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Message Board! I had no idea. My lover is in for a surprise when he gets home. Such a naughty old pervert.


Please forgive Howwee for not tending to the Profile page. It's the time of year when my Boo-Boo Bear is attending trade shows out of town, and probably screwing some slut from one of the exhibitor's booths. The end result is me having to take care of my needs with my large toy collection. I currently have no lover available.

With age comes wisdom. The older the violin the sweeter the music. There's no fool like an old fool. I was the ladder last Saturday night. We had a wonderful dinner at a place we'd heard about but never tried. We stopped for a cocktail at a high dollar saloon after dinner. We definitely raised the average age of those in attendance.

Four bartenders and they were all busy. I immediately zeroed in on one of them. As tall as Howwee, mid-twenties, black hair off setting alabaster skin, full lips, and vivid hazel colored eyes. She was beautiful. That's right dear readers I was over come with need for this woman. I made a fool out of myself. Sixty years old (for
another couple of weeks anyway) and I acted like an awe struck teenager.

Her legs were magnificent. The dress she wore showed nearly all of them. When she had to grab something from the bottom shelf her panties came into view. She turned my core into a liquid lava. Her black boots gave her the appearance of a dominatrix. Flog me. I wanted to clean her boots with my tongue. I was still dumb struck when she asked me for my drink order and I know she had caught me staring at the tops of her creamy white breasts.

It took Howwee about three seconds to figure out to where my mind had wandered.

Is there a straight male living that doesn't get excited about lesbian sex? Howwee has had the pleasure of watching me love another woman on two occasions. He behaved like a monkey.

I opened three bottoms on my blouse halfway down so you need not take a long look to see my own bra encased breasts. When she asked us if we were ready for another I asked her if their was a house specialty
that she enjoyed while twisting my upper body to afford her a better view of my puppies.

The eight inch strap-on stored in our walk-in closet would fit her body, and my wet pussy perfectly I thought.

I have no idea what the drink was called, but it was delicious. I sucked it down.

Notice me. Please, please notice me. I will serve you.

"You're soaked aren't you baby?"

"Oh God Howwee she's just so...just so..."


"I want her so bad."

We couldn't role play this scenario. I wanted her to take me. Putting a dress and wig on my husband just wasn't going to do the trick.

She stopped by a bit later to tell us she was taking a smoke break, and Todd would take care of us while she was gone. I immediately asked her where the outdoor smoking area was, and hoped that Howwee had brought his with him. We don't really smoke much anymore, and when we do it's electronic, but a typical night out will see us inhaling (yes we inhale) two or three live ones.

I all but ran to catch up with my fantasy. The weather was accommodating but it did not keep my nipples from instantly standing at attention and I was so glad. I had no lighter and asked her for one while we both acknowledged what a terrible habit smoking was and so hard to break.

Sarah was an accountant who was waiting to see if she'd passed the CPA test. Brains and beauty. I told her I was a dental hygienist and then like a complete tool told her she had wonderful teeth and that if she ever needed them cleaned I'd do it for free.

Did I really say that?

Sarah didn't laugh at me, and remarked that she'd keep that in mind. I couldn't think of anything to say.

"Could I please stick my tongue in your pussy?" I so wanted to ask the beauty. My gosh I was helpless before her.

She said I need to be heading back. No, no, please don't go. Say something stupid or you'll regret it for the rest of your life.

"You're so beautiful." No you didn't. You didn't just tell a woman young enough to be your daughter that she was beautiful.

She looked into my soul and replied. "Thank you. So nice of you to say that. I think you're very attractive. See you inside."

I'll be the best lover you ever had. I'll serve you. I'll kneel in front of you. I'll leave my husband for you. I'll be your slave. What an old fool.

I didn't even stop by my husband on my way to the ladies room, or in my case the lesbian handicapped facility. I pulled my skirt up and removed my panties. I opened my blouse. There were other women in the ladies room, and I did not care. I punished my wet twat with my fingers. I tried to remain quiet but ended up with my panties
stuffed into my mouth. It was the most intense orgasm I'd had in recent memory. I was really passed caring. I ended up removing my bra and leaving several buttons undone before I left the restroom to rejoin my husband.

