I kissed my way in from Jasmine's knees all the way up to her pussy. Her legs were tanned beautifully all over, obviously meaning that she periodically tanned in the buff, with a small landing strip of pubic hair just above her vagina. I breathed patiently on her mound as Mandy's hands were massaging my ass and periodically rubbing up against my fake pussy while I faked pleasureful moans in response. I had Jasmine just on the edge and finally dove in with my tongue attacking her pussy while she leaned back and just enjoyed my masterful tongue. It only took a few minutes before I felt the warm gush of cum leave her pussy and enter my awaiting mouth.

I quickly turned to face Mandy and locked lips with her, transferring the cum back and forth from my mouth to hers as women had done with me at various parties. Mandy was taken aback at first but in no time was shoving her tongue deep into my mouth in return. Jasmine laid back and took in the show Mandy and I were now putting on as I put my fingers to work on Mandy now, sliding her pink thong bikini to the side and teasing the outside of her pussy while the men looked on with shell shocked expressions, probably thinking that this stuff didn't really happen anywhere but in pornos.

Mandy was bucking and grinding against my hand now, extremely close to orgasm as she was just moaning in my ear. I disappeared under the water, feeling her hands on the back of my head as I gave her underwater head. Her body shook in an eruption of an orgasm as I allowed myself to float back up above the water. She too was spent as I thought about how I was done with the hard part. Mandy made her way over to Jasmine, picking herself up out of the pool and delicately kissing her friend, talking about how hot all of this was and dropping the "what happens in Vegas" line with one another. Lucky for them, I thought.

I turned my attention now to the men, all sporting significant bulges in their trunks under the water now. I walked over and picked myself up out of the water, walking to the pool chair in the middle of the canopy on the island. They didn't move, just watching me walk, mesmerized by my ass and tits bouncing, jiggling and glistening as the water ran down them. I motioned for them to come over to me and they practically got in a fist fight trying to be the first out of the pool and over to me. Typical men, I thought, before remembering that I was a man underneath all of these prosthetic lies.

The men lined up shoulder to shoulder in front of me as I motioned for them to all pull their shorts down. They looked a bit tentative, obviously not wanting to appear homosexual to their other two friends, but Mandy and Jasmine cheered them on from the side, still recovering from their own pleasure rides on my tongue. That was all they needed as their shorts hit the deck. I faked a seductive smile and began to stroke the man on the right and the left while I stuck my tongue out and teased the head of the cock of the man in the middle. Up and down I stroked, having to multitask as I now started to bob up and down on the cock in my mouth. The show I had put on with the two women had obviously had an effect on the men as, in no time, all three cocks felt engorged and throbbing, each man groaning periodically. The man in the middle was getting the best of it, obviously, and immediately shot his load in the back of my throat as he pulled my wet hair forward to take him all the way into my mouth.

With him finished I took my left hand off of one of the cocks and continued to stroke with my right, now taking another cock in my mouth. This one was larger and thicker than the first man and he was uncircumcised, causing a new difficulty for me, but I expertly swirled my tongue around his shaft, letting my tongue piercing do all of the work and send him over the edge, quickly feeling a long stream of cum shoot out as he pulled my head off of his cock, shooting his entire load all over my face, covering my nose and eyes.

I had to keep my eyes closed as I knew that the last man was nearing completion as well and didn't want him to get off without getting my mouth on his cock as Vivian would surely consider that a failure. It only took a few deepthroat maneuvers before he too pulled my head off of his cock and stroked out a load of semen. I was surprised when I didn't feel any cum landing on my face, instead he had shot it across my chest, giving me the infamous "pearl necklace" from the feel of it. All three men collapsed on the various pool chairs in the area as I laid back on the one I was currently on. In no time I felt a tongue lapping up the cum all over me, from the pearl necklace all the way up to my eyelids, opening them to see that it was Mandy collecting it all in her mouth before returning my cum filled kiss with her earlier with one of her own, only she didn't allow me to transfer the cum back into her mouth, thrusting her tongue into mine and leaving it there until I swallowed it all down.

Mandy peeled off of me and went back to laying next to Jasmine, all five of them talking about how fucking hot that was and thanking me for being so giving. Across the pool I heard a clapping noise, opening my eyes to see Vivian sitting in her chair with a small video camera, obviously catching the whole thing on tape, cementing the memory for forever and no doubt intending to share it with Miss Vicki once we returned back home, whenever that would be. She collected her things and stood, calling out to me.

"Wonderful job, Candi - be sure to get a contact number for this lovely group and let them know that we're staying in the penthouse suite here in case they'd like to get together another time before we head out. Now let's head back to the room and get cleaned up for a busy night out - plus I'm sure Mitch will be up soon and wonder what we've been up to."

With that she subtly tapped her video camera, signifying that she intended to show her footage to Mitch, which would certainly put him in the mood to actually get my lips on his cock this time around, among other things. I rolled off of the chair and got the room number that Mandy and Jasmine were staying in before giving each of them a quick kiss goodbye, then blowing one to each of the three men and making my way back across the pool to the awaiting and very pleased Vivian.

"Fuck, Candi" she said so only I could hear. "I got myself off twice just watching that! Now tie your tits back up and lets get back to the room, we have a big night ahead of us and many, many more games to play!"

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