Trapped and Trained Sissy Ch. 13

Trapped and Trained Ch. 13
The next two weeks were a blur. I had no idea what was going on, just short flashes of consciousness followed by blackness and confusion once again. The times I was awake I was still groggy as I must have been kept heavily sedated. I'd feel myself being shifted and moved from room to room periodically, bursts of extremely bright lights, fluids and pills pushed into me, bandages removed and replaced around my body. Then it'd be back to the darkness and confusion, wondering what was going on, panicking about all of the possibilities.

Finally I awoke one morning, finding myself completely alone in my bed. I had hoped that I'd awake to find my life back to normal, but as I rolled my head to the left and saw the pink walls with a large, poster-sized framed photo of me being dolled up in a pink dress, a massive cock balls deep inside of me, I knew that I was still in my own personal hell.

I tried to roll over only to find that my arms and legs were tied spread eagle to the bed. The white and pink comforter was pulled up to my neck, not allowing me to see anything I was wearing. I imagined it was some sort of negligee, so that didn't disappoint me too much. I squirmed a bit, trying to move the blanket around, but my range of motion was severely limited. On my pink pillow I could see blond locks of hair falling from my head all around me. Another wig, what else is new, I thought to myself.

Suddenly the door to my bedroom opened and, to my surprise, Brittany walked in. She was dressed down, just wearing some short pink shorts with a white tank top, showing off her impressive cleavage with her blond hair tied up into a messy ponytail. She broke out into a somewhat surprised smile as she saw that I was now awake.

"I thought I heard you in here Candi. Glad to see you're finally awake - you've had an eventful past two weeks! Now, let me explain a few things before I release you. You may not know it, but you were signed up for some extensive and expensive procedures a couple of weeks ago, so you may be a little shocked by all of the changes you're going to see when I remove this comforter. Don't fret, your pathetic little clitty is still in tact. For now, at least, from what I hear - I guess it all depends on how that Miss Vicki lady grades your behavior over the next couple months."

Procedures?! What procedures?! I squirmed violently against my restraints now, pulling as hard as I could against each of the cuffs, trying to break free. Brittany just giggled.

"I know, you're eager to see all of your improvements. Well, before I do the big unveiling of the new and mightily improved Candi, let me tell you what I'm doing here. It hasn't always been just me here, but I'd say I've done the lion's share of the work since I myself have had some work done on my body and know how to take care of everything. I've had some help from a few guys in getting you up and around, putting you in the tub to keep you washed up, changing your clothes, getting you up and around to prevent any kind of bed sores. I've also added my own little touch, something I thought would be super sexy, but I'll leave that as a surprise! Keep in mind that you're still being watched on cameras and you have your clitty ring back in place, so any disobedience and you know you're going to get zapped. Before I release you I'm going to blindfold you so that you can take it all in at once - don't you dare move to take that off. Now, nod your head if you're going to be a good girl and then I'll release you."

I stared at her in disbelief for a few minutes before tentatively nodding my head in confirmation. Brittany jumped up off the bed and grabbed a black blindfold, sliding it over my eyes before she moved around to each of my limbs, releasing the cuffs. I felt her pull the covers off of me and I resisted the urge to pull the blindfold off, knowing that I would receive a harsh punishment and that I would see what had happened to me shortly anyways. Brittany grasped my hand and pulled me to my feet. I felt the blond wig I was wearing tickle the tops of my shoulders as the hair fell down as I stood. I felt my feet on the ground completely, glad to know that I wasn't wearing any kind of high heels for once. I feared this would be my last good feeling in a long time as my nerves were alive in anticipation of seeing what these a****ls had done to me.

Brittany slowly led me away from the bed and in front of a full length mirror that I knew was on the wall by the door. As we walked I felt a very light material holding my breasts and sliding up my ass as well, but that was about it - the fake breasts must have still been on me, I figured - nothing new there. All in all I didn't feel too different, though my mouth did feel quite strange but I chalked it up to just being woozy from the sedation. She stopped me there in front of the mirror and spoke to me.

"Okay Candi - time for you to see the new, well, you!"

She lifted the blindfold off of my face. I guess the first thing I noticed was that my entire body was now extremely tan. Brittany noticed this as well and smiled.

"You see, while you've been out I figured now would be a great time to work on those tan lines. I've had the guys come in and put you in that tanning bed you have a couple times a day for the past two weeks. I've always made sure to have you in a sexy little thong and bra to get you some cute tan lines - guys love that thong tan line, you know."

I was wearing one of the outfits she must have been talking about. A light pink wicked weasel bikini was barely containing my bulging pussy lips and fake breasts. The breasts seemed to feel a bit different and their shape wasn't the same as I remembered, but I figured it was just a different style that was glued on me now. My body was still as smooth as the morning I had shaved. My lips seemed a bit fuller and I saw the blond wig I was wearing was much longer than I thought. The hair was straightened and went down to the tops of my breasts. It was blond, but there were darker highlights towards the bottom and also mixed into the bangs.

I looked confusingly towards Brittany. She looked at my reflection in the mirror and then went through everything.

"I know - it's hard to tell what's changed, huh sweetie? Well - those breasts aren't glued on for starters."

With my jaw halfway open, she untied the back of the bikini top at my neck and back, letting it fall to the ground as my breasts bounced. I slowly moved my hands to them, recoiling as I felt my hands moving across the mounds of flesh now atop my chest. Everywhere was still a darkened bronze except for where the bikini had been, that skin still as white as it had been the last day I remembered. The thin tan line extended up over my neck and around my back, almost as if I was permanently wearing a bikini top now. Brittany stood in front of me and placed her hands on my chest as I still looked at her dumbfoundedly. She ran her fingers over my new light pink aureoles before taking my pencil eraser erect nipples in her fingers and twisting them. No longer did I feel a response from underneath fake breasts gripping my real nipples - these were my real nipples and the sensation was felt immediately. Brittany just smiled and slapped them, watching them bounce naturally.