My breasts bounced and swayed as I made my way back not caring about the men who might have noticed. I didn't want a man. I wanted Sarah. I didn't get Sarah. I'd never get Sarah. Sarah was undoubtedly straight and had any number of suitors to choose from. I was just an old slut with big tits, and a wet puss.

I was drunk and Howwee suggested we head home but he was basing that decision on my unrestrained boobs. I insisted we stay for one more. When Sarah came by to ask us if we needed another I told her the drink she'd suggested was my new favorite, and then asked her a stupid question about a bottle of liquor on a shelve behind her so I could raise myself off the bar stool and lean forward knowing my breasts were exposed. She saw them.

Sarah saw my fun bags. She looked a little longer than an exploratory glance and I felt so great.

She looked at my breasts. It made my evening.

If Howwee, God bless him, hadn't gotten me out of there I would have ended up dancing naked on the bar. I masturbated on the way home. He screwed me as hard and long as he could but I never got off. He fell asleep and I tried to but was so wired I got out of bed and fired up my computer. It took me forever to find a woman who looked a bit like Sarah screwing a woman with large breasts. It took me only a few minutes to cum.

It will never be more than a fantasy. My niece would help me out if she didn't live so far away, and my daughter-in-law would have been more than happy to accommodate me before she had my grandchild.

Returning to see her again would just result in more torture.

I love you Sarah.


Working my way through the friend requests. Know without being told I do a lousy job. Posted new pictures of my daughter in law. These were "snapped" from the last video (which I also will post) she made just before their holiday visit which was the first time she and I had sex.

I wrote the most recent blog (M&M or Mowing and Masturbating) based on Robin's recollection of watching our son mow the yard while she played with herself. As noted in the blog the week after she was dog stripped she nearly destroyed my cock. I begged for mercy after four days. The only thing that would have satisfied her would have been the four teenagers taking her on the kitchen table. Role playing just didn't cut it because there was just one of me.

She was on birth control even though I'd been clipped years earlier. We had the same doctor, a really cutie, and she never said a word when Robin went back on birth control, but she had to wonder.

Probably jump forward next time to our son's birthday celebration.

Hope your New Year is going well.


Okay I posted a picture that strongly suggests my wife and daughter in law dislike each other. I'm supposed to point out that they do indeed get along famously now. It's been ages since my daughter in law has spanked my wife. Hee-hee. Love you honey.


We're so sorry for being gone so long the holidays brought traveling and the usual mix of parties, good and otherwise. I with stood my fair share of gropes during the good ones. New Year's Eve found us at a closed party in my hubbies favorite place. Eighty dollars a couple and you were well fed, and bred. Kidding about the last part. You still had to leave the bar if you wanted to smoke, and it was freezing outside.

Howwee and I were alone and it's secluded. He was all over me. No skin exposed but he mauled my breasts as if it was his first time, and slide his hand up my dress before I put a stop to things. I didn't feel a need to be treated for frost bite.

The room broke into applause when we reentered the lounge. I, not Howwee had forgotten that there is a closed circuit television hook up behind the bar allowing the bartender to keep an eye on things.

Our performance had been showing on every flat screen in the establishment.

He was feeling like cock of the walk while I just felt like stepping on that cock while it was on the walk. I was really glad I'd not worn an outfit with easy access.

The sex at home was pretty darn good.

We did get together long enough to post a blog. Dog Stripped. And that got our motors running again.

The New Year is looking pretty good for a couple of people on the down hill side.

Happy New One to you all,


Yikes! Behind again, and it will only get worse through the holidays.
I did get an old fashioned while parked in front of our garage, and she got finger fucked until she came. Tonight is her company Christmas Party although it's a pretty small group. The dentist she originally worked for is semi-retired from work and screwing my wife.

