Trapped and Trained Sissy Ch. 12

Trapped and Trained Ch. 12
I sat down on the couch, completely spent, staring at the screen with the "Blowjob 101" title flashing on the screen with images of women in various stages of sucking a man off. I noticed that there was a 7" pink dildo on the side table, which I certainly hadn't left there. I decided to lie down for a bit and began walking back to my bedroom only to find that the door had been locked with a similar electronic lock that was controlling the front door. The spare rooms were locked as well, leaving me no option but to be in the living room where my assignment was waiting for me on learning how to give the perfect blowjob and also how to act while being fucked to give the best possible experience to the one penetrating me. Suddenly I yearned for the days of calculus homework.

I walked over to the couch and looked around for the remote, but it wasn't anywhere to be found. Suddenly the video started up without any effort on my part - it must have been controlled from someone watching on camera, wonderful. An extremely attractive blond came onto the screen to give an introduction, going on and on about how this instructional video would be all one would ever need to learn how to please any cock at any time. Between her and some of her friends, they would give detailed examples of their various techniques along with opportunities for the viewer to participate with the accompanying dildo that came with the video. That explained the pink dildo, apparently, as I saw the blond on the screen waving one around that looked identical. She said that she would give the viewer a moment to get her (she continuously said 'her' as this was obviously intended for a female to watch - not a male being transformed into one) dildo at the ready. As soon as that sentence finished, the video paused.

I began lifting up the couch cushions, searching for the remote. I went to the kitchen and looked through the drawers, but nothing was found. The video began to rewind and started again, right when the blond on the screen was saying that the viewer was to get her dildo ready. They had to be k**ding.

I walked back over to the couch and picked up the dildo, then sat back down. The video immediately started back up as I had apparently done as I was told. Over the next 90 minutes I learned more about giving a blowjob than I thought I had learned about anything else in my entire life. The video would routinely pause, either for the participation segments or if something important was said that I was supposed to write down in my notebook. By the time the video had finished I had written down nearly three pages of notes, all on how to suck a dick. Looking through my notes my face turned red from humiliation. There were the notes on how some men liked it when you swirled your tongue on the head of their cock before you took it in your mouth. Others apparently got off on hearing the sucking and slurping noises. Some enjoyed having the woman (or me) put her hands behind her back while they took complete control while others enjoyed laying back with their hands behind their hand while the cocksucker did all of the work. There was a whole segment on how to use your tongue piercing to stimulate your partner's sexual urges. Another segment on the different positions to move it, which positions allowed the most control for the suckee or the deeper penetration into the sucker's mouth. The final segment was all about the cumshot - how some men loved seeing the cum on the female's face or breasts, but that most enjoyed shooting into your mouth and then watching as you played with it for a few moments before swallowing it back down. For all of the segments there were example videos of various women sucking men on camera as well as a participation example where the video would pause and not continue until I had completed the example to 'perfection' as deemed by whoever was watching me. So, here I was, in my living room still dressed in my boots and pink dress, my pink thong damp from the cum that had leaked out of my pussy on the drive home, sucking on a pink dildo while watching a video on how to do it the best way possible. My life had come to this.

After that video completed, before I could even set my notebook down, the next video started up. It was a regular porn flick, but it was repeatedly fast forwarded to the erotic moments. I remembered that I was to take notes on various subjects - how the woman moved as she was fucked, what she does and says to help her partner's experience in fucking her, how she seduced him to get him in the mood. More notes, more humiliation. That video ended, followed by yet another - more notes, more humiliation burning me to my core. By the end of those videos I had watched endless stripteases and lap dances used for seduction. I had watched women arch their backs, caress their breasts and stroke their pussies as they were fucked. I heard a litany of dirty talk, always resulting in the man pumping her harder and faster as it obviously tripped a trigger inside of him to hear how big he was, how strong he was, how good it felt to have a pulsing cock inside her pussy. I wasn't able to soak in just how attractive these women were as I was too busy trying not to miss a single detail in my notes - I certainly didn't want to experience anything similar to the pain that I had been exposed to at the shop earlier.

When the final video finished I saw that the clock was just past 11pm. Down the hallway I heard the sound of one of the electronic locks unlocking and walked down the hall to see that it was my bedroom lock. I walked in and saw a note along with some lingerie on the bed. The lingerie was a black fly away baby doll with teal colored lace on the cups with a matching teal bow tied between them. There were ruffles down the opening as it split apart to show off the wearer's stomach. Underneath was a matching black thong, one of the smallest I had ever seen. At the top of the crotch was a small black ruffle outlined in teal again with a small teal ribbon bow on it as well. I picked up the note.

"Candi - if you're reading this you must have sufficiently passed your first viewing of your videos. You are now allowed to shower and dress for bed - you've surely found your outfit underneath this note. Be sure to shave off any hair stubble, but if you miss any then I'm sure you'll get them in your shower before you go back to meet Miss Vicki tomorrow. She had a few positive things to say about you but did mention that she was sorely disappointed in your performance during the analysis with Alice. Sounds like you'll be in for some intense training starting up tomorrow night, so be sure to rest up. When you wake in the morning you will be required to watch the videos once more, complete with your participation in the do-it-yourself segments. I want to be sure that you can recite all of the details from memory so that you don't further embarrass me in front of Miss Vicki."

I crumpled up the note and threw it to the ground. I sat angrily down on the bed and began the long process of working these dreadful boots off of my legs, throwing them against the wall as I was released from each small prison. Off came the dress followed quickly by the thong, both bundled up and thrown atop the boots as I pulled off the wig, then carefully removed all of the jewelry before hopping in the shower.

