Elevator, Part 1

Today I find myself kneeling on the floor of the elevator, directly in front of you, your perfectly pedicured toes staring me in the face through your open-toed shoes. I've found myself in this situation many times because of my training, waiting in anticipation for your next unspoken command.

Having been punished and denied many times throughout my training, I'm keenly aware of what to expect next from you, as I fixate on my Mistress' toes and feet before me. By now I know I can't even allow myself to wonder in amazement, as I had mistakenly done in the past, just how this package can be so perfectly decorated, time and time again. The magnficent shape, size, placement, polish, and lightly-perfumed fragrance of each individual toe, slightly pale but perfectly even skintone contrasting against the polished red leather packages - a work of art I simply cannot comprehend.

And then, the command.

So subtle, anyone else could not recognize it as such. Barely a movement at all, your right heel flexed inward just a fraction of an inch, then back to its original resting position. I've been denied many times in my training by not recognizing this subtle movement as your command to proceed, but not today.
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