"Wonderful shape to them, don't ya think? They have that natural pendulous look. They wanted to push you up to an E cup but I talked them into a full D. But don't worry, we've had you on a steady dose of estrogen so soon you'll be up into that double D cup range, which will just be fabulous as they jiggle while you're riding a cock with them bouncing up and down. Aren't they just magnificent?"

Brittany was behind me now, her hands reached around me caressing my breasts. She whispered more changes to my body in my ear.

"Oh, and that hair - that's not a wig sweetie. That's for real too. They took advantage of a radical new implant procedure and basically planted synthetic hairs into your scalp. Your body doesn't know the difference and will latch onto it just like a normal hair follicle, allowing it to grow just like your natural hair. We'll have to keep it colored periodically, but that will be so fun. We'll have a girls night and I'll come over to color your hair and style it while we watch some of your porn films and talk about all the guys you've sucked and fucked!"

I moved my hands up to my hair and gave it a tug, feeling the roots tugging in response from underneath my scalp. I moved closer to the mirror, pulling up the bangs to look at the root of the hairs, dumbfounded as I saw it disappearing underneath my scalp. Brittany again moved into me, again placing her hands on my breasts, again pinching my now overly sensitive nipples making me jump before moving her hands up to my face, placing one of her fingers inside of my mouth.

"And those lips - they went with a heavier and more permanent dose of collagen than I suggested, but Miss Vicki knew what she wanted and I must say that they turned out perfect. I mean, fuck, look at those things. Just looking at them makes me wish I had a cock just so I could feel it slide in between them and a shoot a load all over them."

Her finger moved in and out of my mouth a few times before her hands moved down my body, cupping my smooth ass in her hands.

"You've also had your body hair laser removed, so you can kiss it goodbye for a long, long time. You should be happy about that one, no more messing with that silly cream or those messy razors. This is really the way to go - and now your skin is so silky smooth. Combined with the hormone pills you're taking which is already starting to soften it up, you're going to be able to drive men wild while you slide up and down on their cocks during those sexy lap dances you'll learn to love to give. No more worrying about your hair stubble turning them off, now you can slide up and down all night long!"

She looped her thumbs into the sides of my pink thong and, in one swift motion, slid them to the ground. Again I saw a blatant tan line amidst my now evenly tanned crotch and ass, the thing strings of the tan line sliding up over my hips seductively. At my crotch was no longer the pussy paste, but instead something different, with a skin like feel as I moved my hands over it.

"That's your new pussy sweetie - feels and looks real, doesn't it? It's a prosthetic pussy, custom made for you by a company over in France, SUPER expensive because of how realistic they are - guys can't even tell the difference. Your pathetic little clit is inside of a sheath on the inside of it and it's glued very securely to your crotch. There's a catheter inside of your clit with a tube leading to the tip of the pussy, making you pee just like a real girl. As your crotch will undoubtedly sweat being trapped like that, the moisture will run down another opening and give the effect of a wet and horny pussy. The lips are always puffy and swollen, ready to be fucked. You can take a small cock in there, but it is still mostly just for show or to be fingered while you're being fucked. Your clit is stroked through the skin inside of it whenever someone plays with it, so I'd imagine it will still drive you wild. They wanted you to keep your testicles so that you would still create a small amount of testosterone, allowing you to still become wildly horny like most men. However, over time, instead of wanting to shove your little clit into something, you'll now want to ride a long, stiff cock. Plus, since the estrogen has been so effective, your already tiny clit has now shrunk even further. I played with it the other day and it only came up to about 2" in length."

She laughed hysterically at her last comment as I immediately became lightheaded from all of this information. The room began to spin and I felt faint, stumbling backwards as I fell onto the bed. I must have gone u*********s as this was just too much for me to handle. The room went black as I faded out of consciousness.

When I awoke again I was back in the bed, under the covers, seeing that it was dark out. I must have been out for some time. I climbed out of the bed, seeing that I was again back in the wicked weasel bikini and that I smelled of a tanning solution. Great, the bitch put me back in that tanning bed, further enhancing my already blatant tan lines.

The bedroom door was unlocked and open, so I wandered out into the living room. All of the doors were unlocked and open, but no one was there with me - I was finally alone. I walked back to the bedroom and took another look in the mirror, allowing my hands to explore all of these new modifications. It was uncanny how perfect everything looked, from the amazing tits that I had in my hands down to the realistic appearing pussy that I felt through my thong. I had the urge to pee and went to the bathroom, remembering that I had to sit just to pee now, which was humiliating in itself as I felt the stream flow through the catheter, through the pussy lips and down into the toilet. I instinctively grabbed a piece of toilet paper and wiped my vagina clean from front to back, silently yelling at myself in my mind. As I sat there I looked at my legs - they were so tan and smooth, and so soft to the touch. Such a strange feeling to have this soft of skin all of a sudden, with not a hair to be found anywhere.

I walked to the closet to try and find something masculine to wear, but everything was fit for a stylish female. There weren't any t-shirts, no jeans, no boxer briefs, nothing. I went through every closet and every drawer, occasionally scoffing at the scant pieces of clothing I'd find. Crotchless panties, skirts with the ass completely cut out, dresses with more material missing than was there to actually cover the body, stockings of all different colors and material, more slutty costumes than I'd ever thought actually existed.

