A Little s****r b*****r Thing, plus mother and ne

Part 4 cont.
“Well Mr. Stud did you save any for me?” And she reached down and took hold of the limp organ and bent to suck it to life. Jerry was a young man in the prime and so it did not take long before his cock was hard again. Nita pushed Jerry back and Sarah just moved aside enough for Nita to climb on top of Jerry and impale herself on his cock.

Sarah was still hot and the sight of Nita sitting on Jerry’s cock was just more of a turn on. Sarah started to rub her pussy when she noticed the bl**d. Ah hell, well no matter she thought and simply rubbed her pussy bl**d and all, the passion had taken over.

Nita dropped on Jerry’s cock like a pile driver and it actually hurt a little as the tip hit her cervix. Jerry winced and so did Nita but she was pushing up and dropping down with a regular rhythm. Soon both Nita and Jerry came together and there was much moaning and some screaming.

Sarah was rubbing her pussy and when she saw Nita and Jerry orgasm so did she.

Now all were satisfied and a little exhausted so they just lay back on the big lounge bed and were almost asl**p.

It was quite the scene, three naked bodies, when June came home. They had not heard her drive up. She had walked into the kitchen and almost called out to them when she saw them on the lounging bed. She was a little mad at first but then as she looked and saw the naked Jerry and his beautiful cock, even though it was limp, she got horny and then her pussy got wet. She looked harder and saw the naked body of Nita and her nice legs and cute ass. Then she notices the other legs and ass and the back. Now who the hell else has he fucked? And then she realized as she saw the little tits it was next door neighbor Sarah. Oh shit Jerry you could get into real trouble now you idiot.

The sight of all those naked bodies had turned June on and soon her pussy was wet and your body craved touching.
She made some noise so as to let them know someone was around and smiled to herself as she watched the scramble to get dressed. Well there was not much effort as the bikinis were not much as cover.

She really laughed out loud as she walked out the patio door and saw the two girls with bikinis that did not match. Sarah had Nita’s top and vice versa. The two looked at each other and turned red and then tried to explain. June just raised her hand and said, “Don’t even try to explain girls I am no fool and the look on your faces, the smile on Jerry’s face, tells me everything. I just hope you are all smart enough to take protection and Sarah I sure hope you can keep this to yourself.” June had some ideas on how to work on that angle but she would need to be careful. “So you all look a little red, I suggest you go in shower and get dressed. You have had enough sun for today.”

They got up, heads down and a smirk on their faces, and headed for the house. June reached out and grabbed Jerry. “You fool, you fucking idiot you know how old she is, what were you thinking?”

“I wasn’t thinking and she wanted me so bad she attacked me. No matter she is not going to tell as long as I keep her happy and satisfied. Just like the other women in my life.” With that Jerry reached out and grabbed her and kissed her hard and deep while one hand cupped a breast and the other an ass cheek. He ground his hips against her and his cock jumped to life. Now his hardon was rubbing against her belly and pubic mound.

She responded in kind and started to hump his leg. This went on for a couple of minutes before Jerry broke it off.

“Look we better not start something now, not with Sarah here. I better go and see what they are doing in the shower.” Jerry went to his room to get a change of clothes and then to the bathroom. There he got a real surprise.

When Sarah had dropped the bikini and gotten into the shower Nita had gotten turned on seeing the cute ass and nice legs Sarah hand. Nita quickly stripped and got into the shower with her. She reached out and caressed Sarah’s arms and back, touching the soft smooth skin in a very sensual way. Sarah responded by turning and taking Nita by the head and kissing her on the lips softly and then guiding her head down to the hard nipples she wanted sucked in the worst way. Sarah moaned as Nita sucked the nipple into her mouth.

Jerry had stripped and was just about to enter the bathroom when he stopped. The sight of the two girls was a real show and Jerry had a great idea. He hurried to get his camera and then started to video the scene in the shower. The girls never noticed as they were now heavy into touching and fingering each other. Jerry was getting horny watching but he did not want to stop. This would be the perfect blackmail video and would be sure to guarantee Sarah’s cooperation from now on.

Jerry was so intent on filming the shower show I did not notice his mother come up behind him until he felt the hand on his now very hard cock.

“That is quite a show in there and I see you are enjoying it.” She gave a tug and squeeze to the cock. “ I have a good idea, you go in there and join them and I will continue to film it. This will be good to show Sarah and be sure she does not tell anyone or we post it on U tube and every sex site we can along with name and phone number. That should scare her enough to keep quiet.”

“I doubt we will need to scare her to keep her quiet. She wants what I have and as long as she is getting it she will be fine so let’s not push it.”

