Trucker tales

The potato farmer and his wife (and a surprise bonus)

I recall this from memory to the best of my recall

It was a really hot day down in the panhandle of Texas My dispatcher had pushed me to get down here for a load of potatoes and I had been driving for about 10 hrs strait and I was running close on my 70 also so I just wanted to get to the farm and get the load on and then find a long shower and a hot meal and a cool beer cause I didn't have the hrs to go anywhere.
When I finally found the place it was out in the middle of nowhere I could see 2 other trucks in the dock waiting to be load and I pulled up set the brakes and jumped down from my executive chair and went in to check in Hoping like hell that I hadn't miss this load cause I had deadheaded almost 600 miles to get there only because it was suppose to pay so good.
I walked into the small office and was greeted by a fair looking lady behind the desk she was probably in her late 30's but she was tight, dressed in shorts and tank top with a shirt over it you could tell she worked the farm and could keep up her end of the work she was tanned and sweaty. She said you must be that last truck we ordered and I responded yes darling that would be me. She told me that there were several loads of taters on their way in from the field and told me to go hang out and when one of the trucks that was in the dock pulled out to go ahead and back in so I hit the door back out into the hot late afternoon sun and walked over to the dock the other 2 drivers were at the back of their trucks bullshittin and I walked up and said hey. They told they had been there since sun up waiting on taters and I remark about that being par and they went back to bullshittin I overheard one tell the other that he had loaded their before and the guy who loaded him was the office ladies husband. I said to myself that figures I ain’t going to get nowhere with her until I heard him go on about how he heard that they were a bit kinky and that they'll get a driver d***k and she'd fuck him while he watches I started to smile again and then he said the funny part about it is after the driver fucks the wife then the husband fucks the driver and they both bust up laughing saying can you imagine that and they both where saying no fucking way they'd fall for that.
Just then the big farm truck comes in from the field dumps a huge load of taters and heads back out to get another the 2nd truck does the same and they finally start loading the trucks in the dock I stroll back to my truck to wait in the coolness of my cab thinking about what I had just heard and get a half of hard-on thinking about it. I jump in the back and flip the TV and DVD player on and start watching some porn I sat in back with curtain open watching and must have dosed cause the next thing I know someone is banging on my door I jumped up forgetting the porn is on. I swing the door open and the loader jumps up sticks his head in and says nice truck. I thank him then he says nice video and I say yeah it's a good one telling him theirs no TV reception so I just threw it on and forgot it was still on. He say for me to hit the dock and jumps down. He walks off to the office I pull around and hit the hole. I jump down to go see how long I was going to have to wait. I meet him coming out of the office and he says he's got about 44000 pounds of taters left for today if I wanted more than that I'd have to wait til morning. I tell him that weight is fine and tell him I'm out of hrs anyhow. I was going to just load find the closest town and shut down have some dinner and a shower. He kinda chuckles and says the closest town is 50 miles from there and they roll up the streets at dark by the time I'd get there everything would be closed to which I say ahh shit I can't drive anymore today and asked if I could park around there somewhere keeping in mind what I had overheard.
