Hot and horny, solo

It's one of those days that you just feel some extra awareness and sensation...the way the lace of your panties slide and rub again pussy, when your tits want to be touched and licked badly, when you ache for hands to touch you all over your body...when you just want to have sex.

I get horny moments every time and at times even at work, I sometimes find myself removing articles of clothing to get closer to the kinky feeling -- being naughty but nice.

Today, I woke up with a moisty, warm feeling in between my legs. As I stretched, I reach down to check for a cum-like substance and get a fresh swab of it to see and smell. "Oh wow, " I say. "Mmmmmmm." The sticky texture and musky smell just gets me hot, sexy, and wanting for something more. I need some action.

I decide to watch some porn to go with it. I check out trusty hot videos David leaves on our favorites page everytime (love having not to search for videos when you are in a hurry) and just imagine myself in it -- in the scene, in the video.

I take out my pink friends, a trusty old dildo and my new toy, into the open. With new batteries, I thought, it would be an interesting experience because I haven't tried both yet -- together. So I get ready.

With my porn movie in pause mode, my toys charged and ready to go, I decide to put some lubricant in my ass. As soon as that was done, I lay down and prep myself on the bed against soft pillows. I place the new toy, little by little in my tight, lubricated hole. I relax when it is fully in and find my aroused cunt completely wanting for action.

This is the movie:

I am blown away by the porn movie -- it's just what I want to feel, with the guy touching me all over, my tits, massaging my pussy, removing all my clothes, then licking my hot, sweet spot. I get really horny as soon as the video plays.
When the guy pulls out his already hard cock, I turn on my old dildo and it shakes. It's vibrating loudly from new batteries and I try to muffle the sound with a blanket. I flick out my tongue as I watch the girl suck his big cock and say "oh yes" when he finally put it in her ass.

I check my toy in that same spot and reach down to twist the cap and turn it on. It vibrates inside. "Ohhhhh..." I mimic what the girl in the porn movie says and also close my eyes. It feels so nice to have something there inside. I open my eyes a while later and also rub my pussy with my fingers the same way she does and find it really wet. I place the charged old dildo on top of my triangle. At this time, the guy enters her. How easily he slides his cock in, I thought.

I find myself opening my legs as wide as I could, as if being fucked by the man. I wanted easy access. In that same instant, I felt my orgasm and immediately, uncontrollably shuddered and surrendered to my orgasm. Wow. I quickly turn off the batteries of my two toys. It was so intense!

I lay down for a bit and savor the feeling. It was so nice. The video is still on and I'm just smiling contentedly as the video continues to play. I know there's a creampie at the end so I thought, I'll wait for that.

I found myself turning on both toys again and tapping the other dildo on top of my pussy lips, which were now aroused again. The guy is fucking her more intensely and I feel another orgasm build up quickly. As the guy gets off and I see the cum come out of her ass clearly, I almost throw the toys from a strong eruption within. I get another strong orgasm and I'm sapped -- for now.

The video ends and I wonder about looking at the other "favorite" videos on the page. I think about Round 2.

Guess I'll watch another video. I'm that horny.


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5 months ago nice to know you like it. ;) -Amber
5 months ago
Thank you for the comments on my story! xo
5 months ago
oh amber, making me moan for you so hard i now have to check the status of my pre-cum when i'm with u
1 year ago
Thank you for sharing this story. Very well written, I got hard immediately reading it!
1 year ago
heerlijk verhaal :) xx
1 year ago
How had never went solo before?! LOL