“Ya well I still want to see you in there with the two of them. I want to see you fucking both of them and then you can do me later.” With that she took the camera and pushed Jerry into the bathroom.

Now the shower was a special one that actually had two shower heads and a bench in the back. Nita saw Jerry and motioned for him to come in.

Nita was sucking on Sarah’s tits and had a finger in her pussy while rubbing her clit. Sarah was rubbing Nita’s back and playing with Nita’s hair, her back was to the door and so she did not see Jerry.

Jerry stepped into the shower and came up behind Sarah. He reached around and slipped his hands between Nita and her so his hand was flat on her belly and the other hand was on the pubic mound. He pulled back so his body was contacting hers’.

Sarah felt Jerry’s chest and belly against her back and then she felt his stiff cock slip between her legs. She spread her legs so it was easier for his cock to go between. She now could feel the head of his cock rubbing against the anus and pussy lips. She closed her legs to squeeze his cock and hold it tight to her pussy. Her body was being stimulated by Nita sucking on her tit, fingering her pussy, and Jerry with a hand on her belly, the other squeezing a tit, and then the feel of his cock between her legs made an intense feeling of pleasure surged through her body.

Nita felt Jerry’s cock head when it slipped between Sarah’s legs and she teased it with her finger. Then she grabbed the head and rubbed it against Sarah’s pussy lips. Nita stopped sucking then bent lower and pulled Sarah down bending her at the waist. Then she guided Jerry’s cock between the tight pussy lips of Sarah.

Sarah was so high on the pleasure she screamed with ecstasy as Jerry’s cock penetrated her and slid deep into her pussy stretching her to the limit. Her body quivered as he started to thrust in and out.

Jerry was going wild now pumping Sarah’s pussy. His hips banging into her ass so hard and fast he almost knocked Nita to the floor.

Nita was holding and playing with Jerry’s balls as he fucked and she still played with Sarah’s tits and nipples.

Sarah moaned and screamed as her whole body convulsed in an orgasm. This caused her pussy to squeeze Jerry’s cock so hard he moaned and quivered as he pumped a massive load of cum into her. Jerry continued to pump and the cum oozed out of her pussy on to Nita’s hand.

Jerry was exhausted and Sarah was satisfied. Nita was horny and wanted something. She looked at Jerry but figured he was spent, at least for now. So it looked like she was on her own.

It was then that June came into the room. Sarah was sitting on the bench and Nita standing next to her while Jerry sat on the floor. The shower was on and warm water washed over them all.

June had filmed it all with one hand because the other hand ended up in her crotch. She had pulled up her skirt and pull down her panties and was finger fucking herself. The small orgasm she had was not enough and so she too wanted more and walked into the bathroom.

Sarah was the first to react and she started to get out but Jerry held her and then June spoke.
“Well isn’t this a pretty sight. Nice body Sarah and you sure know how to use it. Say you three look like you were having so much fun I think I will join you.” Both Jerry and Nita were okay with their mother but Sarah was really getting upset.

“I don’t know if I like this,what are you doing Mrs…..” She was cut off by June.

“I am going film a little show with the three of you and maybe have some fun and you are going to call me June and well I think I will start by eating your sweet little pussy.”

“No please don’t, I don’t want you to”.

June pulled Sarah to the bench and pushed her down, “Listen little girl I have everything on a dvd and I think it would make interesting viewing on U tube so if you do not want to be the next major porn star you will just join our little f****y of fun”, and with that she bent down and started to lick Sarah’s pussy with a relish.

June was good at eating pussy and Sarah’s protests were soon extinguished by the moans of pleasure and the demand for more.

Nita and Jerry just watched as their mother licked and suck Sarah’s pussy and then fondled her tits. They both were getting horny watching and soon Nita was playing with Jerry’s cock.

The shower scene was a wild one and crowded now. Nita took Jerry’s by the cock and lead him out over to the toilet and pushed him down. Now with Jerry seated Nita backed up and straddled him then lowered herself onto his hard cock. Then with no hesitation she started to bounce up and down. She slammed into his lap with such f***e it drove his cock deep. She drove his cock deep enough to hit her cervix hard causing both of them to wince in pain. Still the passion drove them on. Jerry had reached around and was pinching a nipple with one hand and fingering her clit with the other. Nita was so hot she had a massive orgasm and screamed and moaned loudly. The sound and feel of Nita’s orgasm cause Jerry to cum and pump what little cum he could generate into her hungry pussy.

