Our first bisexual encounter

David and I had talked about it a few times. I wasn't really sure about it at first.

When I found myself viewing clips while browsing new or featured videos in this site, I began to find them quite hot and interesting. Albeit a new category for me, David and I would talk about it tentatively at first, like an idea, and then gradually to more and more detail -- our fantasies.

So I didn't think about it that much, or seriously, until YSL came along.

He was someone David told me that he had met online. His name reminded me of the brand "YSL" so we just started calling him that. :)

YSL, he described, was someone good looking with dark hair, tall, and had a really toned sexy body and amazing cock! But what delighted me more was that according to David, he was as gregarious in sex as we both were.

While we lived apart, David would constantly update me of their meetings and it would just get me so hot and horny hearing all his stories with YSL. David knew I liked it because I always asked how it went (and details!) so we naturally began fantasizing about threesomes, or in particular, the three of us.

Finally, we had that opportunity.

It wasn't actually planned because when YSL was introduced to me, I had just arrived from an errand wearing my favorite tight jeans over a loose shirt. I remember being a bit surprised that there was another person in the room when I came in and didn't know.

He was looking at me as though he could see through my clothes. I sucked my breath with the audacity and boldness but later found it quite stimulating. I remember feeling suddenly warm inside with my tits arching more provactively inside my blouse while. I reciprocated the look -- getting a feel of how he looked like also. Hot, I thought. And I did look down there.

A little intro, a light conversation to get to know each other, and then we were all touching each other.

I was instantly between two tall, very male and hot bodied men and it was a very incredible feeling, sexually. Even fully clothed I wanted them both and so did they. YSL and David touched me provocatively in the most sensual way. David rubbed my clit while YSL bent down and lifted my blouse, put down my bra, and just licked and sucked an erect nipple so quickly.

My arms were on both their sides and my head fell back, my long hair following my movement. I was going along with all the sensations I was feeling and it felt so nice. I also felt very sexy among the two men.

After having his fill with both tits, YSL carried me to the couch and positioned me on top of his face with my pants still on. With his nose and mouth, he nudged my womanhood to react to his sexual prodding and added a thumb to carress me there. I had to put my hands on the couch for stability.

From my vantage point on top of the couch, I could see David taking off YSL's clothing and my eyes just brimmed with desire just looking at them. David and YSL both looked so hot to me. David, I thought, just looked incredibly hotter that day as I could really see all of him and how much he distinctly looked from another man -- his personal attributes such as his length, which stood out.

I removed my top but not my bra, which left my boobs hanging out. YSL then unzipped my pants and pulled them down at one swift movement. I decided to get off the couch and remove it completely with my shoes. It was at this point that I saw David sucking YSL off, and both were already starting to moan.

I got down beside David and flicked my tongue in front of his face as I touched and undressed myself completely. He released YSL's cock and we flick and meet tongues and then kiss (I also whispered in his ear that I wanted him and sucked his earlobe as proof of my desire). YSL watched us both as we did this.

Then we took turns sucking YSL off while our hands were on each other's bodies. YSL's cock, like David's, was thick and huge and I remember it still in my mouth, how it tasted. I imagined it inside my pussy that I moaned a big sound. "Ohhhhh...wowww,", I heard myself saying. Moaning turns out, just increases the "heat" more in the room. Temperature was rising.

I left David with YSL, who was propped on the couch, because I decided I wanted some licking and sucking action myself. So I poised myself back on top of YSL's head and placed my already wet and horny pussy down on him, waiting for the stimulation I had craved. When tongue touched clit, heat in my loins radiated immediately at this point and it was incredible. I threw my head back again while massaging my body.

His tongue was amazing -- it went inside, sideways, and around the outline of my clit and later, my ass. The wetness down there was just so yummy for me that I felt a hint of an orgasm building up. And when he started sucking my pussy lips and rubbing the tip of my pussy with one expert thumb, I u*********sly closed my eyes and mimicked a fucking rhythm, moving up and down on him because of the wonderful sensations I was feeling.

When YSL shifted position to doggy style, I did the same so my back was to him and his was to David's. All three of us were in the same position and now he had more access to my pussy and ass for licking; David had more access to his. YSL placed his hands on both my thighs as he carressed me with his tongue. It felt so good.

After some time, when YSL was moaning and moaning from whatever it was David was doing, I decided to take a peek to witness the action. They were enjoying it and I wanted to join in the fun so I decided to go to David and do some blow jobs myself.

As I joined, I found David's erect manhood swaying as he worked on YSL's already throbbing cock. David was hovering on top of YSL so I moved below him and placed a peck or small kiss on the tip of his moving big dick. I watched it just move for a bit before deciding to open my mouth to accommodate the delightful monster cock. It was just moving to a certain direction, so I positioned myself at just the right angle.

I put out my tongue to meet it and have it slide inside my mouth. As David rocked up and down or back and forth, working YSL's goods, so did his manhood move. So I naughtily met David's arriving cock with the tip of my sexy tongue as it came near me. I heard a moan in response.

I then put my mouth in an O sucking position, like a tight ring, so when the big cock entered, it would come enveloped inside a tight entrance.

With his every thrust, I tried to hold his dick more in, by sucking, before it eventually got out or went back accordingly with his hips. A popping/smooching sound followed when he was released from my mouth. "Mmmm..ohhhh...wow, that's yummy," I said. It was so steamy I had to touch myself.

I tried capturing the cock more and more and making it stay longer inside my mouth and sometimes, the tip got left behind. When this happened, I immediately outlined the head of his cock with my tongue -- like a lollipop, swirling over candy.

I also put a hand to hold David's cock, particularly the tip, in place and then did my mind-blowing blow job that I could only do -- my trademark. He sags on top of YSL.

After a while, David beckons me to join him and I couldn't be more willing. David worked on YSL's cock while I worked on his balls. I love licking and outlining and from where I was, I could see the folds of his balls and veins of his cock. I outlined those with my firm tongue in between moans of pleasure.

I placed saliva on my palms adding more lubricant to massage his balls better. The wetness, sometimes dripping, surprised YSL a bit. Two tongues plus the saliva and hands would have added a variety of sensations for him. I looked up and saw YSL looking at us with glazed eyes. I placed a hand on his tight tummy and lightly grazed my finger tips on him downwards, and then upwards. And then the sides of his ass and then thighs.

(to be continued)

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5 months ago
Sorry for the late reply but thanks for the comment and addition to your favs! We hope to add more stories.
5 months ago
Mmmmm...yes, we love it. Glad to share and know you like...
5 months ago
Hi again,our type of sexy noholes barred fun,so horny
1 year ago
my cock is so hard reading this, thanks for sharing
2 years ago
I am so hard already part 2 will have me tossin one off for sure,added to my favs
2 years ago
Very well written and erotica at its best, can't wait to see part 2.
2 years ago
beautiful story!
3 years ago
Super HOT story! Thank you for posting all the sexiness.
3 years ago

2nd part is already posted. :-)

A & D
3 years ago
my god ...
3 years ago
hurry up my balls are tingling