The Show – Brent and Denna

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The Show – Brent and Denna

Brent has just turned 18 – tall, fit young man but very shy. He has the raging hormones of a typical high school boy and is always a bit aroused. He shares a home with his older s***** who is in school at the local community college in the dental hygiene program and his single mom.

Denna is his 20 year old s***** is a hot looking brunette with a short pixie haircut slim waist and ample breast.

Our story picks up as she is about to go out on a Friday night with some of her girl friends.

Brent is sitting on the couch. The TV is on with some old science fiction he found on Netflix. This sadly, is a typical Friday night for Brent. He is not a bad looking boy and actually gets some looks from the girls. He knows what he lacks is the confidence to make the first step with those girls. Most of his buddies have girlfriends these days, and he does hangout with them as the third wheel on occasion, but tonight he is on the couch.

His mom is at work and will be until late. She is managing a restaurant and bar downtown. Actually she is the assistant manager. That means she works harder than anyone including the manager, and has much worse hours, including this week, closing on Friday night. She will come home well into the morning exhausted.

Down the hall, he can hear his s***** Denna’s hair dryer running in the bathroom they share. His s*****, unlike him, has plans to go out with her girlfriends. Even though he is a bit blue about having nothing to do, he is looking forward to the next 30 minutes. It is a ritual for his s***** to try on clothes and ask his completely useless opinion about what looks good on her. It is useless for two reasons. First Denna has a body that will stop traffic, and she knows how to wrap it in the most seductive ways even when going out to run an errand. When she is going out to club with her girlfriends all the stops come out and she will look fantastic in what ever she slides over her lovely curves.

The second reason it is useless, is she rarely takes Brent’s advice. But some time ago it became a thing for her to play dress up for Brent and try on at least three or four outfits. He wondered why she kept doing this game, but he did not want it to stop.

When this ritual started a few years ago, she would knock on his door and prance into his room in an outfit and pose and ask the predictable “how does this look?” questions. Soon it became to much work to run back a forth and she would call him into her room, as she pulled things out of the closet to try them on. Clothes would pile up on her bed, chair and the floor around her slender feet.

The best thing about the move to her room was she would change in front of him. Again this was a slow change overtime. What was at first modest and concealed, became rather a hot show for the 18 year old b******. Brent loved it. He was sure that after a few months his s***** must have noticed he would look at her as he got ample glimpses of the sides of her boobs and sometime even a frontal view. She had some outfits that she would not wear a bra, those became some of his favorites.

He also had some favorites in her pantie selection. The best were a white lace. They were pretty transparent and tight. She would bend over in front of him and he could definitely see her mounds and a clear crack of her pussy lips. It was mesmerizing.

Tonight as she finished drying her hair she called out to Brent.

“Hey – get in here. I have some new things to try out.”

Denna had loved these little fashion shows for Brent. She was a bit of a flirt and loved her clothes and how they looked on her hot body. Early it had been innocent enough, but after a while she noticed how Brent was looking at her and it slowly became a game to tease him. Over time she got a little braver and let him see a little more each time. She had noticed a few times that he was getting a hard cock looking at her steamy outfits that barely covered her up. Over time she began to think about how much she loved this tease. It was almost more fun to get ready than to actually go out. When she knew he was getting boners from watching her, she began to get more and more turned on by the control over him. He would try to hide it, and then afterwards go to his room and not be seen for a while. She knew he was jerking off and loved it.

The thought of him with his stiff dick in his hand from watching her show really got her wet. She had rubbed out a quickie orgasm more than once after she left the house. She knew the “show” was as much for her as Brent.

As Brent came into the room he saw she still had the towel wrapped around her as he came into the room. She held up same pants in a satin cream color and a loose shiny top that had no real form. For Brent, pants were always a disappointment, because most of her skirts and dresses where very short and wonderful at showing off her lean tone legs. Not to mention wonderful views of her thighs and underwear.

She turned her back to him and let the towel slide to the floor. This was a bit new because she had no underwear on at all! She slid into the pants and then had to tug and pull while hopping about to get them on. They were tight and fit her round bottom like a glove. The entire time her boobs were bouncing and she got turned sideways to him so he had the perfect show of her 36C breasts bouncing up and down.

Now Brent had on only some loose gym shorts and no underwear, and his dick had been a little hard anticipating the show, but this turn of events sent his dick straight to blue vein. He was sitting on her bed and had to lean forward to hide the bulge. He grabbed a pillow to slide onto his lap to cover the 7 inch tent that quickly formed.

He had worried that it was a bit sick to look at his s***** this way and get such a raging hard on, and he often went and jerked-off afterwards, but what was he to do? It was not like they were having sex, just a hot as hell young female body just a few feet away, and he was resolved to the fact he was not getting any closer to some pussy of his own.