Not wanting to give everyone currently tuned in and viewing me on my web site a free peep show, I just grabbed something off of a hanger and threw it on. It turned out to be a turquoise, metallic looking minidress that zipped up the front. Thing spaghetti straps went over my shoulders and it had black lace up detail on both sides, with the laces ending just before the bottom of each cup. I zipped it on and adjusted my new breasts, wincing as I felt my nipples rubbing against the padding on the inside of the dress, which was a completely new feeling. I winced again as I pinched and pushed my breasts down inside the dress, staring down at the valley of cleavage I was now showing as a result. I sighed and walked out of the closet and back into my bedroom, pulling out a matching turquoise metallic thong with black trim and sliding it up my legs as well and into place between my cheeks.

I walked out into the living room and began looking around. Finally, in the upper right hand corner of the room, I saw something that gave me hope. There was s small black box with a small antenna poking out of it - I figured it had to be some kind of a wireless receiver, which would most likely be connected to all of the contraptions in the apartment. Maybe, I thought, if I can just disable that thing, the doors would unlock and my cock ring would be unusable as well. Then I would just have to get out of here as fast as possible as I was sure people would race to the apartment - but as long as I stayed out of their signal range, I'd be just fine. I could be free!

I started looking around for something to hit the receiver with, but was running out of luck. Finally I thought of throwing some water on it - electronic devices hate water. So I sauntered over to the kitchen, pulling out a large glass and filling it with water as if I were just thirsty - nothing out of the ordinary. I took a sip as I wandered over to the corner of the room, then suddenly threw the entire contents of the cup at the receiver. I saw a spark fly out of it, then a small puff of smoke trickle out. To my left I heard the sound of the front door unlocking - it had worked!

I ran to the door and flung it open, still in my bare feet but not caring. I'd figure everything else out later, for now I just had to get as far away from here as possible. I turned toward the parking lot, remembering now that my car was still at Miss Vicki's store. Cursing under my breath I began to panic. I ran to my neighbor's door and began pounding on it, begging for her to help me. She flung the door open, standing there in a short tank top and some black spandex shorts - she must have just finished working out, I figured. She immediately saw it was me - well, not "me" me, but this "Candi" girl who she apparently didn't like... girls like her hated the slutty girls. She eyed me up and down as I rambled a million words a minute at her.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa - slow down. What do YOU want?"

I slowed down what I was saying, trying to speak slowly and deliberately.

"I'm your neighbor, Andy. I know it doesn't look like it, and it's a really, really long story that I promise to explain. I was k**napped and basically held hostage in my apartment for the past two months. They've been doing terrible, terrible things to me and I need your help. Please, PLEASE, you've got to believe me and you've got to help me get away from here. They'll be here soon. Please!"

She stared at me for a minute, then got a very surprised look on her face.

"Andy?! That's really you?! Holy shit - what's going on? We've got to call the cops! Come inside, let me get my phone!"

I stopped her and pleaded with her to just grab her keys and to let us get in her car, explaining that they had taken mine. We could call the cops on the way, but we just had to get out of here NOW. She was flustered but complied, grabbing her keys and locking her door behind her. I ran out to her car in the parking lot with her just behind me, asking me question after question to which I kept answering that I'd tell her later and that we just needed to focus on leaving this place right now. We jumped in her car and buckled our seat belts as she started it up and threw it in reverse.

Before she could back up even a foot, I her tires sk** to a halt behind us. I turned around and saw a black SUV with tinted out windows and chromed out rims. Three huge men exited the back of the SUV and the passenger door, then I saw him... my "Master" was driving, and he did not look happy at all. As Samantha honked her horn and then looked at me to ask who they were, my entire body went stiff in shock as my cock ring was activated at full f***e. Unable to move I watched as my Master and another man threw open the driver side door and picked her up out of the seat, carrying her back into her apartment. The other two picked me up out of my seat and carried me back to my prison, standing guard by the door after they laid me down on the couch, my cock ring still zapping me consistently, causing me to stay right on the edge of consciousness until the blackness consumed me and I was out.

I awoke what must have been an hour or so later. All four men were in my apartment now. Two of them were reinstalling a new wireless receiver in the corner of the room, bolting in a steel casing over it with just the antenna's tip sticking out to prevent any more of my tampering. My Master walked over to me, sitting next to me on the couch. He didn't look as angry any longer - it was more of a disappointed expression on his face.

"Candi - I really didn't want you to get anyone else involved in this, but you just had to go fucking around and getting your neighbor tied up in all of this, didn't you? Well, not to worry. She had been taken care of. She's perfectly healthy and has been told that she will stay that way as long as she doesn't say a word of this to anyone. She is staying in an undisclosed hotel for the next few days while my associates work on relocating her somewhere far away from here. She'll start a new life there and will be well taken care of as long as she cooperates. And, if she doesn't, well... she'll just have to be relocated to a more permanent location."
The severity of the situation began to come down on me and I began to sob into my hands, pleading with him incoherently to let me go, that I didn't want this life. I promised him that I wouldn't say a word either, that he could just send me to the same place he was sending Samantha. He stood up to leave.

"Don't be silly - you're turning into quite the revenue stream for me, a valuable asset in my business ventures. Once you complete your training with Miss Vicki you'll be priceless. And, thanks to her, I'm not allowed to discipline you while you're under her training, otherwise you'd be in a world of hurt right now. She doesn't want any markings on you, so aside from your clitty ring to keep you under control, I'm not to lay a hand on you. You should be thankful... but if you ever try something like this again and make me fucking come over here, I'll ship your little ass overseas and sell you to the highest fucking bidder like Miss Vicki wanted me to do originally, you understand?"

He didn't wait for an answer, he just headed out the door. Two of his goons followed before the last one paused in the door, pointing towards the kitchen table."

"Details of your next task are on the table, bitch. Get some sl**p tonight, got a long fuckin day tomorrow."

He shut the door and walked out, leaving me to sob to myself on the couch. I heard the door again lock behind them... the new receiver was working without a hitch, sadly. That was my chance - I was out the door and in a car, headed for a lifetime of gaining my freedom back and exacting revenge on all these people that have wronged me, and then it all came crashing down. I curled up in a ball on the couch and cried myself to sl**p.

