Tale of an Indian Housewife -4

When a girl is married,specifically in indian households,her first few days at her inlaw's place,set the tone of her relationship with her inlaws and ofcourse have a bearing on her own personal life too.This is the phase when brides do the most tight rope walking.
Today when I look back,I do realize the importance of these days and how they have influenced the way I am today.
The people I am with like this and enjoy this development.Some sections of the society who call themselves 'honorable' and 'virtuous' may not appreciate it however if they came to know of it.

But as they say an apple tree would never bear mangoes however hot,humid tropical conditions you provide.infact it may not germinate at all if you tried it.
Same goes for human nature,though conditions may make him or her to behave in a certain way but cannot change his/her inherent nature.

Hence it would be wrong to blame my sexual promiscuity to the incidents at my inlaws wholly.Yes they did play a role,the role of a catalyst to a process that had begun quite some time back.
Yes I had been naughty and always been secretive about it,but when a Manoj blew off my veil of innocence,it was bound to shock me,disturb me and make me circumspect.

So even though I was talking to Sarita,getting ready for my reception party my mind was constantly going back in times.The time when as 12 year old,I realized my sexuality.The realization that I would be able to conceive and create life was baffling .There were too many questions ,too may 'hows'.At times they were answered by my mom but in parts.The answers created more doubts and to one question ,no one could answer 'how does it feel'. Even now my vocabulary is limited as to express how does it feel.Thus the tenacious teen age were spent in trying to find these answers.
It was during these times that I learnt to touch myself and enjoy.
My mind went back in time when,my coach tried to satisfy my inquisitiveness.I had learnt a lesson then,being obvious about my intent would land me in trouble.
I learnt to say no.I learnt to preserve myself. I learnt to control myself.I understood one thing it was is my best interest to be in control rather than give it to others.I had decided If i had to do i would decide with whom and where and how.
While I shrouded myself with the calmness of peace and simplicity at my heart lay raging emotions of sexual fantasy just as the serene pacific ocean appears peaceful yet shrouds violent volcanoes underneath itself.

My mind went back to days when during my first abroad trip,after I got my job.
It was the first time I had let my veil down and been my real self.Some of the best moments in my life and certainly for few others were made then.
But even then there were rules.

Then my mind came back to the present and things that had happened.For the second time ,I had lost control of the situation and allowed someone to take advantage.It angered me yet somewhere gave a sense of excitement.
That evening whenever I saw Manoj,I could sense from his eyes ,more was to come.
It seemed he had read my inner b**st and knew how to tame it.

His audacity amazed me when posing for a photo,he pinched my butt.Latter when I had retired to my room for sometime ,I found my panties soaked in cum, willfully stashed into my bag.when I returned he just brushed passed me and asked if I liked the gift.I just ignored after all how could I say that i sniffed it and tasted it and it was intoxicating.It was great to taste fresh cum!!

He was delivering salvos and I was just taking it.

Amid the fun and frolic,However my eyes were searching for some one.I saw my father in law intently looking at us.I could see a hint of admiration,pride,joy but no lust .Or he was just camouflaging it .I was finding it hard to believe that he could have entered my room and licked me wet.

Time thus went by and the moment when me and husband were to begin our conjugal life came.It was indeed a precious moment when he finally deflowered me,a little flow bl**d proved my chastity.He was happy and so was I.
I was happy cause,now I was released from the obligation to protect it.

Couple of years back,i had fought hard with inner self to protect it.My heart wanted to forgo everything and submit to its whims but the mind wanted something else.
It was only six months as fresh recruits in a multinational company when me and three of my colleagues,Raj,Asif and Jai were given an opportunity to travel abroad on a training assignment.We were team mates and our association was again only 3 months old.

We were packed off to Gold Coast for 3 months training program. I loved the new surroundings,the long beaches ,lovely people.I was feeling this sense of independence for the first time.Unlike back in home when ones every action is scrutinized.
Besides I was getting on quite well with the three boys.Even they felt this sense of feel good during first few weeks of stay.One thing I clearly understood about them,they had no prior sexual experience and yes they were all interested in me.And the interest lay more in banging me than anything else.
The way they ogled at my assets and their penchant for touching me said it all.
It worked in my favor as they kept footing my bills to impress me and carry on with one upmanship .I did not mind that.Besides they were nice guys.

As every professional knows,the training days are hectic but then those are the best time in ones career.You do not have the same quanta of responsibility as you accumulate once you grow.Same was with us.We roamed around the metro area.
One weekend we decided to go on a exploration.
There are several island and lonely beaches off the coast and we planned to visit one of them,hike there put up tents and spend a weekend.
Backpacks ready and we set off. The view was amazing and i decided to wear a bikini.This the guys had not expected.All this while they thought me to be a desi chick and I would wear a bikini was something they did not expect.
It was thong bikini held by string,pink in color

Certainly quite hot for them to handle,yet they maintained cool.I let them occasionally touch me.
We ran around and i played cool with their glances and comments like 'Latest bond Girl' 'one by CosC' etc.

