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Elevator Challenge

The challenge was to find a building with an elevator, and determine a time the building was not very active.
We would get into the elevator on the main floor and she would take off all her clothes and give them to me. I would leave her in the elevator and go up the stairs and push the elevator button. She would be stuck in the elevator naked, waiting and hoping that the elevator doesn't stop at any other floors.
We found a building and went there during a snow storm. There were cars in the lot, and a few fresh tracks in the snow, so we knew people were there. When she gave me all her clothe... Continue»
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We like to share

Hello everyone.

After a lot of requests, demands, and time consuming filtering, we have decided to post a short blog explaining our participation on this site.

We are not trying to be famous. We are not looking for followers, or a fan base.

We are looking for others who enjoy the same thing we do and would like to play along with dares and challenges. We simply like to share with others who share our interests. And by share, we mean on both sides, we love to receive content as well.

No one is entitled to any of our content. We share at our own discreti... Continue»
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Delivered Naked on a Hand Truck

I have an idea for a video I want to try, I just need to figure out how to set up the camera.

First, I'll get my wife to agree to go out naked all but a long coat. I'll drive her somewhere, blindfold her and cuff her hands behind her back through our hand truck. This is where it'll get tricky, I want to mount the camera to something perhaps attached to the hand truck that will capture her as I move her around on the hand truck. I think she'll get pretty nervous and excited when I wheel her around a bit then open her coat exposing her naked body, and wheel her around a bit more. We've done a... Continue»
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Camping Next Week

So we have a campout scheduled for next week, and I intend to do some sex dares with my hot wife.

On our last campout, we played in the campgrounds restrooms. We were staying in an improved campground, so they had proper flush toilets, showers and even a laundry facility. We waited until around 10pm, late enough that the restrooms would not likely be busy, but not so late that nobody would still be up and may need the restroom. There was a good amount of other campers, but some of them were in big enough campers that they would likely use their own bathroom instead of coming to the campgro... Continue»
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Bound and Exposed

Last week my wife and I decided to go on an night time adventure. I had her change out of everything and only wear her jeans and a jacket and shoes. We drove to a park across town and found a gate securing an access road. There's a fairly busy road that parallels the park entrance and the access road. Facing the gate, the busy road was about 30 yards to the left, and the park entrance about 50 yards behind us.

With a sinister smile, I turned to my wife and said "I'm going to tie you to that gate naked, what do you think about that?" To my surprise, she was ok with it. She stripped down and... Continue»
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Lockout Dare

My wife and I started this naked dare challenge. I have to admit that I'm way more turned on with it than she is, but she does enjoy it too once she gets into it.

The other night we decided to take a night drive through a popular make out overlook type park. We passed several cars and hikers coming into the park, and had some cars drive by where we chose to play this game.

The dare was that I would walk a little ways away from the parking area and leave the keys to the car just off the path. When I got back to the car, she would strip naked except for her shoes. I would lock the car on... Continue»
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