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4/23/2009 2:05 pm

It was a hot Saturday afternoon in central Kansas. The k**s were off at the rock quarry swimming for the afternoon so Susie had decided she would try to get some sun on her body, so she gathered up her lawn chair, towel, tanning oil and a cool drink and went to the front yard. She set up her chair, spread out her blanket, set her drink down and started to apply the oil to her body. Susie was just a few months shy of 40 and as she was oiling herself up she thought. “Hard to believe I’ve had three k**s and my body is still in this good of a shape.” As she lay back to catch the suns rays she decided she didn’t want to have any tan lines, so she removed her bikini and placed it under her chair. As the time wiled away she was starting to drowse a little bit, so she decided to turn over and get some sun on the back half of her body as not to burn.

She must have dozed off laying there nude in the sun, because when she woke up there were four young men sitting a few feet away from her staring at her nude form. “Can I help you? Oh, it’s just you guys” she said. “Well we came out to see if Phillip was home, but found you instead.” It had taken her a few seconds to realize that these four were her nineteen year old son’s friends John, Mikey, Nate and Ben. “How long have you guys been sitting there watching me?” Ben said, “About 15 minutes.” “Well I hope you got an eyeful, don’t you know it’s rude to stare at people while they are tanning? Especially when they are tanning naked.” She said. “Oh we didn’t think you would mind, since you are after all tanning naked out in your front yard for all the world to see.” Ben said. “Good point. But still.” Susie replied. “Well now that I’m awake, did you like what you saw? Anything else you would like to see?” They all nodded their heads yes enthusiastically. “Well I’m not a mind reader, what would you four like to see? Ben you first since you seem to be the only one able to talk.” Ben thought for a second and blurted out ”Id like to see you on all fours with your ass in the air.” Susie quickly changed positions. “Like this?” she purred. “Yeah, just like that.” He said, in a strangely weak voice. “How about you Mikey? What do you want to see?” Mikey could hardly speak but finally managed to say, “In the missionary pose.” As she changed her position she could feel her pussy starting to get extremely wet. “How’s this Mikey? Is this what you wanted to see?” Mikey couldn’t even talk only nod his head yes. “And you John? What would you like this old woman to show you?” He replied “I want to see you just like that but spreading your lips so I can see you hot wet hole!” Susie laughed as she did as he requested and said. “You sound like someone that really knows what he wants.” “Yes ma’am” He said. “O.K. Nate now what would you like this nasty milf to show you?” Nate didn’t even hesitate, he knew what he wanted to see. “I want to see you in the position that Phillip has told me about, the safeway chicken pose” He told her. “Ahh I see my son has told you some stories about his mother and her swinging lifestyle hasn’t he?” Susie replied as she was changing positions. Nate quickly responded “I wasn’t quite done in my request.” “Oh, what else did you want to see?” “Well I was going to say I wanted to see you in that pose, but with my tongue buried in your pussy, while you sucked one of my friend’s cocks.” He said with a sly smile. “Oh well Nate, I think that could be arranged. Which one of your friends wants to have me suck his cock?” Susie asked the other boys. They all 3 raised their hands in unison. Susie laughed again at their boldness, “All right then, take off those clothes and let me see what you are working with and Ill decide who goes first. But don’t worry I don’t plan on leaving anyone out!” As they got undressed Susie thought about what was happening, and decided she didn’t mind that they were all young enough to be her k**s, the fire in her twat was raging and she needed some dick right then and there. Meanwhile the boys had gotten undressed, and she started walking down the line of hard cocks in front of her. Mikey was the first in line and she dropped down into a squat to get a pecker’s eye view of his equipment. “Not bad.” She said. It was about average five to six inches in length and about as big around as a kielbasa, she stroked it a few times and gave it a quick suck. He moaned as she did and his cock started to buck as he came in her mouth. She quickly swallowed all of his thick cum and as the last drop slid down her throat she asked him. “You’re a virgin aren’t you?” He replied. “Yes I am, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to do that.” “No problem, I’m sure you will recover soon enough. Just sit back relax and enjoy the show, until you think you can join back in.” Susie had a thought suddenly and asked them all “Who else is also a virgin? And be honest.” Nate replied “I am too momma Susie, in fact we all are.” Susie thought, ‘good grief, what am I going to do with three more virgins.’ “O.K. here’s what were going to do. First I’m going to give you all a blowjob, I don’t mind if you cum in my mouth. Actually I prefer it that way, that way I can swallow all those loads of cum” she said with an evil grin. “So line up!” The boys wasted no time lining up as Susie squatted down in front of the next in line it was John. He was about seven inches long but was a little thin in the girth department. Susie started by licking his balls and stroking his shaft, then slowly started to make her way up to the head of his cocks slowly licking his cock all the way up. She could feel him start to shake and buck a little as she neared the head of his cock, she almost didn’t make it to the head as his cum erupted from his dick. She missed a little and it landed on her cheek as she did her best to catch the rest and swallow it all. When his cock had stopped twitching she looked up into his eyes and wiped off the drops on her cheeks and licked it off of her fingers. This was too much for Nate as he had been stroking his own cock as he watched her play with John’s he said “I’, fixing to cum!” Susie hurriedly moved over in front of him and held her mouth open for him to aim at. As he came he aimed his cock at her mouth and blasted a load right down her throat from his six inch cock. When he was done pumping her full of his hot semen she smiled at him and moved on to Ben. ‘WOW’ She thought, ‘Ben has a real cock!’ He was ten inches in length and about as big around as her wrist. She decided to skip the foreplay with Ben and just went straight to sucking his monster cock. She started to suck on it while she fondled his balls with one hand and stroked his shaft with the other. His rhythm started to get a little faster so she stopped and had him lay on her lawn chair. After he was laying on his back, she had him bring his knees up towards his belly and she got down between his legs and started sucking on his balls and licking on the skin between them and his asshole. He started moaning with pleasure, so she started sucking on his cock some more and he started bucking a little harder. Just as he started to cum she wiggled her finger up his ass, and he blew what must have been about a half pint of semen down her throat. When she got up she looked over to her audience and all of them were back at full attention so to speak. “Ben, why don’t you have a seat over there and let me sit here, while Nate eats my soaking wet pussy? “Sure thing, Ill be back in action in no time momma Susie” She lay back on her chair and resumed the safeway chicken pose, Nate wasted no time stuffing his face between her smooth thighs and started tongue fucking her hot wet hole. ‘Damn’ She thought, ‘What this k**s lacks in experience he sure makes up for in enthusiasm’ “Yeah, Nate suck on my clit. Make momma Susie cum.” She said with her head back and eyes closed. As she started to cum she felt a cock rubbing on her lips, she opened up her eyes and saw that Mikey had come over and straddled her head and was rubbing his cock on her mouth wanting her to suck on it again. “And what do you propose I do with that thing Mikey?” she asked. “Suck on it momma Susie, make it feel good!” “Nope, not again Mikey. I have another idea, Nate would you be a dear and move aside and let this poor virgin into momma Susie’s hole?” She cooed. As Nate moved out of the way, she led Mikey by the hand and brought him around to her pussy. “Now lets make a man out of you, I want you to fuck me. And I don’t mean just pump pump I’m done. If you feel your about to cum stop and we can change positions” Mikey got down on his knees and slid his cock in to the hilt in one stroke, he started hammering away at her sopping wet pussy for all he was worth. Susie could feel his cock start to twitch a lil so she stopped his rapid fire thrusting by pushing him away. “Honey that’s good and all but let me show you something.” She turned Mikey over on his back and straddled his cock guiding it into her wet pussy with her hand. She slowly started to grind her pelvis against him and rocking her hips back and forth. “See how nice it is if you just slow down and take your time sweety?” He just started smiling and nodding his head yes. “John come over here and let me suck on that cock!” She ordered. John wasted no time getting in place, He shoved his cock right down her throat, Susie gagged a little bit and started stroking his cock and tickling his ass with her other hand. She slowly stopped sucking his cock and pulled her face away from him. “Ben, hows that cock doing over there?” She asked. “He has risen and is ready to have some fun.” He replied. “Good now get that cock over