Fantasy cums true

I always had a hot sex fantasy about a girl called Lauren that was a teacher assistant in one of my classes when I was younger and in College. I would quite often stroke my cock to explosion just thinking about filling up Lauren's soft pussy.
She was a few years older then me, and we were on different carrer paths, and outside of class I had never seen her once. So my chances of getting her were rather slim. She was a real knockout though; 5'6", 125 pounds maybe, tanned skin, light brown hair with highlights, nice curves, and probably at least a big C cup. Her tits were the first thing you noticed about her. She always whore tight shirts that took form around her perfect breast. They were very perky and made you want to run up and start licking them until she moaned in orgasmic pleasure.
The Spring semester let out that year and she had graduated, so pretty much my chances of seeing her again were pretty slim. That summer my freinds and I were going on a trip to Jamaica; so to make sure I did not bake down there from the unforgiving sun I decided to get a base tan on my skin seeing I didnt have one because summer had just started and I lived in a Northern State.
One blistering hot afternoon I made a trip over to a tanning place in town about a mile from my apartment. On the way over all I could think about was what a fool I was going to make of myself going tanning in 90 degree weather and how nobody else was going to be there, but I was leaving in a week so I had to get started. As I began to approach the doors I couldn't wait for the air condition from the store to cool my overheating body. I got about a foot into the door and realized that it was about as cool inside the store as it was outside. I walked up to the front counter to get a tanning bed, and out of no where my eyes met no other then Lauren the girl from school working in the front. "Hi, I'm Lauren." She said to me "Have you been here before." I stood there caught of gaurd from seeing her. "No." I told her "Ok I'm going to need you to fill this out for me. She handed me a form to complete in order to tan. I was filling it out and I could not help myself from glancing up from the piece of paper and check Lauren out. She was wearing a tight black shirt. The sleeves on it were just a little below her shoulders; the center of it was spilt down about 6 inches down. The shirt was a thicker material so she wasn't wearing a bra with it. The jean shorts she was wearing were slightly frayed at the bottom, and her ass wasn't hanging out but they were very short. Her long tan legs were enough to make you submit to her. Lastly she was wearing a pair of black flip flops. Looking at her I began to get a hard on
As I was filling out the form I began to get a little hot, and I used my writing hand to wipe the sweat away. As I did it she looked up from her magazine, "I'm sorry it's so hot in here, were closing in 15 minutes and I went ahead and turned the AC of for the day." I give her a nod and went back to the form. I finished filling the form out, and handed it to her. She began to put the info into the computer. As she moved around I tryed to look down the front of her shirt. She moved to the left a bit, and I got a nice look at her left breast almost down to her nipple. I could feel my cock in my pants swell even bigger and bigger every second I continued to look at her beautiful tits. She leaned forward a bit then and started to say something to me. “Ok, you’re going to need to…” I couldn’t stop myself from looking down the front of her shirt as she began to talk. Everything she was saying to me I completely ignored, not purposely, but the sight of her fantastic tits just knocked me out. I could feel the heat coming from my cock as it was rock hard now pressing right against my stomach. She had finished talking, and handed me a packed of lotion. “ Are you ok with everything." She asked me, “Ya, I got everything.” “Ok, I’m gonna go ahead and finishes closing while your tanning.” “Alright.” I said to her. I moved around the desk kinda of aquarelle trying to make sure she didn’t see my hard on.
I walked down to the end tanning booth, and walked in and closed the door. I immediately dropped my pants and let my big dick loose. I took a look at it ; big purple head, with big low hanging balls. I had always taken pride in it, and that’s why I trimmed the pubic hairs twice a week and completely shaved my balls. I could just not get this hard on to go away without stroking it. I took a look at the tanning lotion Lauren had given me. I figured there should be an enough left for me for tanning if I use a little to lube my cock. I finished taking my clothes of, and set down in the chair next to the tanning bed. A squirt a little of the lotion into my left hand, and a little on my right hand and set it down.