He says seems how I'm the last truck of the day that I could just load and park right there. I ask if there anywhere I could wash up and he tells me theres a shower in the bunkhouse I can use. If I wanted to I could come up to the main house with his wife and him and clean up and have dinner with them. (Hello bingo) I say I appreicate that and he goes to load the taters. He tells me to wait in the office for my paperwork. I walk over and go in the office and there is no one there so I grab a chair and wait. A couple minutes later the wife walks in and smiles tells me she heard I'd be staying for dinner and says her name is Shirley. I introduce myself and she comes over and shakes my hand she had a hell of a grip and kind of lingers looking right into my eyes like she was looking inside me. She finally lets go and starts the paperwork for my load and I sit back and watch. She really did have a nice body and the sweat on her tank top didn't leave much to the imagination. She had no bra on and her firm nice sized tits hung nicely in the almost transparent shirt she looked up and caught me stairing and ask if I like liked what I saw? I say you bet your a fine looking women she giggles a little and makes small talk with me about the farm and how they are so far out that they don't get much company. I tell her Life on the road is a lonely job and how much I appreciate the dinner invite she giggles again and makes a comment about it will be nice to have someone new and then pauses and then says to talk to you know. I snicker and say yeah that will be great just then hubby walks in with the scale ticket I sign the paperwork and go out to pullup and shut my doors and start my reefer. Just as I finish they tell me where to park and say to jump in the back of the pick up and they'd drive me to the house I grab my shower bag and a change of shorts and jump in, We take off we head down the road a cpl of mile to their big farm house. The place was unreal a large 1 story with a pool and everything I start thinking this is going to be great. We pull up in a cloud of dust and she jumps out and tells me to also saying hubby has to check on something and park the truck. Her and I walk up to the house we walk around back to this huge patio by the pool and hot tub I notice dual showers on the wall by the back door just open air no private showers here. She sticks her head in the door and yells at someone that there will be 1 more for dinner and for them to bring the beer cooler out back. I hear the person answer sounds female and I begin to wonder whats going on a little bummed that her and I weren't alone. She closes the door and smiles and grabs my hand and starts for the showers when we get there she starts peeling of her clothes and looks at me and says well I thought you wanted to shower. That was enough of a invite for me and I peeled out of my shorts and t shirt which is all I had on anyway. She walks over and turns on both showers and plants herself under one I admire her for a moment, man she is tight. I walk over and into the other shower the water pressure is unreal a strong pulsing stream and it feels great. I lose myself in it for a few minutes enjoying the water and washing up. I start to come back to reality washing up and look over at her she is washing up real good everywhere. She then asks if I'll do her back I say as long as no one minds I'd be happy to, I slip over and start washing her back and she says legs too and I wash over her firm ass and down her legs almost kneeling. She turns quick and spreads her legs a little, my nose was just about in her pussy and what a fine looking pussy it was. I lean forward and take a lick at it and she grabs my head and sits her pussy right on my face. She rubs it back and forth a few times then I hear someone say something and I turn to see who it was. There stands what looked to be a thin small girl maybe in her early 20's in just a pair of shorts no top just shorts and she was holding 2 beers. Shirley says thank you Amanda just put them down and finish preparing dinner. Amanda says yes mam and puts the beer down and turns and walks away. Wow did she have an awesome ass. Shirley says me first and if your a good boy maybe I'd get some of that later. She's not getting any arguement from me. She turns the showers off grabs the beers hands me one and walks away naked. I just follow her no towels need as it was just getting dusk and still very warm with a lite breeze blowing us dry. We walk over to the lounge chairs with a cooler between them and she sits on one and tells me to sit in the other. She turns her beer up and sucks it down, I watch as the water falls from her breast and when she done I turn mine up and do the same. It was so cold and refreshing I got a little lost in the experience. She quickly brings me out of that reaching for 2 more out of the cooler hands me 1 and does the very same thing to the 2nd one. I again follow suite she grabs 2 more and I wonder if we are going to keep this up. When she hands me the 3rd beer she lets her hand drop to my rising cock and gives it a pull and says nice thick one. She likes that I say thanks and lay back a little in the lounge chair as she continues stroking my cock. Her husband walks thru another gate and starts striping off his clothes saying I see you guys started without me. I am sitting there with a hard-on his wife’s hand is wrapped around it and he's heading for the