my gangbang

OK. I have always dreamed of being gangbanged but never dared try. Last Weds I invited two male friends over for drinks and fun. My husband is away! They asked me to dress up which I did, black leather jacket, panties, and stockings. Then we went upstairs where I stripped ( see pic) and bent over a chair. During the session, the doorbell rang and the friend I was blowing said he'd take care of it. I was being fucked and vaguely heard laughter and voices from below. Just as I came, the door opened and six other guys walked in with cocks hanging out. I was terrified! They stood around me and were obviously 'ready'! My friends persuaded me it would be OK, so....I gave in to my fantasy. I suggested I would suck them all, but they wanted to fuck. I had seen a vid of a girl on her knees taking several guys, so I went the same route. The problem was the first guy took twenty minutes at least. By the time each of the others replaced him, I was sore and hurting. While the last two were fucking me, the others had got hard ons again, and I had to take them in my mouth. I guess the one part I really enjoyed was having one cock in my pussy, one in my mouth and one in each hand. That was always my dream. At the end, they were gentlemen, and put me to bed, (last pic), before leaving. I lay there and felt so much cum between my legs, and couldn't believe what I had just done. I don't think I will repeat the experience, but all I can tell you is it was worth it that once!
80% (18/5)
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4 years ago
thanks for the story,,shame it wasnt exactly how you would have liked, go on, try again but on your terms
4 years ago
that sounds like fun
4 years ago
Next time make sure it's on your terms...YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!That was hott!
4 years ago
thats what my wife wants but with all black guys