My body clean and, sadly, hairless, I climbed out, feeling the goosebumps appear as I dried myself off. I walked to the bedroom and noticed that the door was locked, trapping me inside the room, obviously a sign that I was to go to sl**p. What else would I do? Go "play" in my fetish room? Not likely unless I was f***ed. I tossed the baby doll and thong off of my bed, the only real act of defiance I could muster with how tired I was. I would sl**p naked. As I lifted my leg up to climb into bed my clit ring again reminded me of its presence, making me put my leg back down. I gave a frustrated yell and then defeatedly walked to the baby doll and thong, sliding my legs through the openings of the tiny black material and pulling it up into place, the now familiar feeling of a small string splitting my ass cheeks apart. I pulled on the baby doll, adjusting the teal cups to properly house my fake breasts inside them, feeling my still tender nipples underneath from the session at the store earlier that day as I moved them around. I gave an angry look to the camera and rhetorically asked if he was satisfied, then climbed into bed, immediately falling into a deep sl**p.

I awoke to an alarm clock ringing through the intercom system. I tried pulling the pink silk pillows over my ears to drown out the noise but it only became louder. Just as my feet hit the floor and I stood out of bed, the alarm kicked off and the bedroom door unlocked. I sl**pily walked out to the living room, noticing that the "Blowjob 101" video was again queued up with the pink dildo and notepad ready to go. 12:00pm was displayed on the clock... seven hours, I thought to myself, before I'd be back in that store doing God knows what to God knows who. I sighed deeply, noticing my breasts rising and falling as I did so underneath their teal decor, and sat down on the couch. I watched all three videos again, picking up on minor details that I had apparently overlooked during my first viewing. Small things like how to fondle the male's testicles in your hands as you're sucking his cock, to take his cock between your breasts and allow him to titty fuck you to get him in the mood, to squeeze your pussy muscles as his cock was extracting to increase his pleasure. More notes... more humiliating notes. I hated myself with every word I wrote.

The movies finally ended and I saw that it was just past 4pm. The door to my fetish room unlocked, signaling me to head in there. Once inside I saw an outfit hanging from the rail on the bed, making my jaw drop wide open. The dress was slutty enough to wear out in public and had resulted in plenty of misguided messages to those on the train - if I wore what was hanging off this bed, I'd never make it off of that train.

Yet there it was, hanging from various hangers. First was a red satin corset that would hug my chest and stomach tightly with a zipper up the back. In the middle of the corset, just below the breast cups, there was a large white bow with the sash running all the way around, the bow being just under the left breast. Underneath the corset was a fluffy white tutu that would hardly even go down past my ass, plus with how it flared out, even with how full it was, the shortness of it would cause my ass to obviously be visible underneath it to anyone behind me, especially those sitting on the train. A small red thong would go under the tutu. There were also white fishnet thigh highs with small white satin bows on the front of each, leading down to sparkly red high heels. The only bright spot was that the heels seemed to only be about 4", quite a relief from the 6" boots I had to wear the previous day, but the sacrifice of that comfort for having to wear this outfit was too much. I took the outfit in my hands, my eyes wide as I saw just how much of my body would be revealed. There on the bed was a blond wig with hair that would flow just down to my breasts - it looked like the perfect hairstyle for a blond bombshell that moonlighted as a bimbo. Silver earrings were on the dresser along with a belly button ring that dangled down into small silver handcuffs at the bottom. A white and red swirled ball was also there for my tongue piercing. He never forgot about the tongue piercing. There was again a photo of how I was to do my makeup. Bright red lipstick stood out the most - aside from that it was the normal slutty requirements.

I bundled everything up and took it to my bedroom, where I showered and shaved once again, making sure that there was no hair anywhere to be found. I climbed out and again looked in horror at the outfit, hoping that it had somehow changed to jeans and a hooded sweatshirt while I was in the shower, but to no avail. I sat gingerly on the bed and started to rub the melon scented lotion all over my body as I had been trained to do. I was angry at myself for becoming so automatic in completing these tasks. With the lotion on I pulled each of the stockings up my legs, making sure to keep the white bows in front. There was a tingling sensation as I pulled them up my smooth and soft legs, giving me a moment of pleasure before I realized what I was gaining pleasure from and cursed myself yet again. I took the handcuff belly button jewelry and put it on, then I pulled the skimpy red thong into place. I did my best to pull the corset on, but it was a struggle to say the least. I had to put it on backwards in order to zip it up and then twist it around before straining to pull it up over my breasts. Once it was on the cleavage I was displaying was massive as the corset smashed my breasts into my body, only concealing about half of them as they tried to bust loose. I was out of breath as I pulled on the tutu, scoffing at how daringly short it was. I turned to the side and saw that, even standing perfectly straight, I could see the bottom of my ass cheeks. I went to the mirror and applied the makeup as I was supposed to, then put on the earrings and put the tongue ring in its place as well. I was becoming so efficient at all of this that it made me sick to my stomach. I pulled the wig on and put the white bow into my hair just above my left ear, holding the hair back on that side as it d****d down on the right. The wig was obviously made for this as I noticed that most of the hair was to the right, needing to be pulled over my shoulder and in front of me so that it could d**** down over my right breast. How very slutty. I slipped on the sparkly red heels and then walked out of the room.

5:00pm - time to leave, I guess, as the front door unlocked. I grabbed my car key that I had left on the kitchen counter and walked out to my car. As I was walking out, my neighbor opened up her door - she and I used to flirt all the time and I had always thought I had a real chance with her. She was a brunette with a petite build and a gorgeous face, plus her tits were a perfect C cup and so perky. I loved the summer time when I would see her heading to the complex pool in her bikini - I was sure she caught me staring a few times, but never seemed to mind. She was typically so friendly but, seeing this slut walk out of my apartment gave her a look of disgust on her face as she walked past me, eying me up and down. I heard her mumble something about all the guys just wanting whores and wanted to scream to her that it was really me, wanting to tell her my whole awful story, but scared of what would happen if I got her involved. Besides, she was little more than a stranger to me in my normal life - why would she even want to help me? And what could she do?