Fast forward to 4pm of the next day. Here I was, walking towards the door after hearing the town car honk in the parking lot. I was dressed as a perverted teenage boy's version of a school girl. From my neck was a plaid collar with a short plaid tie hanging down, the tip just hanging down between my enormous cleavage. I had a black shirt on that tied just underneath my breasts, outlined in plaid accents. Underneath the shirt was a peek-a-boo bra. The straps were plaid as were the three tiny bows holding the cups shut at the top, bottom and middle, creating small slits in the material, but the actual cups themselves were made of a PVC material. My midsection was completely bare, showing off my silver chain hanging from my belly button with a small penis at the end of it. PVC material was again at the top of my skirt with a plaid belt "holding it up", which really wasn't necessary given how confining the skirt was, it felt like it was melted to my body and there was no way it would be falling down. At the bottom of the PVC material was some more plaid lining, creating a short pleated skirt effect. The back of the skirt was completely missing on a few inches of either side of my ass, showing the plaid string of my crotchless thong resting between my ass cheeks. I felt the flaps bouncing up and down on my ass as I walked, reminding me that everything was on display back there. Black PVC garters hung down from the skirt, hooking into black fishnet stockings with plaid bows at the front and back of the tops, leading down to black 6" high heels. Black PVC strips hung down from my ears with silver studs in them, I counted six studs on each, stopping just above my shoulders. My hair was still styled straight and my makeup again was applied generously throughout my face with dark red lipstick adding a final touch to my lusciously perfect dick sucking lips. To show that they thought of everything, a plaid colored ball was resting on my tongue ring. I hated to admit it, but I looked hot... really, really hot. I looked in the mirror and tried to step outside of my body, looking at this blond knockout standing inside my apartment dressed to kill before being f***ed back into reality by the sound of the car horn honking outside.

I climbed into the town car, where I was glad to see that I was allowed to sit in the back and didn't recognize the man driving. He was silent the entire drive before pulling over next to a small building. I looked out the window and saw that it was a tattoo and piercing shop. He motioned for me to get out.

"First stop - I'll be waiting here when you're finished. They're expecting you."

My heart pounded as I wanted to tell the man I wasn't getting out, but given my disobedience the day before I figured I shouldn't push it. I stepped out of the car and hurried inside, not wanting to give anyone a view of my ass bouncing in the opening of my skirt. I walked inside and saw a woman with jet black hair and multiple piercings and tattoos standing at the front desk. She eyed me up and down, then just told me to follow her as she led me to a back room. She led me inside the room and told me to remove my top. I did as I was told, then she sat me down in a medical looking chair before leaving.

As she left another man entered, also tatted up all over his body with a few piercings. He was very rough and intimidating to the eye and immediately got down to business without saying a word to me. He grabbed my left breast in his hand and, with a clamp in his other hand, promptly placed the clamp on my nipple. The pain burned and I moved to get out of the chair, only to get a forearm in my chest as he pushed me back into the seat. He was obviously not in the mood to argue. He then took out a large silver needle and shoved it through the base of my nipple, causing me to scream out. He placed a metal bar through the piercing and screwed silver balls onto both sides before moving to the right breast and doing the exact same thing. By the end of it my nipples were throbbing in pain as he stood, told me to get my clothes on to leave, then left the room. I gently put on my bra, flinching as I arranged my breasts in the bra and gingerly walked out of the store. The girl at the front desk was now sporting a knowing grin on her face as she waved to me and told me that she hoped to see me again real soon.

I walked back out of the store and ran to the car again to find that the door was locked and the driver nowhere to be found. I began to panic as people were walking past me, not even attempting to hide the fact that they were staring at me. A few men stopped to talk to me, telling me how sexy I was, attempting to place their hands on me as I finally saw my driver crossing the street, just leaving a burger joint. He hopped in the car and unlocked the door, allowing me to jump in and leave the crowd that was forming around me not a moment too soon as one of the men had become bold enough to put his hand on my ass before I slapped it away, angering him.

We drove for another fifteen minutes, again in total silence, before pulling in to the parking lot of what looked like a strip club, but I couldn't see the name as we drove by. We parked in the back and the man led me to a door in the side of the club. He walked in front of me down a hallway as we passed by a bouncer, who waived us past a velvet rope protecting some stairs without a word. Up the stairs we went into another hallway with multiple doors on the right side. We went down to the third red door and the man led me inside, showing me that it was actually a lavish suite with about ten people inside. The lights were down low with a few glass tables inside and a large glass screen at the front showing the club down below with hundreds of people sitting at tables and some dancing on the dance floor in front of a stage.

Right as I walked in, everyone's attention came to me and I heard people whispering to one another. Amidst the whispers one voice rang out and I immediately knew that it was Alice.

"Candi... Candi! Over here - get over here!"

I saw her sitting at a table with a few other people and shyly walked over to her. She stood up next to me and quieted everyone down.

"Everyone, meet Candi, Miss Vicki's new project. She's a raw talent but has a LOT of potential, as you'll all see on the stage tonight."

She then turned to me and looked me up and down. She bent down and slid her hands up my exposed thighs, just above my stockings and cupped my ass cheeks, telling me how smooth and soft I felt. She then put her hands on my breasts.

"Wow - so, these are the real thing, huh? Well, not 'real' like mine, but they're yours now, yea?"

I shamefully nodded yes as she untied my shirt and then untied the plaid bows on my bra, pulling the PVC material apart to show my breasts peeking out now. She laughed as she saw my red and sore nipples with the metal balls on both sides of them, then flicked them and watched me shriek in pain.

"Yea, they'll be sore for a few weeks - especially after tonight!"