I started stroking my rock hard cock up and down taking extra time to focus on my swollen cock head. I toke my other hand and started rubbing my nipples back and forth getting them hard. I sat there and stroked thinking (like several times before) about having Lauren suck my cock. The ideas that she was in the same area as me made it even more erotica and hot. As I sat there for no more then 30 seconds sense I lubed up, almost ready to explode, out no where the door to the tanning room opens. Lauren walks in with a handful of towels. We made QUICK eye contact, and she dropped the towels. She immediately knew what I was doing. I sat there with a huge hard on and tanning lotion dripping of my swollen cock and just looking at her. While I was staring down the front of her shirt I must have missed what room she TOLD me to go into, and that I was not suppose to just pick one.
I couldn’t say anything to her. It felt as if my heart was ready to explode in my chest it was racing so fast. Lauren eyes were fixed up my cock. “Wow” she said with a gasp of air. She shot a smile at me, and quickly turned around to close the door. She walked up to me and got on her knees between mine, and about 3 inches from my cock. “You know Chris I always saw you looking at me at class. I always thought you were sexy, but was afraid to talk to you.”
Lauren smiled at me, and then started giving me a hang job. She squirted some more tanning lotion in her hand and started working my cock hard up and down. With her free hand she played with my balls. “I love balls with no hair at all.” I could feel myself ready to explode right then and there, but knew that I had to make this one last. “O god your good Lauren.” She kept working my cock hard, pausing for a long stroke on my head. The Lotion began to drip onto her tits.
“Put it in your mouth” I told her with hardly any breath. She took her hand away from it, and put her lips around the head of my cock. She put just the head in her mouth and started licking it very fast. She began to work her mouth down the shaft of it moving her tongue around. She kept taking it in her mouth until she could not fit anymore. I started moving her hair around for her, and set my hand on the back of her head. She grabbed the bottom of the chair I was in, and started bobbing her head up and down slowly on my shaft. She began to work up speed, and started up and down on it in rapid up and down strokes. She looked up at me, and saw how much pleasure I was in.
Lauren took her mouth of it “God your cock is big.” She stood up and front of me and unzipped her pants and let them fall to the floor. Her tanned legs were so hot I remember. She had on a red g-string that left only a little to imagine. “Take your shirt of Lauren, let those tits go.” I told her in demand. She graved the bottom of her shirt and took it of slowly and finally let her fantastic tits free. They were perfect with big nipples at the ends. Lauren reached down and took her g-string of to show me her pussy. She had a very thin patch of black pussy hair leading down to her cunt. “Please suck on my tits” She came over to me and sat down on my lap with her massive tits facing me. I put my mouth around her nipples and started sucking and locking them. I could feel them getting hard in my mouth.
I took my lips from her nipples, and switched position with her. She spread her legs wide, with one against the tanning bed and the other against the wall. I got on my knees, and started licking the inside of her legs where her pussy came in. I went up and down in long strokes fast and slowly. I took my lips away and pushed a finger into her hot hole and started fucking her with it. I worked another finer in and kept fingering her fast. I took my fingers of and licked the pussy juice of. I started at her pussy again. Licking up all the juices I could. I moved up to her clit, and started licking around it slowly. “O god that feels good.” Lauren moaned out to me. I then started licking her clit slowly and then picking up speed. I put my 2 fingers back into her and started fingering her again fast. “I’m gonna cum.” Lauren let out a loud moan and then a powerful orgasm went through her body.
Lauren began to moan louder and louder. I could feel her pussy juice dripping down my chin. “I can’t wait any longer; stick your big dick in me.” She stood up quickly, and I graved her hips and put her against the tanning bed. I drove my rock hard cock right into her soft, hot, wet pussy. “O god yes. Keep fucking me hard Chris.” I drove my dick in and out of her as she was bent over holding onto the bed in the doggystyle position. My crotch was slapping her ass as I drove into her harder and harder. “O god I’m gonna cum again.” Lauren screamed out. I kept driving my dick in and out of her as orgasmic waves of pleasure went throughout her body. Her pussy began to get wetter and wetter, until I could not stand it anymore. I took my dick out of her and turned her around. She got on her knee’s again as I exploded a huge load all over her face. Wads and wads of hot white cum was coming flying out of my cock head covering her hot lips all over. She swallowed all of it and licked around her face. She put my cock back into her mouth to get the last drips of it. She cleaned her self up, then stood up, and pressed her hot body against mine and we shared a long passionate kiss.
Both of us got dressed, and I helped her close up. She gave me a ride back, and then gave me her phone number and asked for me to call her whenever I feel like hooking up again.

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everyday that call would be made
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yea like i would every day