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I know it's been awhile but things have been a little difficult to sort out. Back up and running though and have just set my wife up for a meet. I think I've got a little lucky on this one as was going to arrange with a different guy but he bailed out otherwise she wasn't going to meet. I tried to push a little too far in trying to convince her she should go out for the night with this one. However he's coming to hers to enjoy her company for a few hours. By that I mean her being fucked in whatever position they choose until his balls are empty and her slut hole is running with his cum. He's another asian guy as they seem to know how to fuck and how to cum. I'm downstairs for this one it seems as I presumed that as long as the guy was happy I would be able to watch. She's not happy though but I'm still holding out for sunday when again she meets up with a black bull willing to fuck his cum into my wife. 

I'm so horny though thinking about what I'll no doubt have to hear and also she likes to show off her well fucked pussy covered and filled with spunk. I might get to fuck her after he's gone depends on how much she wishes to tease me but I look forward to sliding my cock into her lubricared thatch while she tells me about her night and of how manys loads my dick is stirring through until I can hold on no longer. It does seem that I'm going to have to sort out an outside gangbang via either a club or someones house to watch her enjoying other mens attention and then watch the strands of semen as they drip from her ravished cunt before someone else is making her shake with orgasm. 

Usual pre meet ritual of her going in the bath while I get the bedroom ready and put some clothes out for her to wear. I intentionally forget to put some knickers out hoping she'll do it as we have quite a steep set of stairs. I wanted him to get a good eyeful of her pussy before he gets her in the bedroom but she comes down wearing a thong under her corset. I put her stockings on but I fasten so that her thong can be on of the first items removed. He arrives at the door and they go upstairs to start their games together. The washing machine is going but I still can just about make out some noise. This in turn changes to the sound of him giving it hard to my wife. I've chatted alot to this guy in her stead and he's aiming to fuck his cum into her and the way the bed is bouncing he's doing just that. I can see her now on all fours loving the ramming she's getting. He seems to know how to drag it out by slowing down but he doesn't seem to be carrying on long enough. He is there to fuck her until his balls are empty so perhaps he's quick to cum and quick to repeat?. 

It carries on with the ebb and flow of fucking. Sometimes soft and other times he is giving her it deep. There's the odd moan and groan and then things seem to hit a steady and prolonged rhythm. Then just like that the meet is over and she's coming into the living room. Appartenly it wasn't the best of shags as he wasn't that big and wasn't her type although she had seen a pic before. He didn't have the stamina for substained fucking so she had to take action and climb on his cock before he'd cum. 

I've arranged another meet with someone else for sat night that hopefully will make up for it. A black guy that wants to arrange a 4 man interracial gangbang for her is getting the chance on his own and then sunday more black cock. 
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