Massage, For the tired ladies

You are tired and sore as you walk into the house.

First I take your clothes off slowly. Standing behind you I unbutton the blouse then pull back and as you are exposed I softly kiss your neck and shoulders. Unhook bra at the back and kiss spine from neck down to waist band on skirt. Then let tongue trace a line back up to neck. I pull the bra straps down arms and toss bra to floor.

Unbutton and unzip skirt then slip down, you are only wearing panties and as you lift legs to step out of skirt, I kiss your butt cheeks and then down one leg and up other. Now I pull panties down kissing you in same way again. I lead you to the room where the hot tub is. First I wash you off with lots of suds and soft wash cloth. I pay special attention to your breasts and nipples then your belly and each butt cheek. I pay really special attention to your butt crack and then your pussy which I wash very softly.

You moan but I am not sure if the pleasure is from the washing or just the warm water and the fact you are relaxing.
Then you get into the tub and soak in the hot water. I turn on the jets and you move around. After a nice time you get out and I dry you off much like I washed you paying special attention to your breasts, butt and pussy.

You lay face down on a massage table and I start at your neck with oiled hands lightly massaging your neck out to shoulder kneading the muscles. Then my thumbs press on each side of spin and move down to base and up and down. Fingers traces lightly at first over back as thumbs do spine. Fingers increase preasure with each pass and then knead the body each side of spine. Hands now move along side of body, the finger tips just brushing the side of your breast several times and hands move up and down kneading sides.

Pick up foot and massage toes and bottom of foot paying special attention to ball of foot. Thumbs work hard at ball of foot and then along side. Then ankle and up calf to knee kneading the muscles as I go, again you sigh and moan. Do other leg same way and more sighs and moans, I know it must feel good. The toes get special attention as each it rubbed with tender care. I warm hands and rub calves more until the muscle is loose.

Now I move up the leg and massage the first outside up to hip finger lightly at first and then more pressure as they knead the muscles until they relax. I feel them relax and the open palm with lotion smoothly over hips. My hands now move to the back and inside of thigh, both hands kneading the thigh hard until the muscle relaxes. I spread legs and massage higher. I can see your cute ass and that really nice pussy which causes me to have the start of an erection. My hands massage right up to your pussy but I do not touch it. Now I massage the butt cheeks, first lightly to get the lotion worked into each and then harder and harder. Fingers working from spine down butt crack and out to hip, I notice you wiggle a couple of times, cute you little vixen you.

I work the butt cheeks for several minutes and then stop. Okay role over on your back.

Oil and massage the feet and front of leg up to knee. Then I see you looking at me and I think I know what is in your mind, but surprise.
I take hand and lift up the arm. Massaging each finger and then the palm with thumbs and back of hand using lots of lotion. Each finger is oiled and massaged then hand then wrist. Now I move up arm hands moving up and down arm, one move up while other moves down on same arm. Then move to upper arm same treatment.
Then I work the shoulders and the area between shoulder and neck. Thumbs dig in deep and massage back of neck. This is done until you moan again and I know your neck is relaxed.
More lotion to hands and now I move to middle and then out to just under arm and now back below breast. Hands are kneading below breast but the back of hand brushes breast and nipple occasionally causing your nipples to harden and there is a little sigh and moan.
The massage moves down over belly and then to just above the pubic mound. Both hands palm down press on mound and move to side on hip and down to knees. Each hand on a leg kneads and moves up top of leg to hip and then back down. The top of thigh is kneaded until I feel it relax.
I look at your naked body and my cock it fully erect, in fact as I look at you up and down it jerks in my shorts.
My hands very lightly on inside of thigh move up and you spread your legs wide in invitation to take you.

If all you want is relaxation then stop here

My finger tips touch your pussy very and the index finger only touching the very edge of lips moves up and down. I see you react and I continue.

My other hand, index finger only, making very light contact, is making circles around one nipple.

Pussy finger now parts lips lightly and moves up to about where your clit should be. I wiggle finger tenderly.
I can tell I have found your clit by the expression on your face and the movement of your hips and the moan that escapes.
I bend down and as my fingers part your pussy my tongue tip slides up and down it. Then my tongue licks your clit. My lips close over the tongue and clit and suck hard and deep. As your body is sucked into my mouth you can feel it move over the edge of my teeth, which then close and bite down on all in my mouth.
The hand at your breast now cups it and squeezes it tenderly then takes the nipple, now very hard with anticipation, between thumb and finger rolling it until you moan more.

Now I am sucking your pussy and whipping your clit with my tongue, while squeezing your breast and pinching the nipple.

While I suck and tease your clit my other hand starts to work on your pussy. The index finger works from the bottom of slit and wiggles into your pussy. I feel you tense as finger enters and I add the middle finger with it. Now there are 2 fingers deep in your pussy. I very slowly add the ring finger and I feel a little resistance due to the size but soon you have accommodated all 3 fingers. The only one left is the little finger and it is playing with your tight little anus. Soon it has found a hole to fill and now the little finger is up your anus. I hear you moan and you start to buck your hips so it is time.
I stop long enough to pull off shorts and get between your legs which I raise up and start to wrap around my waist.
You moan as the head of my cock rubs your lips and slowly enters your pussy. You have waited long enough and with one mighty buck of your hips you f***e my cock into you fast and deep. Your legs lock around me as your ass falls back to table taking me with you and as it hits I drive deeper impaling you hard.
Because of your leg lock I cannot move much so I just wiggle my groin against yours and push. My lips have found a nipple and I suck it hard and deep causing you to moan and buck your hips more.
My lips on a breast and the other is covered by a hand. The other hand has cupped a butt cheek and is squeezing it hard.
I moan and soon I am pumping a load of hot cum deep into your pussy. I just pump spurt after spurt and then your body starts to convulse as you orgasm. Both bodies are bucking, twisting and convulsing. The moans and screams mean we are enjoying it to its fullest.
Having released your leg lock on me I now pump you with all the speed I can muster. You can feel the cum oozing out of your pussy and running down your butt crack. My cock slowly gets soft and then slides out of your wet used pussy.
I get up reach down and take you in arms and carry you to bed. Cover you with soft warm sheets, bend down and kiss you softly.

Get some sl**p now and we can have some more fun later.

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so very good