She laughed and then let me tie the bra back together and cover myself back up (as much as I could) with my little black shirt. She then told me to crawl under her table as she went back to talking to her company. I did as I was told as I felt a smack on my ass while I was crawling underneath, making me speed up. Once I was under the table I heard Alice say that Miss Vicki was running a bit behind but would be here in plenty of time for the show. Alice grabbed my hair, giggling as she felt it deeply rooted in my head, and pulled me towards here. She placed my head between her thighs and then hiked up the black PVC skirt she was wearing, showing that she again was pantyless, her fat pussy lips glistening against the dim light. She pulled me further into her until my nose and mouth were now centimeters away from her. I assumed she wanted me to lick her so I stuck out my tongue only to have her reach down and slap my breasts, telling me not to lick her unless told to. She made me sit there for the next thirty minutes, just smelling the scent of her pussy as she talked with the people at the table as if nothing was amiss.

One of the women she was talking to was also taking advantage of my positioning under the table. Periodically I would feel the tip of her high heel gliding along my ass cheeks, occasionally nuzzling between then and rubbing up against the thong string. Once I felt the sole of her heel against the top of my ass, followed by her stiletto heel probing against my pussy, searching for a way in. Finally she moved it down some and inserted it into my fake pussy as I felt it pushing against my trapped cock. It made me groan in a mixture of pain and dull pleasure, which was obviously turning on Alice as I saw her pussy beginning to drip and the moisture slide down her pussy lips and collect on the chair.

After what felt like the longest thirty minutes of my life, I finally heard someone enter the room and a commotion again started up. Alice stood and told me to get out from under the table but to stay on my knees with my eyes down until told otherwise. I was glad to get out from under that damn table, so I did as was expected of me. I saw two black leather boots with 5" heels stop in front of me, then a hand on the back of my head as my hair was pulled, forcing me to look up. It took me a moment to take in what I was looking at.

It was Miss Vicki and she was breathtaking. Her vibrant red hair flowed down to a skin tight black leather corset with red lacing up the front and back, holding it as tight as possible and pushing her breasts out of the top. A red leather skirt was wrapped around her waist, just below her ass and looked equally as tight, showing the immaculate curves of an amazing figure. Her black leather boots went up all the way to her mid thigh, showing just a flash of skin between the tips of the boots and the bottom of her skirt. From my angle I could easily see up her skirt, showing that she had a black crotchless thong on underneath, her shaven pussy peaking out between the slits in the panties. She held my gaze for a moment before walking a small circle around me, examining the work that had been done on my body, most likely at her request.

"This will do quite nicely", I heard her say, almost proudly. "Take her downstairs and get her ready for the show."

With that Alice promptly picked me up off the ground and led me out of the room with two bouncers behind us. We walked back down the stairs and down another small hallway before opening a large door. We walked out onto what looked like the back of the stage, a big red velvet curtain hung down, shielding us from the crowd on the other side. There on the wooden floor I saw a black chalkboard and a teacher's desk, with a student's desk in front of it where the chair and desk are welded together. Alice walked me over to the student desk and, instead of having me sit in it like I anticipated, she bent me over the chair with my hands stretched to the edge of the desk portion. I then watched as she pulled out four buckles, cuffing my arms and legs to the legs of the desk, leaving me stretched out like this with nowhere to go. She then spanked me hard on the ass and told me to have fun as she walked off the stage and back out the door, presumably back up to the suite to watch the show.

Almost on cue, the curtains rolled back and bright spotlights flickered on, centered on the stage and shedding incredible amounts of light across it. Microphones hung down to collect any audio from up on the stage. I had nowhere to hide as I looked to my left to see the hundreds of people taking their seats, focusing their collective gaze on the show that was about to start, with me as the apparent star. They were seated so close to me that it felt as if they were right there on the stage with me, the glass screens up above also allowing people to see the action below with cameras zooming in to show what was happening on small TV monitors on each table as well. The crowd clapped as Miss Vicki appeared, walking confidently onto the stage and over in front of the chalkboard, then walked a circle around me, stopping behind me to run her fingernails over my ass, startling me and causing me to struggle against my bonds. She then walked to the center of the stage and spoke to the audience.

"Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for the generous applause. I hope you're excited for tonight's main event as I know my newest pet Candi is very eager to put on a wonderful show for you all. I feel I should inform you that Candi was a bad little girl yesterday from what I've heard, so rather than starting tonight off as I had originally planned, Candi will instead be spending the first portion of the show in detention where she will receive a suitable punishment for her poor behavior."

The crowd again applauded as Miss Vicki walked over to the desk. She opened one of the drawers and I watched as she pulled out that same paddle with the word "SLUT" carved out of it. My eyes widened and I began to pull at the restraints to the amusement of the crowd. I apologized to her for trying to get away and begged her not to spank me, but she just smiled and walked behind me. She repositioned the desk so that my exposed ass was now facing the crowd and lifted up the flaps of my skirt. She then asked the crowd how many strokes I should receive. Answers rang out from all over - 10, 20, 50, 100... I hated them for their suggestions and hoped someone would have mercy and tell her not to spank me at all, but she finally settled on 40, nearly twice as many as I'd ever taken. I bit my bottom lip as I heard the paddle cutting through the wind, finally hearing the tell tail spank against my vulnerable cheeks as the crowd yelled out "ONE" in unison, drowning out the noise of my scream. This continued all the way until the last one, my ass now as red as the red on Miss Vicki's skirt, my lip quivering from the beating. Finally I heard her go back to the desk and put the paddle away, the crowd laughing as they saw the word "SLUT" appearing out of the redness on my tanned ass while my face burned red from embarrassment. Miss Vicki again went to address the crowd.