Hold up over my wife's Christmas costume. Seems that my DIL was going to have her wear just some bows, which would cover her privates. Sounded pretty freaking sweet to me, and I'm sure my son felt the same way. We're just staying out of it.

I will post my DIL's video as soon as I write the explanation blog.

Should finally get laid tonight so I've got that to look forward to.
She's got to hurting more than I am, or at least I hope so.


We've been busy. Holidays, blah, blah, etc. etc. Last night was company Christmas party. Robin spent most of her time with the owner who flew in for the party. Probably because she was showing a lot of boob.

Tonight is date night and with a little luck I'll get off. Hand job, blow job, pussy job (that's a thing right) I don't care as long as my bloated sack gets emptied.

Might have some stray pussy (sorry ladies) available. Works for a nationally known company having to do with voting. I think she's fucking hot, really smart, and she's about fifteen years my junior. Divorced with one kid. That take charge professionalism mixed with, "I can be a slut in the bedroom," number. I'm sure it was my charm, and what appeared to be a cocktail wiener in my slacks.

Hey! Sometimes you don't feel like eating a whole hot dog.

Finally my DIL video with audio will be posted but friends only. I did end up calling her. She wanted the blog to be detailed enough to embarrass my wife, and she'll be picking out some type of Santa's helper costume (that my wife will pay for) which my wife will be required to wear on Christmas Eve. Haven't seen it yet, but I suspect it will be composed of very little cloth. Win/Win for me.

Ho, fucking Ho, Ho.


Well, I'm totally freaking buzzed. Dropped about a hundred bucks buying rounds for a few guys, and lots more young women who know that I'm just a harmless, old teddy bear. What they don't seem to realize is that us old guys are experts at fore play, and when I say fore play I mean begging. I can beg with the best of them.

Nor am I too proud to turn down a pity fuck. It is, as we're all aware the season of giving. Better to give than receive. So I would give you my pecker, and your pussy would receive it. It's the freaking Christian thing to do.

Sadly I'm on a monthly allowance, and I just dropped too much of it too early in the month. Maybe Santa will give me a little head if the cookies are laced with weed. God this sad.

So what else is going on Howwee?

Glad you asked. We're doing one of our, keep the marriage new and exciting numbers. Call it "newbie" or "first date" or whatever suits you.

We go out on a "first" date. I pull up to the garage after our first date and walk my wife to the door where I give her a chaste kiss on the lips before she enters the house and locks the door. I go back to the car and pull it into the garage. After entering the house everything reverts to normal with the exception of sex.

Next date we make out in the car while it's parked in the driveway before walking her to the door of her "parent's house." She's not on birth control by the way because she's a good girl.

Date number three involves petting her breasts although she keeps pushing my hand away.

And on it goes. The number of dates we go on before I finally score varies based on my...wait for it...begging.

We are both allowed to masturbate as often as we want but no sex.

It does bring back fond, albeit frustrating memories, and on occasion when I was younger she loved to make me cum in my underwear.

Date number three is tomorrow night so I'm hoping to get some bare breast, and maybe a feel of her pussy. It's really tough with virgins.

No resolution regarding my DIL's video, but I'm working on it. Okay I'm going to look at some dirty pictures on site for a few minutes while I tickle my pickle.


First, sorry about the back log of friend requests. Not sure why you'd want to friend us anyway as I'm not good about contact.

We are at odds as to posting a DIL video. My wife says it not only shows our DIL's face to often and fully, but her language is horrendous. Add to that the blog I would post explaining why I was getting the videos, and we've at an impasse.

Regardless of what took place in the past we now have a grandchild, and my DIL and wife get along very well with only the occasional hiccup.

"How would you feel if someone recognized her?"
"Why don't you call and ask her before you post it?"

She does have a point, and when I responded that none of it would have happened if she hadn't seduced our son she says one out weighs the other, and I'm missing the big picture.

The "kids" stayed with us three nights and screwed all three nights.
She didn't ask me for sex, but masturbated each time they fucked. She used an eight inch dildo which happens to be the same size as our son's cock. If our DIL had invited her in she'd have done it in a heart beat.