I let her get in her car and leave before I made it to my car, making the same drive to the subway and the same embarrassing request for a ticket for Candi at the on-call window. The train seemed to take longer to get there this time and the people seemed much more obvious in how they stared at me. A few came up to me and tried to chat, eventually working in how great I looked and asking why I was dressed that way. I did my best to laugh it off and tell them I was heading to a costume party, trying to ignore the look of pure lust in their eyes and to take my mind off the fact that their cocks were obviously swelling in their pants due to my sexual appeal. It didn't help that I routinely had to bend over to pull up the tops of my stockings as they continuously slid down my legs - I never thought I'd want a garter belt, but one would really have come in handy as I kept giving the growing crowd behind me a wonderful view of my smooth ass underneath that awful white tutu.

The train finally gave me a dose of mercy and arrived, not being near as full as it had been the previous day and thankfully I didn't see any of the familiar faces of the men I had to initiate sexual acts with during my ride home from the store. I did my best to go to the corner of the car I was in and avoid any eye contact. Then when I was two stops from my exit, two men approached me, one sitting down - both towered over me when standing. The one who was still standing eyed me up and down before nodding towards his friend.

"My friend here thinks your sexy - you're too small for me, I like a little meat on my bitches. But he wants a little lap dance from you.. I'm guessing you put on one fine ass show, too."

I gave a nervous laugh and again tried my line about the costume party, but noticed from his lack of a change in demeanor that he was serious. I moved between the man's legs who was sitting down, facing him as I felt his hands wander up underneath my tutu and cup my ass before squeezing roughly. His friend moved to sit next to him to enjoy the show as well. The train was fairly empty, enough to where everyone aboard could see me, and I apparently had everyone's attention. There was no music, so I did my best to improvise, trying to remember back to the videos I had just watched. I turned around and bent over, placing my ass in his lap as I began to grind against the cock I could feel hardening underneath. I turned back around and straddled him, caressing my breasts underneath my corset in my hands before taking his and placing them there as I again ground my crotch against his, him being completely unaware that my cock was mere inches from his. I turned back around and walked to one of the poles on the train, attempting to dance seductively on it. I felt the train start to slow before my exit and put a plan in place. I moved to the end of the pole closest to the door and backed into it, feeling the coolness of it between my ass cheeks. The train stopped and the doors sprung open, but I continued to dance with my back to the men. Finally the buzzer sounded, signaling that the doors would be shutting in a few seconds. Without warning I sprung through the doors, turning to see them close behind me with the men banging on them, too slow to get there in time. I breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that I was surely going to be giving a happy ending to that dance if I had not made my timely escape. I turned and headed up the stairs, out of the tunnel and walked the three blocks to the store yet again.

There weren't many people out walking in the area I was, thankfully, though I still saw the cars slow as they drove past me, a few yelling some comments out their window about what they'd like to do to me. It was still difficult to grasp hearing those comments, but dressed as I was, I suppose I was inviting them. I made it to the front door of the store and pushed it open, again smelling the mixture of cheap perfume and sex on fire inside the hot store floor. The jingle of the door let everyone know I was there and I noticed that there were quite a few more people there this time around. A few women, but mostly men browsing the videos, toys and magazines.

Alice came running up to me before I could take more than two steps inside the door. I was floored by what she was wearing - for being a bit of a bigger girl, she definitely had no shame and was proud of how she carried herself. Around her neck was a studded black leather collar, and then holding in her massive breasts was a small, leather halter top with the middle cut out, showing off her enormous cleavage. Her mid section was completely bare aside from a small belly button chain, leading down to a black leather micro mini skirt. The skirt was so small and tight that her black leather thong was on full display underneath, and I could tell from looking at it that nearly her entire ass was in full view from behind. She had black leather thigh high boots on as well with black laces running from the toes all the way up to the top where they were tied in perfect bows. She had on thick red lipstick similar to mine and her blond hair hung down over her shoulders. She still had all of her piercings in her lip, nose, eyebrow and tongue and her eyeliner was deep and black around her eyes. She actually looked extremely sexy. She was one of the more emo chicks, but she also obviously took care of her body and had a nice even tan throughout - you hardly even noticed that she was upwards of 200 pounds the way she carried herself. She had that same evil smile on her face as she approached me quickly.
"Candi! You're right on time - I'm so excited you decided to come back! And wow, I LOVE that outfit! Here, let me show you around the store since you're going to be a regular around here."

I was angry that she announced to the store that I had "decided" to come back. There was little decision involved in any of this past month and this was just another example. But, nonetheless, Alice grabbed me by the arm and began walking me around the store, obviously just wanting to show me off to all of the customers. She started in the video section and had me pause to look at the videos whenever someone was near us, allowing them to **** me with their eyes until she was satisfied and moved us on. We went through the apparel section with Alice routinely picking up some racy lingerie and holding it up to me, then loudly and rhetorically asking me what I thought before moving on to the next rack of clothing. She took me to the toys section and had me pick up a few of the dildos, then toyed with me by asking me to choose my favorite while others looked on. I was so embarrassed and wanted it over with quickly so I picked one that was similar to the one I had been made to use during my training video the night before, a hot pink one about 7" in length. Alice clapped and said that one was cute - and that I would eventually learn to favor the larger black ones. My lip quivered as people giggled around me, amused by her comments. Alice paid no attention to them and pulled me up to the front of the store, back past the front desk and into Miss Vicki's office where she was waiting on her computer.