She turned and looked in the mirror at her ass in the satin pants. They followed every curve.

“ I can’t wear panties with these. They would show right through. Nice looking ehh?”

“Yeah sure – those fit good” , Brent mumbled, sliding his hand under the pillow in his lap to rearrange his hard dick.

She had not put on the top yet and he was getting one of the best shows ever in the mirror. Her tits were proud and firm, the pants fit like a glove and he even wondered if he could see her pussy lips in them they were so thin. Absently he began to stroke his cock. He had never done that before in the room, but it felt good.

She covered up her boobs with one hand and turned to grab the top of the bed. She saw his hand under the pillow stop moving as she looked at him. She did not say anything, but this was getting interesting.

She had perfected how to flash a tit or accidentally turn to let him see more and more of her. So she turned back to the mirror and knew he could see her tits right past her reflecting in the mirror. She could also see his arm begin a slow rhythm of movement with his hand as he was clearly slowly stroking his dick.

She pulled the top over her head. It was a light green metallic shinny top with a flowing neck line that was just a lot of loose material that hung in front of her tits. It is the perfect boob flashing top for clubbing. The loose flowing material could easily swing to uncover a boob, and when you bent forward you could nearly se her belly button.

She whirled around for Brent, surprising him as he quickly stopped tugging on his dick. One of her boobs came out of the top.

“Whoops – I’ll have to watch that!” She said. Brent joked and said “The guys will love that top”

She smiles and wonders how to make the next move with Brent. She is beginning to get an idea of how to tease him even more. She has realized that part of what turns her on is controlling him. She bends over and meets him eye to eye, and her top flows down revealing all of her tits.

Now – “Why would I want to show them these?”

She said just inches in front of his face. He could smell the fresh shampoo in her hair, and was trying to not look right down her shirt even though it was impossible to ignore those perfect globes even keeping a tight shape hanging right in front of him.

“I know you have seen my boobs and I can tell you like to look, but that is ok because you’re my b******. Not some stranger.”

Even as she said this the words rang in her ears and did not make much sense, but Brent just nodded his head up and down.

She continued to improvise. “I can let you look a little, but only when I want to let you and under my terms. That is how it can work.”

Brent was feeling dizzy. His s***** was talking about letting him look at her body. How could he have been so stupid to think she did not know he was looking? But it did not seem to matter to her.

“Yeah I guess that is OK” Brent mumbled again.

See how this shows off my ass in these pants? She turned in a full circle and then bent over him again, her top open again with her boobs visible down her shirt. Brent noticed her nipples were hard and full. Was she excited, too? He wondered.

“Hey what are you doing there?” She reached over a pulled the pillow out of his lap. His hand was grabbing his dick trough his thin shorts. The outline was visible, and his short were even a little damp at the end of his dick.

Her eyes got big, and she said, “Now no touching unless I say so!!” She made him take his hand off his dick.

He really could not believe what was happening. His dick sprung up under his shorts and was embarrassingly visible tent.

She turned around again and pulled her top off and peeled off her pants while saying “time for another outfit.”

Brent’s dick was bouncing with excitement and he started to pull the pillow over his lap again, but Denna saw this and said

“ uh NO no, no – not yet.”

“You have to look at me the way I say you can” she said making up rules for the new game.

She pulled over her head a slinky silvery party dress that was short and tight.

Her legs looked fantastic and it was cut low so her cleavage was showing also. She walked around in front of him, and said

“ I don’t know” My ass looks good in this, but I like way the other top showed off my boobs. As she arranged her boobs in the tight top for maximum cleavage. Brent thought her tits looked great in this also.

She turned back toward him and stood in front of him and bent over again so he could look at her cleavage.

“How it this compared to the first one?”

Ummm well you can’t see as much of your,, ummmm boobs, but it still looks good.”

Mmmm she said as if contemplating this new information. She looked down at his shorts again, and absently with her finger pushed down on his cock. “Awwe, look at that”

Brent could not believe she was touching him. He started to move her hand and she said “ nope – you have to let me or the show is over!” Do you understand?”

“Ummm yeah, but…” he stammered

I’m just seeing how hard you are.

She pulled his shorts over and let the 7 inch blue-vein hard-on slide out from under the shorts. His head was pulled tight and some precum glistened on the end of his cock.

She looked at it, and with her index finger traced around the ridge of his head. His dick began to spasm a little, and she whispered:

“no no no, you have to wait.” Brent could hear a roaring sound in his head. He thought he might pass out from the strange event unfolding right before him.

“ OK, I have one more outfit to try on.”

She shimmied out of her dress again completely naked in front of him as she gathered up another outfit. Brent had never seen her pussy this much and close before. The smooth surface of her belly ran down to a small patch of soft curly hair. Just below the curve of her pussy mound was clean shaved as it formed the slit that dove between her legs. Her inner lips were visible in the gap formed by her thighs. They were a bright pink and wrinkled as they peaked out of her smooth mound. It was fascinating.

