Trucker tales


It was summertime and I was trucking through Illinois on my way to PA. I had been driving all day and eased off the interstate at a place I had planned to stop at for the night. It was not unusual I had stopped at that exit many times before.
One of the features of that exit was that it had 5 or 6 different fast food places with big truck parking but it also had 2 adult book store right across the street from each other It was kind of weird because they were both owned by the same person.
I liked the one on the east side of the road. It was an old compact store it only had about 5 video booths in the back and the rest of the store was stuff full of toys videos and books and mags. I knew everyone that worked there and we all got along usually laugh and joking about this or that and it never hurts that they could point out other regulars that they knew were cool.

Sometimes when I was there I would get a quick blow job from a local cocksucker in one of the video booths or meet someone inside and go out to the truck and get it on out there. That night I was in no hurry so I was just hanging around talking to the girls that worked there but keeping my eye open for anything interesting. I guess it was about 9 pm when this couple came in he was about 6'5' and I say on the slim side she was a little tiny lady maybe 5' nothing and about 110lb they were walking around looking at different things and didn't appear to be in any hurry. Sally one of the girls that works there lean over and whispered that they were locals and sometime when they came in they would leave with a guy in tow. That was all I needed to move in for a closer look. I walked over to where they were standing and stood close listening to them and so they could get a look at me also. They both checked me out and moved away whispering to each other and looking back to see if I was following. I wanted them to know I was interested but I didn't want to seem pushy so I gave them a little space but still stayed close. I decide to use one of my favorite tricks to see if someone is interested. I pulled out a business card that has My cell number on it and then walk past where they were standing. When they weren't looking I dropped the card on the floor and then when they start to walk on I would pick it up and say to them I think you dropped this. The husband took the card and looked at it on the back I had written if you guys would like to party keep the card and call my cell if your not interested just hand the card back and say it's not yours. He read the card and look at his wife smiling and she sort of nodded so he said thank you and put the card in his pocket. This is an excellent way to find out if there is interest or not and has worked well for me before I walked on browsing a little more before saying good night to the girls and going to the truck to wait for a call. It wasn't 10 minutes later I saw them come out of the store with a few bags of stuff and get into a caddy sitting there looking around for a few minutes talking they seem to be wondering where I was. I flipped on my inside lights and stood up like I was moving to the sl**per and they seem to notice I was still there. I sat in the sl**per wondering if they would really call or chicken out. They started the car and backed out and I started to lose hope but they didn't go out the driveway they went behind the store and came around and parked right in front of my truck I stood up and 2 seconds later my phone was ringing. I answered it and it was the husband He said they would like to talk to me more and I invited them to come up into the truck for a chat I assure them it was safe and if they decided to leave it was not a problem. They got out of the car and came to the passenger side of the truck and I opened the door and invited them up. The truck was fairly new and it had the biggest stock sl**per of any truck out there and they came up and walk into the back and sat down at the table I had the TV on with a porn video playing, I asked if they minded and said I'd turn it off but they assured me it was fine they could believe how big my sl**per was it had a table that folded down into a bed if need but it also had a top bunk which is where I slept when alone it had a TV, DVD player, microwave, and a good sized refrigerator. I offed them something to drink as we started to talk and gave them both a soda, they seemed comfortable with me and soon start talking about what they wanted and making small talk. I told them I was very open minded and was up for most anything they could think of as long as everyone agreed and there was no pain involved which they both laughed at and said that was perfect. I asked if they would like to stay in the truck or go somewhere else She just reached for my waistband of my shorts and said well we'll see I pulled the big curtains closed and she reached into my shorts to find my cock. She didn't have to search very far as it was already semi hard and heading towards it's full size of 7in and it's almost as big around as it is long and she was quite pleased when she wrapped her small soft hand around it and started to stroke it saying to her husband that they picked a winner this time. She apologized