I'm working on it, and if she holds to her position I may call my DIL.
May end up being a Friends only post.

I'll continue working on it.


Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


Going to post the last video my daughter in law emailed me the day before they visited for Christmas even though there are several more. This one has audio and shows her face quite often. Of course there will have to be a blog explaining why she wanted to fuck me. It won't be as detailed as I'd like but my wife is ashamed of the part she played in bringing it about as well she should be, but I'm glad she did. It was also not the first time she got in trouble with another man's wife, but you spread your legs often enough you're going to get burnt.

Only turned physical a few times, and with two exceptions just some hair pulling before they were pulled apart. One of those was with my daughter in law who just slapped the shit out of her and with good reason.

The other was the best and didn't involve my wife having had sex with another woman's husband. A nineteen year old stripper who wanted to have sex with me, but when I asked my wife (36 at the time) went nuts. This girl worked for the same company I did for a couple of years because she wanted the health insurance.

My wife started the confrontation at my company's summer party, and ended up totally defeated and humiliated. I'll get to it, but not till after Thanksgiving.


As usual she left out details. It was after a funeral. Guy's favorite bar was where we went afterward, and drinks were on the house. Standing room only. Wife dressed in black and conservative until you saw her back. Dress dipped down pretty low. Built in bra number.

Guy who owns the place bought a oil painting of a nude Marylyn Monroe lying down and you can see one boob I believe. Was going to hang it in the bar until his wife found out so it ended up in his office above a couch. He was telling my wife about it while resting his hand on her hip. She of course wanted to see it, and they disappeared into his office, and stayed there for maybe a half hour.

Told her he'd love to have a painting of her to hang in the bar. No, she couldn't because she was too old, and her breasts didn't stand up like Marylyn's. Who'd want to see a painting of an old woman. He couldn't tell unless he saw them.

When he stared to pull the dress off her shoulders she told him she couldn't because she was married. He told her that he'd heard that wasn't a problem. Wouldn't be the first time she'd spread her legs for someone besides her husband.

He exposed her breasts and told her he'd hang her picture up in a heart beat as he proceeded to push her dress down and off leaving her in panties and thigh highs.

"No I can't I'm married, and he's right outside the door."

She kept telling him no as he slipped his hand into her panties and found her wet cunt.

"You won't tell anyone will you?"

He was honest and told her he'd tell anyonee who wanted to listen which was exactly the right thing to tell my wife.

He fucked her on the couch with Marilyn looking down on them.

I didn't call her a slut. On the way home I said "You really slutted it up didn't you?"

I was totally tuned, and couldn't get hard when we got home. She used tie straps on my wrists and ankles before sitting on my face. I cleaned her pussy and listened to her tell her story until she climaxed on my face.


If you husband can't perform and satisfy your needs it does not make you a slut for finding someone who can. Even if that someone is around 75 years old, owns a bar, and takes you in his office while your hubby is at the bar drinking. It was pretty loud in the bar so I don't think anyone heard me screaming. Lord he was a good fuck.


Added a blog Robin wrote about our planned Shark Attack that took place not too long after we got married.


We had a sensational time at bit of an unconventional wedding on Saturday. Friend of my son's although my son and his wife couldn't make the trip. The most beautiful woman at the wedding was the bride as it should be. Running a close second in a neck to heels form fitting dark blue dress was my bride of thirty-five years.

Stunning. I thought she looked as beautiful as the day we got married. Okay, but pretty damn close.

Reception dinner followed by the dance. We spent most of the evening dancing together although we did dance with several other people. My poor wife finally took her heels off around eleven o'clock.

She had a woman stop at our house earlier in the day who did her make up, nails, and hair. Believe it took her ten minutes to get all of the hair, and bobby pins out when we got home. She counted them the next day, and the total was forty plus.

The things you poor women go through to look good for you usually undeserving spouses.