By evening we set up the tents and made a bon fire.As the night set it it was growing chilly yet the fire kept us warm.
To pass time we were playing charades,then we moved on to truth or dare.
When my turn came ,I chose dare and Jai asked me dance around the fire and I was all game and did so.
While I was dancing,Raj just quipped.'Strip' and I stood Still and looked at him.The poor guy was about to say sorry when I just pulled the strings of my top and threw it away and then went for the thong

The guys were dumb stuck thats the last thing they had expected!!.
I continued dancing and started to shake my self before Raj my pussy infront of his face.I moved so as to bring it closer to his nose and sway backwards trying to create its aroma.
Then I turned back and did the same.Then I knelled forward on all my fours with my ass uo,I turned my head backwards and asked
'Are you guys gonna keep looking or do something?'
As if out of spell,they were out of my pants and began kissing and fondling me,playing with my boobs and rubbing the bud between my legs.
The dicks seemed to have an exceptional rise time, going from zero to 100 degrees in no time and i wasted none in taking them in my mouth.
It was heavenly.Asif was circumcised to juices from his glans instantly started flowing in my mouth.I had to pullback Raj's and Jai's foreskin to able to taste it properly.

It did not take long when they came one by one on my face,Asif cumming last.The feeling of hot cum on my face and mouth was amazing.There was sense of joy among the boys and it doubled up when i licked up all the cum on my face and swallowed it.They were looking at me with realization that so much more had to be explored in my body.While getting their dicks sucked they had forgotten about my boobs ,pussy butt hole thighs.
Raj asked 'Whats next then' Asif replied 'lets take turns and fuck her' then looked at me and asked 'are you virgin?' I replied yes and said do what ever you wish but leave my pussy alone play with my clit or even cum on my pussy I donot mind that but I wish to keep my virginity intact.

They readily accepted and thus continued the night long origy.and I kept hopping from one sl**ping bag to other.We kissed ,I sucked them,they licked me by mid night we were all tired and they had cummed on me not less than four times.
The next morning we woke up with a fresh feeling.
I did not wear anything now,there was no need.We roamed around the virgin isles as if we were at the beginnings of humanity. or may be the entire humanity was wiped out and I was the lone bitch!! with these guys.

The guys were desperate however to get more.Jai asked if I had changed my mind and would let them into my pussy.Really I hated to play the spoil sport but had no options.Asif then asked 'how about your butt ?' Jai was followed it yes we need a hole. I said I don not mind fuck it as you wish.
Raj said 'guys anal is tedious and we do not lubes' 'we should get back to main land before we fuck the butt land'.
Asif 'You are right ,then lets just enjoy the Thighland'
I said 'common then I am waiting to be phuket'
we all laughed.

Before setting out we again started.
This time the guys were slow and they took time to explore my crevices kissing my thighs armpits.my nipples and pussy drew special attention.We were joking.There were little spanks now and then. They rubbed their dicks on my cleavage,butt cleavage.Sometimes rubbing it over my pussy, armpit etc.
And finally the load of cum.Must say the guys were well resourceful to generate copious amounts of the white substance and I loved it.

Must say we all had some of the best hours.We continued our fuck nights after we reached back to mainland.
It was decided that I would vacate my room and would move in with them.Every night would sl**p with one of them and on Saturday nights we had a groupie affair.
Jai was the first one to google tips and tricks for anal sex,we watched a few videos before the guys set on fucking my ass. But before that they came with a request a weird one.They wished to see my hymen.I okayed and they bent spread my pussy lips to see the thin tissue.

Soon I had my first anal and in given time it became the default hole to be fucked..They came on my face my mouth,sometimes inside my butt and many times actually spreading my pussy lips and cumming over it.Whoa those were the best days of my life

Today as my husband was cumming inside me the third time,I was remembering those days.I was wondering how ideal it would have been to lose my virginity on virgin isles than inside this room today.
I had no complaints with my hubby he was giving me a good time that night and was showing the real zeal.But I had strangely gone into autopilot mode and going with the flow.I said I have my whole life to show my participation.
My Hubby till today however feels it was the best sex he had and he had felt the connection.
While he made love twice, I feel we did it three times that night.
97% (23/1)
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2 years ago
very well delivered .. loved it
2 years ago
gr8 wrk again. no words..u keep raising the bar
2 years ago
You r clearly wastin ur talent by writin here.seriously hw many aholes wud undrstnd one upon cosc,or fr dat matter hw nicely u hv created a parody of sorts bringing in Thailand nd Phuket.
awesome wrk lved it
2 years ago
neha you are so naughty !
3 years ago
Lovely Neha, where are you? My dick is hard and I hold you responsible for making me horny! You Naughty Little Girl with a lovely Tight Ass! ;)
3 years ago
waiting for the 5th part...... :( :(
3 years ago
i read all your blog posts and i must say that you are a really sexy mind....great job neha....thank you for sharing these amazing stories.....
3 years ago
The start was a bit confusing, The boy did it get sexy later, AMAZING story:) Loved it
3 years ago
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