"I think that will teach her not to disobey, but I like to ensure that my lessons are learned without a shadow of doubt. Now, I told you how eager Candi was to put on this show for you - she had something special done just prior to tonight's show for all of you to enjoy."

She snapped her fingers and two men came onto the stage, releasing me from the desk and moving me over to the teacher's desk, retying me to it on my back. This desk was larger than a typical desk as my arms and legs could be cuffed spread eagle on it. Looking above me I saw a camera on a zipline now centered directly over me, recording what was happening down below. Miss Vicki appeared above me, her hands caressing and squeezing my breasts. She slowly untied my black shirt, letting the sides fall down onto the desk, exposing my peek-a-boo bra to the TV's around the club. Individually she untied each of the plaid bows, then slowly pushed the cups of the bra open, pulling on my breasts to pull as much of each of them out as she possibly could. The crowd let out a collective "OOOHHH" as they saw my reddened nipples sporting their new jewelry. Miss Vicki took each nipple in her hand and squeezed them gently as I yelped helplessly, squirming on the table in a hopeless effort to get free. Miss Vicki just smiled.

"Yes, everyone - my little pet has gotten her wondrous nipples pierced just a few hours ago, so as you can imagine, they are ultra sensitive at the moment. Allow me to demonstrate as I hammer home the importance of obedience at all times to Candi."

I saw her walk around me to the drawers of the teacher's desk. She pulled out a small chain with loops on both ends and placed the loops around one of the balls on each of my nipples. She gave it a gentle tug upwards, making me arch my back off of the desk to try and move with the chain, but the tension finally pulled on my piercings causing me to groan loudly, resulting in a cheer from the crowd. Miss Vicki took another chain from the desk and connected one end to the chain between my nipples, then ran the other end all the way down to the end of the desk, running it through a hole in the bottom of the desk, locking it in place. There was no tension at this point.

Without warning, I heard something turn on below the desk and watched as the links of the chain started to slowly disappear over the side of the desk. The line went taught and began to pull on the chain between my breasts. Groaning and pleading with the pain to stop, I laid there as it felt like the piercings would soon be ripped from my nipples, and then it finally stopped, holding my nipples outstretched towards the base of the table, pain searing through my breasts, my body on fire. Miss Vicki smiled and walked in front of the desk, flicking the chain and laughing as I squirmed at the new sense of pain it caused. She had the crowd slowly count my misery down, from a total of 60 seconds down to zero before the chain was finally released, my nipples now throbbing and pulsing with my heartbeat, which was racing in itself. Once again, Miss Vicki went to the crowd as her assistants picked me up off of the table, releasing me from the chains and cuffs and placed me back into my original position over the student desk, cuffing me in place. In doing so they removed the black shirt and peek-a-boo bra from my body as well as the collar. I moaned a bit of relief as I felt the coolness of the desk against my nipples.

"Now, ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to invite each and every one of you up here to examine my newest pet. Feel free to examine with your hands as you pass by, give her a spank on the ass or a squeeze on her tits to get that beautiful moan from her lips."

As the crowd stood and formed a line at the base of the stage, Miss Vicki went down to my ear, away from the microphones and whispered to me.

"You play nice with these kind people, slut, or you'll be in for the longest night of your fucking life. They spank you or squeeze your tits, you moan like a whore and thank them. You suck and lick anything that's placed in front of you like your life depended on it - because it just might."
The endless line of people began passing me by. The first twenty or thirty people were very standoffish, apparently not sure how far they could go. They would caress my ass or give my breasts a gentle squeeze and I would moan as I was told and quietly thank them for the attention. Eventually they became more adventurous, with the spankings and squeezings coming more quickly and much harder, but still I moaned like the whore they wanted me to be and thanked them through gritted teeth as they walked off, usually laughing at me.

Then what I dreaded most started to happen. I felt the string of my thong slid to the side by one person, then the invasion of a small finger roaming inside of me. Others saw this happening I guess and decided to do it as well, eventually shoving two, then three, then four fingers inside of my "pussy". Whenever the string would make its way back between my ass cheeks they didn't stop, some instead taking advantage of the crotchless panties and instead putting their fingers inside my fake pussy, gliding their fingers along my now engorged cock as I gave genuine moans of pleasure until their hands disappeared. The ring on my cock prevented me from ejaculating and my head was spinning as the unintended massages of it continued.

Emboldened by this, the last grouping of people grew even more daring. There on the table on front of me one man put down his cock, the head inches from my lips. I reached out my tongue and stroked the head of it for a while before taking it in my mouth, swirling my plaid tongue ring ball on the head of his cock, still moaning into it as I felt new fingers enter my ass (pussy). He began getting into it and quickened the pace, finally shoving it deep down my throat and depositing his load inside of me, too deep for me to bring the cum up and play with it as I had learned to do in the video. He pulled it out of my mouth with me panting, squeaking out a thank you as he zipped up and walked off the stage. Quickly a woman jumped up on the table, spreading her legs and shoving her pussy into my face, pulling my hair to drive my tongue deep inside her as the crowd went crazy down below. She held me tight against her body, stealing all of my avenues for breath away as I licked as hard and as deep as I could into her before she sent a gush of juices out of her pussy and into my mouth, some dripping onto the table that I was made to lick up as well. This continued for the last ten or so people, but thankfully no cocks or dildos entered my pussy, just a multitude of fingers. I couldn't believe I was thankful for that.

Miss Vicki made her way back onto the stage, clapping and thanking everyone for their participation, then having me thank them as well, the cameras zooming in on the smears of cum on my face and lips before one of Miss Vicki's associates came to the stage and wiped my face off, then reapplied a thick dose of the dark red lipstick back onto my lips. Miss Vicki again came down to my ear.

