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When I stepped down to the hotel’s bar I didn’t even notice that girl at once. I sat my ass down on the sofa in the corner and ordered some whisky. A waitress girl said I needn’t to pay for my drink as it was checked by a girl sitting near by facing me. I looked at her: it was young fresh meat like blonde babe who looked very horny a bit sluttish. She was beautiful. Rosaline, her name, was wearing black leather skirt and net stockings. She was sitting cross legged, and her skirt rose revealing her adorable hips. No doubts, she was the most attractive blonde I’d ever seen.

Rosaline smiled and directed towards my table. This was rather surprising I was not a loser and never suffered women indifference but I couldn’t dare think of such a girl would advance me first. So, I realized I couldn’t be so stupid to miss such a nice opportunity. When she was walking towards me I noticed her boobs sway with her every step, she stopped by my side, and asked if I didn’t mind her sitting next to me. I said: “It’s a free country, you may have a seat!” then she said she was holding a position of this hotel’s administrator and that I looked like a man she was gonna spend this time together with. Then she put her hand onto my thigh and began to stroke it tenderly. No need to say I was very pleased and turned on in a second. I sensed her hot nice boob touch my arms.
After that she looked in my eyes and said she had a free room upstairs and she hoped I could come with her to have some nice time. She rose, and led me to the lift taking by hand. I sensed her body’s smell, it was intoxicating my senses, my balls began to tighten up, reminding of that well known feeling of closing orgasm. When the lift’s door opened, we started hugging and kissing each other passionately, long French sizzling kisses, I pressed my crotch to her snatch and began rubbing my cock through my pants against her pussy. If only the door hadn’t opened with a young waitress coming in, I think, we would have sex right there in the lift. We went out and she led me directly to where the room was. Rosaline opened the door and we slipped in, the door was soon locked and she pushed me right onto the bed. Again, we started kissing and making out, with my right hand was squeezing and caressing her big boob while the left had was put on her round soft ass! Then Rosaline rose up just a bit to let her blouse get off and removed it to the floor.

Finally I had a full access to her breast! That was something, man, I wouldn’t ever forget! That breast was just awesome! I just grabbed her tits, feeling its weight and juiciness. When I began caressing her tits, she just shuddered, started and then her nasty hand made its way down my pants, unzipped the fly and let my cock set free in the air! Feeling up my fat throbbing almost ready cock, she asked me to get down on my back, when I obeyed, she lowered herself over my stomach and pulled my pants and underwear down, getting my bottoms naked. Her boobs were swaying from side to side, 2 big melons, made by Gods for pleasure. Then she settled herself on my chest, with her sexy ass facing me and wrapped her lips around my cock, causing me to moan with delight! While she sucked, her snatch was slowly approaching my face. my eyes were closed when I could feel something warm, soft and sticky running over my lips to my chin. I opened my eyes and just flinched as if stung by a bee, when I saw a big flabby half erect cock right in front of my eyes! Jesus Maria!

At first, I was so stunned and perplexed that didn’t know what to say or how to react! I had heard stories about trannies and she males, but couldn’t ever consider myself with such a “girl”

I had never thought I would once meet such a hot sexy beautiful and gorgeous woman and she would turn to be a Tranny! But she was giving me such a deal of pleasure, sucking my cock, that I just didn’t give a fuck and made myself calm down and relax. I raised myself on my elbows and for the first time in my life I cold touch a male’s cock! It was like just mine but looked so hot! Rosaline kept her small penis shaved all the time and her bare balls were hanging between her legs over my eyes. The cock was cut, so its tip was swollen under the foreskin. I let its head free and slightly touched it with lips, feeling the salty taste of its pre cum on my tongue. I felt myself getting aroused and wrapped my lips round this wonderful tiny cock!

So here we were, sucking each other in 69, slightly moving our hips. I could feel her tits pressed against my stomach. Rosaline sucked me so good, it was obvious that’s he was more experienced in blow jobs than me. Suddenly she stopped, got off on the floor, and quickly removed her skirt.

“I want you to fuck me in the ass” she purred like a pussy cat.

Then she opened a night stand, took out a lube bottle, and applied some one her tight ass and her nice cock, which was now really hard, but not as big as mine, and swung up and down while she was walking over to me. Then she got on the doggy, reached back to grab my cock and direct it to her ass. Just before my eyes, there was a sexy round ass of a hot Shemale babe, with a tiny cock hanging between her round thighs and demanded for my cock to fuck her.

Her ass was really wet and drenched with her juices, so I grabbed her by hips and pushed my cock to that tight hole. Rosaline sighed in satisfaction when my 8” stretched her anal ring and shoved in. I lowered myself and grasping her by tits and started pounding that fucking ass with all I was worth for! I was pushing my cock up to my balls, and fucked with hard violent thrusts, my balls slapped against her ass with f***e! Smacking and slapping noises resounded all over the room. Then I moved my hand down to where her tiny cock was and began stroking it hard with my strong hand. She started moaning like a dirty whore she was! Her cock was all wet from the juices running down. She turned her head and our lips locked in one hot kiss, soon I could feel that small penis twitching in my hand and suddenly a hot torrent of cum splashed all over my palm! That cum was hot and sticky! I never stopped rubbing and stroking her cock! With that, I moaned, feeling my own orgasm coming. I stopped and pulled out, she directed her face to my cock and I shot a huge load all over her face! She was rubbing it all over her cheeks, lips and chin, some drops fell down on her tits!

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2 years ago
hot story, keep them coming.
2 years ago
Well written short story. Got me hard.
3 years ago
Love it!
3 years ago
hotel adress please!!
4 years ago
very very nice
4 years ago
hot story
4 years ago
nice work. Thanx
4 years ago
This was so hot i jackoff just to finish your story thanks
4 years ago
sounds so good