POLL: Replacement for Amber's pink toy

My pink friend needs replacing very soon.

She is my first dildo, hot pink in color, and has been thoroughly used (and abused) over the years. She has been to many places with me. Even to the beach! (Note: I call it a "she" because of her hot pink color.)

Pictures of her can be found in our gallery:

The rubber that covers the button to control the speed or vibration has already worn out, exposing the true colors of the plastic within. Some scratches at the length and tip can also be seen, which is due to storage or from rubbing action.

My pink friend was obtained in 2007. She had come from a novelty store in a nearby mall which is actually very rare to find, considering the very Catholic landscape here.

I chanced upon it when I was searching for kinky gifts for my friends who were about to get married (bridal showers require creativity and kinky ideas) and thought to get her on top of my gift purchases for my friends. And she has been faithful 'til this day.

I've had so many hot sessions with my pink friend. Always there when I need some action. I have lost count on the number of orgasms I have obtained through her and the number of times I have had to replace the batteries so it's been a good run having her.

So now David and I are looking for a replacement and you might have some ideas for just one sex toy that's kinkier, easy to use, and equally, if not more, reliable than my current pink friend for solo sessions primarily.

David and I think that the most suggested answer will be what we get (David thinks he should get me a very kinky one in a nearby sex store from his house but there's just TONS to choose from so suggestions will really help!).

So do let us know! Once we get your answers and find the toy of choice, I'll tell you my hot experiences with it through our page. ;)

Have a great sexy weekend!



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2 years ago
wife loves her rabbit...
3 years ago
how about one of those butterfly vibes that you can place in your panties, that way you can go out an have some fun without anyone knowing, until you start cummin on the bus next to some old guy lol
3 years ago
dont know U so well to choose the right thing 4 U, but I would really love to go out for shopping with U 2, and try it afterwards, of course....
3 years ago
AWESOME story have a wonderful evening