First time

We are a young couple , happily married for a few years and being together for over 8 years.
Everything is fine in our life, sex is great, we did a lot of stuff fantasying and playing with toys but my biggest dream was to have a Hot Wife , who has sometimes sex with someone els, enjoys it and I get all the dirty details.She never was into this, so it was just my fantasy and I could release my self sometimes during sex, telling her about this.

Everything changed a few weeks ago. :)
My wife texted with an old friend of her, he invited her for coffee and of course i encouraged her to go out and have fun , i also gave her 2 condoms just to be shore she get's the message.

At the end she took my gift but told be she is going out to have a drink and she will come home and nothing will happen.
One detail to mention that i never meet her old friend , but i know that she is attracted to him , because i told her many time that i wish to see them fucking and i spook to the guy a few months ago and explained my fantasy,and also that she kind of likes him, of course he refused me and we agreed to leave this as a secret between us 2.

So they meet , i was at home took a shower and started jerking and fantasying about my sexy wife with him.
In a short time not even two hours i got a text message from my wife

"Oh boy we arrived at a hotel room! Love you"

I felt i was in heaven, my cock was hard and my fantasy a reality
After 2 hours i got a second text "Baby we are done, you are so much better, coming home "

She arrived, my sexy wife arrived home from her first date, as a hot wife.
I could wait to hold her in my arms and make love .

She explained everything to me , the guy took advantage of our discussion and told her everything what we discussed so it was an easier way to get her.

I got the full story package about emotions,first kiss, first touch

She told me that she sucked him of and he has a good shaped and sized cock.
They did it in all the possible positions , in front of the mirror in bed, he made her wet and fucked my hot wife really good.

She excited me so hard so i started kissing her and licking the freshly fucked wet pussy , sweet asshole and her sexy feet, i got no blow job but we fucked till i came twice.

So started my fantasy to be reality , we speak about this and she want's to do it again , but next time it will be in front of me (can't wait )
We meet the guy week ago together and had a small talk nothing happened for some reasons but after all the conversations in the close future there will be a threesome or some live action for me to watch .

After this all our sex life exploded , we talk a lot , watch porn together ,registered for hamster and she tells me what to post and not , masturbate together , and speak about trying out different things.

Sex is amazing and freedom and honesty also.

We love each other and that what's matters

Finally I got my Hot Wife and I'm enjoying it

To be continued
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1 year ago
nice, hope the next story is about us!
1 year ago
It happened ! in short time the next story :))
1 year ago
Picant! Extrem de picant si simpatic.
1 year ago
Great story! Hope to see more ...
1 year ago
Pupici sotiei atat de sper sa traiti multe experiente HOT! Poate ne vom si cunoaste....
1 year ago
super! felicitari! am cateva experiente de genul. poate reusim sa comunicam cumva.
1 year ago
love this story! could you add me?
1 year ago
Looking forward to hearing more about her adventures
1 year ago
nice but i want to read the next one
1 year ago
Nice. Hope to hear more of your adventures:)
1 year ago
Post more of watching your wife I know from ex perience you will enjoy it.
1 year ago
Hot hope there is more to come