One week end I was at my parents house, visiting with my Dad and Step-Mom's. I was cutting the grass, as my step-mom laying on the patio with just her bathing suit on, I could see that she wasn't wearing anything under it every time I went by I would get a glimpse of her crotch, of course I had always fantasized about step-mom whom was in her Mid 60's. Im a young Attractive with Athletic Built I would lay in bed at night and jerk off thinking how it would be to sl**p in her bed. Anyway after I finished cutting the grass, I went to shower off and of course get rid of my desire I had at the time. While I was In the shower I heard a knock on the door as I was really getting into my jerking my Fat 9x6 Cock, I was hard and ready to explode. I heard step-moms voice say, cover up I need to get a towel, as she walked in I saw that she had taken off her swim suit and put only a robe on and was going to use the other bathroom to shower. As she opened the linen closet her robe had opened to expose her beautiful pussy, as I looked at her my 9inch cock became harder and I stared at her and began jerking again,she turned and started to walk out,then stopped and said oh, by the way don't pull too hard on it ,as it may fall off.she laughed..and turned and walked out I continued my jerking. After I finished showering, I got out wrapped a towel around me and started towards my room, I heard her shower running and decided to peek on her, the door was opened just enough to see the shower from the hall, I stopped and I could see through the frosted glass that she was massaging her crotch and moaning, God! that made me hotter again. I watched until I couldn't resist opening the door more hold my cock in my hand, I walked in quietly and stood until she looked up and said are u finished already? she must have been on the verge of climaxing as I walked in because she never told me top leave.I let the towel drop from my body, and she opened the shower door standing there naked and wet, smiling, she said well what are u waiting for, get in here and wash my back.I said do you think it is OK, she said we are alone now why not? I got in the shower and she started rubbing my cock and told me that she has since her divorce she had fantasized getting some from me almost every night and she had seen me masturbate a lot too. As we showered to-gather, she laid back in the shower and we had sex for the first time ,she was great. From that time on we slept together every night, she was still taking my cock and loving every bit of it, Im currently on the hunt for some sexy mature women, I have an Aunt that is in her 70's now and has invited me to come do her as it has been 20 years since she has had any. I can't wait until that day comes that I have sex with my Aunt..my step-moms s****r.

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1 month ago
hot sexy
10 months ago
Mmm, this sounded like a true story! I enjoyed it very much! But where is your dad, when you sleep with her every night??
2 years ago
3 years ago
i want to fuck my step mom sooooo bad!
3 years ago
more for sure,,do her
3 years ago
More pls .............