June had not wasted any time with Sarah and soon had her moaning with pleasure. As soon as she had her to a fevered height of desire she grabbed her by the hair and pushed her face into her pussy. “Now you eat me like I was doing to you and make me have an orgasm.” At first Sarah balked but then just gave in as the desire and passion were in control. Soon Sarah found she liked eating pussy and then reached around and grabbed June’s ass and squeezed the butt hard. The tongue of sex worked hard and fast and soon June was moaning and then she had an orgasm.
Now everyone was satisfied and very exhausted. They all showered and dried off and then Nita went to her room and Jerry took Sarah by the hand to his room. June collected the camera and went to her room to make a dvd from the camera. This is going to come in real handy. Then she thought about making more movies of the k**s and selling them, hell she could be making big money.

Sarah was coming down from a really big high and it started to hit her at too what had happened today. “Jerry what is going on I mean you, Nita and your mother?”

“Well is just sort of happened and well we all like sex and you seem to like sex so we just do it. It’s like no big deal if you like sex do it. You did like what you did today, right?”

“Yes I really like sex with you Jerry and well Nita is fun but your mother, she made me lick her crotch and all.”

“Yes I saw you eating her and you seemed to be doing a really good job. Did you like it?”

“Well sort of, I mean I have not done any of these things before and I am so new and so much had happened today I am a little afraid.” She looked down with a little frown on her face.

Jerry took her face between his hands and lifted it up and kissed her softly. She relaxed and threw her arms around his neck and kissed him back with a hard desperation. She felt safe and secure in Jerry’s arms. Sarah changed into her regular clothes and left the bikini in Jerry’s room. He had given her a drawer in his dresser to use and she felt special now, Jerry was her boyfriend.

On the next weekend Sarah had come over early looking for Jerry. She knocked and June hollered for her to come in. As she entered the kitchen she was a little surprised to see June in just bra and panties with Jerry and Nita sitting at the table. Jerry was dressed in shorts and shirt and Nita was wearing a very big T shirt and she could not tell if she had on panties.

“Come over here Sarah, you want something to eat or drink, sit down.” June reached out and guided Sarah to the table and bent over and poured her a glass of juice. In doing so Sarah got a really nice view of the cleavage June offered. June was a 38 D woman and the cleavage was a grand canyon of sorts.

Sarah stared at Junes tits and got a strange feeling and then she notice that her pussy tingled and seemed to get wet. She was thinking about June with her face in her crotch and then when she had been licking June’s pussy. A shudder ran through her as she did not understand what she was feeling. Sarah then shook her head and looked at Jerry. “So what are you doing today?”

“Well it is supposed to be very warm and so I thought about going to the beach. I was going to call you and ask if you wanted to go along but now you’re here and so the four of us can have a picnic at the beach.” Jerry bent over and gave Sarah as soft quick kiss.

All of Sarah’s concerns disappeared with that kiss and she put her arms around Jerry’s neck and kissed him hard pushing her tongue into his mouth.

Jerry kissed her back for a moment before breaking he kiss. “Okay we can do plenty of this later right now we have to pack and go. Do you have everything you need for the beach?”

“Well I left the bikini here the other day and what else do I need?”

“Well you not wearing that to the beach. Don’t you have one that covers a little more?”

Sarah got a rush of feelings just then as she felt Jerry was concerned she would show too much to other. She was HIS girl and he was not sharing. She smiled to herself and reached out and ran a hand through his hair.

June was not concerned about what people saw and said, “she can wear the bikini she had on the other day, well sort of on, seems it was mostly off if I recall.”

Sarah did not like the joke and her concerns, fears, were back. She no longer felt comfortable around June.

“Knock it off mom, Sarah is not going to wear that suit and I will get her another on the way to the beach.” Jerry did not like the way his mother was treating Sarah and all of a sudden he realized he had some special feeling about this girl. He shook his head and headed for his room with Sarah right behind him.

“Did you really mean you would get me another suit?” She looked at her hero and a warm fuzzy feeling filled her body.

“Sure I did and we have to get going so grab some towels from the closet, get 6, and the lotion and what every you think we will need. I have chairs and blanket in the car now. Jerry watched a she bent over to get the towels from a lower shelf and smiled as he enjoyed the look of her cute tight little ass in the white shorts. He could not help but think, man that is one good looking little girl and she has the nicest ass, mmm. He turned to put things in a bag.

June had seen Jerry leave with Sarah and turned to Nita, “has he got a thing for that girl for real?”

Nita had seen Jerry’s reaction to his mother’s comments and some thoughts had crossed her mind, like is Jerry getting in to deep with this girl. “I don’t know but I would be careful of what you say around her and him.”