here where I can have some fun with it.” As Ben moved closer she started to grind harder and faster on the cock that was in her pussy. Mikey started bucking harder and wilder, she started to stroke John and Ben’s cocks with her hands and she got faster and faster on Mikey. Mikey couldn’t take it any longer. “I’M CUMMING!” He shouted. Susie just kept grinding away on his cock as it blasted wave after wave of hot sticky cum deep inside her sopping wet pussy. Finally when his cock had finished twitching inside her, she climbed off all the while still stroking the two cocks in her hands. “Next! Nate get that hard cock over here and shove it in my wet pussy!” Nate came over and grabbed her hips and entered her pussy from behind. His excitement was too much though, he started breathing harder and faster as he rapid fire banged away at that hot wet snatch. He shouted “I’m GOING TO CUM!” He pulled his cock out of her pussy and aimed it at her tight little asshole. She could feel the white hot cum hit her on her most sensitive of holes and had an orgasm just from the contact of it hitting her there. “Now who goes where” She asked. I have an idea. “Ben lay on your back, and close your eyes.” He did as he was told and she straddled him reverse cowgirl, she grabbed his cock and aimed it at her asshole. “No peeking she said or I’ll stop” she said. “I won’t, I promise.” She slowly started easing her ass on his huge cock, she had to go slow and kept having to grab her ass cheeks apart to allow him more entry. Finally when she had taken that whole cock into her ass she told him “Open your eyes now and tell me what you see!” When Ben opened his eyes he couldn’t believe what he saw. “I see my cock in your tight asshole, I’ve wanted to do this ever since I saw my first porno and now I’m losing my virginity this way! Thank you momma Susie!” “No problem” She said as she slowly started fucking his cock, squeezing with her kegel muscles she could feel his cock starting to twitch already. “Oh no you don’t Ben!” She said. I have something in mind. She stopped grinding on his cock and lay back on his chest bringing her knees up to her nice pierced nipples. “Come here John I want you to fuck my already fucked pussy, I want to be full of cock!” John came over and got between her and Bens legs and started stuffing his cock into her well used pussy, once he got it all the way in they all started getting into a rhythm together. She was feeling so full and so good, she had lost count of the number of orgasms she had had already this day. They all seemed to really run together into one long drawn out orgasm. She was panting and screaming and just going for broke, “You two, get over here!” She yelled at Mikey and Nate. “I want you to start jerking those cocks and getting them hard, I want a cum shower!” Susie thought to herself “I’m such a slut, but damn these boys are making me feel so damn good! I cant wait till Kirby gets home tonight so I can let him have the leftovers and make me feel even better.” As she was lost in thought and in the delight of being so full of cock, she didn’t notice the boys start to all moan and get into that herky jerky rhythm. John was first, he came deep into her already full pussy, Mikey was next as he blasted a load all over her face, Nate wasn’t too much farther behind and he showered her tits with his hot load. All that was left was Ben. She started grinding harder and faster and was really bucking on his cock, going so far it almost came out of her ass. After what seemed like hours he said, “Im gonna cum momma Susie, where do you want me to cum?” “I want you to cum in my ass I want to feel that hot load deep in my bowels, FUCK MOMMA SUSIE AND CUM IN HER SLUTTY ASS! I’M CUMMING, OH GOD I’M CUMMING. CUM WITH ME” That was all it took, Ben couldn’t hold back any longer. He thrust deep into her ass, all the way to the balls in her ass and let fly with what felt like white hot fire deep into her tight little shitter. They lay there a few minutes. When he finally went soft and slipped out of her ass. She could feel all the semen start to drain from her well soaked pussy and well fucked ass. She had another little mini orgasm as it did. She slowly got up and on weak legs told them all. “Thank you, for making a milf like me feel like I was the sexiest woman in the world Im honored you all would choose me to lose your virginity to.” Ben said. “No thank you momma Susie for teaching us what pleasing a woman is all about.” They all got dressed and came up to Susie to give her a hug and kiss goodbye, and as they drove away Susie used her towel, cleaned herself up spread it out on her chair, oiled herself back up and laid out it in the hot afternoon sun.

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7 months ago
Great story
2 years ago
A very hot story. Wish I was that lucky
2 years ago
Love it, great story