Tale of an Indian House Wife -1

Hello all,I am a normal Indian housewife married to a loving husband and caring f****y.I am Neha a wife,a daughter in law a s****r and besides managing a house,I also manage a host of relations .My upbringing teaches me to respect them and nurture them.I carry them out.But while doing all this it seems the women in me is lost to a busy husband,demanding relatives.

I was 23 when I was married to Satish a Manager in an Multinational Company.I have vivid memories of my bidai(send off),how much i wept about leaving my parents home.The moment I sat in the car with my husband,my journey towards a new life began or may be it had already begun.Me and my husband were sitting in the back seat while my Father in law sat in the front accompanied by the driver Anwar.As I would later find out Anwar had been with my in laws,since he was a k**,his father too worked for the f****y .He was treated as a son.

My father in law Retd Gen Goginder Kapoor.I did not know him then,but as I had been told was an accomplished man.An ex serviceman,he was tall and had the aura of valor around him.He carried it very well, a perfect father figure.

Ours was an arranged marriage and I had met Satish just once before saying yes.
He was handsome,tall and now I knew starkly resembled his father.

We were travelling from Agra ,heading towards Lucknow a distance of 360-370 kms and naturally given the settings the journey seemed getting even longer.The three men keeping quiet in the presence of a bride in the car.My Husband seemed to be fast asl**p tired by previous night's rituals ,so was my father in law.
Even i was tired,but even more tiring was the paraphernalia that i was wearing, a heavy bridal saree,heavy necklaces bangles etc.They had been handed over from my grand mother to my mother and from her to me.I loved them but they were just wearing me down.Even with car's Ac on I was feeling hot.

To ease my self i just tried to lift my Ghoonghat(head cover in the saree..meant only to be lifted by husband).In the process my bangles jingled drawing Anwar's attention,who impulsively looked at the rear view mirror.
In that flick of a commotion our eyes met through the mirror.We just kept looking.He was looking strangely at me and I was wondering why.Anwar was handsome ,his eyes were inquisitive and even if no one had told me he were a muslim guy,I would have guessed it.His sharp features reminded one of the Mughal princes as we had seen in text books.I was studying his face with intent,Thats when I realized I had shown my face too and he was doing the same, studying me.

But before I could make amends,My Father in law had woken up and looked at me.
He politely asked to cover up with his hand gesture and smiled.He then asked Anwar to stop at a near by dhaba(motel) to have some tea.
'we have been driving since ages' he quipped,'lets break for a tea'.with a hint of humor refreshing the mood.
We stopped and Anwar was asked to order tea for us,we did not get down from the car and believe me it would have been cumbersome exercise.
Few minutes later Anwar handed me a cup of tea and again i lifted my Ghoonghat and took the cup,this time with a blush and smile and so reciprocated by him.

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1 year ago
That is a nice start. Not many people here spend time setting up a story.
2 years ago
Descent beginning
2 years ago
Anwar se chudwaa lo.
2 years ago
Love how you add those beautifull images to the story..
2 years ago
2 years ago
hmm nice begining
3 years ago
Since I want to read from the first story on, I can imagine a stormy relationship between you and Anwar. Mmmmmmmmmmmm, the husband works for a multi-national company.

I could only imagine if he'll be send abroad and alas, you and Anwar???

On the other hand you've mentioned that Satish, your husband, is an handsome man and he resemble your father-in-law.....

Does that mean a naughty entercount with your FIL? You are killing me with speculation and I love your writing style and can't wait to read the next part.

Very well done my Lovely Neha!!!
3 years ago