“Ya, well let’s get going as I want to get some sun and then we can come home and have some real fun. Dam that boy makes me horny how about you?”

Nita was still not all that comfortable around her mother but sex is sex only right now she was not hot or horny and the comment made her feel uneasy. Jerry fucking her and Sarah was just fine, but Jerry fucking their mother still felt a little strange, especially since she took it so casual. “Well I am not horny now, and yes Jerry does make me get horny, especially when he is in his shorts with a hardon.”

“Oh he had a hardon now, I did not notice that”.

“Well not now but other times.” Nita then went to her room to get changed and packed.

June hurried around the kitchen packing and cleaning up. The three of them returned to the kitchen ready to go and found June finishing the packing and still in bra and panties.

“So are you going to the beach like that mom?” Jerry looked at the yellow bra and panties and the full figure of his mother, which made his cock pulse. Dam she is one sexy woman for sure and I do like fucking her.

“You think I should, probably get plenty of men like this”, and she raised her hands above her head and spun around. “Well actually I have a new suit over there.” She move to the counter and opened a bag taking out a bikini. Then without hesitation she stripped off the bra and panties and then striated to cut the tags off. She stood for several minutes naked in front of the three and then put the bottom on and then the top and turned to Jerry. “Tie that up for mommy like a good boy please.” The suit was very skimpy especially for their mother but then they were all having sex with her.

The three of them just looked at the naked woman and realized being naked was a casual thing for her and maybe they had better develop a more casual attitude about nudity and sex.

Nita and June had taken one car and left for the beach. Jerry was taking Sarah to the mall to get a different suit.

They had found a nice bathing suit boutique at the mall and Sarah was going wild looking at suits. “Look we don’t have all day pick one will you.”

Sarah had four in hand and held them up for Jerry’s approval. She liked them all but two were a little small.

“Here his one,” and Jerry pointed to the light blue one with white trim and stares on it sort of a sailor look. He then grabbed a sailor hat and put it on her head. “There you’re in the navy now.”

She dropped the others and then threw her arms around his neck and kissed him like a women deeply in love. There was a special feeling in this kiss and she could not explain it.

Jerry stood with hands at his side and felt her body against his. Then he got a feeling he did not quite understand it was different and it felt good. He thought, what is this girl doing to me and what the hell am I feeling?

Sarah had put the suit on at the store and the put on her short and blouse.

Nita and June had found a nice sunny spot at the beach just off the sand in the grass. Nita had on a red bikini, not the one she wore at home, and June had a white one that was very thin.

Sarah threw down the bags she had and stripped off her shorts and top. She then spun around showing off her new suit which was a boy cut bottom, blue with a white star on each butt and a red and white waist band. She looked really good and all those around noticed her.

Jerry had set up some chairs and then gone into the water. Sarah followed him in until she found the water was to cold. The water was up to mid thigh and she shivered. “Jerry the water is to cold I am not staying in.”

Jerry looked at her and could see the effect of the cold water as her nipples were standing out against the fabric of the suit.

She ran out up the beach to the blanket and grabbed a towel to wrap up in. Nita and June were lying on their backs on the blanket and Sarah joined them.

Three sexy women lying on their backs in small bikinis is going to attract the attention of males. A very handsome man with grey hair walked by and looked at the three and smiled. For some reason June opened her eyes at that moment.
“Hello, what are you staring at?”
“Sorry, I was just passing and could not help but notice 3 beautiful females.” He smiled bowed his head and started off.

“No I’m sorry I did not mean to snap at you like that and thank you for the complement.” He was good looking and had the look and smell of MONEY. If the scent was right she did not want to let him get away. “Are you from around here?”

He turned and walked back and took one of the chairs and sat down. “Not really I was in town on business for a couple of months and well I wanted to relax for a couple of days and here I am.”

Jerry had come back and sat on a chair next to the girls. They had a normal afternoon, June talked with James and Jerry and the girls had walked around and gone swimming.

Nita had connected with a couple of boys and they had worked her name from her. Getting the number was not hard. She actually thought she might like to date someone as she was sharing Jerry with too many others.

The day was coming to an end and so June had connected with James, names and numbers exchanged and then they had all gone home.

As they walked into the house June remembered her little plan for Sarah.

“Hey I think we should take a shower and wash off the lotion and then put some oil on so you do not peel.” With that June stripped off her bikini and walked over to Sarah.

“Well are you going to join us or not?”
Sarah was a little afraid of June now and hesitated. “I don’t know but I thought I would just go home”.

“Oh I think you should join us in the shower and you know I have the last shower you took here on my camera.”