shower. Oh well when in Rome she continues stroking me and drinking her beer. Just when she leans over to suck on me the back door opens and out comes Amanda with a plate of appetizers and a plate of steaks. She sets them down and looks us over for a minute waiting for instruction from someone. Walter I now know his name finishes in the shower and tells Amanda to get him a beer in a rough tone. She jumps to it and takes it to him bowing her head as she approach him. He barks at her to go light the BBQ. She turns and walks away to the other side of the patio to do as she was instructed. He walks over and joins us finishing his first beer I grab him another. He says something a little strange I thought I heard him say good another servant and then laughs like he's k**ding I laugh it off not thinking to much of it. I'm a good 5 inches taller and probably have 50 pounds on him that’s when I happen to notice that he has a good size cock and it's starting to rise. I watch in wonder as it grows thicker and longer until it even surpasses mine in both width and length. He leans over and sucks his wife’s tits for a minute and then kisses her and gets up and walks toward Amanda at the BBQ. He barks at her telling her she left the steaks over by us and for her to hurry and get them. Then slaps her on the ass sending her running for the steaks she apologizes for her mistake and runs the steaks back to him. He takes them and again slaps her ass. He tells her to go set the table and get the rest of the food ready and she scurry’s off inside again. I wonder whats really going on here. as I do Shirley lays back in her lounger and asks if I would like a snack before dinner as she spreads her legs exposing her beautiful pussy. I can't say no to that and fall face first into her hot dripping wet pussy. I begin working my magic with my tongue, I am very talented and she responds with a few moans and choice words which I don't really hear. I hear her tell Walter that I was quite good at this. He says we'll see about that I didn't get it at first but I would later. I hear him put the steaks on and say he cooks them all med rare he hopes that’s OK. I couldn't really answer him with my face buried in his wife’s pussy but I grunt approval. She says I said fine as I continue working on her, She is getting into now and I can tell she not far from her 1st climax of the evening. A few minute later she tenses and squeals she coming holding my head in place until it subsides. Then she just gets up and walks into the house where Amanda is. I sit there a minute collecting myself when Walter asks me to join him, I get up and walk over my hard on flopping in the wind. When I reach him he grabs my cock with one hand and strokes it a couple times saying I have a nice cock and I look down to see his beginning to grow again. He asks if I have every been with a man before and I admit that I have. He says great then I wont mind giving him a little head while the steaks cook. I drop down on a mat he has around the BBQ and take a hold of his growing cock and stroke it a couple of time before sucking it into my mouth. I suck him down as far as I can the first time. He remarks oh yeah this is going to be a great night. He continues to flip the steaks. He begins to enjoy my sucking just when I thought I was going to get him off he pulls out. He says steaks are ready he piles them on the plate and we head inside naked where Amanda and Shirley have laid out the rest of the food. They seated themselves Walter and I sit and he throws a huge steak on everyone’s plate. We begin to feast we eat, laugh and joke all thru dinner. I tell them about me and vise-verse. I learn that they have been working this farm 11 years and do pretty well. He says it's only hard when there planting and harvesting. The rest of the time they have it pretty easy and do some traveling and live the good life. We finish feeding our face and I'm so stuffed I can barely get up from the table. Walter, Shirley and I go back outside where it is now dark, soft lights encompass the patio. The view was unreal so many stars and the hills off in the distance. We settle into the lounge chairs and Walter breaks out a huge water pipe and lights up what smelled like some might fine smoke. After a few hits of it I was so stoned. Shirley asks me to come over to her. I do she takes my cock into her mouth and starts sucking me while Walter just watches. Amanda who had been left inside to clean up finally comes out. She is still wearing only her shorts which stuck me as strange. Everyone else was naked she comes out and kneels next to Walter. He rubs her head and continues watching us. Shirley stops for a minute and tells me to lie on my back on the lounger, I do and she strattles me sitting first on my face for a few and then sliding down to impale herself on my throbbing cock. I look over as Walter watches intently. Amanda just continues to kneel by his side and watches also Shirley begins riding on my cock. She sounds to me like she was having fun. I know her pussy was tight and she had amazing muscle control. She was soon working towards another orgasm I was heading that direction myself. She reached hers grinding on my cock. The contraction of her pussy sent me over the edge and I blew a load deep into her pussy. After some recovery she slipped off me and walked directly over and planted her freshly fucked pussy on her husbands face. He barked at Amanda to suck