No sex. Neither one of us had the energy. I did give her a foot massage the next morning. Maybe we'll play dress up at a later date and she can wear the dress again.

Been awhile since I'd bought a full suit, and suffered some severe sticker shock, but unlike, once again you poor women, I'll be able to wear mine for some number of years.

Righteous Brothers, Unchained Melody was the first song played at my request after the required bride/groom, father/daughter, mother/son numbers. Later Billy Joel with, I Love You Just The Way You Are, which was the first song we danced to so many years ago after our wedding.

There were literally hundreds of pictures taken so hopefully I'll get my hands on a few of my wife and post them.

I'm one fortunate old dude.


For those of you who have asked, and those of you who have said I should...yes I have fucked my daughter in law. If they didn't live 500 miles away it would have been much more often. I have my wonderful wife to thank for that, and I'm sure she'd LOVE to tell you what she did to make that possible. Wouldn't you honey?


Going to my hubby's favorite lounge this evening so he can ogle all the cocktail waitresses in their little costumes. I'm putting a streak of eye black down the middle of his bald head, and he'll put two golf balls in his mouth. Can you guess what he is? A dickhead or penis and balls. I'm going as a 60 year old slut. Quite a stretch for me. Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween.


Missing a few details? Fuck I don't have the time to list all the missing details but let's start with the guy being black. Nothing against black folks and she's had sex with three other black guys, but it's more than a minor detail. Additionally when he started fucking her he wasn't wearing a condom. She can't get pregnant, but that's pretty stupid, and he was the one who stopped and put a condom on not my wife telling he had to.

A black couple had their wedding reception at the hotel. We hit the hotel bar for a cocktail before heading out. The bar was pretty busy given the hour. Maybe thirty people with three white couples besides us and they all took off when it started to fill up with mostly guys from the reception. My wife didn't want to leave, and with good reason because after the DJ started up she was on the dance floor.

Like I said I don't have the time right now, but the stud that bedded her had touched every part of her body before they went to our room.
Exposed most of her as well.

Tomorrow I get a little pay back. I'll let you know about that because it should be wicked good fun...at least for me.

Oh yeah, I'm not pissed at her and she knows it. How could I not love her? She's put up with me all these years. Don't deserve her but she's stuck with me now.


My husband hasn't been playing on site because he's upset with me. We spent four days in Minneapolis and had a ton of fun until Saturday night. I had sex with another man, and he had told me I couldn't. He has a point. It's against our rules. It was supposed to be just oral and I don't have to have permission to perform oral sex. Call me weak, or a slut, but this gentleman was just thirty years old, and a had a nearly flawless body. I honestly wanted Howwee to come back to our room and watch, but he stayed in the hotel bar and pouted. I'm no novice. I love performing oral sex. The most virile and dominant of males turns into a little puppies when you make love to their most prized possession.

What I was not prepared for was my newest conquest completely stripping before I had a chance to even touch him. He didn't even try to take my clothes off. This after I behaved shamelessly on the dance floor in the bar.

When I asked him if he'd like to play with me or take off my top he politely declined. After the fact, yes he played me, but at that moment in time I was insulted, and all but dripping with lust.

My excuses were a candy bar, and my age. A friend had brought back candy bars from Colorado, and we'd taken one with us on the trip. It makes me incredibly horny. Sixty year old women don't often end up in a hotel room with a stud half our age.

Lord this makes me sound awful doesn't it? My husband's probably right.

I disrobed while I was on my knees with his cock in my mouth.

"What are you doing?" That's what he asked me!

I like to think I didn't beg, but it was border line.

I'm leaving out a great amount of detail, but the bottom line was that Howwee didn't even want me to put the guy's dick in my mouth and it ended up in my hungry pussy.

He's going to read this sooner or later. Honey I love your so much, and as I've told you over and over you're the best. Once again I'm so sorry.


Ah fuck me. 100 friend requests which means it now goes into shut down mode. My bad entirely. May do a one time accept everybody number but that means I won't be leaving any comments or thanks on your request. Should give you some idea of what a lousy friend I'll be. I'll think about it for another day.
Dandy weekend away but I'll get to that later.