Even sitting behind her desk I was intimidated as I walked in just from looking at her. She stood as I entered to allow me to see that she was wearing a skin tight black leather catsuit with cutouts all over it. The front was in a Y, with the tops attaching to a leather collar around her neck leading down over her ample breasts, the sides fully on display beneath the material as the leather came back together at her belly button in a silver ring. it again split apart, showing the front of her black thong, leading down to cover her long legs tightly, showing every small curve and crevice. She turned her back to me to grab something from a cabinet and allowed me to see that there was also a cutout at the top of her ass, showing the top half of her cheeks with the thong disappearing in between them. All leading down to powerful looking black stiletto high heels. She wore some very large, very expensive looking silver and diamond earrings dangling down just past her cheeks. Her red hair was tied back into a tight ponytail. Looking at her hands I saw some leather arm warmers going down her forearms - her hands were uncovered as a string held them in place just over her middle finger. All in all she was a very intimidating, yet amazingly attractive, dominatrix figure.

She eyed me up and down as she turned, then motioned for me to sit. Alice pushed me into the chair and then left us, closing the door behind her. Miss Vicki sat across from me in her chair and began peppering me with questions. What to do with your tongue during a blowjob. What to do differently if you have a tongue ring in. What to do with your hands - which was a tricky one because it could either be nothing, playing with the man's testicles or playing with yourself. What to do with the semen after it was unloaded. One question after the next about how to give head to perfection. I answered each question quietly, never making eye contact as I was ashamed of knowing each of the answers. And I did know them, all from memory.

Finally the questions stopped and Miss Vicki seemed pleased. She stood up and walked around the desk, allowing me to take in her full sexual appearance. My heart was racing as my trapped cock strained against the paste holding it in place. I so desperately wanted it free so that I could shove her over the table and rip her clothing off, taking her from behind. But I was a statue. Something about her was so dominating that I was scared to move, knowing how much control she possessed over me. She sat on the desk and leaned over to her phone, pressing the intercom button down.

"Alice, please send Jeffrey to my office."

In seconds there was a knock at the door. Miss Vicki answered it and in walked a very well built man. He was white and stood what must have been well over six feet tall. He had jet black hair and was wearing tight leather pants with a black t-shirt on, its sleeves stretching to contain his biceps. He had a small treasure chest on the breast of his shirt and, as he closed the door behind him, I saw the word "STAFF" in white lettering along the back. Miss Vicki had him sit in the chair next to me before turning her direction back to me.

"Show me."

That's all she said, but that's all she really needed to say. After all of the questions of how to give the perfect blowjob, she now wanted me to give one. My mouth opened in half shock, half humiliation. Miss Vicki walked back behind her desk and removed a pink paddle with the word "SLUT" cut out of the part that would strike a poor person's butt, tapping it in her hands loudly to get the immediacy of her command across to me. I quickly scurried out of my chair and onto my knees in front of this hulk of a man. I reached my hands out and fumbled with his button and zipper, eventually releasing them. He was wearing no underwear underneath and I inhaled in surprise as I saw an incredibly thick 8" soft penis flop out of his pants. This was too big, I thought to myself, and looked back to Miss Vicki in desperation, begging her with this look to not make me go through with this. She did not budge and shot me a very expectant and frightening look, nodding angrily towards the monster in front of me, again tapping her paddle in her hands.

I looked up at Jeffrey and saw a smile across his face - he obviously knew that he was in for some pleasure. I took my hand and place it on his penis, feeling the warmth in the palm of my hand and feeling it beginning to slowly stiffen. I stroked up and down on it for a moment, then tried to remember back to the video. I took my tongue and licked up and down on his shaft, then slowly took each of his testicles into my mouth, sucking on each one and then letting it slide out as he moaned in the chair. His cock was fully erect now and must have been at least 10", longer and thicker than anything Alice had f***ed down my throat the day before. I put my mouth over the head of his cock and swirled my tongue around it, allowing my tongue piercing to stimulate him as he began to squirm a bit in his seat. I took my hands and took his balls in them, moving them around until he brushed them away, placing them behind my back. Miss Vicki saw what he wanted and, while I was still working on the head of his penis, placed my arms inside of a tight black leather arm binder, forcing them behind me and forcing my chest out, my breasts now even more on display.

Jeffrey was turned on by this and stood up. He easily picked me up and placed me on the desk on my back with my head hanging off the end. He lined his cock up with my awaiting mouth and slid it in, taking control of the process. His cock was sliding halfway into my mouth and I could already feel it starting to touch my throat. There was just no way I'd be able to take it all. He put his hands on my breasts to stabilize himself and then began to allow it to go deeper and deeper into my open mouth. When almost 9 inches were in I began to squirm, my gag reflex beginning to trigger. Miss Vicki slapped my thighs with the paddle, telling me to quit squirming and finish him off. Jeffrey pulled the 9 inches out and began sliding them back in as I tried to relax my entire throat, my eyes widening as I watched the entire shaft disappear into my throat, feeling myself swallowing it in its entirety. He was moaning loudly now as he pulled it out, feverishly pushing it back in as I allowed my tongue piercing to play with his shaft as it entered and then sucking hard on it as he pulled back, listening to my mouth make those awful slurping noises as it left my mouth. He was becoming extremely aggressive now and I was having a hard time keeping up until he finally left his cock only halfway inside of my mouth before it began to twitch against my tongue. He let out a long grunt as he filled up my mouth with his load. I had to resist the urge to swallow it to clear it from my mouth, knowing what I had to do. I sat up and allowed it to bubble at the front of my mouth before licking it all up with my tongue again, doing that a few times and swallowing it bit by bit. The taste was dreadful, something I typically didn't experience when people just shot their cum straight down my throat. Doing it this way I was f***ed to taste it, to savor it in my mouth as the load slowly disappeared.

