Our first bisexual encounter 2


I liked the feel of grazing my fingernails lightly over him. The sensation of scratching and hearing a tracing sound over skin just feels and sounds kinky and YSL knew that. Instantly, I heard groans of pleasure from him.

David gets up and motions me to YSL's asshole, which he had tentatively licked but couldn't finish as his cock was already big, tight, and in need of YSL's mouth. So we switched places. I could prepare the hole for David's dick, I thought.

I lightly push YSL's legs, just a cue for him, and he brings them both up. And there was his big throbbing dick, balls that were getting fuller now, and his tight gloryhole for me to see.

I couldn't resist licking all of them. I gave all three a sweep. And then it was his balls which I put together with my two fingers in a ring. And like a microphone, placed them both inside my mouth and sucked.

Inside, I loved feeling both balls. They filled my mouth and I liked having two big marbles moving within. With my tongue inside, I prodded them to be kinkier, jutting the tip of my tongue on each ball and swirling around the whole sac before releasing them from my mouth -- my fingers not letting go.

When I did let go the first time, I saw David fucking YSL's mouth. To get his big dick in, he held YSL's head in place with both hands and in each thrust, tried to get deeper and deeper. YSL at certain times, nearly gags, but places a hand on David's leg for support and asking for more. Wow, kinky, I thought.

As I hear YSL's muffled moans with David's thrusting motions, I look down on YSL's balls and realize they're filled with so much of my saliva. I also feel some on my mouth that I wipe some of them off and return them to the sac for added lubrication.

The sac was much bigger and aroused than I remember so I looked at YSL's cock. It was shinier than I remember. I release his wet balls from my mouth but massage them with my left hand and head inches higher for his hot, long thick rod nestled on his tummy, waiting for me.

The tip of his big dick was shiny and I knew he was about to cum. I like the smell of cum, so with my right hand, placed his cock in front of my nose to check and sniff. It was indeed pre-cum. I put the tip of his cock onto my outstretched tongue and swirled all over it. He responds by putting a hand on my head to take him all in.

I formed as much saliva as I could in my mouth before sucking him in to make it more kinky and easier for me to slip through. Saliva drips down his shaft. He automatically pops his head to check on me. By sucking his breath it indicated that he got very aroused with that.

With light blow jobs, I alternated them with deep ones, trying to go futher and further. I snake a free hand and finger inside his hole and synchronize both thrusts. I remember enjoying them a lot until I felt a tap. I looked up and heard YSL moan saying he'll be cumming if I continued. I smiled. I didn't leave without giving a naughty lick first on his hole.

So we changed positions -- I took my place in the couch with my clit ready for YSL's mouth and David positioning his insertion of his already throbbing cock into YSL's tight hole. David starts placing saliva on his hands and on YSL's ass.

I looked down and observed YSL, who was already licking me. He was smaller than David but also so good looking with dark brown hair and light curls. It was hot to see another gorgeous guy working on my tight pussy. He somehow caught me looking at him and I whispered to him "That's hot -- what you're doing" and ran my fingers over his wavy hair. He didn't let go of my gaze and responded, teasingly, by asking me "You like that?" as he flicked his tongue on a pussy lip. I replied, "Ohhhh...yesss...love your tongue!!!" With a thumb, he began coaxing my inner core to throb with the combination of his mouth sucking and licking me. "Ohhhhh...wowww, that feels so goooodd," I managed to say in between moans. He would stop at times after taking in deep thrusts from David but I didn't notice so much. I was on a high.

I snapped out of my reverie when I could hear grunts getting louder from both men. David was thrusting his manhood deep into YSL that the whole couch moved. YSL muffled something and placed his head lightly on me; David letting out a sexy mean.

I decided to get up and move both men forward to the couch for more leverage and bearing. With YSL still bent but with his torso on the seat of the couch, they could have better pulsating action. And as I was light and small, I decided to lie on top of YSL's back to enjoy the thrusting motions they were enjoying while David also thumbed, groped, and masturbated me. I got a finger and placed it inside my mouth mimicking his every thrust and sucking it just like I do with his tasty cock while gazing at him naughtily.

I could feel the powerful thrusts below me, the sounds of pleasure from all of us, and the smell of the heat coming from all our bodies making it incredibly hot. David quickened this fucking motion that I was a bit caught by surprise by it -- so did YSL. I so loved the ride -- it was as if I was being fucked too. YSL began to moan and after the intermittent quick thrusts, he melted onto the couch.

In a while I would feel David withdraw and going to YSL for a blowjob. It was there that we changed positions again -- me back in the sofa lying on my back, feet dangling. This time it was David on me and YSL on David -- both of them in in all fours again, but a reversal. I thought it was so hot.

David, his long frame, didn't have any problem reaching me as he kissed my mouth...hard. I instantly felt so aroused. He then kissed my neck and ear, tits, sucking and licking both of them which I really liked. "Oh baby...yes, suck them hard," I said.

The more hornier I felt, the more I let out kinky talk, of which I remember included "Oh yessss, that feels so wonderful" to "Oooooohhhh David...oh oh oh wowww" to "That's sooo sooo soo hotttt" to "Oh more please....I soooo loooove that" and "I'm getting so wet here." I just remember a lot of moaning coming out of my mouth, and a quick "Oh oh oh" when I begin to feel my orgasm building that I couldn't stand it. I couldn't keep track of what I was saying but whatever words were said, it made us all the more horny just hearing me talk.

And then it was my tummy David kissed and then my clit. I opened both legs to accommodate his sexy, big, and long tongue. Having him there was so comfy and yummy that I closed my eyes. He spent so much time on it that I wanted him so badly to fuck me. But he ignored my silent request by pushing up my legs and moving down to my ass, licking it, and then lubricating a finger with saliva. He places one finger on my tight hole and then two, in. I clutch a pillow and moan.

I knew David was being fucked at the same time because of his jerking motions on me. I looked up and his eyes showed me how aroused he was. At that point, I knew all of us were ready to cum. From all the action YSL got, I was pretty sure he was also about to go.

So I signal David that it was time for his cock to enter me. He placed his stiff shaft right into my tight wet pussy immediately. The silky feel of a big cock in me felt so good that I moaned a big moan. After some quick thrusts, I wanted him deeper so I wrapped my legs on his waist, my long hair moving with all the action and mouth saying dirty stuff I didn't think I could say out.

The room was full of loud and soft moans from all three of us. And then there it was, a delightful orgasm from all three. I sank in the couch, touching cum that was released on top of my tummy and licking some of it. David gets to me and lies his head on the curve of my shoulder. YSL sits on the floor. He had just jerked off a very huge load on top of David's ass and was just dazed with what happened and trying to recover. We were all spent.

After cleaning up, YSL had to go. So we bid him goodbye. But as I looked at David at the doorway, I knew it wasn't the last time we would be seeing him.

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Amber & David

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6 months ago
You must share that story with the fit bi boyfriend! :)
6 months ago
so so sexy,just like our sexy fun with our fit bi boy friend
2 years ago
I would put that at the top of my list at what I want
2 years ago
I can smell the sex in the room a mixture of you three. mmmmm
3 years ago
Oh, soooo nice!