Sarah was horrified and turned to Jerry for comfort. “Jerry what does she mean camera?”

“Well that scene with you and Nita in the show was so hot and well I just had to join in and mom, well she wants to have a part of it too. Hey you know there are places you can see homemade sex shows and we thought maybe we could post it.”

“Oh no please you cannot do that please no.”

June smiled and thought well that was well played Jerry. “Okay Sarah we will keep it to ourselves but only if you keep very quiet about all this I mean if Jerry got into trouble the DVD would end up in police hands and then it would end up in the public’s. So you see you cannot tell anyone about what we have done, okay.”

Sarah relaxed a little as the DVD would not be seen.

June smiled a devilish smile, we may not show the DVD but we are not done having fun with you little girl. With that June moved up to Sarah and reached out and untied the tip of the suit exposing her sweet breasts. Then she reached out and caressed each breast.

Sarah was too shocked at first to react and then when June was caressing her breasts it felt good. She actually did not want her to stop.

Nita and Jerry both watched with interest the interaction between their mother and Sarah.
June took Sarah by the hand and lead her to the bathroom with Jerry and Nita right behind.
Once in the bathroom June simply pulled the bottom of Sarah’s suit off and then knelt on the floor and kisses her belly and then moved down over the pubic mound, which she licked and bit, before kissing the sweet tight lips of her pussy. Sarah could only give a little moan and then as June’s tongue teased her clit the moan grew louder. Sarah was getting hotter and hotter as June caressed her butt then squeezing her little tits.

Jerry and Nita were mesmerized by seeing their mother eat Sarah’s pussy. They both were getting turned on. Nita already was rubbing her tits and teasing her nipple. Jerry had developed a really big hardon.

Jerry quickly ran and got his camera and started to film the action. Sarah was so turned on she was now ready to do anything. So when June told her to remove her clothes and do it with feeling she did. Sarah took off the top and looked at June’s breast in the lace bra. June pulled Sarah’s head down so her lips were touching the top of June’s tits. Sarah hesitated only a moment before kissing and sucking. Then with little help she unhooked the bra and the breasts just popped out with nipples fully extended. June pulled her head to the tit and soon Sarah was nursing on June’s tit. The June slowly pull off the rest of her clothes while Sarah sucked her nipple.
Jerry was filming it all and Nita had stripped off all her clothes and was squeezing her tit, pinching her nipples and fingering her pussy.

Jerry reached over and gave Nita a push toward June and Sarah. Without any hesitation she went to her mother and Sarah and started to suck on one of Sarah’s tits. Sarah was so hot she welcomed any touching and only pulled on Nita hair to f***e better contact. Nita sucked hard and then reached down and rubbed Sarah’s pussy and slowly slipped a couple of finger into her. Even though she had a mouth full of June’s tit Sarah moaned long and loud. This made Nita even hotter and made her suck harder and attack the pussy with more vigor.

Jerry could not take it any longer and put the camera on the counter and aimed it at the action. He stripped and moved up behind his mother. Reaching around her he grabbed June’s other tit and squeezed as he rubbed his crotch against her butt cheeks.

June moaned as she felt the hand on her tit and the cock against her ass. She wiggled making Jerry’s cock slid between the cheeks and soon the head was rubbing her pussy and anus.

Nita moved down and took her hand from the pussy and attacked it with her mouth. She sucked and licked the lips causing Sarah to moan and whine. She saw Jerry’s cock next to her mother’s pussy and guided it into her mother.

June moaned and wiggled as she felt the cock slip past her pussy lips into her hot cunt. A shiver ram up her spine and the idea of some many bodies engaged in sex was such a turn on. Soon legs could not hold the passion and they all sank to the floor. June was on her knees with Jerry fucking her from behind while she was sucking on Sarah’s tit and nipple. Nita was under them all sucking and licking Sarah’s pussy. Jerry looked down and saw Nita’s pussy open in front of him and he just rammed 2 fingers into it. This went on for a few minutes before the orgasms began. Sarah moaned the let go of the tit and screamed “Oh god yes fuck me eat me YES”. Her body shook and this cause Nita to have a little orgasm with Jerry’s fingers deep in her. June heard and saw and then felt Jerry pump a load of cum into her pussy. She squeezed her ass causing her pussy to pinch Jerry’s cock hard.

Jerry exploded and pumped a massive load of cum so deep into her .

There were bodies twisting turning and convulsing on the bathroom floor. Soon the each collapsed into a pile of naked bodies, and the camera was still running.

Tomorrow is going to be a most interesting day.

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