Jeffrey pulled up his pants as Miss Vicki dismissed him back to the floor, a smile on his face as he left. It was now just Miss Vicki and I in the room again, me still sitting on her desk, ashamed at the taste of cum rampant in my taste buds. She slowly clapped as she sat back in her chair.

"Beautifully done, my dear. You got off to a slow start and were a bit hesitant, but I knew Jeffrey would take control once you got him going, so he was a good subject for you to start with. In time you'll begin to crave the satisfaction of knowing that you can do that to a man, craving the taste of his semen the second you lay eyes on a man. Until then, I'll be nearby to 'help' you along. Now, up off the table and bend that cute little tutu covered ass over, time for a brief punishment for your hesitation and lack of ability to take control of the moment."

I bit my bottom lip and slid off of the desk, feeling the warmth of where I had just been laying as I bent over it, my hands still bound behind me leaving me completely at Miss Vicki's mercy. I felt Miss Vicki's hands delicately pull the white tutu down, then felt it fall to my feet on top of my sparkly red heels. She squeezed each of my cheeks roughly, digging her fingernails into me as I buried my head into the desk in pain. Finally she stopped, only to bring the paddle down swiftly across both of my cheeks. Over and over it felt like she hit the exact same spot. After what I counted to be twenty five strokes she finally stopped, again squeezing my ass in her hands. She told me to stand and face my back to the mirror in the office. In doing so I turned around and saw the word "SLUT" nicely branded into my now reddened ass cheeks.

She put down the paddle and slid the tutu back up over my hips. I winced as it slid over my now very sore ass, which brought a smile to Miss Vicki's face. She opened the door to the office and led me back out into the store to the front desk where Alice was helping a woman purchase a few items. While Alice was ringing up the sale, the woman saw me walking out of the hallway and made to stand awaiting the sale's completion. The woman smiled knowingly as she eyed me up and down. Alice printed off the woman's receipt for her new collection of butt plugs and a flogger, bagged her items in a black and pink bag with a treasure chest imprinted on the front and sent her on her way. Halfway out the store I saw the woman again turn to see me, taking in the sight of me once more before she left.

Alice saw her turn to stare at me and also shot around to face me. Knowing the woman was still in earshot, as well as a handful of other customers, Alice took an opportunity to further my embarrassment.

"Candi! Aww, sweetie - you've still got a bit of Jeffrey's cum on your lips. That's understandable, he carries a big load in that pipe of his. I was surprised to hear you got it all down after you struggled so much yesterday with my dildo - it sounds like you're coming along nicely. Let me help you with that since you apparently were a bad girl and had to have your hands tied behind your back like that."

Alice approached me and grabbed me around the waist, pulling me into her and licking my lips with her pierced tongue. She then slid her slippery tongue inside of my mouth, taking the small dab of cum that was left on my lips and transferring it to me. Her hands moved down to my ass, making me wince in pain as it was still extremely sore. Alice took notice and smiled, moving me away from her and turning me around. She pulled up my tutu, even though you could clearly see my reddened ass underneath it without lifting it, to see the "SLUT" emblem now very prevalent.

"Ohhh" she cooed, "that looks painful sweetie. Miss Vicki gives a masterful spanking, doesn't she? Looks like she did a number on you. I'm sure that will stay with you and teach you to behave yourself, hmm?"

She looked to me, expecting an answer. I quietly whispered a confirmation, but that was no enough. She grasped my suffering ass cheeks and squeezed until I answered loudly enough for everyone in the store to hear.

"That's better, Candi. Now, until your next training session starts up in a couple hours your job is to promote this awesome new item we got a shipment of in today. It's called the 'monkey rocker' and, from what I've seen of it on the Internet, it's fucking amazing."

I didn't like the sound of this thing, whatever 'monkey rocker' meant. Alice grabbed me around the waist and started walking me over towards the middle of the store. There in the middle of the store floor I saw some twisted looking machine. The height of the machine just barely came up to my knees. There were red pads running parallel to one another along either side of the machine that I would be required to squat on, positioning my pussy directly over the middle, which is where the perversion of the machine lied. I could see a purple rippled butt plug poking out from the middle. It started out with smaller bulbs leading up to one at the end that had to be almost two inches across. There was something that looked like a handle that came out the front that I had no idea the purpose of.

Alice pulled my tutu off of me, then pushed me towards the machine. I tentatively placed my legs on either side of it, staring down at all of the black metal with the purple plug standing out an inch above the leg padding. I began to squat down, feeling the red padding on the bottoms of my thighs next to my ass. My feet were on the ground in front of me, my knees bent at a perfect 90 degree angle leading down to my heels. Alice made sure I stayed leaned all the way back for some reason, and I noticed that the plug wasn't even touching me as she locked my legs into a spreader bar that was locked to the floor in front of me, essentially locking me to the machine. She furthered my predicament by taking some straps that were on the red padding and looping them around my thighs before padlocking the buckle in place. Now I really couldn't move or even raise up at all. She smiled as she walked around behind me and I felt her unclasp something at the back of my thong. I hadn't known that the clasp was there as I felt the crotch of the panties drop underneath me, leaving my pussy completely exposed. I still wasn't understanding the purpose of this machine - there was no electricity running to it, I didn't see anywhere that a battery could go and I certainly didn't see an on/off switch anywhere.

