hott s****rs friend

ok so im walkin down the road one day in march and i see someone who I think is my s****r and she is this really hott chick and i think
"no way thats not my s****r." but as i look closer i can tell it is her. but i still dont know who that chick is! so i go over and say hey s*s and she says hey. this is my friend katie and i say hi katie and they are coming in from a beach and katie is in this wicked small bikini and i felt my dick getting hard. i could swear she saw the buldge before i went to the snack shack.
later that day i hear my doorbell and guess who it is? katie! so then she comes in and says i just came here to get to know you better and she comes in. i close the door and she lies down on the bed. her small bra let me see her great tits. i felt my cock getting hard again. so she sais come over here and i do. i sit on the bed and she takes off my shirt. then i do the same. then she pulls my pants and boxers down to reveal my hrd, 10 in. cock. she lies down and starts sucking on my cock. it felt sooo good. so then she takes her panties off and i see her pussy. i get the hint and shove all 10 inches in. i sat there licking her tits and going back and forward i start cumming. ohhhhhhhh dont stop now im cumming..... she moans. and i say me too. then i felt our warm juices run over my cock and out of her pussy. she puts my cock her mouth and swallows it all. then she puts on her clothes and says same time tommorrow and i say yes. definetly.
43% (6/7)
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4 years ago
need a little work
4 years ago
4 years ago
for some reason while i was reading this all i could think was
YEA RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!