David's first anal experience with a guy

This is part 2 of David's first experience with a man.

After that hot and steamy afternoon with Marc I started to visit him every day after school. I thought about him all day long and couldn't wait for the school bell to ring so I could jump on my bike and visit my secret lover. When we were together we couldn't stop kissing and touching eachother, we would be naked in his bed untill it was time for me to go home which I tried to pospone as long as possible...

We had sex every day and I got really good in satisfying him. My cock sucking techniques improved a lot aswell and we discovered more and more ways to pleasure eachother. But there was one thing we hadn't tried yet: "Anal sex". I fantasized about it already for quite some time and experimented already a bit with fingering myself etc... But I didn't have Marc's cock in my ass yet. I also was a little bit afraid of it to be honest, I tought it would be painful... so I never really dared to ask him to fuck me.

Untill one day we were in his bed again, enjoying eachothers cocks... He was sucking mine and he went down to my balls, sucking them, licking them. I was enjoying it a lot and his tongue slid more and more towards my anus, mmm I always loved it when he licked my asshole but this time he seemed really focussed on it, more than previous times.

He kept licking it and pushing his tongue inside, I was enjoying it so much and tried to relax my hole as much as possible so his tongue could reach in really deep...Then I felt fingers too, first one sliding in deep at once...wow what a feeling and it didn't hurt at all, probably because his tongue had already warmed up my tight little hole so nicely... Then a second finger slid in while my cock was back in his mouth. I couldn't believe what was happening, this was amazing! He asked me if I was ok and I said "yes, yes, please go on!" His fingers were making circles inside of me and I could feel my hole stretch...He also got this little flask of which I later understood was lubricant, he squirted some on my ass and his hands and continued fingering me. Wow his fingers slid in so easily I finally dared to ask him for his cock..."please fuck me baby, fuck me with your big cock.."

He told me to get in doggie position. I got on my hands and knees, spreading my ass cheeks in front of him. His hands massaging my butt and I could feel his hard cock rubbing over my hole...teasing it. He was moaning, I could tell that he loved seeing me in this position, I was happy my boyish ass turned him on so much..and then I felt it...it felt big and warm pushing against my tight hole. Wow it felt huge... I tried to relax, he pushed further..oohh it hurted but he kept pushing and then all of a sudden his entire cock just slid in...wow what a feeling, first a short flaming pain but it quickly turned into an amazing feeling of pleasure and ecstasy. He paused for a little while letting me getting used of having his entire cock in me and then he gently started to fuck me.

Oh wow I was enjoying this so much, I really loved it and I couldn't believe that I never tried this earlier. All these sensations I was feeling, not only in my ass but it went through my entire body...I wanted more and more and he fucked me harder and deeper. I felt his balls banging against mine, his grip on my hips firming...his moaning got louder and then I felt him cum inside of me, lovely warm squirts deep in my ass...we were both sweating and he was breathing heavily still when he lied down... I felt so happy, my first anal fuck was a great experience. I think mainly because of Marc, because he really seemed to know what he was doing and was very gentle with me in the beginning.

After this, many fucks followed and I was really enjoying being Marc's bottom. Marc was my secret boyfriend for about 2 years untill I went to university and he moved aswell to another city and we eventually lost contact. I sometimes wonder how he is doing, he must be in his fifties now but I would love to meet him again sometime and who knows relive those moments again, so Marc if you are reading this... ;-)

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1 year ago
yep it sure is fun having sex with another man mmmm
2 years ago
Sounds like the way I felt my first time!
2 years ago
2 years ago
I cant hardly wait to feel a real cock blowing a hot load in my ass
2 years ago
very hot
2 years ago
A great first time! It feels so good.