Finally the purpose became clear as Alice came in front of me and placed her hands on the handle. She pushed up on it and I felt myself start to rock forward. As I moved forward I felt the plug underneath me begin to raise up until it was beginning to push against my pussy. My eyes widened in surprise as Alice smiled, seeing the realization of what the machine was intended for coming across my face.

"You see, Candi - you control the fucking motion of this machine. If you want to have that plug in your ass, you just rock forward. If you want it out, just rock on backwards. Simple as that."

This was incredibly stupid, I thought to myself. I would just stay rocked all the way back the entire time, essentially just turning this thing into a mildly uncomfortable seat. Alice went behind me and rolled something else up to the machine. I felt something that felt like a small fork poking me gently in the ass, then poking me harder as she continued to move it. I twisted around but could only see her lock the wheels of whatever this thing was into place. Whatever it was, it did take electricity as I saw her run a cord into an outlet on the ground. She came back in front of me and was holding a small black remote in her hands.

"Now - to make sure you don't just lazily sit back and relax the whole time, we took an extra precaution. We want our customers to see the full effect of this machine, so we need to make sure that your inner slut really comes out on it. So..."

She trailed off and pressed a button on the remote. Immediately the fork that was touching my ass sent a jolt of electricity into me. It surprised me and stung like hell, forcing me to rock forward to get away from it, shoving the purple plug inside of me, causing me to yell out in a mixture of surprise and anger. As I was rocked forward, Alice turned a small lever on the remote and I heard the fork moving behind me. The plug was very uncomfortable so I began to rock backwards, trying to get it outside of me. Just before it exited, I felt the fork again - she had moved it forwards so that I could now not move back far enough to get the plug out of my pussy. It again immediately sent electricity through me, causing me to again rock forward, groaning at the realization that they had me stuck on this machine.

As the plug again began to become increasingly uncomfortable, I rocked backwards, keeping the vicious cycle going. Alice giggled and walked back to the front desk, where she still had a full view of me on this devil of a contraption. As much as I didn't want to, I slowly settled into a steady rhythm of fucking myself.

To my right I saw a couple exiting the toy section of the store. I got their attention through my yelps and groans from the plug and the fork behind me. They walked over to me and took in the full view. The woman was a mildly attractive brunette wearing a short red skirt and a tube top, showing off her midriff. The man was wearing an expensive looking suit and I thought I saw a Rolex as he pulled his hands out of his pockets while walking around me, looking at how the machine worked. The woman walked in front of me with a big smile on her face, a diamond necklace dangling down between her cleavage.

"John, look at this - it looks so hot! And look here - it looks like this handle does something. Hmm..."

She reached out her hand and grasped the handle. I pleaded with her to leave me be, but she pulled downward on it, pushing my ass hard into the fork behind me and making me squeal. She giggled and pushed upwards on it, rocking me back forward and watching the plug slowly disappear into my helpless pussy. I moaned in pain as it filled me up, closing my eyes before opening them to see a wide and devilish smile across her face. She again pushed me all the way back and all the way forward, again giggling at the situation I was in. John came around to the front of the machine and gently pushed her aside, taking control of the handle. He wasn't as gentle with me as he began quickly moving me back and forth, having all 10" of the plug push inside of me, the thickness at the base feeling like it was splitting me in half. He never relented and continued this torture for a few minutes while the woman walked circles around the machine, sometimes reaching underneath to slide one of her fingers inside of me as the plug exited to keep me completely filled up. I pleaded with them to stop, but that seemed to just encourage John to go faster and faster. He finally let go of the handle and let me rock on my own, slowing down with each rock but still feeling the plug penetrate me and then the fork shock me. Tears welled in my eyes as they walked away. I overheard the woman requesting for John to purchase one, then heard John put an order in for one at the front desk. As they exited the store, Alice shot me a thumbs up as if I had done a great job. I gave a sarcastic smile which was interrupted by yet another shock to my ass.
This is how it went for the next two and a half hours. I would settle into my slow and steady rhythm, growing accustomed to taking the plug halfway in and then rocking backwards until just before the fork shocked me, then rocking forwards yet again until someone would notice me. They would then examine the machine for a few minutes until they understood how it worked, then they would undoubtedly grasp the handle and take control of my motions until they were satisfied.

Finally, after 3 hours on the machine and, by my count, eight sales of it, Alice came over to me and released me. She pulled me to my feet, the crotch of my thong dangling down to my mid thigh as it was no longer attached to the waistband behind me. I woozily stood there with my arms still trapped behind me, pleading with her to let me go home now. She just shook her head and led me back towards the front desk, past Miss Vicki's office and into a room with a large 3 on it. Inside there was a table that looked like something out of a gynecologist's office.

Alice released my arms from behind me, but they were now useless as they were so weak, as was the rest of my body. I had given up any resistance long ago anyways as I knew I was essentially powerless with all of the different types of mental and physical control they possessed over me. I was somewhat glad that my mind still rebelled against them and that I periodically showed them that I did not agree with their actions, but I also somewhat hoped that I would just accept it. No, that would never happen I told myself - I would eventually be free of all of this. I'd move far, far away and start a new life, pushing all of this out of my memory.

All of that would have to wait though, as Alice moved behind me and unzipped my corset, allowing it to fall to the floor and for my breasts to bounce around, exploring their new freedom. Alice then picked me up and placed me on the table. She placed my legs inside of the awaiting stirrups, strapping them into place and then spreading them apart until she was satisfied, then locking them into place as well. I tried squeezing my legs back together but there was absolutely no give in this machine. She allowed my arms to remain free, knowing that there was nothing I could do to the padlocks keeping my legs in place and that I was trapped in more ways than one anyways. She hit a switch on the side of the table and the recliner portion of the table slowly raised up until I was now basically sitting up on the table, staring down at my crotch just barely hanging off the edge of it.

