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Fun time with friends at a camp out

This is a true account of my debauchery from this past weekend.

I met my husband after work and we drove about 3 hours to a friends camper where there was a large weekend party going on. The camper is located at a private campground and there were about 60 other couples or people there. I had a bottle of wine on the way down and by the time I got there I was feeling no pain and ready to have fun.

One of the guys there was super hot and I have wanted to fuck him for ever. In my inebriated state I walked up and kissed him deeply and then pulled his pants down and gave him head until he blew a load of hot thick cum down my throat. I kissed him and then continued to party.

Later that night as I continued to drink I was literally carried to bed inside the camper wearing only my panties and a bra. Not sure where I lost my clothes but I am sure it was fun.

I was half out of it as I felt my panties being pulled off and looked to see three guys on the bed with me and one was the hot guy I have blown earlier that night. My bra was taken off and one guy started licking my pussy and ass and then I felt a pair of lips sucking my nipple.

I woke up the next morning with hickies on both my tits, both my pussy and my ass filled with cum and additional loads of cum covering most my body from my hair to my ass. There were several cell phone videos taken that I was shown over the weekend and I seemed to be having a great time and begging for more cock most the night.

I have no real recollection past knowing my pussy and tits were being sucked and I had been undressed but from the video I had a blast for several hours and made a lot of guys very happy.

We are going back this weekend to another party. Wow, hope I can at least remember the fun I have.
Posted by hotmalefun 2 years ago
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1 year ago
good thing hubby the felcher was there to clean up your sloppy fuck hole............sweet
2 years ago
Sounds like you had a great time. Nice of the guys to take some videos so you could check out the action later.... ;-)