She pulled on some tight black dressy shorts and a white button up knit top that hugged her chest but let her cleavage show by leaving most of the buttons undone.

“Now this is the best of both! My ass can be seen and my legs with my lovely cleavage showing only when I choose to.”

Like now, and she pulled her top open a little more, but not quite to her nipples.

Brent’s dick was throbbing. He could hear a roar in his ears.

She bent over him again and let him look close at her chest. Her leg was between his and her thigh rubbed against his pounding cock. She gave him a little grind and said to him.

“You will NOT touch your cock until I get home tonight.

DO you understand? “

Brent was too shocked to say no or yes… just “why?” “What happens when you get home?”

She grinned, and said “You’ll see, but I don’t want you to touch your dick.” And with that she pulled him up off her bed and pushed him out of her room

“Now go, I have to get ready.”

Brent’s imagination ran wild for the next few hours after she left with her friends.

AS he sipped on beer his mind raced. What could she have in mind? Why tell him not to jerk off? What would she do? His head was swimming with anticipation and some fear as she was acting so strange. How had this even happened, and was it real?

Even though he tried his best to stay awake, he found him self startled when his Mom opened the front door. The TV was still on, and he was laid out on the couch.

“ Hey Hon” she said, “is your s***** back? “

He rubbed his eyes, “ ummm I don’t know. I fell asl**p.”

She gave him a big hug after he got up and then he turned to go to his room. As he passed his s*****s door he looked in to see that she was not home yet.

He got into his bed and sat eyes wide open – his soft cock slowly remembering the incredible show from earlier. Was it a dream? He thought. What did she plan for him? He slowly stroked his hard dick.

It was only about 20 minutes later he heard that front door again and then footsteps outside his cracked door. He could tell his s***** was going into her room, not his. His heart shank.

But shortly his door clicked, and his s***** came into his room. “hey?” she whispered. “Come into my room, and she turned and left without waiting for him to answer.”

He got up and followed her quietly as he looked down the hall to see his mom’s bedroom light was already out. She was wearing only some shorts and a tank top. She told him to get into the bed.

“Now take off your shorts.”

He was feeling a little funny, but he did as she said. His dick popped up.

The room was dark with only the light from the street lamp casting a blue glow to the room. My eyes were looking at her tits again though her tank top. They were beautiful and full. His breathing began to get faster.

She sat down on the edge of the bed and told him to grab the headboard. His cock was growing again, laying back on my stomach and she took her finger and slowly drew it up from the base to the head. By the time she got to the top my dick was hard again.

“Now you did as I told you right?” You did not play with your dick while I was out with the girls?”

He nodded yes, unsure if his voice would work.

She examined his dick and with one hand was slowly stroking him with just two fingers, and then stopping for a few minutes to rub some around my head. A small stream of precum began to roll down my shinny head after about five minutes of this teasing.

The whole time she was saying, “ I know you like to look at my tits, and jerk off afterwards, but we are going to change all of that now.” I have plans for you, but my needs have to be met.”

“Your just the kind of bad boy to look at your s*****s pussy and then play with your dick we girls all have to watch out for. You have to let me do that from now on after you look at my tits.” With her other hand she began to play with her nipple through the tight top. He could see the hard points casting shadows even in the dim light.

He was mesmerized and just hoping he would not shoot his load right away.

She stopped and let my dick fall on his belly. She stood up and slowly pulled off her top. She turned so the light from the street fell across her tits to show them the best. They were spectacular.

Staring at her slim waist, she ran her hands up and under her tits and pushed them together and out pointing at him. She said “I need something from you.” And she moved up on the bed held them up to his face, but just out of reach. She said – ‘stick your tongue out. More, further, more….” Then she took her tits and rubbed them just on the tip of his pointed tongue.

She did this for a few minutes drawing circles around her areola and hard nipples. Switching between each b**st so that they would get even treatment. She groaned.

She then tuned back to his cock with her tits still held together and slowly rubbed her nipples on my head. His dick had recovered only a little and he thought he had reached a point of no return. But every time she would stop and firmly say, “NOT yet!” in a husky whisper.

By this time his dick had been hard for a large portion of the night. He did not know how much more he could take.

She stopped again, and said, “Wait here, just like this, DON’T move. I’ll be right back.”

She slipped out of the room not even putting on a top, and then came back in a few minutes with a glass filled with ice.

She looked at me and said “You’re a little over heated baby.”

And took a cube out and started rubbing it on his cock head. He jerked back, and she looked at him in the eyes. “ Do you want to go back to your room now?”