Alice walked out of the room and I heard voices in the hallway. Before the door could completely shut, Miss Vicki was now walking in, still dressed to die for in her dominatrix outfit. She came over to me and pulled on the straps holding my legs in place, ensuring that everything was secure. She nodded in approval and then went to a table with a cloth covering it. She pulled off the cloth and I immediately began to plead with her to let me go, to not use the items on the table.

I couldn't see everything, but I definitely made out a few dildos and some nipple clamps, along with some kind of a metal object that I'd never seen before but that I was sure I wouldn't enjoy. Miss Vicki saw me staring at it and immediately picked it up, bringing it over for me to see.

"This is a speculum, Candi. It's what I'm going to use to train that pussy of yours to open nice and wide. You see, this part goes inside of you - see how it comes apart so wide when I push this lever? That's what I'll do while it is deep inside your pussy. Then you see this screw right here? As I turn that screw, the speculum locks in its position - can you imagine your hole stretching this wide? Well - you won't have to imagine it here in a few minutes, because we're using it first. And you won't be leaving this room until your groans of pain can convince me that they're actually moans of pleasure through your pussy being penetrated. Remember back to the videos you watched and convince me that you know what to do while you're being fucked and maybe I won't make you come back tomorrow and will instead allow you to recover for a few days. That sounds nice, doesn't it?"

That would sound nice if my home wasn't just another place of hell. A few days at home surely wouldn't be spent recovering but instead furthering my descent into submission through some more web cam shows or whatever else my perverted Master could think of. If he was still calling the shots, at least. Maybe Miss Vicki was in control now and I really would have a few days to recover. I had to hope for that and had to believe her in order to get through all of this. I felt the cold metal at the opening to my pussy.

"Mmm, I can already see that the monkey rocker opened you up a touch. Sounds like your demonstration had the desired results on my customers and that I made quite a few sales on that item today. I'll have to keep the effectiveness of that in mind as I get more new items in. People are always coming up with more and more perverted and penetrative machines, you'd be absolutely amazed at their creativity! But, anyways, enough sex shop talk - let's get back to business."

I felt the two arms of the speculum enter deep inside of me. This isn't so bad I thought. Then I watched as she slowly started to press on the lever. I felt the arms push against the boundaries of my hole and then continue to push, splitting me further and further apart. She continued to push as I wiggled and squirmed in the chair, doing everything I could not to rip the thing out of me, fearful of the consequences I would encounter. Wider and wider she allowed it to go. Just before I felt like I was going to pass out in pain, I saw her turn the screw and then step away. The speculum did not give at all, keeping my gaping hole stretched out as she returned to her table of goodies.

"Beautiful" she said as she returned. I hadn't seen what she had grabbed from the table until she pulled out a replica of the plug that had just been inside of me. I watched her insert it halfway with zero resistance before pulling it back out. I was stretched so wide that I didn't even feel it inside of me! She looked at me and then shook her head disappointingly.

"You don't just sit there and watch yourself getting fucked, sweetie. That's not how they did it in the videos, is it?"

She went to the table again and brought the nipple clamps over. My lips quivered as I watched the teeth of each wrap around my fake nipples, the pain shooting down into my actual ones as the teeth over mine answered in response. I inhaled quickly in pain but resisted the urge to scream, knowing that she would just find pleasure in that. She looked at me expectantly and then seemed almost satisfied before going back to the table. I watched her pick up a thick 8" dildo, then grab a strap on harness, sliding it up her legs and then pushing the dildo into place.

"Let's try this again. Maybe those clamps will help you focus."

She positioned herself between my legs, the black cock jutting out from the exposed crotch of her black leather thong. I watched the dildo again start to disappear inside of me. I did my best to give a moan of pleasure, but it came out flat and obviously rehearsed. Miss Vicki ignored it and began to slowly fuck me, even though I could hardly feel anything through the speculum I still tried to moan with her thrusts, but that is all I did. Miss Vicki again was upset as she pulled the cock out of me and went back to her table.

She picked up weights for the nipple clamps and returned to me, clipping the weights onto the chains of the clamps. These weights were heavier than anything I had taken the previous night with Alice and made me writhe in pain on the table, again doing my best to resist the urge to rip them off of me and temporarily relieve the pain. Miss Vicki slid the speculum out of me and went back to her table, putting it down and then removing the 8" dildo and replacing it, to my horror, with an even larger, even thicker one. It must have been 10" long and 2.5" across. She returned to her position between my legs.

"Maybe this one will get a fucking slut like you off" she said as I felt the head of the dildo against my hole. She placed her hands on my thighs to gain some leverage and then thrust forward, immediately pushing my hole apart and sliding in half of the dildo. I gasped as the feeling was so different from the speculum, then watched as she removed it and then waited just outside of my pussy, looking at me expectantly. My sense came to me.

"Please, mmmmmm, please fuck me with that big beautiful cock. I need it, I'll be the slut you want me to be just please fuck me like a dirty little whore."

I leaned on some of the phrases I had heard from the videos. A tiny smile flashed across Miss Vicki's face and I again felt the dildo at my hole. I arched my back up off of the table and let my hands run across my body as she slid the dildo in again. I put all of my male sense aside and moaned with all I could as the dildo went full hilt inside of me. My hands cupped my breasts and squeezed them as she began to fuck me, my moaning filling the room as she stroked in and out. I was so ashamed as I heard myself moaning like a whore.