his cock which she did with a vengeance. My god she could suck cock she deep throated him and licked his balls at the same time. I was in awe. Shirley was wiggling her way to another orgasm while Amanda continue sucking him. He reached down and pulled her head off his hard cock and told her to go clean me up with her mouth. She hurried over and took my semi hard cock into her velvet mouth. Shirley was done for the moment. I looked over at Walter his face cover with a combo of mine and his wife’s cum. He stared at Amanda giving me head he barked at her to lick my balls and told her to make sure she tongued my asshole too. I was in heaven Amanda worked me over, sucking me and licking and tonguing me until i couldn't stand it. Then when she had me all wet she started fingering my asshole as she sucked me first one and then two all the way up to four fingers, spitting lube and making me extremely wet. I didn't even notice Walter until he was standing over us he had Amanda push my legs towards my head and hold them, She got up and strattled my head holding my legs apart as Walter eased his big cock deep into my ass. It felt fantastic. I looked up and noticed Amanda standing over my face. I finally figured out why she had the shorts on. She seemed to have a rather large bulge in those shorts now and Shirley walked over and pulled her shorts down. One leg at a time she relieved her of her or his shorts. I was staring at a cock almost as big as mine for such a little thing she or he was hung. Shirley pushed Amanda's ass down until her cock was smacking me in the face. I opened my mouth and she push her hard cock into my mouth. She started fucking it as Walter started to really go to Town on my ass. Shirley was making out with Amanda. Amanda was fingering her as they made out all the time face fucking me. Walter was huffing and puffing. I could tell he was close and so was Amanda. Just as he started to unload deep in my ass Amanda let loose with a big load down my throat. Shirley was cumming again from Amanda handy work. I guess I just blew a load off for good measure. We lied there in a big pile of sweat and cum for a few before we untangled and fell into our own chairs to catch our breath. Then one by one we dove into the pool.
Amanda never put her shorts back on and she swam over to me She wrapped her legs around me and started making out with me. Walter and Shirley got out and said they'd see us in awhile. They told us to have fun and walked out the gate. The next thing I know they were flying past the patio in a sand rail hollering and whopping it up. They were naked in the sand rail Amanda said they do that all the time. They go out in the desert and find somewhere to fuck under the stars. They wouldn't be back for some time. She told me that they found her in Mexico 3 yrs ago and brought her up there. She has been well taken care of since then, she pulled me from the pool and over to a overstuffed S shaped double wide lounger. She laid me down and climb on top of me. She had perfect little tits with nipples that stuck out about a half an inch. She was so smooth and tan and totally hairless everywhere. We were kissing and rubbing each other everywhere. She got hard before I did and spread my legs and got between them. She slide her hard cock into my well used ass easily she started fucking me with long slow strokes. It wasn't long before I was as hard as a rock again she pulled out of me slid up and down on my cock until it just slid right up her ass. Her ass felt like the tightest, wettest, most perfect pussy that I had ever been in. She rocked back and forth kissing me and telling me how good I felt in her. I couldn't take it anymore and told her I was cumming she jumped off me and sucked my cock deep into her throat. Then as I shot my load she drank it up not spilling a drop. She slid up my body and back into my ass with her cock, I opened my mouth to moan and she kissed me with her mouth full of my load. She started fucking me harder. She only last about another minute before she sent a load deep into my ass. We laid there spent in each other arms and drifted off. We awoke to the sound of Walter and Shirley coming back. They blew by the patio very fast in that rail. They spun a few donuts and pulled up to the gate and stagger in. They said they were done and going to bed. I continued to lay there with Amanda on top of me a drifted back off to sl**p when I awoke she was gone. I was covered in a light blanket the daylight was getting ready to break. I heard stirring in the house Amanda was busy getting breakfast ready. She called us all to the table where we feasted on great food and coffee before starting our day. After breakfast we got dressed outside and I said good bye to Amanda. Walter and Shirley drove me back to my truck, saying our goodbyes before they were off to the fields to check on the days harvest and I was off to frito-lay In Indiana.
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7 months ago
Hot story, thanks for sharing!
1 year ago
great story
2 years ago
Tho I'm not a trucker I would love to meet up with a family like that I love pussy cock and TS's too.
2 years ago
What a great horny story, my cock is rock hard now!
2 years ago
I was once a over the road trucker and had a few really hot and exciting experiences
2 years ago
Great one. U are one lucky guy. Thanx for the story.
2 years ago
Great one. U are one lucky guy. Thanx for the story.