Mom And My Best Friend

We were on holiday in Corrnwall and my best friend Jay came with us, during the first night he kept admiring my mom whenever dad wasnt around, he also kept getting a good eyefull of my moms rarther big tits which she noticed as she looked at me looknig at Jay she gave me a devilish smile, fancy a cigarette Jamie she asked him knowing i didnt smoke and off they went outside, moms short red skirt was riding up her ample married ass, during the day my mom and dad had a argument and he went out for most of the day so mom was alaready pissed off with him and she was loving the attention my 19 year old mate was giving her. When dad came back to the table he asked were they had gone, outside i said il go see if there finished and off i went.

When i got outisde there was no one around but i could hear two people around the corner so i went to check it out, when i looked around at first i couldnt see anyone but then i saw two shadows near a big skip (bin), It was Jay and he had my slut mom up the wall, her skirt was hiked up to her waist her pants between her ankles and Jay's bare ass pumping in and out as his cock fucked my moms pussy, mom had her hands wrapped around his neck, Jay had both hands squeezing her ass cheeks, his cock was pounding moms pussy real good and fast, after a while he then pulled a tit free from my moms top and started nippling on it still his cock pounded her, no one could see them either they had found a great spot, i was shaking with anger and wanted to kick his head in but for some reason i didnt, i just turned away and walked back into the clubroom siting back down, there coming now i told dad, whats up looks like you seen a ghost he said, nar im ok just cold i said, a few minutes later Jay walked in with my mom, she a huge smile on her face and i knew why, as she sat down she pulled her chair a bit towards Jay grinning at me as she did, the rest of the night was awful as i was sat there knowing my mom had just got fucked by my bestiest friend. Thankfully the night came to a end and i was able to go back to the caravan and sl**p.

The next day i woke up still angry, dad had gone out for the day again and mom asked me to run to the shop to get some things, Jay sat there with a devilish smile again smoking his cigarette, mom was still in her nightgown but was fastened up. I grabbed the money and stormed off, within 5 minutes i stopped and turned back i wanted to check on them. As i got there i opened the caravan door, no one was around, then i heard Jay saying, you like that baby, you like me licking your pussy, i quickly walked back out heading for the shop.

during the week Jay fucked my mom at least 4 times, how could i tell my dad my best friends fucking my mother
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2 years ago
its always cool to see someone you know get fucked but most women argue so they can go get fucked
2 years ago
i would reallyb pissed unless she would let me join in.
2 years ago
wouldve watched and jerked off
3 years ago
I would so fuck him too!
3 years ago
you don't . just be happy for your mom
4 years ago
cheer up it could be real lmao gave a 5
4 years ago
ok.. nice.. but yet to be improved
5 years ago
i fucked my sons friend before