Miss Vicki's hands went to my breasts, pinching the clamps and pulling on them as my moans now mixed in with squeals, my back arching further off of the table as I moved my hands down to my fake pussy, playing with where my clit would be before sliding a few fingers inside of it, feeling my trapped cock deep underneath. Miss Vicki picked up her pace and was now full on fucking me, the opposite end of the dildo obviously stimulating her clit as she went to town on my pussy. Her moans began to answer mine as I again spoke dirty to her, trying my best to get out of this with this being my last experience here.

"Oh god yes, that's it, right there! Fuck me harder, harder, harder! That's it, YES! MMMMM!"

Finally she paused while the cock was deep inside of me, her body convulsing as an orgasm coursed through her body. She closed her eyes and squeezed my breasts tightly. After a minute she opened her eyes and smiled a proud smile before removing the cock from me and walking directly out of the room. More talking outside of the door before Alice strode in with a smile on her face as well.

"Wow, Candi - that sounded fucking hot from outside the door. I can't wait to watch the video."

With that she pointed to the corners of the room where I saw multiple cameras trained on me.

"we're going to splice that together and make a nice little advertisement for you I'm sure. You really took it like a slut from what I could hear. Miss Vicki was moderately satisfied. She said you were still rough and it was still obvious that you were faking it, but she liked the effort. You're to get dressed in this outfit and then report to her office before you are allowed to leave. Good job!"

She released the straps and the lock on the stirrups and I felt my feet drop to the floor. Alice threw an outfit at me, different from the one I had arrived in. I looked at her expecting more to wear but she just left me there in the room to get dressed in this revealing outfit.

It was a red flyaway gown, if you wanted to call it a gown. The top was a halter top with lacy red detail around the cups, meeting underneath in a red bow with a jewel in the middle. From there, the material never came together again, with a sheer lacy material running from underneath the cups and down the sides to the ground. It also flew away in the back, leaving my ass on full display. It came with a matching thong and red garter. In the middle of the waistband of the thong was another red bow. I groaned in displeasure and slid off what was left of my old thong and replaced it with this new one, feeling the string slide into place. I put on the dress, adjusting it to ensure the cups supported my glue on breasts. I took the attached garters and hooked them onto my white fishnet stockings - cursing myself for wishing I had a garter belt earlier in the night. I looked at myself in the mirror and couldn't believe how much of my body was in view. The dress basically just covered up my breasts and left the rest naked.

I walked out of the room, feeling the sides of the dress lift up as I walked, putting me even more on display. I walked down the hallway to Miss Vicki's office, where she was again taking meticulous notes on her computer spreadsheets. She saw me walk in and motioned for me to take a seat.

"Well, Candi - you had an adequate session today, so I'm ready to send you home. Don't fret, you won't be required to ride the subway in that outfit - it's much too nice to be in such a filthy place. Instead, Jeffrey will be giving you a ride home in one of our town cars. I'm sure you'll be able to come up with a way to thank him for the ride upon arrival at your apartment."

I was glad to not be required to ride the subway home, but at least then I had some semblance of control over whether I partook in sexual acts. From the tone of Miss Vicki's voice, I knew she was expecting me to "thank" Jeffrey with another "perfect blowjob". I sighed and followed Jeffrey out of the store, past the monkey rocker display that made me shiver to my core to think back about. He opened the front door for me and I slid inside, watching him walk around with a smile on his face as he jumped into the driver's seat.

It was a short ride home and, as we pulled into my complex's parking lot, he locked the doors, looking at me expectantly. I again sighed as I unbuckled myself and shifted my weight to face him. His pants were already unzipped with his flaccid cock laying like a dormant snake across his thigh. I swallowed and went to work, breathing on the head, licking up and down the shaft until he once again took control, shoving his monster cock deep down my throat over and over again until he finally shot yet another load down my throat. I again remembered to take the load and play with it in my mouth until it was gone, at which time he unlocked my door and nodded for me to get out. As I was climbing out I felt him smack my ass roughly, causing me to jump and hurriedly exit, slamming the door angrily behind me.

I walked to my apartment and let myself in the unlocked door, remembering that my car was parked at the subway. Not that it really mattered since I had left the key at the store - I was sure it would find its way home whenever it was required to be there. I saw a note on the TV telling me to go to the computer in my fetish room. I was dreading having to put on a webcam show dressed as I currently was and timidly made my way inside. The computer was opened to my email account, with a new message waiting to be opened.

I opened the email, seeing that it was from an address at Miss Vicki's store. Inside there was a video attachment. I opened the attachment to see that it was an edited video of Miss Vicki fucking me, complete with audio of me calling myself a dirty whore, asking her to fuck me harder, moaning like a bitch in heat. The body of the email told me to go to "my" web site. I hesitantly opened the site and typed in the address, my jaw dropping as a copy of the video popped up on the screen with the subtitle:


This was just getting out of control. Now they were trying to make it sound like I was voluntarily going through training to be better at being a slut, complete with video evidence. And reserving me for parties? Not a chance. I leaned back in the chair, trying to think of how I was going to get out of this, until I felt someone behind me. Before I could turn around I felt a sharp pain in my neck, then blackness.

I woke up on my back, going down some kind of a hallway. I was strapped down, watching the lights pass by above me. I saw a few faces with medical masks on. I leaned my head up, seeing some kind of black markings on my chest around my breasts and nipples. The fake breasts were gone, but I was still groggy. I made out a conversation between someone and what I assumed was some kind of a doctor.

"So, we'll perform the procedures as detailed in the report you reviewed earlier. And have you made a decision on what to do with her genitals?" the doctor asked to the mystery person.

Panicking, I struggled woozily against the restraints, but before I could hear an answer I felt another pain in my neck, then back to blackness. What was happening to me?

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