She checked! She checked to see if I posted the blog. She didn't trust me, and trust after all is what every good marriage is based upon right? So I posted a blog, and now everyone is happy, and that better be the case after this weekend. Enjoy yours.


Okay she's gone. She won't be able to go four days away from home without cock, and it'll be mine. Probably have to be her bitch the first go round, but that's fun too.


We're taking a long weekend far away from home. I'll be on my worst behavior. If my darling husband gets off he'll be using his hand. No blog posted about our son watching us screwing then no pussy.


My hubby was right no one wants to see pictures of guys so I let him delete them. I won't be on here often just enough to make sure he's not lining up some stray pussy. He's the story teller. I've told him that I want to see a blog, or story about our wonderful son and the first time he watched us having sex. Unless he wants to go without he'll post something very soon. Kisses.


My wife had me change to couple because she wanted to post some "special" pictures of her big, strong, straight husband. Why I love her.


About fifteen years ago I knew nearly every male at work wanted to either fuck my wife, cum on her tits, or fill her mouth with their goo. I forget exactly what she'd done to piss me off, but I decided a little revenge was in order. She loved flaunting her body so I'd just help move things along.

I left a folder on my desk top labeled with her name. I used a picture of her naked from the waist up on my desk top. I had an assistant who did the boiler plate design work on his own computer.

I left early and then gave him a call explaining that I'd forgotten to take a particular plan with me. Asked him to email it to my home address.

When he powered my cpu up he'd be treated to a picture of my wife's bare breasts. No way he wouldn't also see the folder and open it to find ten pictures of my wife in various states of nudity.

That he wouldn't also copy the folder and mail it to himself was surely a given. Expected within a couple of days everyone who wanted would have naked pictures of my wife.

When I got to work the next morning I pretended that I'd made a terrible mistake by leaving her picture on my desk top, and hoped he hadn't been offended.

My wife as per her custom dressed to kill for the company Christmas party. She received more attention than usual from the boys, and nasty looks from most of the females.

On the way home with her half in the bag I told her what I'd done. Not only didn't she get mad, she got turned on, and proceeded to masturbate to a quick orgasm. She walked from the garage and into the house with just her heels on, and fucked me nearly to death.

"You want them all to gang fuck your wife? Is that what you want? Treat me like a whore? Strip me in the warehouse and cover me in their cum?"

Ah duh. Yeah. Course that was all fantasy role play. At least as far as I know.


Here's a fun piece of trivia. We've been married thirty-four years and my wife has been unfaithful with the same number of men/boys. Not one a year however. The vast majority occurred after she turned thirty-eight, and before she reached fifty.

The youngest was just a teenager, and the oldest was sixty-two at the time. Of course there have probably been others she didn't tell me about, which would breach our pre-martial agreement.

Opposite of, "Don't ask, don't tell." I shouldn't even have to ask, but if I do she's required to not only tell, but provide details. I don't have to asked because I just love recounting my own adventures.

It's a lop sided two way street as I've had sex with thirteen different women over the course of our wonderfully fulfilling marriage. I have no idea how many times she's been hit on, and not ended up with her long legs spread begging for cock.

Her penultimate partner is a male of just legal age who is still a virgin. There have been five such encounters that I know of, and I was able to watch two of those mating's. The additional thrill of having watched her take those young cocks bareback left me almost wishing she hadn't been on birth control.

I guess our philosophy is that as long as every one is having fun, and no one is getting hurt (anymore than they want to be) why not just enjoy, and let nature take it's course.

Okay, accepting friend requests again. 09-06-14

I've deleted nearly everything personal and it will remain that way until the shit-storm regarding the celebrity pictures solidifies.

On here to have fun, not to dodge bullets.

Won't be accepting friends, although I will try to reply to messages albeit on a much less frequent basis. I have deleted all comments and messaging history as well so if you drop a line my old memory cells may need some help with recall.

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