"Now, I'm going to uncuff you, and keep in mind my threat from that day in my office is still very much in play. You do as you're told and remember to be a good little bitch and you won't have to receive any more punishments tonight. Let's see if you can improve on your performance from last time, but this time with a real cock inside of you, hmm? When I uncuff you I want you to walk over to that teacher's desk. Before you hope up on it you will remove your panties entirely, but leave the skirt and stockings on. Then you will get up on the desk on your hands and knees, your goodies facing the crowd."

I hated her and hated even more knowing that I had no other options. I felt the cuffs being released and humbly walked over to the desk, swaying my ass unintentionally as I walked in the high heels, eliciting cat calls from the audience. I stopped in front of the desk and slid my panties down and over my heels one by one, then hopped up on the desk, feeling my breasts bounce from the movement. I rolled over to my stomach and raised up on my hands and knees, feeling the weight of my breasts pulling away from my body - it was a new feeling for me as I had grown used to the feeling of the glue pulling the fake breasts, but this time it was my actual skin and my actual breasts swaying around under me, the steel balls of my nipple piercings accentuating the look. I heard Miss Vicki behind me.

"I would now like to ask for a few volunteers. You see, one of Candi's requests tonight was to have a train run on her, followed by a surprise that I have for her to follow. Let's see - you, you, you and you there in the back, come on up here."

Four men made their way onto the stage to the applause of the crowd. I saw many hands go back down, volunteers that had been passed by. The men stood in front of the crowd and proudly removed their pants. I craned my neck to see that they all had plenty to be proud of - not one appeared to be less than 7" and they all seemed thick. They were all about the same height as the first man approached, his cock perfectly lined up with my pussy as I felt the pressure against my hole. It hadn't been invaded in over two weeks so it had grown tight once again, just how I wanted it to always be, but this man's cock had other plans. He pushed through my barrier and in no time was balls deep inside of me, the crowd completely silent. Miss Vicki walked over to me with a yardstick in her hands and landed it flush against my ass cheeks, a reminder that I was to play to the crowd.

I dipped down and placed my forehead on the table to hold myself there. I moaned with each of his thrusts, trying to remember the moans that girls I had previously fucked would make and to imitate them. I moved my hands along my body as cameras zoomed in on them, first caressing my breasts, then slowly making my way down my belly and to my fake pussy, inserting my fingers inside of it. I found that I could massage my cock from here and did so, making my moans more genuine to the pleasure of the crowd. They began to cheer the man on with each stroke, sending him over the edge and sending a gush of warm gooey jizz inside of me. The next man wasted no time and immediately shoved his cock inside of me as well before any of the previous cum could leak out, pumping me furiously and roughly as I continued to moan and play with my fake pussy. Once the second man had shot his load, the third man again got to me after only a few drops had leaked out. I could feel the mass of cum residing inside of me and it was starting to make me feel uncomfortable. This man was smacking me hard on the ass as he thrust in and out of me. I moved my hands again, this time spreading my ass cheeks wide, trying to get him to stop spanking me but instead he grabbed my wrists and used them as leverage to fuck me even harder. My moans were now alternating between fake pleasure and genuine pain as his massive cock pushed deep inside of me, pushing the cum that was already in me even deeper as well. My breasts were bouncing with his strokes, causing a new kind of discomfort as they flailed up and down rapidly as his pace quickened and he got rougher. He shot a massive load in, and just as his cock exited I felt the final man inside of me, resuming the pounding that my pussy was taking. He was the biggest of them all and wasted no time in going all the way inside, my moans and groans becoming louder and louder now. He picked up to a furious pace, the pain to an almost intolerable state in my pussy until he unleashed the biggest deposit of them all, pausing inside of me for what felt like ten seconds as I felt stream after stream shooting deep down in me.

When he pulled out I felt it all brewing to the top until finally a mass of cum exited my pussy. A long, steady stream flowed out of my and collected on the table underneath me. The crowd gasped and cheered as it just kept on coming, finally trickling to a halt. Miss Vicki just looked at the puddle of cum on the table and looked at me - she didn't have to say anything, I knew what was expected of me as I turned myself around on the table and began to lap it up, the crowd laughing at my obedience and apparent eagerness to do this. Once all of it was gone, Miss Vicki helped me off of the table and led me back over to the student desk. She took a bright red dildo with a suction cup on the end and placed it on the seat, then had me center myself over it and lower myself onto it, the crowd again clapping as it all slowly disappeared into me. She then cuffed my legs to the bottom of the desk and my arms behind me before going back to address the crowd.

"For all of those who were turned down for the opportunity to experience my new pet, don't worry. Now is your opportunity. My surprise for little miss Candi is her first ever bukkake. I would like for each and every man in attendance here that wishes to participate in this to line up at the bottom of the stage. We will bring you up in groups of six, at which time you will all gather around Candi and stroke yourself to completion. Once you have shot your load on her face or in her awaiting mouth, feel free to rub your cock on her breasts or in her mouth to clean it off. Now, please line up and let's get this started."

A bukkake? What the fuck was a bukkake was all I could think about. Miss Vicki saw the confusion on my face and again was in my ear.

"Yes, sweetie - this is something you'll grow very accustomed to. You see, all of these men are going to gather around you in groups of six, at which time you'll open your mouth as wide as you can - and you WILL open your mouth and you WILL keep it open, or else - while they all masturbate inches from your face. Then, either one by one or possibly all at the same time, they will each orgasm, shooting streams of their sperm all across your face and in your waiting mouth. It should be quite the ending to your debut show."