for being so forward but they had some bad experiences with guy who were not up to par either in size or ability or both so she like to take a look before they offered to play. I said I understood completely and thanked her for thinking I was a winner. She then asked if I was OK with M to M contact as it really turn her on to see that type of action. I assured her that was no problem at all and said I was experienced in that type of play and liked to please them both. That got a big smile and she pulled my cock out of my shorts to show her husband it was rock hard by that time and she made quick work of getting it into her hot mouth and sucking it about half way down. She popped it out of her mouth and said I tasted great and asked her husband if he would like to tasted it he reach over grasped my cock and pulled me over to him and devourer ed all the way down to my pubic hairs. I said Wow and she giggled and said he 's good huh I agreed. He made a few more strokes in and out and then asked if I would like to come to their house with them it was only a couple of miles away and they would bring me back whenever I wanted I said that sounds great and stuffed my hard cock back into my shorts and we got out and went to the car. I didn't get to see either of them but when he stood up I could see the outline of a good sized member in his pants and she was just like I like them petite with small firm breasts and a killer ass so I knew we'd have some fun. As we drove I found out more about them they were younger than I was he was 35 she was only 30 and they had been married for 5 years, they were both in real estate and worked together actually they owned the company. They had been flipping houses as well as selling the listings they got so even though they didn't flash it they were doing quite well. It only took a few minutes to get there and it was a fair sized house at the end of a block they pulled into the garage and we went inside Bill the husband ask if I would like a drink or a beer and Cheryl the wife headed into another room and disappeared. I agreed to a beer which Bill promptly came up with and we had just sat down on a big couch when Cheryl returned wearing a short open robe that was see though and wow her body was even better than I thought. She pick up the drink Bill had made her and took a big drink of it set it down and then planted herself right in my lap wrapping her arms around me and gave me the sweetest kiss I had in quite awhile I reached up a tweeted her nipple and she moan as she moved to straddle me her wet pussy landing right on my hard on. She grinded herself on my cock and said we must get it out of those shorts. I didn't have any problem with that and stood up with her in my arms and turned to hand her to Bill who had already lost his clothes. I got my first look at his expanding cock and liked what I saw it was just a tatted longer than mine and just as thick and I knew I was in for a very fun evening I handed Cheryl to him and she wrapped herself around his waist and started making out with him while I quickly lost the rest of my clothes. I joined them wrapping my arm around her and nuzzling up against her fine ass. My cock slipped into her crack and then under his balls as he sunk his hard on into her wet pussy, I kissed the back of her neck and played with her tits as he started fucking her as she dangled between us like a small rag doll. I slipped down her body and licking my way to her beautiful ass. I licked my way down and around her ass as Bill held her I buried my tongue in her sweet asshole. That got a big squeal out of her and she started humping against bill even harder. I continued licking her ass and Bills cock as it slipped in and out of her when she had her first orgasm when she did Bill slipped out of her pussy and I took his big cock as far into my mouth as I could get it while she bounced and grinned through her climax. Bill was now fucking my mouth with increased speed and soon his cock hardened and started spurting hot come all over my face and her pussy. I caught her as Bill released his grip while he was having his orgasm and laid her on the couch with her legs spread. I buried my face into her hot sweet very wet pussy and licked her clean. I was kneeling on the floor eating her pussy for all it was worth and Bill started massaging my ass as it hung up in mid air. I was really getting into eating her pussy and I could tell she was heading for another big O before long and I was determined to keep at it until she scream to stop. Bill had wet his finger and was easing it into my asshole when she came. She bucked and twisted and scream as she came but I held on for the ride and continued licking her until her orgasm started to subside. She went limp and fell back to recover as bill continued his work on my ass. He had reached under and was stroking my cock as he fingered my ass with more fingers I felt him lube my ass and cock with some lube and I look behind me to see if his cock was hard it was rock hard again and he started rubbing his hard cock up and down my ass teasing my well lubed hole then he just slipped his cock into my ass and slowly sunk it all