having first time sex with my aunt

me and my have always had an connection together when i was 13 my aunt had to babysit me becuz my parents were on vacation for 2 days. me and my aunt were sitting on the couch then my aunt asked me to come sit by her then when i did she saw me staring at her breasts. then she asked me if i wanted dinner then she said if i wanted her to to breastfeed me then i said yes then she unbuttoned her shirt then pulled down her bra then she leaned toward her breasts and i started sucking she was bfing me like a baby. she started rubbing my head her milk was so good. it made me tingle i could not help it anymore i leaned toward her lips and we started making out she put her tongue in my mouth and i put my tongue in her mouth then we undressed eachother and she started giving me a bj sperm was starting to come up i put my penis up deep into her vagina and the sperm came out and would not stop we had sex for 5 hrs
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