“Ummm No” he said in a raspy voice. The first thing he had said in the last 40 minutes

She continued with the ice and slowly his dick eased up a little, but not much. Even that was so sexy it felt good.

Denna then commanded him to get off the bed and stand with his back against the wall next to her bed. She turned on a small reading lamp and pointed the dim light onto his dick. It was swollen red and still at attention poking out from his body. She admired it for a moment and looked at him and said,

“You have a lovely cock little b******. I like how large your head is. And the smooth shaft with hard blue veins.” You’re making me wet.”

“Put your hands behind your back.” This was a relief because his shoulders had gotten very tired from holding over his head on the bed frame for so long.

“I can’t believe how long we have been playing our dress-up game and I’ve never known how large your dick is. Look at it throbbing!” “Mmmmmm it is nice.”

She stood in front of him and pressed her tits into his bare chest. His cock was rubbing on her shorts she still had on. IT was glorious.

She turned around and slid off her shorts revealing his favorite white lace panties. Unbelievable, she must have known. She backed up into his dick and rubbed her butt against the head of his cock. She pushed her ass up against his dick until it was trapped between her cheeks and his belly. All the times he had imagined those panties rubbing against his dick with his s*****’s pussy right there. He could not believe this was really happening.

As she moved up and down he looked at his glossy head and pee hole disappear down into her cheeks and then re-emerge from the white lace groove of her ass cheeks made, gooey dribbles coming out of his head. He moaned with pleasure.

She pulled away and looked at him sternly – “don’t cum yet.”

Denna turned and squatted in front of him, his dick only inches from her face and her full pouting lips. He moved forward with anticipation of her lips wrapped around his cock. Blind to the taboo of having sex with his s***** at this point. But she pulled her head back and smiled. “No baby b******, not this time.”

One hand slid down her panties and began to move against her swollen lips and hard clit. Denna was so hot from teasing her b******, and her panties were literally dripping pussy cream through the lace.

She only had to rub herself for a few minutes looking at her b******’s hard cock bouncing with his heartbeat before she was ready to cum. As she got closer she took his deprived dick in her other hand and tightly circled her fingers as the base and slowly pulled it out to the end. She did this several times and a stream of clear liquid began to run out of the end of his dick like a sink tap barely left on. The silky liquid dripped onto her leg and made a small puddle that ran down the side to the floor.

Looking at that river of pre-cum was all it took for her to reach a violent organism. She let go of his dick as her body rocked with spasms from intense waves of release.

She looked up at his face with her furrowed brow as the last waves of intensity died down, and said, “Man that was so good baby b******.”

She pulled her hand out of her pussy and held it up to his face and told him to lick it clean. She had a creamy liquid dripping from her fingers that she held up for him to lap up with his tongue. He did not hesitate and began to suck her fingers.

Standing in front of him now, and with her other hand, she stroked his dick for four or five strokes, then stopped and let go of him. His dick bounced up and down with anticipation. She continued for a few minutes stroking and stopping until his balls had completely disappeared up into his body, ready to release his load.

She watched his face screw up with pain as he wanted to cum. She said, “Wait, for me to say it is OK”

She gave him another couple of stokes,

She then moved her belly in front of his throbbing dick and hooking her thumb in the waist band of the lacy panties, pulled them out from her body like a funnel to her pussy under his lonely hard dick.

She commanded him with a whisper, “cum on me.”

His dick standing out from his body with no touching began to spasm all on its own. Brent began to groan and a white dollop of thick cum spilled out of the end of his dick into his s*****s stretched out panties. Then streams of thick cum came spurting out of his dick like ropes. One, two, three, four hard missiles of cum bounced off her belly, hands and underwear and ran down her young flat stomach into her white lace panties and around her hot quivering pussy mound. Several lesser spurts shot out of his dick. He had never cum like that before. Brent’s legs were shaking so bad he slid his back down to the floor and sat looking at the mess of cum all over his s*****’s belly.

She pushed the lingering globs of cum on her stomach into her panties and then pulled the lacy mess tight up against her pussy making an amazing camel toe for Brent to see. The cum was f***ed out of the lace and began to drip to the floor adding to the puddles already glistening on the hardwood.

Denna said to him, “You’re not done yet. You made a mess of my panties, clean them up now.”

Standing before him she pulled his sagging head to her crotch and said” lick up your cum baby, or this is the last time we do this.”

He obeyed

She squirmed her hips as her b******’s tongue probed through the panties and slurping up the cream as it oozed out. Brent was not happy to eat his own cum, but could not believe he was licking her pussy. He soon decided that the strange musty smell and tangy taste was worth it to eat out his hot s*****’s pussy.

She looked at him as he lapped up the last of the cum, and thought how wonderful this had all been. “You did good baby, I’ll give you instructions next week for our next meeting. Now get out of here, and not a word to anyone!”

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