the way in before stopping for a moment. Cheryl saw what was going on and crawled onto my back to watch his big cock slide in and out of my hot ass. She slapped my ass with her hand a couple of times as he started fucking me faster. Then she crawled underneath me to suck my cock as he fucked me. She had a great view of his cock going in and out as she sucked me harder and harder. Bill was really hammering me now and I knew he was getting close. She was sucking me for all it was worth and I couldn't hold off any longer I told her I was coming and she sucked harder as I blew my load down her throat my ass clenched and he had to cut loose with his load deep into my ass. We all fell to the floor in a pile of sweat and cum and laid there catching our breath. Cheryl was first to recover and got up and got some hot towels and proceeded to clean us all up. When she was done she got us another drink of drinks and we sat around chit-chatting about this and that. I thought any minute now they would say it was time for me to go but I was wrong. Cheryl start playing with my cock with her foot and it started to respond and then Bill leaned over and started sucking me and I was again at full mast. Cheryl climbed on as I sat on the couch and started rocking back and forth with me buried in her as far as I could get it she had her legs wrapped around me and her chest pressed against mine and she was kissing me as things escalated Bill got up and stuck his Harding cock between Cheryl and mine faces and we licked at both sides of it as he ran it in and out. Then when he was rock hard again he when and started licking her asshole and applying lube I thought he was going to do her ass but he pulled her off my cock and turned her around and help her slide her ass down on my cock. After she got it all the way in which took a few minutes she was laying with her back on my chest as I pumped her ass and then he worked his big cock into her pussy. It always amazes me that the most petite ladies are the ones that can take the most cock. Cheryl had about 15 inches of cock in her hole now and Bill and I were getting the rhythm down alternating the in and out motion until Cheryl was going crazy. She had cum once already and was going on number 2 for this round which she reached but we kept right on going strong by the time she was coming onto number 3 Bill and I were ready to blow and as she reached that 3rd O we both let loose filling her ass and pussy with all the cum we had left. She was as limp as a wet noodle by the time we finish and I thought she might have passed out but she was still breathing hard and we all clung together as we came down from the awesome experience. I asked if I might be able to shower before they took me back and Cheryl Just pointed in a direction and said to use the towels that were hung there I excused myself and left them Lying there recovering. The shower was fantastic and I was totally relaxed by the time I rejoin them Cheryl had covered up and bill had redressed to drive me back to the truck. Cheryl came over and gave me a great goodbye kiss and said that she hope I would stay in touch and stop by again when I was driving though. I said she could count on it and told her I come though there quite often and would call to see if they wanted company when I did. Bill drove me back to the truck and said he had really enjoyed my company and that I was the best third partner they ever had as we got to the truck he commented how much he had enjoyed fucking my ass. I told him I enjoyed it as much as he did and say he can fuck it anytime he likes to which he replied he wouldn't mine hit it once more tonight. I invited him into the truck and closed the curtain got undressed and he did also. I had climbed up to the top bunk to get some lube which put my ass right in his face so he just started licking and fingering my ass as I dangled from the top bunk. He did that awhile and I told him stop and climbed down .I folded the table down and move the cushions over and told him to lye on his back I suck his cock for a few minutes until it was rock hard again and then using my arms to hang from the top bunk I eased down on to his hard cock and started fucking him after a few minutes I held still suspend from the top bunk as he fucked me very hard and fast until he blew again I just climbed up into my top bunk as he dressed said goodbye and left. I laid there thinking about the nights event totally exhausted and I couldn't believe it but as I laid there I started getting another hard-on I just laughed and went to sl**p. I did get to see Bill and Cheryl several more times and even saw them both separably a couple of times also they were very awesome people and both were even more kinky when they were alone with me
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4 months ago
excellent story
1 year ago
great story
1 year ago
Great story what an experience.
1 year ago
My life is nothing like this. That's why I'm so pleased you are telling your stories on XH. It was hot and fast and sticky.
2 years ago
fucking hot like all the action
good story and sounds like she was a good piece
2 years ago
it is very true
2 years ago
True or not it was hot!