My mouth opened, but not because I was told to for this bukkake, it was out of shock. I looked at the line and saw that there had to be nearly 80 or 90 men in it, all with their pants either down or unzipped, already stroking their cocks to an erection. Without any wait, the first group of six walked over to the desk. Miss Vicki looked at me expectantly and I sighed, leaning my head back and opening my mouth as I saw all six cocks come into view. Hands furiously began stroking them as each of the men groaned and moaned, the noise of their hands stroking their cocks all I was able to hear. Two of them men suddenly aimed their cocks down at me and slowed their stroking. I watched as two streams simultaneously came at me, one shooting directly in my mouth while the other went over my cheeks and nose. Two others followed immediately, again one hitting the roof of my mouth as the other went down my forehead and over my nose. The last two shot together as well on either side of me, splashing their loads on my cheeks and into the corners of my mouth. I felt cocks rubbing against my body all over, some cleaning their cocks off by sliding them between my breasts, while two men simultaneously shoved their softening cocks inside of my mouth.

Once the cocks were all cleaned up, the group left as I tried to swallow down the cum sitting in my mouth before feeling the yardstick slap across my breasts, causing me to shriek and again open my mouth and lean back, again seeing six masturbating cocks fill my field of vision. I don't know how they did it, but all six men in this group managed to cum within two or three seconds of each other, combining to make one massive load of cum fall on my face and in my mouth. My eyes were f***ed close as streams were shot over it, not allowing me to see when a man was getting close or where it would be coming from, each new load a surprise. Over and over the groups came and went, literally.

By the end it felt like I had a mask of cum stuck to my face. As the last group finished and left the stage I heard a loud round of applause fill the club. My hands were freed from behind me, but Miss Vicki whispered that I was only to wipe my eyes clean and to leave the rest. I took my fingers and wiped gobs of cum from my eyelids, only for Miss Vicki to grab my hands and lead them to my mouth where I sucked them clean. My legs were uncuffed and I was brought to my feet, feeling the dildo slide out of me. I was brought to the edge of the stage where I could see the cameras zoomed in on my face. I was right - my face seemed almost entirely white from the creamy cum covering it, dripping down my neck and onto my breasts. Miss Vicki slapped me on the ass and made me take a bow, then spun me around and walked me towards the back of the stage as the curtain closed before she walked back out to an encore.

She appeared again from the curtain, a smile on her face as she approached me.

"Good show, pet, very good indeed! I'm surprised with how well you handled that and can't wait for the more advanced shows that we'll get to down the road. You're showing wonderful potential, but still have quite a bit of refining that we'll have to go through. And these tits and those lips... that plastic surgeon worked wonders on you. Once you've been on that estrogen for another few months and I get through with you, you'll be simply to die for, a machine built for sexual pleasure. Speaking of which, that show really did a number on me."

She unzipped the back of her red skirt and let it fall to the ground, stepping out of it and standing in front of me with just her black corset and crotchless panties, her thigh high black boots now looking longer than ever. She had me lie down on my back and then, facing my feet, lowered herself down onto my cum covered face. My mouth was centered over here pussy before she slid forward, moving my mouth to her ass as she sat down. I started licking, listening to her moans as they were muffled from her thighs closed over my ears. Finally she had enough of me licking her asshole and moved back again, allowing me to take her pussy back in her mouth, tasting the remnants of the cum that was sliding around on my face and onto her pussy. She continuously manipulated my breasts, pinching all around them, twisting my nipples, slapping them from side to side, tugging on them as I helplessly sat under her. She ground her pussy on my face for what felt like fifteen minutes, sometimes extremely fast, other times slow and methodical, before I finally felt her body convulsing on top of me. Finally my mouth filled with a gush of her juices mixed with traces of cum as I swallowed it down.

She rolled off of me, her legs still spread and motioned for me to crawl to her. I did as she wanted as she made me lick her pussy and thighs, cleaning the cum that had come off of my face and onto her body. I cringed as I licked it all clean, swallowing every last glob before she made me collect the rest off of my face and body into my hands and lick those clean as well. She then collected my clothes and walked off with them, leaving me there in just my skirt, garter, stockings and heels, telling me to get some rest over the next few days and to watch the videos that she had left out for me at my apartment multiple times before our next meeting. I watched as she walked out the door, signaling to a man that I was ready to go as he led me back out to the town car and took me home.

I again sat in the back seat on top of a towel he had laid down so I didn't stain his precious car seat, again in total silence as he drove me home. He cracked his window as I apparently reeked of cum before pulling up to my apartment and hurrying me out of the car. I scurried out of the car and ran to my apartment, closing the door behind me and immediately throwing off my clothing once I was inside, dashing to the shower. I turned on the hot water and jumped inside, feeling the stickiness of the cum washing away as I slid my hands over my breasts and looked at my sexy blond hair d**** over my shoulders. My hands traveled down over my smooth belly, ass and legs, touching my fake pussy as they wandered down, cleaning every inch of my body... my amazingly sexy body that I hated with every ounce of my being. I looked up to the corner of the shower and saw the red light of a camera staring at me, reminding me that I wasn't alone in this shower and that viewers from all over were probably masturbating at this very moment as they watched me wash myself. I hated all of them too.

I finally jumped out of the shower after all of the hot water was used up and dried myself off. I left a towel on, still getting used to tying it above my breasts rather than my waist as I walked out to the living room, drying off my hair with another towel. I saw the videos on the table and scoffed... along with a few more porn videos, apparently now I had to learn how to give the perfect striptease and lap dance as well... the same women were on the cover of Seduction 101, guess it must have been a box set of how to be a whore.

Walking back to the bedroom I happened to glance into the room where my tanning bed was, noticing that there was now also a stripper pole in there as well as a mannequin sitting in a chair, a dildo strapped to him forming an erection under his pants. Fucking perfect, I said under my breath, walking back to the bedroom to put on the outfit left for me on the bed.

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7 months ago
OMG fascinating !
11 months ago
great I would like to be in his place. instead of complaining should take advantage and enjoy your new life.
1 year ago
He's never going to get away ( wipes a tear from my eye ).